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Friday, December 30, 2005
Yaoi, Shots, and 4chan.org
Listening to: Goo Goo Dolls ~ Big Machine

...I haven't been productive at all since Christmas. XD I don't even remember what I did for the past week. O_o

I remember:

-Going to the spa on Christmas Day. After going to church, we drove around the Timog area to find a place to eat. We couldn't find one that was open, but I saw that Friday's was open, and we ate there. We made the mistake of ordering too much food! But it was really good. o: We ended up wrapping it up and taking it home. Then after eating, we made our way to Lifestyle Spa (Actually, I don't know what it's called, all I remember was that the word 'Lifestyle' was on the building. XD) and on the way, I saw the building for Ellen's!! :O :O :O Ellen's being the beauty salon with the very very freaky billboard along EDSA. XD At the spa, I wasn't exactly enthusiastic about being massaged. o_o I wasn't too comfortable with the idea. XP But I had no choice, as mom really wanted to go to the spa. So we used the jacuzzi, steam bath, and had a massage. Steam bath was my favorite, though it was really scary at first. O_O The massage was ok I suppose. o: The part I remember the most was when the masseuse ran her thumb up my spine. @_@ It was like Heaven and Hell at the same time. XD Most relaxing was when she massaged my scalp and my face. X3 I actually fell asleep afterwards. o:

-Having Coco, Joseph, JZ, and Ado over to work on our Sociology paper. JZ and Joseph did yaoi on the bed behind me. XD And we didn't get ANYTHING done. They just invaded my room and ate my chocolate. D: I let Joseph borrow my .hack//SIGN series, and all we did was talk. Coco went home earlier with Dan, and Joseph, JZ and Ado were left in the house with me. So after eating dinner, we ate ice cream, and watched this horribly dubbed sentai live action thingie on Toonami until they went home. XD

-Going to Uncle Bobby's wedding. While I was getting ready, I realized that I really have to start buying my own dresses. Usually I depend on my mom for clothes when formal occasions come, but this time, none of her dresses fit me! @_@ They were all too big! D: Luckily we found a pink long dress that fit me, and I was able to pull that off. >_< But seriously, I need my own clothes. XP The wedding was in Fernwood 2, and all I have to say is; the Chapel there is so beautiful. If I get married, I want it to be in a Chapel like that. XD (Notice the word IF) White drapes hung from the ceiling, and light shone down through the transluscent roof, as well as vines and plants. It was wonderful. o:

Today... I got shot. XD Well, with Hepatitis A and B immunization shots at least. Again, I wasn't TOO enthusiastic about it. XD But it was over in less than a second. My arm is still sore tho. o: Can't lift my left arm much.

Our neighbor keeps on setting off fireworks that explode like bombs. @_@ It's really annoying since the Study Room (the room I'm in now as I type this) is right next to the street in front of their house. I keep on jumping everytime they set something off. XP

Had a fix of Yaoi today as well. XD Nyaar, I haven't felt that giddy in a long while. XD I also tried searching 4chan.org. Lol! Now I understand where Maku gets all those weird expressions. XD

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Saturday, December 24, 2005
Christmas Eve
Listening to: Sugarfree ~ Makita Kang Muli

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


The Christmas Tree

The Spoils

The Christmas Card

What a cute Christmas card. XD It's Santa playing a game on a console! XD

Anyway, before I start, I just want to say a few things about my blog.

