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Friday, June 30, 2006
Listening to: Third Eye Blind ~ Faster

I started the day by waking up late. XP I was supposed to leave the house with Coco at 6, but I woke up at 6. How typically me. Luckily for me, I had fixed all my stuff the night before, and so all I had to do was jump out of my pajammy-jams, wash my face, brush my teeth, grab my stuff and go. XD

Soccer was tiring. As much as I hate to admit it, I'm obviously not that physically active anymore. Our Prof, Prof. Adri, had us mess around for our first meeting, so that we could get the feel of the ball and stuff. When I first saw her, I swore she was a guy. @_@ I even argued with Coco about it. XD "No Coco, our Prof is a guy! @_@" After running halfway across the field, nearly slipping in the mud and bouncing the ball on my knee and my head, we were dismissed after a short talk. I hit the showers, and went straight to the mass that was being held for the Freshies. I made it in time for the Oathtaking of the Society and Org officers. We took our oath at the back though, since we all got there late. XP

Ate at FrioMixx, went to the Library for a while to work on our Math assignment (which I did horribly on anyway ~_~). Then class. Philo, counted the number of times Sir Maisog said 'oke'. The end count reached 200+. We seriously have nothing better to do. XD Then Math, English, History.

Coco and I went to the carpark to wait for her mum. We decided to wait inside Ice Monster, and I ended up spending that last of all my money on a Cookies and Cream Ice. XD It's really cozy in the Ice Monster at UST. I'd like my room to be somewhat like how it is there. X3

Mom and Dad are back from the province. I forgot to mention that they left on monday for Bicol to attend a wedding. They're back now, but now our maids are leaving. D: oooo. It's back to dishwashing for me, I guess. XP Lsjfoaignlfk. XD AND TUB SCRUBBING! D: Ghad no. Tomorrow my dad is going to pick up my aunt and two of my cousins from the airport, and they'll be staying here until the 4th. Auntie Susan was a neighbor of ours when we were in Japan. :D Actually, she wasn't a neighbor, but the base wasn't that big, so her house was walking distance. And she's bringing two of my cousins, Louie and Dillon. Louie is 20 something, and is in the US Military. He's tall, dark, formerly married and most likely pretty buff. XD INTIMIDATING, YES? And Dillon, well, I'm not sure how old Dillon is now. O_o He's probably...12? *shrug* I expect them to be bugging Jeth more than they'll be bugging me. XD Which is a good thing, since I'm bringing Ginno to the house on Saturday. XD

When I got home, I wasn't really in a good mood. One of the professors of the first year Asian Studies people really ticked me off. >_< Earlier I said there was a mass. After the mass, it was announced that classes for the freshmen would resume at 11:30 for a lunch break. This particular professor of the freshies had a class with them at 10-11:30. He disregarded the announcement and started his class at 10, and all the freshmen who arrived late got a 60 in their recitation grade. The thing that reaaaaaaally ticked me off was the fact that he told them that if they tried to tell anyone about what had happened, tried to make 'sumbong', he'd personally lower their grade, even flunk them. I mean, wtf man? I can understand terror profs that are just really strict, but that is just abuse of power. People like that shouldn't be professors ANYWHERE.

Besides that, my sched is really starting to get to me. I'm really starting to feel overwhelmed. I guess it's because last year I had a lot of free time, since classes started in the morning and ended at lunch time. But now that my classes are in the afternoon, it feels as if all my free time has gone flying off somewhere. Time management, anyone? Fricken hell, I'm going to get through this evil year. >:3

I talked with Ginno once I got home, and my BV-ness showed. XP He put up with me for a while and in the end made me feel better. X3 Sometimes I get overwhelmed with how spontaneous my life seems to get. I dunno, it's like you plan something, then something else pops up, and screws up your whole sched, then you have to find a way to get the two things to jive with each other. As much as possible, I hate having to bump off things I've already had planned. I can endure being busy, I just really hate it when things start to overlap. Even if the things I've to do come one after the other, I'm ok with it as long as they've got their own designated time, and the time is enough for the occasion. I'm just so used to things magically working out for me that when things start to get all jumbled up, I get really irritated. (Who wouldn't?) I suppose I should get myself used to the reality that things don't always work out the way we want them to. (We just have to make the most of what does end up working out.)

