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- be a Dean's List-er
- learn how to ride a motorcycle
- go skydiving
- go scuba diving
- make my own blog layout
- learn how to use Flash
- travel more
- improve my drawing skills
- go to a Flea market
- a Tarot Card Deck
- fashion sense
- femme outfits
- witty t-shirts
- vintage clothes and accessories
- make my own clothes!
- go on a shopping spree
- contribute to WWF
- a DSLR
- bake something
- an underwater camera
- cosplay again
- visit my online friends
- stop being a safeist
- happiness

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Saturday, April 28, 2007
Over the other half of the Pacific Ocean
Listening to: Computer hum

I have to pack.


Oh boy.

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I'm almost somewhere.

Thursday, April 26, 2007
Cold, cold Maui
Listening to: Family eating downstairs

Back from Maui. Must rest.

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I'm almost somewhere.

Monday, April 23, 2007
Sunrise to Sunset
Listening to: TV

What a long day.


-neighborly threats because of Chloe
-drove to somewhere near Hanauma Bay and watched the sunrise
-Mum found an expensive ring in the parking lot, and we weren't able to find the owner
-went to a Baptist 'mass' with my aunt and uncle (t'was nice and lively, and honestly much more personal than what we have at home)
-ice cream sandwich! :D
-drove to Waikiki
-‘He’s laughing at me! D:’
-had fun with Jeth in 'The Tube'
-'I’ll take a picture of you eating the fish!’
-walked to Yard house, where we had lunch
-ate an unbelievably creamy macadamia and almond cheese cake, sitting in a pool of caramel and topped with a large scoop of whipped cream (Imma get fat lol)
-‘Cute haircut, and cute glasses!’
-walked in a circle around Waikiki while looking for a trolley pickup point
-realized that Keanu Reeves has huge hands compared to mine (like everyone else)
-rode the trolley to Hilo Hattie, a huge tourist store
-got surprised with a sudden downpour and endured heavy rain and gusty wind in a windowless trolley
-watched a Hula Dancing competition on TV
-Free mugs! XD
-rode the trolley back to Waikiki
-walked to Chart House
-watched the sunset
-ate Lava Cake <3 (Imma get REALLY fat lol! XD)
-watched auntie Monette get slightly drunk on two Margaritas
-detour around the pier
-breaking Hawaiian law in numerous ways
-speeding around tight corners in a hueg Hummer
-finally getting home… alive

I want a parking meter of my own. o:

Going to Maui tomorrow. I'm feeling a bit homesick. X3

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Sunday, April 22, 2007
Listening to: ~

We're going to Maui on Monday for a few days. o: And.. Uncle is going to pay for everything. @_____@ Maui is just 20 minutes from Oahu by plane, but I understand that it's still pretty expensive, considering that Maui is a tourist hot spot. Uncle has a house there, and we'll all be staying there, even if it isn't fully furnished yet. (Which is in a sense still ok, it's Maui, after all.) We're going in time just for my cousin's birthday, which is on Monday. XD I hope we'll be able to do some sight-seeing there. :D

We took a taxi to Waikiki because we didn't have a car, and the driver talked most of the way, mostly about how he thought the Marines were crazy and how American his Lincoln (his taxi) was. We walked along Waikiki, to find that we were the only ones in pants. XD We were prepared for another cold, windy day. Rented a car, a Ford Taurus, and drove to Pearl Harbor. I finally got myself a sweater, but it's not as cold as it was the past two days anymore. (Unless tomorrow proves me wrong) It's a bubblegum blue hoodie with 'Navy' on the front in big bold letters w/ a floral design. It's really nice an cozy. At least now I have more than one sweater to use at night, since it's still pretty cold at night. We even met one of our old neighbors from Japan there! @__@ What a coincidence. He's still serving in the Navy though, while dad's retired already.

I got to see the DSLRs again. Sigh. If ever I was to get one, it'd be either the Nikon D40 or the Canon Digital Rebel TX/Canon 350D. I think at one point Mum considered buying me a laptop instead, until I mentioned that it'd cost double that of a DSLR (No less than $1000). I really want a DSLR. =/ But I guess I'd survive without one.

