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Monday, February 28, 2005
First Day of Finals : English and Math
Listening to: Yellowcard ~ Only One

Racine and I like semi-screaming this song. <3

First exams of Finals. English and Math. W00t. I found English quite easy. Luckily, I remembered to study the vocabulary words in the book. They turned up with a vengance in the test as a crossword, with only the definitions given. Argh. Missed 5 there. Everything else there was ok. I was able to memorize Sonnet 116 during the Flag Ceremony, right before the exam itself. n_n; Even if I try to study, I never do study well enough. Bah.

Then Math. Well. To put it simply, I totally trashed my Math test. I didn't study well at all last night. My previous post shows I wasn't in the best state of mind to study. And it obviously took its toll. Damn.

Striking words out is fun.

Anyway. After the tests, everyone went crazy over passing requirements. I passed my Math quizzes, FISH issues, my Fili quizzes, Fili seatworks, and Fili index cards. For some reason I was chosen to be part of those who would paint the new backdrop for the gym. But I told Ms. Alberto that I'd rather Cai take my place. Congratz too to Guia for getting your design chosen. n_n Remember, I helped outline it with silver!

Currently finding a new layout on BlogSkins. I've found a lot of nice ones, but none that really suit my fancy. Also wanting some time to myself.

Talked with Mike and JC aka Sera today. T'was... fun. Turns out I'm related to the girl JC's interested in. Turns out my cousin works for Mobius. Small world. The guild forums are comming back to life, esp. my thread. Haha.

Pinoi and Analytic Geometry tomorrow. I'm going to die.

It's been so long since I've written Miranda. Even now I haven't sent that letter I wrote last month. Frick. All of these things happen and I end up losing contact with people. I don't like losing people. I hope she still remembers us. I have to write to her as soon as possible.

Dear God, I want some time for myself. Everyone is going crazy. Me included. ._. I cannot study well. Just... back. Off.

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I'm almost somewhere.

Sunday, February 27, 2005
Lucban, Quezon
Listening to: Yellowcard ~ Firewater

I only really understood what this song meant when I listened to it on my MP3 Player.

Damn. I want a new layout so bad. >_<

Anyway, how was Lucban?

It was ok I guess. *sarcasm* 4 hours of driving is fun. :D Honestly, it doesn't give you headaches when you try to study while the car is moving. *sarcasm* Yeah. n_n; So I slept most of the way there. Got there at about... 10 or so in the morning. (We left at around 5.) Stayed at the house where I stepped on a rusty thumbtack when I was 4 years old. Haha, that thumbtack led to my first Tetanus shot. n_n; Anyway, it was hot. T_T Visted the church there. Got some pics of it. Ate lunch, then I went to the hotel we were staying at with my dad. He slept. I on the other hand, tried to study. I ended up texting people and watching about... 5 movies? XD Included would be: A Gangster movie, part of City Slickers, Spirit (the one with the horse that someone has a crush on) XD, Indiana Jones (the one with the Holy Grail) and Indiana Jones again (the one with the holy stones in India and the ripping out hearts and stuff >:D). Uh huh. Then we had dinner at this restaurant. I had another one of my headaches there. >_< Then afterwards we went back to the house, where I got to 'speak' with Grace. Grace is my cousin who's deaf-mute. Beforehand, Jeth and I memorized the sign language of the alphabet so we could spell out things to her. She taught us some words too. Sadly, the ones I remeber are 'stupid' and 'ignorant'. XD But I also remember 'goal' and 'faith', and 'encouragement'. I also remember the sign language for some family members like 'father' 'mother' 'brother' 'sister' 'children' etc etc etc. Eventually I became reeeeeeeeeeally tired. Walked back to the hotel. Watched some Adult Swim. Fell asleep. Woke up, had breakfast, watched old MTVs, went on our way home.

Slept. Again. n_n; Stopped over at Caltex on the South Super Highway. Got some freaky pics with Ronald McDonald. Went on our way to NAIA. Saw Uncle Roger off. I wonder when he'll be back? Went back home.

Ugh. After I got out of the shower, I've felt like there was a knot right below my ribcage. And that was at around... 2pm. >_<

Sera [the GM of HOL] is planning on having a guild trip to Boracay. O_O How that's going to work, I have no idea.

Dammit. There are so many things I hate right now. >_< Ok, maybe not hate. Or maybe it is hate. Either way, I just REALLY DON'T LIKE IT. I'm just so fed up with it, I think.. Gah.


This is not happening to me the day before finals. No. NO NO NO NO NO. NO.



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I'm almost somewhere.

Saturday, February 26, 2005
Leaving Yet Again
Listening to: ~

Leaving for Lucban, Quezon. n_n; I'm always going places.