I know my blog is vague at times. Yes, I make it vague. I don't ever completely explain anything on this blog of mine. So whatever conclusions you come to by reading this, they're probably wrong. :P

Continuing.. Hi to all the people who posted on my tagboard. XD

I did go to the FGD with Chino yesterday. I left the house at 2, and got stuck in traffic, and arrived at 3:40. D: After he met my dad and brother, we went to G4 where we watched 'The Family Stone' to pass the time, and stayed after the movie to watch the beginning of the movie which we missed (the movie started at 3:30). Luckily I still had my free tickets I got from the KOMIKON, so we didn't have to pay. >:D We talked while we waited for the movie to start again, and tried to counter Timmy's kulit-ness in his text. XD By the time we had reached the part where we started, it was already 6:30. @_@!! We were late! XD So we went out and tried to catch a taxi, but that took us forever. D: We finally got to LU at around 7. On the way up, we saw Leng and JM. When we got there, we got free pizza and Coke. XD Then there was the FGD, with testing the game and reactions and opinions. Twas fun. :D Afterwards, we each got a 1k Php gift card for Ayala Malls. Coolness. I also approached one of our fellow FGD-ers, and it turned out he was Dan's (Coco's BF) brother! :O Small world. Went down, then again, caught a taxi, and met up with my dad and brother at the Intercon Hotel. :D Overall, it was quite fun. :P I'm glad I went. But the going home part is a different story. >_<

Today, we had our cousins over. I cooked weiners. O_o It was weird. XD I also spent most of the afternoon sitting on top of my uncle's car hood. Wahaha. After my uncle and his family left, I bummed at home. I started to feel a bit crestfallen at this point. I think it's true what my mom said; that we get depressed during this time of the year because we expect too much of Christmas. We think everything will be bright and happy, that we'll recieve a lot of kick-ass gifts; that we'll have someone special to spend Christmas with, may they be family, or someone close to our hearts. We expect everything to be perfect, then we get disappointed when we realize everything is actually pretty far from that which we envisioned. Even I did this. I felt lonely. I still do actually. I've been thinking a lot, especially since I had that talk with Pao and Allen about feeling lonely.

"Everyone wants to feel special."

Of course I can relate with that statement; I think everyone can. In our conversation, this was the line that got stuck in my mind. Given my current situation, I think it's natural; Mick is really determined to court me, though I haven't given him permission to do so. He just fell so hard so fast, I'm still coming to terms with it. So I told him to think it over; to find out if his feelings weren't the child of the spur of the moment. To be honest, I don't know if his feelings for me are real; real in a sense that it's not just some sort of infatuation. Even if he says he loves me, he has to get me to love him back.. (that's the hardest part) What hurts is, I don't know if that's going to happen.

This is turning into something I'd post on my LJ. =_=

Anyway, we went to Easy Street at around 9, and had a few drinks. As usual, I didn't have anything alcoholic; I had a Shirley Temple. :P After that, we went home, and opened presents. Here's what I got:

-3k Php from Mom
-Photo album from Jeth
-Mark's and Spencer kikay kit from Ate Lassie
-500 Php, 2 shirts, chocolate, and a Macy's watch from Auntie Chona
-boxer shorts from Gela XD
-Turtle stuffed toy and wristband from Kari *hearts*
-Pen and stake in one from Coco
-Frog organizer from JZ *heart*
-Box of daily advice cards from Carlo
-Picture frame from Sarah
-a The Used shirt, The Used CD, and a letter from Mick

Teh spoils of war. XD

Well, it's 2:18am on Christmas Day now. I still have to get up later at 8am for Mass. So I shall sleep now.

Again, Merry Christmas everyone. :)

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Friday, December 23, 2005
Listening to: Incubus ~ Pardon Me

Paskuhaaaaan is over.

1AS1 boycott our morning classes. Funny how our class president was the one who authorized it. XD

Paskuhan was actually not that eventful. There's not much about it that I can blog. (Here at least.) Mick gave me a present tho. o: I have a feeling I know what it is, but I'll wait until Christmas to actually open it. I spent most of the night with him, mainly talking about things and sitting along Lover's Lane. (How cliche!) I've learned some things from my past experiences, and I'm being quite honest with him. Sometimes I can't help but feel like I'm being brutally honest. O_o Then again, it's better that way, rather than me lying to him and stuff. Only time will tell, I suppose.