What Planet Are You From?

this quiz was made by The Autist Formerly Known As Tim

Ah ghad. I'ts 2:30. And I'm hungry. XP Time to sleep..

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006
Where did you go?
Listening to: Utada Hikaru ~ Passion

I seem to have disappeared lately. I've been writing an extra long post about something kinda important to me, but I haven't gotten around to finishing it. I've been writing it for nearly a week now. XD But I don't want to post it if it's incomplete. I guess the topic which I wrote about can wait for a while longer. To be honest, I'm thinking twice if I should still post it.

I had a quiz in ASN 202, and I think I did well. The objective part of the quiz was surprisingly not mind boggling, but the essay part required nice, lengthy explanations, and I wasn't really in the mood for expounding on the given topic, so I just gave the gist of what was being asked and seasoned it with a lot of other mumbo jumbo. In Filipino, we found out that we wouldn't be having Prelim nor Final exams, but we'd have to pass a paper by group about the topic which was assigned to us. We ended up with "Kabataan", so I have to research and gather data on the sub-topic assigned to me; Child Abuse. The fact that we won't have Prelims and Finals takes a lot of worry off of my shoulders. XP Maybe I won't flunk Fil1.

Tomorrow I'll be playing Soccer with Coco, Ags, and Orange. Omg. XD Since we don't have our PE uniforms yet, I had to borrow a pair of my brother's Claret PE shorts. XD LOL. Crap, I don't have cycling shorts to wear underneath it though. XP Deeeeeeeeeath.

I'm supposed to log into the E-LeAP site for my NSTP Module 1 Pre-Test, but the darn site won't load. And when it does, I can't log in. XP So much for being high tech. Blah. Stupid site.

Best wishes to Lei who just got married! <3 Happy honeymooning~ I expect pictures. XD

I've been spending most of my time doing the daily grind at school. There actually isn't much to say about what's happening at school. =/ Except for the weird things I do with my friends there. The society hasn't been bugging me much lately, but they took down the backdrop I did and replaced it with something else. Makes me wonder why they had me do it in the first place. XP But even if they did take it down, the new one looks better. I plan on getting the picture I submitted of myself back though. XC I applied for a position of Staffer of the AB Student Council, as well as a Layout/Graphics person for the Flame, the newsletter of AB. Part of me kinda regrets applying for these, as I will get even more busy if I do manage to nab a position as one. But part of me does want to be part of these things. I guess my desire to fit in AB makes me want to do these things. Maybe if I get myself more involved, I'll feel at least a little bit less disconnected from everything.

This got me thinking. If I do make it to Ateneo, and I do manage to transfer there, wouldn't I be even more alienated there? Being an irregular student and all, I wouldn't really have a stable group of friends, save for Gela, Kari, and the A Bois. But my chances of actually being able to hang out with them most of the time are pretty slim. So I'd be a loner, in ADMU. That's IF I make it. I also thought about how much I depend on Coco at UST. I depend on her for notes, reminders, ideas, and company. I doubt I'd be that lucky in ADMU. I can't always depend on people. If I do make it to ADMU, I'd be irreg, and I'd have to count only on myself for everything. And I'd get crappy subjects. XD I wonder if I'd be able to pull it off. =/

Gotta sleep. I've got soccer at 7am tomorrow. X3

*edit* Being far from him gets pretty hard at times. =/ Darn. I miss you. Can't wait for Saturday.

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Monday, June 26, 2006

Listening to:

If there is one person you can't stop thinking about, post this same exact sentence in your journal.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006
Sleepless Nights?
Listening to: Yellowcard ~ Ocean Avenue

Well, I had an entry for yesterday, but apparently Blogger lost it. =/ Basically it was about me bitching over how inconsiderate some of my blockmates can be, and how I understood how Chris wanted to quit as our class president, since the class president is basically the slave of the class, and also because our class rarely listens to their class officers. This is pretty bothersome because the possibility of me becoming a class officer is kinda high.