Crap, I haven't blogged for two days. >_< Thursday I lost internet connection, then on Friday I didn't use the PC. O_o Amazingly, no one text me either. But then again, I don't even have load, so yeah. n_n;; Hopefully I can convince my mom to buy some prepaid cards while on the road.

The drive will roughly be 4 hours long. Going to stay there overnight. And guess what? We're also going to a wake there. T_T Rar.

Bleh. Uber crammed post. >_< I'll be posting past entries when I get back.

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I'm almost somewhere.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005
Listening to: Unwritten Law ~ Save Me

I. Am. So. Tired. But then again, it's my fault since I love to cram. n_n; I nearly fell asleep in front of the PC. :D But a car alarm went off and I woke up. n_n;;

Nothing much happened today. Most memorable would be English.


And I will graduate. Because I will die if I don't. XD We took up Sonnet 116. Shakespeare actually made sense for once.

Sonnet 116

Let me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments. Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove:
O no! it is an ever-fixed mark
That looks on tempests and is never shaken;
It is the star to every wandering bark,
Whose worth's unknown, although his height be taken.
Love's not Time's fool, though rosy lips and cheeks
Within his bending sickle's compass come:
Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
But bears it out even to the edge of doom.
If this be error and upon me proved,
I never writ, nor no man ever loved.

William Shakespeare

Maybe I'll scan my notes on the sonnet, so it'll make as much sense to you as it did to me. After paraphrasing, we had a discussion with Mrs. Ben. Gawd, she rocks. I will come back to SHS just to visit her. And Ms. Cruz. And all the other teachers. Yeah.

GAWD, I want to sleep, but the damned-able document won't attach itself! *insert colorful words here* Lol. Damn, this is sad. n_n; It is now 12:40. I am the only SHSian on my YM list. XD Only people OL right now are... Maku, and Gab.

Yay. I'm done. n_n; I'm going to bed now.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2005
Devious Journal Entry
Listening to: Yellowcard ~ Way Away

Had the English Week thingie today. Our Radioplay won first place! :3 They said it was great. I wish I could have listened to a recording of it or something. Racine won first place in the Quiz Bee on the second question. XD Word of the day: Slew. Haha! Cai also helped bag 1st place in the Photo Gallery.

Had our last meetings for Teenstar, Accounting and PE. Skipped the Post Physical Fitness Test because I didn't bring my PE uniform. n_n; Talked with Cai about things I'd been thinking about.

Uncle Roger came from Davao today. He's going to stay in the guestroom. Lola will be comming tomorrow I think, and she'll be staying in my room with me. I had to clean my room, change the sheets, and emtpy out one shelf in my closet. XD I saw a black dress that my mom took out of the attic today. It was the goth-lolita like dress I told Cai about. I tried it on. It fits. O_o I'm planning on wearing it to the Graduation Ball. XD

I'm going to buy the soundtrack of Phantom of the Opera. XD I adore the music. <3

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Monday, February 21, 2005
Hell Week
Listening to: Story of the Year ~ Anthem of our Dying Day

Whoever dubbed this week Hell Week, dubbed it very appropriately. [Crap, I've been making so many typos today] CL, Prosec, Teenstar [which I haven't done yet] YAY! Haha. n_n;; Plus I'm dealing with yet another headache, so good luck to me.

Tomorrow is the English Day/'Week'! Yeah. Radioplay is tomorrow. Goodluck to us. Go Persephone! [Yuck] Haha. Gawd. I need a life. =P

Everyone seems stressed now. Yup! It truly is Hell Week. Just gotta smile. Don't let it get to you. Even when you're surrounded with all this crap, just smile and show the world that things don't have to be perfect for you to be happy.


[Short post. I'm not making any sense to myself right now. n_n;]

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I'm almost somewhere.

Saturday, February 19, 2005
Phantom of the Opera
Listening to: Switchfoot ~ Dare you to Move

My time stamp lies. It is now 2am of Sunday. :P

I woke up too early today.. I woke up at 7. n_n; I couldn't go back to sleep, and that kinda annoyed me, but I didn't get out of bed until 10 or so. XD

Went to my dental appointment, and my dentist put a spring in my mouth! Gah. He tortures me so. And as I promised him earlier, I will post here that if I die anytime soon, it's his fault. XD Moving on, after that, I went to Gela's house to work on our CL project. I joined up with Gretchen, Cai and Racine there, and we went to the house of her driver. Had out own mini immersion. :P

After our mini immersion, we were on our way to Eastwood. We stopped by UP to check out the results.