We're going to watch the sunrise tomorrow morning. Have to wake up early, so it's off to bed for me.

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I'm almost somewhere.

Saturday, April 21, 2007
Virginia Tech
Listening to: Wind against the window

While we were out earlier today, I noticed that all of the flags were at half mast (only raised to half the height of the flag pole) and I realized it was because of what had happened in Virginia about a week ago. When my brother and I heard it for the first time, it was right after the first shooting had happened. We were watching it on Fox News, and the second shooting hadn't happened yet. It was scary, considering that my brother had been there before with my cousin, since my cousin used to study at Virginia Tech. She graduated this year though. When we woke up the next morning (it was late at night when we were watching it live), we found out about the second shooting, and the news of all the lives that were lost. It's really sad, all the students that died there, and all the people and dreams that they left behind. I also feel sorry for the gunman. What could have possibly driven him to do such a thing on fellow students? On the news they said it was stuff about extreme hate for the rich and oppression. Was it really that bad? Could it somehow have been prevented? And the professor who died barricading the door.. I wonder what was going through his mind? And the students, as they were forced to jump out their windows..

It really must have been horrible, and I can't even start to imagine what they went through that day. My heart goes out to them all.

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I'm almost somewhere.


Listening to: People talking downstairs

I'm spending my own money after this. It's pretty obvious that I'm not going to be able to get a DSLR, not now, maybe not ever. (Unless I manage to save up thrice the amount I saved for my iPod.) It was silly of me to actually think that Mum would lend me/shell out $700. Dumb dumb dumb. This is what I get for getting my hopes up.

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You know what...

Listening to: Praise music

Two interesting things I found out last night as I shared a room and bed with my brother:

1) Our room doesn't have a door and
2) I have a pair of shorts that glow in the dark.


I woke up at 8:30 this morning (Which was like, 30 minutes ago). Be proud of me! (Ria is someone who normally wakes up at around 12 in the afternoon.) So now... breakfast time! :D

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Friday, April 20, 2007
Listening to: Chloe. D:

Yez, I'm alive and well in Honolulu. :p The flight going here was 9 hours long, and it was loooong. It wasn't bad though, even if the airline food sucked, the airplane was REALLY cold, I was seated near smelly old people *MEAN* and there was turbulence. XD I almost barfed at the end of the flight though. @__@ Good thing I didn't. We didn't have any trouble at the airport, and my uncle picked us up in the Hummer. Yeaaaah. XD It's hueg. Like a tank, literally! One thing that surprised us.. was the fact that it was cold! D: It's like.. 24 degrees Celsius outside during the day (which is like an ACed room back home). It's really windy to boot, so it's pretty chilly right now. I only have one jacket/sweater with me. ~_~ Uncle drove us to their new house, and it's very, very pretty. :) Bad news is, it's on a ridge, so it's even more windy up here. X3 I still want a house like it with Ginnow. <3 I'd post pics if I could, but I forgot the cord for my camera so everyone will just have to wait until I get back. XD Anyway, Chloe is bigger than ever (my aunt's golden retriever); she weighs nearly the same as I do. @_@ She's obviously overweight. As in, OVERWEIGHT. I actually feel kinda sorry for her. =/

After e-mailing Ginno and settling in a bit, we went out. We spent most of the day driving around, windowshopping. My mum and aunt stayed at home, so it was just my dad, my uncle, my brother and I. I got to check out some DSLRs, and some computer parts as well; majority of the electronics here are cheaper than in the Philippines. o: And looking through the electronics, my desire for a PS2 sprang to life again. XD Loool. At least it's somewhat cheaper now. Hahaha! The rest of the day we just drove around in the Hummer (yeah, we took the Hummer. XD) grabbing attention. LOL! My uncle is crazy. XD We drove down the streets of Waikiki with our windows down and the wind blowing through our hair. XD It was actually pretty fun. We weren't the only ones out there with the right to brag about our car though; majority of the cars here are also of the uber expensive category. o: By the time we were heading home, my uncle, my crazy uncle, started doing weird stuff, like staying silent then suddenly pointing and laughing at passer-bys. @__@ LOL nakakagulat talaga. XD We're home now, so everyone's relaxing. Well, except Chloe, since she still wants to eat us. D:

