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Friday, January 23, 2004
Listening to: Garbage ~ Cherry Lips


It took forever to start. We talked about anything while waiting. It finally started, but we just kept on talking with each other. It was fun. :D Soon afterwards tho, Gela and I started to get really cold. x_x Again, Franco offered Gela his coat, but still she refused. :P The soup came, and Gela and I were happy because it was hot. Other than that, the soup sucked.. It was gritty. >_> CJ had this thing for the butter, so we told him to get the three extra ones from the three unoccupied seats at our table. :P Of course, he didn't get them. Then this dude came up to us and asked us if we wanted to get our pictures taken while there was no line. So we did. Camilla was first w/ her date, then Racine. When the photographer called Frederick to join her in the pic, he called him an escort. Then Racine was like, "Escort?" So I said, "Security!" ":P Gela was the first to get their pictures taken with her date. Then it was my turn. I got four poses because I was stag. :P After those pics, we got a barkada pic, then one with our bodyguards. :D After the pics, we went back to the hall, and wow! Dinner was there, waiting for us. I felt bad after dinner bacause I was the only one who finished all of my food. >_< Then it was dessert! :D Yummy chocolate cake. But Frederick didn't get any; they ran out on him, so they had to go back and get another one. Funny thing was, Racine was eating it and saying "This is yummy!" Or something like that.. So I told her to feed some to Frederick. :D Lol! Too bad he said no. (Sayang!!)

After dinner, there was dancing! Actually, we didn't dance at first because we were pratically blinded by the disco lights. x_x But as more and more people started to dance (and much prodding and convincing), we decided to join in. We just swayed at first. Then I started to dance (tried is more like it), then we were swaying with style! :P Then Franco suddenly started to dance! XD But he got a headache soon afterwards. Turns out he was actually a bit sick, but he still went to the prom (AWW GEL!! XD). There was a time for slowdance, but it was only ONE SONG. O_o Gela and Camilla took of their shoes after jumping around a bit. Racine and I kept our shoes on. My shoes were comfortable enough to jump around in. The guys sat down near where we were swaying, and I noticed that they were looking and Gela's and Camilla's feet! :P It was so weird.

The awarding came next. I was a bit bummed because they didn't have a stag of the night award. :P I think I know who should have won it. (Joanna Feliciano!) The Prom Queen wasn't who everyone was expecting (at least not part of the group everyone was expecting), so that was cool. Some people still danced afterwards, but we decided to hang out in the lobby. The lobby was filled with parents waiting for their daughters/sons. Not to mention there was another school having their prom in the hall next to the one we were using. We were all tired, so we just sat down, waving good-bye to those leaving while talking. I'm not sure if it was Franco or CJ who left first, but after CJ left, Camilla went upstairs. Gela, Racine and I stayed in the lobby waiting for Frederick's family to pick him up. They came after and hour or so, and when I saw his brother, I thought he was MY brother! Geez, they looked so alike. Thinking the night was over, I started for the elevators, but Racine started yelling. "He forgot his glasses!! O_o" I grabbed them and ran (as if I could run in that dress. ><) for the driveway, but he was gone. :P Luckily, Racine had called him, so he came right back to get them. n_n;; We really shouldn't have panicked.. I later learned that he lived really close to Manila Hotel. x_x (Got me all excited for nothing.. XD Jk!) Haha! Gela and Racine went to my room for a while, and we talked.. I was falling asleep already, so they left I got ready for bed. :D It was fun.