I knew you two could do it. Now go to UP so Gela and I get our slots. XD I didn't pass, like expected. But then again, I didn't take the UPCAT seriously, so yeah. :P

At Eastwood, we ate at Yellow Cab. My first time to eat there. :P I had a hard time because of my braces though. Plus, it was extremely oily. O_o Racine, Cai, Gretchen and Gela got all worked up over how to pay Racine for the pizza. Lol. The sink there is so cool! You don't have to use your hands! [LOL XD] You use your knee to get the water flowing. But then I said that it was discrimination towards those without legs or with their right leg amputated. XD I mean, how are they supposed to use that sink? :P

We then went to the theater. I got a smoothie with Gretchen. We got in during the trailers. Phantom of the Opera was a nice movie. Best part is definitely the musical score. Costumes were wonderful too. [Duh, it's an opera. :P] The story was nice as well; romantic, but didn't really move me much. Gretchen couldn't choose between the Phantom and Raul. XD

After watching, we walked around a bit and waited for Gela's driver at McDo. On the way down, Cai saw Convi at the bowling place. Went home, and concluded in the car that Michael Buble has the best voice ever. :P

Guys, we should go bowling sometime! :D Haha, I just thought of it. :P

I still get headaches. But I get them more when I'm at home. =/ And I'm going to get a sore throat soon. I can feel it. XD

John asked me last minute to his prom. O_o And it's next saturday. Greaaaat. n_n;; I asked my parents, and they said that they'd think about it. Supposedly we're going to Lucban, Quezon then. But my mom said she'd like me to go, because I haven't had a partner at a prom before. *blink blink* Not really a concrete reason, but whatever. My mom thinks it's funny. My situation, that is. =/

Mistress Cyril
Here's my CGing progress on Cai's drawing. Finally I'm getting it done. n_n; I don't know how I'm going to do the background, or Cyril's [my priestess] hand. O_o I'm horrible at CGing both of those.

Get Well Card for Reish
I was on ROEmpire Forums, and I noticed that one of my forum-mates had made a card for another forum-mate who had gotten TB. I'm not really active, so I only found out now. XD Now she's ok, and someone posted the card. And I'm on it! XD Haha, makes me smile how we're all so close on the forums. :P She did this on MS Paint with a mouse. Those are just some of my forum-mates... [Haha, gotta love them] and I'm on the cloud thingie with Clement, aka Loner. I'm Cyril. :P

Ok, now it's really late and I need to sleeep. I wonder how the Junior's prom went? XD

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I'm almost somewhere.

Friday, February 18, 2005
Listening to: My Chemical Romance ~ I'm Not Ok (I Promise)

Rar. The headaches are becoming more frequent now. Luckily it's the weekend now, so technically, I can sleep in.

Today was a blur again. Mostly because I was nearly falling asleep in each class. XD Yeah. Great one Ria. n_n; Anyway, Ms. Toli got angry with us because a phone was confiscated during her class while she was being observed. Oh man.. Damay nga lahat. =/

Crap, I need to sleep. I don't know why I don't let myself sleep though. I just don't. It's not like insomnia where you can stay up 'til 3 and wake up the next morning still feeling pretty decent throughout the day. Once I get to school, I konk out. And even though I'm nearly falling asleep in front of my PC, I'm still here. >_<

I want to graduate! Like, right now. XD I don't want to study anymore. Lol! THe closer and closer it gets, the more and more I want it all to end. No more CL! No more projects! Well, at least for a few months. Then hell starts again. XD

Damn UP. I want the UPCAT results to get out so that all the smart people who got into Ateneo can move over to UP so Gela and I can get our slots. XD Haha, I wonder why they're so slow in releasing the results though? =/

Have the CL project tomorrow. Then we go to Eastwood. PHANTOM OF THE OPERA!! <3 I want to watch Constantine as well. Keanu Reeves is not gay; rather, he's Bi. :D Ok, I think this is the first time I've actually mentioned someone famous in my blog. O_o

Oh crap. I just remembered that I didn't eat dinner. O_o I had practice at Orange's house for the Radioplay, and she told us to bring money, because it's tradition that when there's practice at her house, they always order McDo. And well, we never did. n_n; We stayed there from 6 to 9 inserting sounds and adding sound effects. I hope we can find that X Factor that will give us a good shot at first place.

Confessions, last minute prom invitations and unexpected calls make me think.

It's 1am now. I will sleep.

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I'm almost somewhere.

Thursday, February 17, 2005
Listening to: Finch ~ Letters to You

I don't want to make another website again for a while. I am sick and tired of making sites. >_< And I'm not even done yet! [Doesn't it seem like I've been making sites forever? O_o] Still have to do the layout for the fictional story... and my learnings from Lakbay. *semi-slams her head on the desk* Ok, I'm not slamming my head on the desk, but I sure do feel like doing it. Xd


I finished my lakbay thingie. Now just the story layout needs to be done. Yay, one thing scratched off my list. ;P

Dang, I need a break from all this love stuff. n_n;

Amen Gela, we're still young. :D

I noticed that in my last post, the scans of the paperchat were small. O_o I guess Photobucket automatically resizes big images. So I uploaded them again on my geocities account. If you're really curious, you can read them. Lol. I'm telling you though, it's just a bunch of bored people talking. XD

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I'm almost somewhere.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005
Belated Happy SAD!
Listening to: Yellowcard ~ Only One

I had an entry for last night, but ironically we lost power, and I lost my entry along with it.