Today I brought my PC back to PC Options. I went there in the morning, before my classes started. Apparently, the vid card they gave me was the one causing all my problems. It was annoying, especially since they were the ones who recommended that video card brand. Even more annoying when the technician tinkering with my PC told me that the particular brand I had was known for being faulty. So why the hell would they recommend it in the first place? XP So anyway, since it's still under warranty, they're replacing it tomorrow. I have to go back there since I forgot to bring the box and all the video card's other accessories. I have to make sure they're not giving me another crappy vid card. XP

Class was boring. At 2pm I had to attend a meeting that the AB Student Council was holding regarding the Freshmen Tour. Apparently, I was chosen by my fellow society officers to represent the society at the meeting. So I had to cut the rest of my Philo 5 class to go. I didn't really mind; the only thing that sucked though was the fact that the room where the meeting was in was so darn cold. D: On Thursday, I'll be one of those touring the freshmen of Asian Studies around the campus from 8-12pm. I have to wear a yellow shirt. (I wanted green, but Literature beat me to it.) I DON'T HAVE A YELLOW SHIRT. X3; (*hinthint* Someone let me borrow, please? X3; ) Hrrrrr. I'm so going to DIE on Thursday.

7-9am : PE, Women's Soccer (CONFLICT; GREAT)
8-12pm : Freshmen Tour
1-7pm : Class


Then I had Math class (aced a SW, yay~), then English, then History. Blah. Boring. XP

Lately I've been feeling.. pretty listless. I don't know why. O_o I've been getting at least 7 hours of sleep lately, but I still feel lethargic. I guess I'm still getting used to my bed. It's.. high. XD I'm used to having to slump onto my bed and sometimes diving into it, not having to climb into it. I guess it's also because the mattress is new. And because it's a single sized bed. *misses her semi-double bed*

I miss dreaming. =/ I don't remember my dreams anymore. I've been meaning to keep a dream journal, but I never get around to it. Supposedly, keeping a dream journal helps you in being able to retain the memory of the dreams you've had. I believe that dreams play an important part in reflecting, and now that I'm not remembering my dreams anymore, I feel really uncomfortable. XP

Waking up early and coming home late.. even if it's just the daily grind kind of thing, it gets tiring. Really fast. Add to that the fact that I've been thinking of a lot of things lately. Which is kinda weird actually, since sometimes I feel like I'm so busy that I don't have time to just sit and stay deep in thought. They're like quick marquees that randomly scroll across my train of thought and distrupt everything that I was thinking of, sending my mind into intellectual chaos. And nothing seems to make sense anymore. It's weird, but not the kind of weird that we all know and love.

Strangely enough, I manage to pick myself up amidst the chaos and continue on. Leaves me feeling pretty dazed though.

Then again... Not everything has to make sense.

Yeah, go me for contradicting myself. XD

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Saturday, June 17, 2006
Fix Plz?
Listening to: Evan and Jaron ~ The Distance

Blaaaargh. It's only 10:20 and I'm sleepy already. =/

Something's wrong with my PC, seriously. It restarts when I start running programs. I have to bring it back to where I bought it from so they can test it and replace the parts that are screwed. XP I am really bummed about it, to be honest. I didn't think that something would go wrong this early.

The first week of 2nd year was uneventful. Just met a handful of new professors. I can already feel myself slipping into the daily grind. XP Bummer. Seriously. College is a bunch of crap atm, save for my friends. (Who are slowly dwindling in number.) Last year we started with 48 students. 30 are left. What a way to start the school year. =/

I finally put up the background I did for the society bulletin board (couldn't have done it without Coco's help. X3), but I couldn't put anything else up because I didn't have what I needed. All I needed was lettering, a description of the course, and pictures of my fellow officers. Come Friday, I still didn't have these, which our President said they'd give. Then our PRO texts, telling me to go to school on Saturday to finish the bulletin board, because she has class then. I told her that I couldn't go, because my 'rents had just left for Baguio, so I had no transpo and I had to watch the house. Which is true. Later she texts that the PROs of the 3rd year blocks would finish the bulletin board, because the bulletin board has to be finished before Monday. I was slightly annoyed, because she hasn't attended a single meeting, she didn't coordinate with me at all until our President bugged her, and I was the one who did the 88" by 33" background of the bulletin board, then she's going to imply that it's my fault that the bulletin board isn't finished yet? But I brush it off and think, well, let's just see what's done by Monday. Then our President texts saying that there's a meeting on Sunday, and that we're to do the video for the General Assembly on Sunday. And how the heck am I supposed to get to G4 at 10:30 in the morning; my 'rents just arrived tonight and it's Father's Day tomorrow. So I told him outright that I couldn't go. Then he replies, saying that my family would understand, that if I was really dedicated to the society, to my work and shiznit, I'd be able to convince my 'rents. At that point I was pretty irked; I know the society is important, but my family is definitely more important. >_< Ok so, he probably wasn't implying that the society is more important than my family, but that's sure how it came out for me.