Phew~! I don't think I should add anything else. I might end up writing a story.. O_o

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I'm almost somewhere.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004
Same-o Same-o
Listening to: Maksim ~ Hana's Eyes

Ok ok, my description of the prom on my previous post was completely uninspired. :P So here goes:

I got to the hotel first. While we were still driving around outside, I couldn't bring myself to think that that was the Manila Hotel. In my head I was thinking, Isn't this supposed to be a five star hotel or something? Honestly speaking, it looked like a big motel from the outside. :P But once we drove into the driveway, boy was I surprised! Inside the lobby, we met up with Tita Lulu, who was basically the big honcho on organizing the prom. While they were talking, (my parents and Tita Lulu) I decided to walk around. The Lobby had many red sofas and even a band playing classical music. Plus a chandelier. Anyway, I went to the Polka Ball to have a sneak peak of where the prom would be. I wasn't too impressed tho. The first thing I saw when I went inside was the ceiling. Sure, it had chandeliers too, but some of the lightbulbs were busted, and the ceiling was dirty. With cobwebs and unidentified sticking objects. There were more tables than I expected, but the stage sucked. O_o Then I noticed the carpet. I was wearing the platforms my auntie gave me, and when I stepped on the carpet, I felt like I was sinking! >_>; It was that soft. Soft.. But it had all these black spots on it. O_o Like bubblegum or something. After that, I went back to the lobby where my parents were still talking. We went to our room after checking in. Room #1013 on the 10th floor. :D The room was very comfortable. We got a view of the ocean and the swimming pool. :P

After a while, Gela and Camilla showed up at the room (after much texting and excitement from yours truly). They told me that the beauty dude was there, so I took a shower and went down to get transformed. >_> I brought my mom with me, and when we got there, Gela was just getting finished. The mommies started talking and stuff, and after a while, Racine showed up with one of her mommies. Then it was Camilla's turn to get pretty, then mine. While I was in transformation, Gela, Camilla and Racine went to Racine's room to get her dress. Then Camilla's mom came, and so the room was filled with mommies. :D Then Racine got pretty, and it was time for the prom.

While I was running around, going upstairs and downstairs getting all my stuff, Gela's date came and they registered and went inside. Before that tho, I was able to get some pictures of us. We waited in the lobby for Camilla's and Racine's dates, but then Gela texted, telling me to get over there with her. :P I then realized that I was the expendable one because I didn't have a date. Anyway, I went there and registered; got inside and met Franco. He was nice; he talked, and when Gela was getting noticably cold, he offered his coat (numerous times!), but Gela refused. (aw...) The conversation was just getting started when Camilla came in with her date, CJ. Hmmm, approved! I thought as I looked at Franco and CJ. :P Honestly, that was what I was thinking then. I asked about Racine, and it turned out she was still waiting for her date, Frederick. I went to the lobby, and said "Moral support has arrived!" Luckily, we didn't have to wait for a very long while. He came after a few minutes (Approve approve!) and it was to the prom for us.

*note* My post was WAY longer than this... but it got cut off. n_n;; I type to much when I'm narrating something. I'll just post the rest next time. My mom's being crappy and telling me to get off the computer.
*note2* Again, I'm stuck in a bad situation with my mom. x_x Why is this happening?

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Monday, January 19, 2004
Normalization : Complete
Listening to: .hack//SIGN ~ Aura

Prom is over.

How was it? It was better than I expected; I wasn't a burden to my friends (I hope I wasn't), but I didn't get left out either. The thing that bummed me the most was that there was no Stag of the night award. Yeah, it's shallow, but I just wanted to show some certain people that going stag on the prom isn't the end of the world. So yeeeah.. I felt a bit biased when there was no award at all. But moving on... I'll try posting some pics some time. :D

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Wednesday, January 14, 2004
Coming up for Air
Listening to: Dido ~ White Flag

Prom Countdown: 2 days

Things are getting better. (He heard my prayer!) Mom and I went shopping in Ever, and I ended up getting a pair of capri denims because all of the pants I tried on didn't fit. O_o Made me wonder if I was getting fat.. I was actually there to get a manicure/pedicure for my prom, but there were too many people in David's Salon. It wasn't a complete waste though as I found a hairstyle while flipping through a magazine. My mom stole the page it was on. n_n;; Not much happened today.. *shrugs*

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Tuesday, January 13, 2004
Why do I even try?
Listening to: Goo Goo Dolls ~ Name

Prom Countdown: 3 days

I am in a slump. I feel lost. No direction. No destination. Not even a northern star to guide my way. (As if I could even find it) I'm just.. so... ergh.