Nothing much happend on the 14th. Cai went home early because she had a fever. I had a headache after lunch, but luckily I was able to get some Biogesic from Mrs. Pineda. I got invited to the UP Fair by one of my guildmates, James. O_o (This guy thing is certainly starting to get more and more complicated.) But having gone out on saturday, I said no. My family and I had dinner at D' Marks, at Royale Place. After that, we had drinks at Easy Street. I had no idea that a Virgin Mary was tomato juice. O_o But I was able to change my order to a Sherly Temple. :P Went home, and stayed up until 12. My family was partially drunk, so they fell asleep right away. I on the other hand stayed up late and experienced the power loss. n_n;

I seriously need to get some decent sleep. And actually do my homework as well.

Today was typical. Started a paperchat with Yeli in Math, and it ended after PE, which is our last period. :P
Paperchat pg1
Paperchat pg2
Paperchat pg3
Paperchat pg4
Paperchat pg5
Paperchat pg6

Racine shared some of the chocolate she got from Maku with us. Yummeh. I asked her what it was like to love. She said that for her, almost everything is the same, but it just seems more... wonderful. (Maku says: to love is to show someone or make someone feel that he/she is important in any way possible even with little things :P (thats what i do for racine :P ) The rest of the day was a blur again. n_n; Oh, for the first time, I read my Teenstar book seriously. It was after Racine pointed out to me the Courtship and Dating chatper. XD

I want to save the relationship I have with Matt. A lot of people think that it isn't worth saving, or that it just can't be saved anymore. Well. I don't think that way. Haha. It's just so hard because everytime something is done for the better, something happens and it just gets worse. =/ Why? I can't help but ask that question. He likes to blame himself for everything. I don't even start because we'll just argue. But I realized in Prosec today that it's easier to blame one's self. Well, for me at least. Because I, knowing all of my shortcomings the best, can easily justify why. But why must we always blame someone?

Man, it's nearly 12:30 now. If my post isn't making much sense, it's because I need to sleep.

Thursday is comming up fast. I don't know for sure what's going to happen. I already have one possibility in mind. Whether I'm right or not is yet to be seen.

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Sunday, February 13, 2005
Listening to: Yellowcard ~ Way Away

On Love

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Saturday, February 12, 2005
To be Later Updated
Listening to: Yellowcard - Way Away

Just a quick update while I'm waiting for my ride to get here.

Saturday classes are... boring. And pretty much useless. We didn't have a lesson at all today, we all just bummed around the classroom until recess. The only good thing about going to school today was the fact that I was able to plan with my friends for our gimmick thingie today. Plus I got to listen to all the songs that I uploaded last night. Aaaah, Yellowcard. <3 Call me an emofag if you want, but I honestly couldn't care less. n_n Cai and Racine both agree that I listen to my music with the volume pumped way too high. XD But I like my music loud. Haha. :P And sometimes it's nice to just drown out everything else with music. After recess we had the celebration for Educator's Day. Wasn't much really. I started asking people why we had actually gone to school today.

Plans have changed and instead of going out for dinner with my family, I'm going to a concert with my brother and some friends. Yeah, I'm going to Overdose at LSGH with my brother. My parents decided what Overdose was better for my brother than the snogging thingie that Close-Up is holding tonight. :P

I thought of something while I was in the shower... but I forgot it already. o_O Oh, I just remembered something. We might not go to London anymore. =/ Damn, I really wanted to go. >_< Why go to Hong Kong when we have our own Greenhills? XD Either place though, I'm sure it'll be interesting. :D

Life. Parang buhay.

XD Hahaha, who remembers this famous sigh quote? :P Yeah yeah. But life is just that, right? It's life. I can honestly say that after I turned 16, things suddenly changed. O_o Well, not suddenly, but it still surprised me. Good things, bad things. Shit happens. Miracles happen. Life happens! Haha. :P But with each and every passing moment, you just got to keep on going. Of course, learn along the way. Or else be dubbed an idiot. XD Sometimes we just have to learn things the hard way. Been there, but obviously there are so many ways to learn it the hard way as I and others keep on experiencing. XD But what can we do? That's life. :P

Just open your arms and blow a kiss into the wind. I do that a lot. It's fun. Imagine how many people you've kissed already. XD