Deym, it's 2am. XD

I watched King Kong with my family at Shangri-la. Twas a nice movie. :D The effects were great, and the story was tragic. But it was long. O_o Still, worth it.

Tomorrow (rather today) I'm going to the Hyper Relay FGD at LU!. I'm surprised my parents actually let me go; I just asked yesterday and they were completely fine with it. O_o Weird. But we had to go through all the dumb questions first, since I told them I'd be going with a friend. The first few were ok; where does he study, how old is he, etc etc. Then it started getting senseless:

Is his hair color natural?
What's his favorite color?
What hospital was he born at?
Who are his parents?
How much are they earning?
What design does he fancy on his underpants?

Dear Lord, I was laughing my head off. XD But of course, the infamous favorite question of my family:

Is he dark?

Quite possibly the MOST ANNOYING question I have ever been asked about a guy. How that question became a favorite is a long and also annoying story. XD What matters though is that I was given permission to go, so I am. Hah. XD

Gah. I sleep now.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005
I Survived my Hectic Weekend!
Listening to: Saosin ~ Bury your Head

Ok, so on the 16th (which was last Thursday) I watched the AB Faculty Show until 11:30 or so. Did something that felt good, yet selfish. =/ The Faculty Show was ok, I suppose. It was to start at 9, but it started at 10. ~_~ So when I left it wasn't finished yet. Well, I got to see my queer English professor in a dress with the slit up to his crotch. o_o I think that's enough for one year. XP

I rode an FX with Coco and Cep to UP, and jumped off at Philcoa. Rode a jeepney to the Oblation, and ran towards the music building. Like Racine said, WE MISSED MAJOR SHRINKAGE! By 10 minutes too. Deym.

I hung out with Racine, Gela, Gretchen, Maku, and watched Cai in the lantern parade. Most of the time we spent hanging out on one of the curbs, just talking about the things that were going on in our lives. Especially the ones about guys. XD We actually missed the Lantern Parade because we were in the wrong area, but we had fun on the curb anyway.

Afterwards, we went to Jollibee to eat dinner. We got to see the fireworks before we left tho. We just talked even more when we got there, then we transferred to Dunkin Donuts where we had even more Vanity Sessions, then we finally took a taxi home.

Friday, I went to Greenbelt with my parents after class. We ate at Soul Food, and it was yum. We got to see the fireworks too. :D Then we walked around, and even got to see Heart and Jericho. O_o I forgot to bring my camera tho. Afterwards, we went... bar hopping. O_o We ended up in this one Sports Bar, and everyone had something alcoholic besides myself. Funny thing is, I fell asleep on the way home, and when we got home, I was so tired that I forgot to change after I washed my face. O_o When I woke up, I was still wearing my roman sandals. XD Funny how I got totally wasted while bar hopping with my family and without drinking a drop of alcohol.

Saturday, I went to the SHS Fair. I met up with Kari, Gela and Gretchen in the MMA, where we played Heart Attack and had Vanity Sessions. :D We met up with Cai at Tepai's booth, then we went to eat. After eating, Kari went off to prepare for the Spotlight, and I left to go to Coco's house. I had to walk all the way in the drizzling rain. *drama* Lol. XD I went to Coco's house to work on one of our Sociology papers. I met up with Coco, Joseph, and eventually JZ and Ado as well. Most of the time we spent arguing over how we were to start it, so I made an outline and did the intro before I left to go back for the Spotlight. When I got back, I saw Carlo, John and Eloi. Thanks for the gift Carlo. :D I missed Racine and Maku tho. =/ I then went to the Gym with Gela and Cai, and we met up with Berbi, Convi, Conx and... some other A guys who I don't know. XD The Spotlight was good tho. :D Afterwards, we went to the Poduim where we proceeded to play more Heart Attack, screaming while doing so. Then we were ushered out by a parent, then resumed playing Heart Attack outside the gate with the A Guys.