I don't know what our plans for tomorrow are, but I think we're going to the Navy Exchange to check out the electronics there. Supposedly, they should have even better prices than the ones we saw today. I'm excited! :)

Btw, don't believe what my time stamp says; it's 8:12pm here, and I'm in the past. It's still April 19 here! XD

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Thursday, April 19, 2007
Applications and Flight
Listening to: Zero7 ~ Destiny

I was able to finish the essay (w00t!) and I passed the application to the OAA at ADMU, with the help of Jeth's reckless driving. On the way out, I met Gab (rather Gab saw me), and we gave him a ride until Ever. I'm happy to have my application passed; now I just need to pass pass. X3

I've finished packing my things for our trip later. Later at 8am, it's off to the airport for me, and at 3pm I'll be flying off to Hawaii. I'll be gone for three weeks, from April 19 until May 8. Feel free to send me an e-mail if you guys have the free time.

I'm really drained right now. The mental block of mine that I mentioned in my last post wiped out all of my mental reserves. XP And my leg is all tingly. D: The bags I packed are pretty heavy.

I don't know if I'll be able to post before we leave the house. Hm. I doubt it. XD I hope we have a safe flight later. And I hope the airport has food for lunch. D:

Anyway I'm really tired now LOL. XD Imma sleep now.

See you guys in three weeks! :)

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007
Writer's Block
I’ve been sitting at my computer for quite a while now, trying to figure out just how the heck I’m to write an essay about myself and my experiences, and how my experiences have shaped me to become who I am now. I’ve never really considered myself much of a writer, even though I blog and have been blogging for nearly four years. Most of my entries have been narrations of interesting days and small snippets of my thoughts concerning certain things, things that to me hold a strange sense of importance though to many may seem pretty shallow. Words have rarely failed me though. Weird or ordinary, happy or sad, long or short, words have always been easy for me to grasp; once I sat down in front of a PC with a blinking cursor and a blank page, I could more often than not find something, anything to write about. But now that I’m faced with the essay, quite possibly one of the most important essays that I will ever write in my lifetime, I’m at a loss. And I’ve been at a loss for nearly two days. I’ve never had writer’s block this bad before, and it couldn’t have come at a worse time. I’ve been trying to get myself into the state I usually find myself in when I blog, when words seem to flow so easily and my hands move so swiftly to quell the need, MY need, to express myself, but I simply can’t. What’s ironic is, this is one of the things I should be able to write most easily about; myself. It’s like what Rob said; before I manage to write anything, I automatically edit it, crossing it out before it’s been written, hitting the backspace button before anything has even been typed yet. Everyone’s telling me that I can do it, and I know I can. I know I can, but I can’t. My pen is stilled, my keyboard silent. Where are my words?

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007
Candle Lit Showers (What? XD)
Listening to: Aerodynamic ~ Daft Punk

I took a candle lit shower earlier. Sometimes having no electricity is a good thing; until it starts to get hot. XD

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007
11 months. :)

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Sunday, April 08, 2007
Happy Easter!
Listening to: Pure Shores ~ All Saints

Happy Easter everyone. :)

We went to Mass this morning; I offered wine. :p I was pretty irritated because Mum made me change and stuff, even though I was happy with what I was wearing at the time. Hay. Oh well. XP

Phew. I just finished changing the strings of my ceiling fan. There are two strings connected to my ceiling fan; one controls the light, and the other controls the fan. Before, the two strings were just metal ball strings. Now they're braided beaded strings, with plastic fishies on the ends. XD Yellow for the light, and green for the fan. :p I made the green one a bit short, but I can still reach it. I still have to do the other projects I listed in an earlier post of mine.