I've a few new professors.

Ma'am Garcia: NatSci 101
According to the upperclassmen she's a nice prof. All you have to do is recite a lot to do well in her class.

Sir Atalia: Filipino 1
He's cool to listen to. Funny too. If you manage to plagiarize something in his class, and he grades it without finding out, you automatically get a 1 in his class. o: And in all his future classes as well. But if you get caught, you automatically get a 5, and aren't allowed to attend any of his classes, ever. He's been doing that for 8 years, and according to him, no one has gotten that 1 yet. Despite the fact that I find him cool so far, I'm scared out of my mind because I'm pretty sure I'm going to flunk FIL1.

Sir Dalangin: ASN 202
Well. He's kinda old. And boring. But according to my sources, he gives killer quizzes, exams, and oral reports. >_< And when he discusses... he just keeps going, and going, and going. XP

Computer 100
I don't know her name. XP But she's talkative. Really talkative. But it's not annoying or anything. Hopefully Comp 100 will be a breeze.

Sir Maisog: Philosophy 5
Bummed that we don't have Sir Pabs this year. I got a 1.25 by sleeping in his class. XD

Ma'am Ledesma: MATH 102B
She seems nice enough. Still doesn't change the fact that I absolutely hate math. =/

Ok, so it's not just a handful.

I'm le uber bummed. =/

Ags let me borrow her DVD of Battle Royale. I plan on watching it... maybe tomorrow. Just not now.

I've talked with Mick (Mick talked to me, actually), and well, I'm glad that things are ok now. As much as possible, I'd like to be on good terms with everyone, but there are some people who just make it so impossible. It doesn't help that the situation is pretty iffy. It's nice to know I can still be friends with some of them, despite the circumstances.

I've to take a shower.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Last Day of Summer
Listening to: Computer Hum

This is my first post from my new PC. :D

Yes, I finally did get my own PC. I've to strike that off of my list now. XD Many thanks to Racine and Maku who both went with me to Gilmore and helped me get this thing together. :3

What bad timing tho; just when summer came to a close, that's when I just had to get a new PC. XD

Today is officially my last day of summer. Despite the fact that I went to school earlier, it was only for a society meeting, and technically classes haven't started yet. It seems that I've upped myself a notch from being Assistant PRO to being the PRO. XP Which reminds me, I have to get working on the backdrop of the bulletin board for tomorrow. ~_~

Anyway. It's as if summer has flown by so fast. One moment it was just starting, and now it's gone. O_o I think that's how it goes for all of us. Summer, while it's here, seems slow. But once it's over, it feels as if it was just a few days. I guess it's because there are so many uneventful days inbetween the eventful days, and when we look back, we only remember the eventful days, making it seem shorter. XD Of course, we can always go with the saying, 'Time flies when you're having fun.' And well, it would fit my situation quite well. :P

School officially starts tomorrow. I never got around to posting my sched, so here it is. (Thanks Ags XD)

MWF 11-3

TTh 1-7

On Thursdays from 7am-9am, I've Women's soccer with Coco, Ags, and apparently Orange. XD Well, this'll be fun. XD

Well. I've finally organized my room. (Actually, I just stuffed everything into random drawers.) I still need to find out what bed sheets I'll be using. It'll be the first time I sleep here ever since my room underwent its transformation. X3 Omg, SLEEPOVER TIME! (GIIIIIIIIIIRLS 8D)

Schoooool. Blah. I hope all goes well this year.