Sunday, I went to church with my family and Auntie Chona at UP. After that I went to SHS for the last day of the fair. Before I went in tho, I had to drop by Coco's house to pick up the paper. XP I went back, and then met up with Cai, Gela and Kari, and we ate lunch. We hung out at Tepai's booth after that. I planned on getting a Henna Tatoo on my hand with one of those Indian designs, but there were so many people that I decided not to instead. We went off again, wandering and finally ending up at the MMA while waiting for the Band Aid to start. Aladin's voice is very <3. We then went to the Podium to wait for the line to move, and there we just laughed and laughed and laughed. I saw Ja. LOVEEEEEEEER! I miss your hugs. T_T Then, Band Aid. Congrats to Dalandan Soda for getting 2nd place, as well as Freefall for getting 3rd. :D We left after Dalandan Soda performed, and ate dinner. More laughing. More adventures concerning .5 of a Chicken McNugget and 5 pesos. We went back, and just missed SpongeCola, but we watched Sugarfree perform. After that, we left and went to the Poduim for MORE Heart Attack, and yes, more screaming while playing as well. We left at 10 while Hale was performing (mean!), and I fell asleep on the way home. Got home. Totally wasted again.

Today, I woke up late. XD Actually, I woke up at 5:30, and I was still... in my fair clothes. o_o Mom came in my room and used my SHS jacket to cover me up. X3 She even hugged me. Aww. Wala lang. XD Then I mumbled something about being picked up by Coco at around 8, then went back to sleep. When I woke up, it was... 7:30! @_@ So I ran around the house; I took a shower, changed, brushed my teeth, fixed my bag and skipped breakfast. XP Ironically enough, the one class I went to school for didn't push through. ~_~ So we went to SM San Lazaro with Coco, JZ, Dgae and Ado, where I got to do some Christmas Shopping! :D Coco, Dgae and Ado went back to UST after lunch tho, so it was just JZ and I left to do some shopping. While in National Bookstore, I was hit with a sneezing attack (which I've now concluded to be one of my allergies..) I was able to get my family gifts, but the total went up to roughly P700. =_= Ooouch, my walleeet. I still have to by my friends gifts. D: D: D: D: Demmet. Went back to UST after, then had a heart to heart talk with JZ and Coco concerning something that was bothering JZ. We went home at 4, because I had to be home by 5. @_@ Luckily for me, I was able to make it in the nick of time. Got home and changed. I was pretty cranky too. We went to my Tita's house to celebrate my cousin's birthday. Ate dinner. Actually, I only had a bowl of soup and a piece of shrimp. XP Anyway, we just bummed around watching Animal Planet, then went home. I didn't think that the Fashion Show that my mom had planned would push through, but IT DID. So I had to prance around the house in:

1. An orange bathingsuit, complete with wrap-around, hat and bag
2. A golden gown
3. My Rogue costume
4. My black gradball gown

It was ok I guess, but at one point Therese pulled up my skirt when I was wearing my gradball gown (and the hemline of that gown is above my knees XP) and I got all cranky after that. XP Luckily, I was able to keep my cool, and mom said that she'd fund my next cosplay adventure for being a good sport. (Bleach, here I come! XD)

Tomorrow is UST's Paskuhan. FREE FOOD! XD And... potentially awkward moments. I'll just hope for the best.

Of course, after Paskuhan is... CHRISTMAS BREAK! <3

Handwriting Analysis

The results of your analysis say:

-You plan ahead, and are interested in beauty, design, outward appearance, and symmetry.
-You are a shy, idealistic person who does not find it easy to have relationships, especially intimate ones.
-You are diplomatic, objective, and live in the present.
-You are a talkative person, maybe even a busybody!
-You enjoy life in your own way and do not depend on the opinions of others.

What does your handwriting say about YOU?