I had a dress rehearsal with my mom last sunday. When I was wearing everything, I was just looking at myself in the mirror. I told her I wanted to win the Stag of the Night award, and she said nothing. Not even a nod. She just looked at the dress. She didn't say anything. It was so horrible; even a shred of recognition would have been ok, but she showed nothing. I took my dress off and hung it in my brother's closet. As I wiped the make-up from my face, I couldn't help but wonder if I really am the source of all her stress. Looking back on the past week, it doesn't look good at all. She doesn't speak to me. She doesn't greet me when I come home and greet her. Geez, not even at the dinner table. I can't help but think that she hates me or something. I know I'm probably over reacting, but with the way things are...

God, please prove me wrong.

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Wednesday, January 07, 2004
Prom Fevaaah..
Listening to: Alanis Morissette ~ Uninvited

Prom Countdown : 9 days

Everyone (almost everyone) in my batch has the prom fever! Lately I've only been hearing about prom dates, prom dresses, make up and all that.. stuff. I'd say crap, but in a few days I might have the fever too. >< But as we all talk and talk and talk bout the prom, I wonder how those not going to the prom feel. Like Gretchen. She wasn't allowed to go the prom. That really sucks. She barely gets to go out with us, and now she doesn't get to go to the prom? Geez. She better go to the Grad Ball. *mumble mumble*

Oh! Tomorrow is Thursday... I'm getting my teeth tomorrow! XD Right now, I've two gaps on the upper teeth.. >< I was supposed to get braces a long time ago, but it got posponed because my dentist was pregnant and gave birth. 0_o I'll be getting 2 other teeth extracted after the prom tho. How ouch. Then I'll get braces. Meh.

ERGH!! I'm in such a thing situation with my mom right now. I mean, I know I failed my Trigo test. Nearly everyone did! But I passed Pinoi with a decent grade! And I got the highest in AP in my class! But she still grounded me. (Sorta grounded me. I don't care; she grounded me!!) I mean, she didn't even give me a shred of consideration as to how hard the tests were. Now that she has High Blood Pressure, she acts like everything I do stresses her out.

*sigh* Seriously, that's not fair. She's still my mom, and I still love her, but the way she's treating me isn't fair at all.

Sometimes, I don't even know why I try.

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I'm almost somewhere.

Sunday, January 04, 2004
I'm ALIVE!!!
Listening to: Bone Thugs feat. Mariah Carey - Breakdown

Dude! I just got back from my week stay in Iriga.. Actually, we arrived this morning at like 2:50, and I didn't fall asleep until around 3-4. And that was after a 9 hour drive with three people in the back with me.. Not exactly the most comfortable trip I've been on..

Anyway, New Years was ok. Tristan moped the most. Agh, it was so thing.. I didn't know what to say to him because I didn't know what he could do. I hate it when people bury themselves in depression. We didn't have any fireworks. Nor any torotots. We had a quiet New Years. And it was quite boring. We had dinner with the family at my Lola's house, but only my younger cousins and I stayed up to greet the new year. I wore stripes and jumped as much as I could. n_n;;

While I was in the province, I got my prom dress altered for only 50 pesos. 0_o That's less than a dollar. I also found a comfortable pair of prom-able shoes. So now all I need is a small bag and a shawl. But my mom wants me to wear a boa instead of a shawl. 0_o I guess that would be ok.. I'd have to see it first. n_n;;

Not much happened in the past week. Just played RO and was lazy.. n_n;; Eck, I'll post tomorrow. I've got school tomorrow.. >< I hope they don't show us our test results. I might die of a heart attack.

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