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Sunday, June 11, 2006
Listening to: Foo Fighters ~ No Way Back

Before anything; Thanks guys. <3 Oh, and 'Cheers' to many more. :P

Anyway. Earlier the internet was back up. :D Previously it was down, since... Friday. And I went and checked The Sneeze. And I read this one post of his concerning a story from London. Basically shopkeepers had been using a high frequency sound to keep teenagers from their stores, because most adults couldn't hear as high a frequency as teens can.

I listened to both sound samples, and I could hear them, and yes, they were annoying. XD It's the same sound our TV makes. O_o I eventually went here, where samples of each frequency can be heard. I can barely hear the sample at 19000Hz. So... my frequency threshold is from 18000Hz to 19000Hz. Wala lang. It's interesting. XD

I started moving into my room. :D I'm amazed; my books actually fit! XD I still have a long way to go though, there are still a lot of things I have to put inside. After I blog, I'll be going back to moving in. Lol. XD Tomorrow my new bed will be arriving, and I'll be going out with Racine and Maku to buy my new PC! <3 OH JOY. Right now, I've a wad of cash (amounting to 50k!) in front of me, all of which I'll be spending on a new pc. >:D AHAHAHAHAHAH OMG! <3

Hrrr. I promised my mom that I'd be using my new PC for school and stuff.. but well.. what can you do when you're a gamer at heart? X3 I'll probably be playing RO and RF.. Maybe even GW, if I can save up for it. Ayayayayay. X3 I miss my RO characters. XDDD Ano ba yan. XD I want to get Yrael (my battle priestess) to High Priestess, but... it seems so impossible. D: Particularly because her build (my build, lol) is so difficult. XP Tis what I get for pumping Agi and Dex way too high. XD But ergh, I'm sure if I really get around to grinding, I can get her to HP. @_@ Holy shizat, good luck. XD I still have to grind in RF, once I get it on my new PC. Ayayayayay. X3;

Haay. *random* I want Chicken McNuggets. X3 *end random*

Oh! I saw Gretchie at Greenhills today! Hahaha, I literally squealed when I saw her. <3 Aw, I miss you girls.

I went to Gift Gate while I was in Greenhills, and I saw THE CUTEST THING EVAR. If you've seen my phone or Camilla's, you'll know what I'm talking about. I actually thought P-chan (here) was just a random phone accessory, that is, until I stepped into Gift Gate. XD They had all sorts of things. I wanted to get one of the plushies there, but I decided against it because mum was literally pulling me out of the store. XP Lol, this sudden craze of mine reminds me of when I was really into another Sanrio character, Purin. XD

Well. I've to get back to moving into my room. XD

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Listening to:

Here’s to one month (and a day). Cheers. :)

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Thursday, June 08, 2006
Layout Blues
Listening to: Duncan Sheik ~ Barely Breathing

I've been hunting for a new layout for quite a while now, and until now I haven't found anything that I feel suits me. I really really have to learn how to do my own layouts, seriously.

Anyway. A while back I got to reading my past entries. As in, archives. I miss how unbridled I was in blogging back then. O_o I blogged whatever came to mind, and exactly how I felt about it. Now a days, I have to post in cryptic posts. Or post them in LJ. Or not post them at all. Which pretty much defeats the purpose of having a public blog. While I do understand that not all things are meant to be seen by everyone (that's why LJ exists. XD), I just find it sad that I have to limit myself in terms of expressing myself because I know alot of people read my blog. And I don't have control over who exactly reads my blog. Technically, if someone doesn't like what I post here, all they have to do is not come here any longer. But that's not exactly what I'm trying to get at here.. I doubt I post things that are blatantly insulting to a lot of people anyway. O_o And if I was to insult someone, I'd rather do it in their face. =p So anyway. Got a little sidetracked there. I guess my style in writing has changed ever since I started filtering out what I posted here. I'm not sure if my posts have become more meaningful since then, but oh well. At least they seem a bit more structured now. But is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Yesterday I went out with my friends to Eastwood. Well, in truth, it wasn't just my girlfriends (8D), but we also had our gheyfriends there too. XD So all in all, it was Gela, Cai, Racine, Kari, Gretchen (GRETCHEN *love* XD), Maku, Gab, Convi, Berbi, Ryan, Losman, Niko (amirite? O_o) and Conx. And myself. So. We were more like a mob really. XD ("I thought this was an all-girls thing? XD") We ate at the never-dying Fazoli's, and watched Take the Lead. Dancing is leik... uber sexy. XD It's amazing how passionate people can be about things, may it be dance, art, music, taking the trash out or whatever. To be honest, it makes me jealous. X3 Another thing I found out; mini-skirts really aren't me. I know they're supposed to make 'things' easier, but it just makes things harder for me. Grarg. XD