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005
300th Post!
Listening to: Mayonnaise ~ Jopay

Napapa-@_@ sa mga texts na nakukuha ko ngayon. XP Grar-ness.

w00t! 300th post! *dances* :D :D :D

Well well well... lot's have been happening behind the scenes. I did get around to cutting my hair, but I didn't really get bangs, I just had the layers at the front shortened. No pics yet tho. I'll be sure to post them when I get around to it. XD

This weekend is our HS Fair, as well as the OZine Fest, as well as the HOL Christmas Party, as well as the time my aunts are coming from the States, as well as the time I have to work on a paper! Yeah. I'm sure you get the idea that my weekend will be totally and completely hectic. I was invited to SO many things this weekend, I actually can't believe it. O_o It'll be a miracle if I survive this weekend. =_=

Tomorrow is... THE OBLATION RUN! XD Raaaaaaaaaawr! I'm going to watch with my girls! <3 HAHAHA. Nekkid bois running. XD Tomorrow is also the Faculty Show. o: Luckily, the Faculty Show is from 9-11, which means I have time to change and get to UP in time for teh running. Good good. Problem is: getting to Palma Hall. Hmm. Good luck nalang. XD

Today was... tiring. The only class I actually had today was Lit102; the rest of our profs didn't show up for class. O_o I would have gone home, but I had PE at 1pm, so I was forced to stay. The block just talked with each other until 11. PE itself was pretty crazy. I wasn't allowed to take our Practical Test since I haven't submitted my Physical Exam sheet, so I just messed around in the pool, doing all sorts of things like squirting water with my hands and laughing like a total bum. XD Twas fun, but tiring. On the way home I was all zoned out. Traffic became really bad when we reached Tandang Sora; as it turned out a taxi crashed into something, but I didn't get to see what.

When I got home.. I scrubbed the bathroom floor a la Cinderella. XP My aunt is coming from the States tomorrow, so I was assigned to clean the bathroom in the study room. Gaaaah. XP How fun. I do say tho, I did a pretty good job. XD

Now.. I'm trying to plan my weekend. @_@ Ahmayghad. XD

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Sunday, December 11, 2005
299th Post
Listening to: Saosin ~ Bury your Head

Watch this insane house and read the article about it. :P Trust me, it's worth it.

Friday I watched Himig Tomasino with Ags, Aiko, Joseph, and Jumbo (JUMBO! *huggles*). JZ and Arjay had dates. :P After AB Chorale performed their rendition of Circle of Life, I... fell asleep. XD Even if all the people around me were SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF THEIR LUNGS I was still fast a sleep. w00t. Go sleeping powers. XD I woke up in time for the awarding. AB came in 3rd place, Eng in 2nd and Pharma in 1st. Rawr. It ended at roughly 10pm, and Auntie Pinky took us out to eat. We ate at Old Spaghetti House. It was uber yum. XD But eating too much is bad for you. >_< I had too much iced tea, so when I got home and took a shower (at around 12mm) I was able to stay up until 4. @_@ I just read the Bleach manga until 4:30, then made my way to my room to sleep.

Today we went to Greenhills for my dental appointment. I heard that Io and Johnz were performing at LSGH with their band All My Friends are Dead, but I wasn't able to go since it was a bit last minute. Ate lunch at Mexicali with dad, then went with my mom to walk around. She said a lot of stuff about giving me a makeover and such. Probably because I told her I was troubled about being one of the guys. Now she's determined to turn me into a girl. Luckily before she really started lecturing me, dad called and we went to the dentist. Just a change of wire. I'll be getting them off sometime early next year. We went home right afterwards, and then we made our way to our village Christmas Party. It was decent this year. A lot better than last year's party. Got home. Blah.

I'm thinking of getting bangs. I guess it's a way of releasing my frustration of how I can't change myself so easily. So instead of changing personality wise, I'll change my looks. Mom encouraged it since she thinks it'll help with my 'makeover' process. It'll work for a cosplay I hope to join in the future. It's also partially inspired by Kari who got her hair permed. :P

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Wednesday, December 07, 2005
298th Post
Listening to: Typecast ~ Clutching

I have resigned myself into being 'one of the guys'. O_o More on that later.