Dang, this isn't a quick update anymore. XD SAD (aka Single's Awareness Day) is just around the corner! Time to share chocolate with the gaaaaaaals. <3 Or just scrub off off of each other like what we have been doing for the past few days. n_n;; Oh, I have to give chocolates to Ms. O for accepting my late papers. XD I wonder if she'll remember. Besides SAD, the 14th is also known to others as SMV, or the Samahan ng Malamig ang Valentine's. SAD is obviously a whole lot better. XD I was talking with Mike a few nights ago, and we started talking about my post on the guild forums about SAD. I was surprised that so many people would reply, and so fast too. :P (Ow, I just hit my hand on the end of the sewing table. >_<) For me it's just a regular day. But an excuse to eat a buttload of chocolate. XD For others it's a day to give flowers and chocolates and make people feel special and loved. It's not that I'm against it, oh no. It's just... why just on the 14th? Shouldn't you do that everyday? XD Hahaha, think about that. No, you may not hit me for making you stop for a moment. :D

Oh man. If I don't stop this'll become a full blown entry, and I haven't even left the house for the concert! XD

[I edit this now because Cai said I got a lot of people mixed up. XD]

It's 2:42 in the morning now. I've just gotten home from Overdose. Congratz to the PCO peeps for making Overdose successful! :D It was great.

I told my parents about the concert at around lunch, and I was so surprised when they told me to go, but along with my brother. After guitar lessons, we hitched a ride with Miggy and got to LSGH at around 5:30 or so. Wil was MIA, so both Cai and I were alone (besides my brother Jeth), as Miggy was busy with preperations for the concert. We lined up, and were soon found by Carlo. The line was uuuuuuuuber long. I saw Bean, JR, Chris, Andrew(the nameless guy during our fair), and some batchmates. We got in, and watched the concert. Saw Jerome, Miguel, Ruigi, JP, David (who promtly called me Patricia. Gah, he still remembers!), Kevin, Marc and Enzo. w00t! Go PCO! :D Miggy passed by every now and then, but most of the time I was with Cai, Jeth, and Carlo. We also met up with Io and his kinakapatid, Jela. We found a chair with the two front legs missing, and Carlo liked messing around with it. Haha! When we went to the front he even brought it along. :P After Fishcake played, we went out of the gym to eat. I saw one of Matt's friends there, and I think he saw me too. Io left at around that time. We ate ham and cheese pizzas because there was nothing else to eat. And drank Coke! Haha. I forced Jeth to eat the pieces I couldn't eat, and drink Cai and my Cokes. So he can get fatter. XD We went back up, and I saw Alexis. KJWAN was just about to play. First it was KJWAN, then Mayonnaise, then Bamboo! Haha. :P It was fun, but for some reason I'm not really into totally rocking out at concerts. We were standing on a platform (Cai, Kevin, Chesca(Kevin's GF), Miggy, Miguel and I) and started joking around about pushing each other off. At one point I almost fell. n_n;; Then the concert ended and the lights went on. I helped stack chairs along with Cai. I saw Ms. Alfie, and she also called me Patricia. n_n; Walked around LSGH for a while, as Miggy and the other PCOs had some things to fix before they could go home. Jeth scared the crap out of Miggy by hiding behind a door. XD Saw Carlo just before he left at the lobby. Then we finally were on our way home. We took Cai home first, then us. So I was outside of the house with Miggy, and Jeth had gone in. We talked for a while. It's been a while since we actually talked, so it took a while. We talked about a lot of stuff. But it was getting late and I knew he hadn't slept since the night before. So I told him to go home and rest. I thanked him, and went in.

So that was Overdose. It was fun. :P

There's something on my mind now. I have to get it off of my chest. I'll admit it, there are a lot of times when I'm not the brightest of the barkada. Or of the class, or of the family. A lot. And I even laugh at these moments of stupidity. Most of the time. But that doesn't mean that I'm stupid. I'm not. I know a lot of things that people think I'd be oblivious to. I know a lot of secrets, I know a lot of people's problems, I know a lot of things that are hidden from me. I have a brain! Plus, I have a knack for finding these things out. n_n; I know it's not supposed to make me feel like this. It's supposed to make me feel the opposite. Well, as far as I know it's supposed to make me feel the opposite. But still. RARARARARARAR. >_<

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Friday, February 11, 2005
Nothing Better to Say
Listening to: Yellowcard - Way Away

Can you believe we have classes tomorrow? How sucky is that.

Had the student takeover today. Like Racine, I semi-kinda-sorta wanted to be a teacher. I think it'd be pretty cool. Gretchen was our Economics teacher, and Bayanihan loved her and her quiz. :P The rest of the day was a blur. Boring and sabog-ish. Haha.

Oh yeah, in Computer, Cai and Racine wrote a demented kid's story for one of our requirements. I'll post it once I fix the layout.