Today mum said I had to wake up early because Marcelo was going to give me my mirror and install my desk lights, but lo and behold... he's not here. XD So much for moving into my room by Wednesday. I still need my bed. Graaa, I might just go with a metal frame bed, even if it doesn't have a headboard, then I'll just place all my knickknacks on a side table or something. I just want to move into my room already. XD I actually got around to cleaning up the studyroom. I fixed the bed here for the first time since I started sleeping here. XD Geez. I took out the trash as well, same goes for the bathroom, and restocked it while I was at it. Finally, Jeth and I can stop stealing toilet paper from each other. XD

Now that I've gotten to thinking about the things this house needs, I realize how much work has to be done around here. O_o Apparently the bathroom here leaks into the garage. The light in the other bathroom has been dead for nearly 4 months now. The fridge needs to be cleaned out. The dirty kitchen needs to be.. uh, cleaned. XD The whole house is being invaded by ants. >_< The former Playstation room is just a pile of junk. XP Why didn't we fix these during the summer? @_@ Seriously speaking, we have to get rid of some of the junk here. There's just no more space for it all anymore. =/ But knowing us.. we'll just find new places to stash it all. XD

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006
"Busy Week"
Listening to: Franz Ferdinand ~ What You Meant

Ok so, this week was supposed to be uber busy for me, but since the meeting for our society was cancelled (which was supposed to be today), and because I wasn't allowed to go to Nueva Ecija to visit RJ (sorry Coco D: ), my so-called busy week went *poof*. So instead my mum and I have been using the time to look for a smaller bed for my room. Currently I'm using a semi-double, and it's just too big now, since my desk turned out larger than we expected. We've also been looking for a mirror, since my old vanity mirror is no longer in my room. It's actually the absence of these two things that keep me from moving back into my room. I'm also waiting for Rico to install the desk lights we bought yesterday. If Rico really does install the desk light tomorrow, I'll start moving in my stuff.

Argh, I seriously need to move out of the study room. O_o n my stay here, I've killed 2 medium sized roaches. (Thank God I always wear slippers now a days) And... I just saw another one. @_@ Graaaa, where the hell are these buggers coming from? My best bet would be something connected to the bathroom here. XP Or it could be the candy wrapper filled trash can next to me. (Which has the first roach I killed laying at the bottom. Yay for Bath and Linen spray! XD)

So anyway... I'll continue later. I've to eat dinner.

As I was saying.. XD Hrrr, I bet it's because I eat here. XD *bad*

ANYWAY. Imma play RO now. XD Oh yez, new PC, I can just feel myself basking in your presence... <3

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Saturday, June 03, 2006
Listening to: Utada Hikaru ~ Passion

It's been raining a lot recently. I hope this doesn't continue on to the first week of classes. =/ Rain isn't exactly that welcome at UST.

They've finished with the desk, and the paint as well. So basically, my room is hanky-panky. :D The green turned out to be a bit duller than I expected tho, so instead of apple green, it looks more like olive green. XP It still looks ok tho. My room seems a bit darker now, since before I used to have a light shade of grey-ish blue on my wall. To remedy that, I'm thinking of where I can place lamps and other things to brighten it up. :D Tomorrow Mum and I are going to Evar to look for a bed, a mirror, and.. other stuff. Yeah. XD I'll prolly move in by Wednesday. ;)

Blah. Blog latar. XD


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Friday, June 02, 2006
Cebu (continued~!)
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Killer continuation. XD

I appluad you for getting to the end of this post. XD Well, all in all, that was my trip to Cebu. =p I had fun.

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