Yesterday, I went to Bilibid. Coco and I made our way to UST really early because our prof told us we should be there by 6, but lo and behold we ended up leaving at 9. While we waited, Mick and JayZ took turns playing the guitar, and we all got slightly wet since it was drizzling. We sat at the back of the bus, us being Coco, JayZ, Joseph, Keith, and me. Plus Mick, Dustin, Ricci and Chester. We did all sorts of weird stuff at the back. n_n;; When we got to Bilibid, we went to the Medium Security compound. The girls were told to line up first, and Joseph and I made a fuss over how I was being sent with the girls instead of him. XD Lol. The overall interaction wasn't as depressing as I thought it would be. There were a TON of performances done by the inmates for us. I mean, as we entered the compound we were greeted by a band. XD Other than the band, they sung, acted, danced, and gave flowers to a lot of people. Lol! I even danced to Pinoy Ako with them. XD There was also a lot of gay stuff going on.. When it was Arjay's turn to perform, one of the gay inmates went up to him, gave him a flower and kissed him on the cheek. LOL! Talk about hatak man. XD It was fun.

We left at 3, but we got stuck in traffic and made it back to UST by 6. We separated ways, and Joseph, Mick, Chester, Ricci, Dustin and I were left together. We went to P.Noval and ate dinner at Lopez canteen before heading home. Joseph and I had a hard time finding a ride even though we went to Morayta to catch and FX. Eventually we were able to get one tho, and so we went home. I was left to think on the way home. I fell asleep, and NEARLY missed my stop at Shell. Dad picked me up, and on the way home from Shell I fell asleep. O_o All I remember was closing my eyes for a moment, then when I opened them we were pulling into the driveway. XD Ghad. The worst part of it all was the fact that I still had TWO SOCIOLOGY PAPERS to pass THE NEXT DAY. Probably the most extreme cramming I have ever done. XD After I finished one paper at around 1am, I made the huge mistake of lying down 'for just a moment'. The next thing I knew dad had pulled open the study room door and he told me that it was already 5:30. OMG. The PC was still on, and people had even messaged me on YM not to fall asleep. LOL, ghad! XD So in 30 minutes, I cram-wrote 2 pages for my last paper and printed it. I then changed, and packed my swimming gear for PE. I went down, told my mom I wasn't eating breakfast, and brushed my teeth. I fixed my school bag, made myself presentable and left the house at 6:30. Daym. XD

But I bet you after this experience of serious 'OMG DIE DIE DIE' cramming, I will still cram. XD This experience of mine however probably doesn't match what Yeli has gone through. XD

Today was... regular. I was able to get Dustin's Typecast CD (which I'm listening to as I type this) as well as Mick's VCD of music vids. Lit and English were the only classes I had today. I fell asleep in English, but Sir Satoqia (sp? O_o) didn't pay much attention to me (like how most of the other profs XD). Sir Tobias was away with the second batch of students going to Bilibid, and Sir Reyes was absent yet again. O_o Coco and I passed the time by drawing ourselves on the whiteboard. We even drew JayZ and Joseph. After 11, we ate at Momo's, then I made my way to the swimming pool to change. I was an hour early (like usual) and decided to change. It was a good thing that I didn't put sunblock on because an hour later I learned that Maam Erese was absent. So I took the FX home.

I played RF at Royale place. Lol. XD I didn't want to play at Dyna because I'd have a harder time getting home if I did. I was able to raise my char's rank to Minor from Doubles. <3 Happy, lol! I wasn't even paying attention to it; when I checked it I was surprised to see that she had been promoted. Another thing I've noticed is that the Vafer Ruders really have something against Astraea. XP I mean, even if they're far away, they actually come after her! Ouranos said it was probably the work of the Whisperwind charm, but I told him that they were probably more interested in smashing me into the ground. XD

I've started on the second chapter of my fic. This is actually the first time I'll continue past the 1st chapter of anything I've written. XD I still have to figure out how I'm going to fit so many people into it tho. ~_~ Oh well, I guess I'll just have to see as I go along.