It's past 12 and I'm still uuuuup! Someone needs a life. XD *yawns*

On the way home, Dad said something about going to Hong Kong. Sounds interesting. :P

Have you ever had one of those moments when you suddenly wonder why you're here? Why you exist? What's your purpose here on Earth? I had one of those moments at the MMA. It just struck me suddenly. It surprised me too because it's been a while since I've had a thought like that. There are also times when I say a word over and over again, and I just let it roll on my tongue for a while. Then I wonder how that word is associated with what it is, and why. Hahaha, weird. :P

Racine told us something again today. Hahaha. It made me go 'Woah.' XD Grabe grabe grabe. That's really something Racine. :P

Thinking again. That's what I'm doing. Blah blah blah blah. Is it possible for a person to be incapable of showing affection?

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Wednesday, February 09, 2005
Happy Hell Day
Listening to: 6 Classical Songs over and over again

If you read this journal,
Even if I don't speak to you often,
Post a memory of me.
It can be anything you want.
It can be good or bad.
Just so long as it happened.

Then, post this on your journal.
See what people remember about you.


6 quizzes today! 5 that were one after another! Gah. Talk about no mercy. Read "Sganarelle, the Self Decieved Husband", and I felt that I could relate with the story. Even Yeli. :P Then Mrs. Benitez talked about stereotyping and how sometimes women wish to be 'liberated'. Made me realize some things.. Although I can't recall them right now. XD Yay for my horrible memory. The Music listening test is tomorrow, and I've only listened to 6 out of 12 songs. Plus, our Oral Defence is also tomorrow. O_o Crap, I still don't have shoes!! @_@ I had to dig in my mom's closet for some corporate clothes. How sad is that? n_n; I also got to hear the PCO guys on the radio again. They greeted Cai, Racine and I! XD Uber cool. Plus I took a poster of their concert from them when they went to our school to talk with Ms. Cruz. Haha.

I don't get decent sleep anymore. At least Yeli isn't online anymore, or else she's seriously going to get even worse. Everyone seems slightly sick, or just plain sick now a days. Makes me worry.

You know when sometimes you look at something for a while then you seem to space out? Or when you suddenly feel light headed? I'm getting that more and more often now. =/ You'd think after four years something like that would go away. XD

Love love love love. Yep. I hear about it a lot now. Expecially since the 14th is nearing. Love is so... blah. n_n; I mean, it's just so vague and broad. Something that can't be defined, because for each person it's different. Everytime I think about it, I think about the conversation I had with Mike the other night, and it makes me want to ask more people. More people who've had more 'experience' than I have. It just leaves me wondering even more. And I quote, "Love itself.. however you interpret it.. there's still only one Love d ba? that's why Romance movies click. :D"

...oh great, now I feel stupid. XD

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Tuesday, February 08, 2005
Evil 'M' Words
Listening to: Classical Music for the listening test >_<

Today was... normal. Pretty much. Racine talked with me about some things. Tee hee. XD Laughed about stupid things during Accounting with Yeli. Watched a movie in Teenstar about the Billings Method. About mucus and the fertile periods of a woman. And I quote, "Our friend, the body clock." Hahaha. Plus the times when to have sex if you want a child, and guidelines like not having sex on consequtive nights, and having sex at night rather than in the morning. Of course, this is all a looooooooong way off for all of us. XD

PE, we talked about college. Yeah. And we talked about Maku. And MakuRO. XD Lol!

After school, Kari and Gela were able to join us at the MMA! :D Yay! And Racine told us about something... which led us to the evil 'M' word. This then led to us to naming people who's name started with the evil letter 'M'. And after each name we thought up of, we screamed because of the assosiaction of that person with the evil 'M' word. As in, all of us. XD Hahahahahaaaaaaa!! Grabe. We then tried talking without saying 'M'. XD Kari said she could hear us screaming from the gym. O_o Wheee.

Oh! And we saw an Elephant Orgy. O_o But we didn't have a camera to take a pic of it! D:

Now I just finished our business webpage for computer. I still have 3 more to do. That includes the Lakbay, the layout for our short story, and the class site with Carmi. Argh. I spent 2 hours toiling over my links on Frontpage, when I found out it was all screwed because I had forgotten to put a quotation mark after a link. @_@ Gaaaaaaaaawd.

While doing comp, I chat with people. A lot of people. XD I had over 7 windows open. O_o PB was evil because she loaded the Ring 2 IMV and Buzzed me with it. Crap. >_< I got to chat with Mike <3. We talked about stuff I've been meaning to ask for a while. After, I realized I was sooo lucky to have him as my 'Big Brother'. Thanks a bunch Mike! *glomp* Also got to talk with Matt about some things. It was interesting, and it made me think about a lot of stuff. And Frost about SAD. Haha. :P And Berbi about his Computer Project, PONG! XD Hahaha. Programming fun. XD

My Blogger Profile doesn't update itself. I already have over 130 posts, and waaaaaaaay more outbound links than 36. It says my last post was in Oct 2004. O_o

I guess things are getting better around here. No hostile moments. I hope this keeps up. n_n

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Monday, February 07, 2005
Invisible Mode
Listening to: LAUNCHCASTRadio

Today my parents and I went to DLSU to scout out the area. Parking is horrible, and my parents didn’t like the surroundings at all. They wondered how I’d survive if I had night classes. So now my mom says it’s either Ateneo or UST. Blah. I’m tired of thinking of college. >_< But I know I’d die if I don’t get into Ateneo.