I'm downloading Fruits Basket right now. XD Memorable anime series yes!? Lol. I remember getting all giddy about it with Guia in high school. And watching the series at Maru's house. Meeemoriiies.

Anyway, dinner muna. :p

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Saturday, April 07, 2007
The Block
Listening to: AC

I want this shirt.

But I can't have it. *sigh* I don't have a PayPal account, and I don't have the money to have it shipped here, so the possibility of getting it is nil. If ever I actually get around to it, I'll probably just try silk screening one of my own. I know you guys are probably thinking that I'm soo impractical, buying something like a shirt online, but look at it! It's so cute! And Mario-y! But I guess I'll find other cute shirts somewhere in the country. Owellowellowell.

Today we went to The Block, the annex of SM North Edsa. It was actually the first time I've been there, ever. I had the pleasure of going around with Mum, and we started from the top floor and made our way down, making our rounds on each floor to make sure that we passed by each shop. The Block turned out to be a nice place; the theme is the same as Mall of Asia's, when it comes to the general appearance of the place. The stores were nice too, but pricey! Clothes are always expensive. ~_~ I was able to FINALLY buy myself a bathing suit. And guess what; it's a two piece. OMG WHUT YA RLY! I can't believe it myself. But I liked the color and the design; it was colorful, but not too loud, and it was decent looking; and Mum agreed. So we bought it. We went around s'more, and bought some stuff at a handicrafts store, and Mum bought me a bolero. Yayayay. I wish I could shop more, really. Shopping is such a happy thing. (But when you're depressed, it's much more short lived.)

I've been cleaning out my closet (literally) and I've piled up the clothes that I don't wear anymore which are taking up loads of space in my closet. Which is a bad thing at the moment, because they're all over my bed and I'm sleepy.

Ginno's coming home from his trip to Cavite tomorrow. We had another fight, so I wonder how it's going to work out..

I'll leave it for later..

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Friday, April 06, 2007
Visita Iglesia
Listening to: Neighbor sounds

We did the Visita Iglesia thing today. It was kinda tiring; I tried to wake up at seven but I woke up at eight instead, and we stayed out until two in the afternoon or so. In our travels, we made the horrible mistake of passing by Quiapo Church while on our way to Intramuros. Traffic much? We got stuck there for an hour. Ate lunch at McDo near Mall of Asia, then did the Stations of the Cross at the church next to Claret. I used a good number of candles to pray that I get into Ateneo. I also hope that the whole transcript mess clears up too. And to make up for my McDo lunch, I ate corn for dinner. Mmm.

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Thursday, April 05, 2007
Summer So Far
Listening to: AC

It's been nearly 2 weeks since my summer has started, and I haven't blogged anything about it. Let's see.

I went swimming with my blockmates the Saturday after our exams at Club Manila East, and we had lots of fun. I got to try out the underwater camera that my uncle gave me when he was visiting. The camera is kinda old, and the battery runs out uber fast, but the shots we were able to get made up for the inconvenience. Coco and I slept over at Anj's house after that. We actually had this mini-misadventure when we commuted from Anj's house to the place where Coco's mum works, the Union Bank building in Ortigas. XD Renovated office rooms are love. Then last week I met up with Gela and Cai to go to Eastwood (where I got something for Ginnow. Shhhh. :3~), then later on in the week Gela, Cai and Racine to go to Greenhills (plus Maku and his friend Francis.) On the 31st, Mum and Dad celebrated their wedding anniversary, so we went out to Chili's for lunch, then spent the rest of the afternoon in Shang. Got to buy a shirt in Zara (expensive lol X3) and Mum bought me a full set of the Staedtler Triplus Fineliner markers. We were supposed to go to this spa place (Water Ace? Dunno lol) but we got all lazy and decided not to. On the way home, the Gela, Cai and Kari crashed to later sleep over at the house. They bought my parents a chocolate cake, which so far I've eaten 25% of. XD I had fun, despite the circumstances. I really love my girls. :) I still have all the doodles they made on my mirror. (White board markers ftw) On the third, I went to school to get my clearance form.