About what I said at the start of my post; I really have resigned myself into being 'one of the boys'. O_o I dunno, it's proabaly the way how I relate with guys. Include there my interests in games and music. I can't say that it's entirely comfortable though. Again, I think. =/

<3 There's no school tomorrow. <3

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Monday, December 05, 2005
297th Post
Listening to: Maaya Sakamoto ~ Garden of Everything

I'm lusting for music. Well, not really lusting, but I just want to listen to music. Not the kind that's on the radio. All the songs on the radio are about sex, or have some sort or sexual connotation. >_> I believe.. I'm going emo. XD Hahaha! Yeah, go My Chemical Romance, The Used, Typecast, etc etc etc. Yeah. XD

Tomorrow I'm going to Bilibid Prison for our Sociology class. We're supposed to make a paper about it. I can't say I'm really looking forward to it.. O_o I mean, though it'll be an eye-opening experience, it'll still be depressing. =/ That's how it always goes anyway.

I still haven't written anything for either of my Sociology papers. ~_~ Sociology is teh shiznit. XD Normally I think Sociology would be pretty cool, but our prof is.. sucky. I don't like our Sociology prof anymore! XP He likes to pick on us because he thinks that Sociology is better than Asian Studies. Duh it's biased, but it's a bit understandable since he's a Socio prof. But he likes to literally shove it in our faces. Plus he thought out loud during class if he should torture the class with tons of papers over the Christmas break. And it wasn't in the friendly-I'm-just-kidding kind of way either! I can't believe I posted in my earlier posts that I thought he was cool. >_> Obviously, I was too hasty in judging his character.

eLouai's Candybar Doll Maker

This is what I do when I'm bored. LOL! XD Wala lang. There are so many designs to sift thru; it's an easy time eater. Plus, there's a 'boy' tab now. LOL! Hay.

I'll be happy when this week is over. <3

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Saturday, December 03, 2005
5 more to Go
Listening to: Avril Lavigne ~ Fall to Pieces

Five more posts until I reach my 300 post count. Wow. XD

Hmm. Yesterday we celebrated Ags' birthay at Teriyaki Boy in Timog. I made the most of it by eating all the chicken teriyaki and rice that I could. XD Eating cake with chopsticks is fun too. XD

Tomorrow I'm going to Keiko's birthay party at McDo Katips. It's been a while since I've been with Yumi and Brian, I wonder how it's going to be when we meet up. o:

Blah. I should be doing my Sociology papers about a play I watched about labor here in the Philippines and about the documentary by Michael Moore; Fahrenheit 9/11. Not exactly things I'm looking forward to doing. XP

I got to watching Bleach recently; I was also pulled into joining a group cosplay for Bleach. XD I hope it pushes through. I know I'll have to spend a bit for the costume, but it looks like it'll be fun. :D Hopefully I'll also be able to finish working on my RF Cosplay as well. >_< At the rate that it's going at, it looks really dismal. ~_~ Especially if it's going to be this December. D: *dies* At least I get to play RF a bit more now, since Joseph nearly always plays when I do. Plus, I found out that the internet cafes near Ever have RF! o: I hope this will mean I won't get too left behind when it comes to in game issues. Luckily for me, HolyOrder has already be set up, and I'm now a member. :D I also finished the first part of the prologue of my character. (I sure took my time. XP) It's pretty long tho. O_o But oh well.

Gah, December is going to be a busy month. O_o Next week our class is going to Bilibid for our Sociology Research Paper proposal. Then the week after that is the HOL Christmas party and SHS Fair. Over Christmas break I'll be working on MORE papers for Sociology. >_< Sociology is teh sucky! XD

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