I don’t like being in the house. n_n;; Mom and Dad don’t exactly like me. Mom thinks I’m wasting their hard earned money. So yeah..

w00t! School tomorrow. :P I still have to do all of our computer thingies. Gah. Damn damn damn. Plus the class site! But as long as I get out of the house tomorrow, I’ll be happy.

Hahaha, being invisi on YM is torturous. Seeing so many people online and not being able to chat with them. It seems that I always get caught if I’m not invisi. (Like earlier) But the funky stats of my friends make me smile. :P

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Sunday, February 06, 2005
Happy SAD?
Listening to: LAUNCHCASTRadio

I woke up at 8, but I got up at 9. I tried biting my pinkies and holding them together, but nothing really happened. I just have light bruises on my pinkie nails now. Jeth went to his Informatics class, and my parents and I went to church at Ever. We were already hostile by the time we got to the chapel. Then both of my parents started scolding me. My mom called me arrogant. Then I cried just as the mass started. I cried for almost half of the mass. I felt embarrassed towards the old ladies sitting next to me. I wanted to leave because I was obviously in no state to worship God, but my mom didn’t let me.

I don’t really remember much after that. Sucks how that’s what I remembered of Sunday.

Ah, my mom and I finally agreed on a course. AB Psychology.

And I was able to chat with Maku for a bit. I showed him the drawing that I had used as an excuse to use the PC for a bit. A drawing of my rogue, Lorne and Lei’s monk, Rajah. For Valentine’s I guess, since it was his Valentine’s drawing that inspired this. Here it is.

Lorne and Rajah

Advanced Happy SAD Day everyone~! :P Or which ever may apply to you.

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Friday, February 04, 2005
Listening to: Voices in my head


Yep, that's my current status at the moment. As of now I'm writing this entry with the huge risk of being caught at any moment, but screw that. I haven't been able to blog a lot of things. And since I blog nearly everything now a days, I can't help but feel... incomplete. Argh. Frick. This sucks. My cellphone was also confiscated from me. Greeeeeeeat. But what can I do, right? Anyway... for now I guess I'll be keeping track of my thoughts in a notebook while I'm grounded. And from time to time I guess I'll be uploading old entries one by one. Hopefully I can catch up with the present.

Right now, things are totally out of control. My problems are in our home now. And yeah, I still have problems out of my home. Today I knew I was happy just to be out of the house. School doesn't seem so bad now. Thank God for my friends.

Let's hope I get ungrounded soon.

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EvoluSHSion : Last Day

Listening to: LAUNCHCASTRadio

Last day of our school fair. I got to school at around nine because I woke up late, plus I had to do some chores before I left. I met up with Cai, Racine, Gela and Maku at the gym, and we waited for the grade school to finish their cheering competition. It took them forever. *Boredom!* And they had horrible team names too. Cai reminded me that the PCO people would be announcing their concert over the radio, and I was able to listen to half of it with my MP3 Player.

After the pep squad performed, we went to eat with Kari, Io, Carlo and this one guy who’s name I don’t know. We went to the MMA afterwards, and we listened to old skool CDs like Spice Girls. :P Then Berbi and Convi came. Gela and Kari had to leave for their call time, so we just hung out at the MMA until 2. At 2 we went to the AVR and the line was quite long. :O The others went ahead while Cai and I looked around for Miggy and the other PCO peeps. We spotted JR and Enzo, and then Miggy and Ruigi shortly after. We invited them to watch the Gurlaloo and support the Glee Club. Haha. At the AVR we saw Di, then we sat at the back. Berbi showed me his ‘high tech’ camera, and took my pic without my permission! O_o After the Girlaloo, I got a free bottle of water and a glass of Iced Tea. XD Cool free stuff. :D I tried to call out to Gela, but I struck out 4 times. ;_; I saw Alexis pass by, and he said I was in trouble with Miggy. O_o Then I saw Jackie, and I told her to introduce me to Jay. Damn, he was tall. But he still seemed like a nice guy. Cai and I then talked with Miggy, JR, Enzo and Ruigi about their concert while the others went ahead to the MMA. I still don’t know if I can go, since I not only have half day classes on the 12th, but my family also plans on going to Subic for the weekend.