The heat is unbelievable. When I'm in my room or when I'm downstairs it's not so bad, since I have an AC in my room and it's generally cooler downstairs, but when I head into the study room to check on mum's PC, I can seriously feel the heat wash over me. o_o

I've taken it upon myself to be somewhat productive, and knowing me, I'm making sure that I start small. I've finally gotten around to decorating the vanity mirror I have. Before the wood frame was just.. well, wood. Plain wood with dirty pencil marks and stuff. But now it's silver! :D I've bought beads and gold glue, and I'm currently in the process of decorating it. I'm also thinking of renovating my DA account, by deleting everything on nayomi-chan and transferring to a new ID. Fresh start, hopefully. I honestly think I need a creative jump start. Other projects I hope to get done are

1) cleaning out my closet
-by cleaning my closet, I mean getting rid of my old clothes. I've shirts in my closet that are nearly 4 years old. @___@ Yes, this is an indirect way of saying that I need new clothes. XD
2) cleaning the space under my bed
3) read at least 5 books of my 'collection'
4) decorate the wall above my bed

Our final grades have been released, and I've got mixed emotions on mine. While I'm proud of the fact that my lowest grade is a 2.25, I feel that I should have gotten higher marks for certain subjects. =/ Math is one; I can honestly say that I did loads better for finals compared to prelims, but surprisingly my grade went lower. What's disturbing is the fact that nearly everyone in our class got lower grades in Math; our professor is someone we found out to be someone who takes things personally, so given the circumstance that she's had some run-ins with a number of our classmates, it's possible that she's taken it out on our grades. ~_~ For Philosophy, we did a computation of our grades, and even if I was to get a barely passing grade on our final exam, my final grade was going to be a 94. But my professor told me on the last day of our exams that I got a high score on my paper, so my grade should be even higher than that. But I got a 2. On the other hand, I'm amazed at the fact that I got a 2 in Rizal Course. I can't write in Filipino for shiznit, srsly. And I got a flat one in Handball. =p I'm happy, but disappointed at the same time.

Higher grades than expected = Win
Lower grades than felt deserved = Fail

I'm seriously planning on talking with my professors about this.

In other news, our vacation to the states has been finalized, and we're leaving for Hawaii on the 17th this March, which is ironically the day that Gela comes back from New Jersey, or where ever she is. XD We'll be spending about a week in Hawaii, then we're flying to Vegas with Auntie Monette, Uncle Edwin and Winette for a few days, then it's back to Hawaii. Just a few days short of three weeks. I'm excited! :D We didn't get to travel last year, so I feel like I'm making up for it. I actually have a lot to do when I get there, like register for voting, and... other important things I can't remember right now. I'm also planning on buying lots of stuff; the Navy Exchange usually sells gadgets for cheaper prices (military perk XD) and I might be able to get my hands on some cool stuff. :p I'm hoping that Uncle or Auntie will graciously sponsor, or at least help in my efforts to get a DSLR. XD *swoons* That would absolutely win, I swear. One of the things I want to do when we get there is to go to a flea market of some sort. Flea markets are so different from tiangges here. I want to find cheap, authentic vintage knick-knacks, photos, paraphernalia and other things. *swoons again* XD Of course, I'd try to get stuff for everyone. :) I really hope it pushes through.

Ginno and I haven't been on the best of terms for a while, and it was getting me down. It was one of the main reasons why I wasn't blogging. It gets tiring and is extremely draining; constantly arguing over things. There were times when I thought that I was about to give up on everything, that I couldn't take it anymore. (Drama!) But after thinking about it, no matter how tired or drained or hopeless it seemed at the time, I knew I wouldn't. I'm not trying to brag about being 'strong' or whatever, because I'm not that strong, and that isn't what this is about. I really really love him, and I don't want to give up. And I know he loves me too, even if we fight. It's made me realize how much I love him, these hardships. I always keep to heart what Coco told me a long time ago; the first year is always the hardest. I don't know if this is true for every couple, but I understand that things aren't ever going to be perfect. Still I'll be doing everything I can to get things as close as possible. :)

Time for sleep. :p

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