*Me, Racine, Some Dude XD, Io and Carlo*
Cai and I went to the MMA, and we sang to Hanson, Spice Girls and Christina Aguilera. We even danced! Or tried to, at least. XD Then we went off to finally ride the inflatables. Cai even convinced the PCO guys to ride as well, but we found out that guys weren’t allowed to ride. O_o So we just messed around until we got to ride. A lot of people got hurt. X_x Kari fell, Cai and Racine bumped their heads together, and on the way back, Gela hit her chin on my head. I even heard that Berbi had an accident too, but no one told me what had happened. Anyway, I went off with Cai, Miggy and JR to the Podium. She suggested that we eat, and we spotted Ruigi and Enzo at one of the mushroom tables. Cai and I went off to buy Teazers when Matt showed up behind me. I said hi, and he went back to his friends while we went to buy food. JR bought this really nasty looking shake. Cookies and Cream supposedly. :x Yuck. Then Racine and Maku showed up, then the rest of the gang as well. I made Berbi kembot down the rampa. XD
We then went to the Band Aid. Berbi bought a whole bunch of glow sticks with the money we had left, and I got a red one and a blue one. I wore them as bracelets. I spent most of the concert with Matt, Cai and Yoyo. The other part I was going around looking for a pair of scissors because I had pulled my wrist band too tight, and my wrist was starting to get light scratches on it. Nearly everyone tried getting it off. Maku even tried using Racine’s earring to puncture it. But it didn’t work. I eventually got it off by myself. :P The Band Aid was great, but I wasn’t really into the concert because I had a lot on my mind. After the Band Aid I started towards the gang when Jeth came out of no where and scared the bejeezus out of me. O_o I introduced him to nearly everyone. At the Podium I messed around with the Loser Glow Stick. Hahaha. XD Then Dad came, and I had to go home.

As soon as I saw him, I immediately knew I was in hostile territory. On our way home, Dad asked me if I was going to the birthday party of a close friend of ours that was also that night, then he yelled at me when I didn’t answer back right away. I told him I was tired, then he yelled at me again and said that if I was tired I shouldn’t go. So I said fine. Then he mumbled ‘It’s not like she’s your friend anyway.’ At that point I wanted to jump out of the car and walk. But of course I didn’t. I just stayed quiet. I locked myself in my room even though I was starving. But then I looked into my bag and I found one of the burgers that the AHS Glee Club had left us at the MMA. Maku had given me one just as we reached the podium. I brushed my teeth, and took a shower.

I don’t know why, but for some reason I calm down when I’m in the shower. Usually when I’m in a bad mood, I take forever. n_n;; If some people punch things or draw when they’re sad or stressed, I take a shower. I guess it’s the fresh feeling afterwards. Plus the wishful feeling of letting all of my problems get washed down the drain.

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Thursday, February 03, 2005
Fair: Days 1 and 2
Listening to: LAUNCHCASTRadio

Fair : Day One

Thursday. Had the opening mass, and I was a reader. Ms. Alberto scolded me for wearing ‘sporty’ clothes. :l Racine and Cai told me that I have a lisp. Frick. >_<
Racine, Me and Kari

Not much happened. The Horror booth was a big hit with the grade schoolers, so I never got the chance to go through the booth. No matter, my shift is tomorrow afternoon. XD Yaaaaay. Then Berbi came to watch the first showing of the Gulaloo. Evil phone pics. Hahaha. XD

Fair : Day Two

Another mass. But I wasn’t a reader this time. After the mass we played Gela’s Disney Princesses Uno Cards! Hahaha. ‘Twas fun. After that we had maaaaaaaany vanity pics.
Kari, Moi and Cai
Evil Plans
Hear no evil :O
Racine, Gela, Moi 'n Gretch
Enjoy XD
Seductivity! (daw)

Gela got it on with her bunny balloon. XD *Bunny! :D* At around 12 I went to the booth to get ready for my shift. I was supposed to be a crazy doctor, but I ended up being a dead girl. *3 Dead Girls?* I hid behind two mirrors, and I’d suddenly pop out sobbing or yelling that I didn’t want to die. Racine grabbed people’s ankles from under a table, and Cai would laugh… then suddenly let out a gut wrenching high pitched scream. XD It was so hot inside that I took my pants and my shirt off and just wore the doctor’s coat instead. O_o It was dark anyway, and no guys went in. Haha. Pepper Spray!! But it was fun scaring the crap out of little kiddies. >:D Especially the 3rd year girls. XD Evil-ness.

I washed my face and met up with Matt. (Thank God I got to wash my face XD) I was giving him a tour of the school when Alexis showed up behind me. O_o After chatting a bit with Matt, I went home with Cai to take a shower. Got back at around 6:15, just in time for the Silvered concert. Met up with Matt again and watched Silvered with him. Like usual, there was a power out. XD Funny, it was the Acoustics Club that was performing then. The power came back, and Tux performed. They scare me. Don’t ask. XD Then Paolo Ballesteros and Drew Arellano came. I only knew who Drew was. n_n;; But he’s cute. :P Couldn’t help but wonder though how he put up with all the girls shoving cameras in his face.

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