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Wednesday, November 30, 2005
Listening to: Bond ~ Explosive

I'm going to get fat soon. I'm eating ice cream everyday now. O_o I really don't know what it is with me and frozen sweets, but.. o_o

I'm on one of my Invisi episodes again, but it's only for a few groups on my Y!M. I reeeeally hate it when people think that being 'makulit' is cute. O_o But I hate it even more when they direct that 'kulit'-ness at me. XP Usually I wouldn't mind. Most of the time I can tell them off in a nice way. But if it happens everyday.. @_@ So instead of suddenly turning into a bitch, invi. Thank God for stealth. (Though I do think I should start facing things instead of hiding from them.) It seems like I'll be disappearing for a while..

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005
Frozen Bananas
Listening to: Sixpence ~ Kiss Me

Solstice: I'll see what I can do.
Solstice: But I can't promise anything.
Tristan: promises are stupid, nothing is certain. So i never promise.

I think my cousin Tristan has watched too many episodes of Gensomaden Saiyuki. XD So Philosophical-ish.

Anyway, I had a mini-debate with Tristan over the fact that as of now my family won't be spending Christmas in the province. There's tension between my mom, Uncle Vic and Lola, and so mom doesn't want to go to the province. I don't know the whole story yet, so I can't say anything about it. =/ Sigh. Grown ups can be just like kids at times.

Today was pretty normal. I still fell asleep during Philo tho. O_o Crap. I was supposed to swim from 1pm to 3, but I decided not to because of my windburn. So I sat next to the pool, watching my other PE mates swim. It was ok I guess, it gave me time to work on my RF fic. After PE, I went home. O_o I didn't play RF because I was low on cash. *shrugs* By the time I got home, I was really tired. =/ I wonder why I've been feeling so tired lately? Anyway, I put a banana in the freezer yesterday, and mom brought it out for me to eat during dinner. Lo and behold, it was very good. It was just like banana ice cream minus the milk. XD It was good! I swear! Of course, you have to let the banana defrost a bit before you bite into it. XD

Not much else. Oh yeah..


Give Gela some love. <3

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005
Gobling up Fire XD
Listening to: TLC ~ Creep

Thanks Lei, RayRay. :)


Saturday I watched HP4 with my girls. <3 Luckily we reserved tickets, so we were able to avoid the lines and sit together. The movie was pretty good. I didn't remember all the parts from the book because the last time I read the book I was in 3rd year, and that was 2 years ago. XD The special effects were really good, but I got lost at some parts of the movie. They also left out a lot of things. O_o Typical of a movie that tries to compress a book into 2 hours. But since I'm not much of an HP fan, I can't be too critical.

We ate at Bubba Gump, and Gela carded it. XD Yeaaaaaaaaaah. The food was really good, though the mashed potatoes were kinda questionable. "Dish Detergent!" XD And the waiters were friendly. A bit too friendly. XD I laugh. =))

Ghad, ice cream in Glorietta is OVERPRICED! P45 for a Drumstick! Highway robbery I tell you. >_< And Burger King sundaes SUCK. McDo still rules when it comes to sundaes for me.

After the movie, we hung out near the fountain in front of Greenbelt. Lotsa pic taking with the Harry Potter glasses that came with the newest issue of K-ZONE. We then made our way to Hobbes where we poured over the IQ thingies there. XD Twas fun. I think the people there had fun watching us frustrate ourselves. XD

On Sunday I went to Shangrila with my family, where we watched HP4. Again for me. I saw Io there, rather, he saw me first. XD While Mass was going on, there was a scene happening at one of the cigar/cigarette stores. A guy was demanding his money back and was making a lot of noise. We could hear him cursing and yelling. O_o It was pretty scary. They had to subdue him and handcuff him. After Mass, we ate at Cravings. The salad there is really good. XD After that we watched HP4. I want to watch Happy Feet. <3 After the movie, I went to True Value (or whatever the hardware store is called there) to see if I could find anything I could use for cosplay. I ended up getting followed around the store by one of the assistants there. O_o Every time I turned a corner, he was there. It was really freaky. >_< I hate it when people do that. Don't bother me unless I ask for help. XP I don't like being pestered into buying something. Ayoko ng makulit! >_<

Then we went home. O_o

This week so far has been... shitty. XD I've no better way of describing it; it really has been shitty so far. Monday I was in a really bad mood because my lips were windburned and my lip balm wasn't doing anything to make me feel better. I went to the Health Center and the lady there told me to come back at 1pm because that was when the Dermatologist would be there. They made me suffer ALL DAY. Then Sociology sucked because our prof was in a sense mocking (well, that's how it seemed to me.) our course. Nainis talaga ako. Sometimes that prof of ours comes off as obnoxious for me. He likes saying all these things about Americans and Japanese, oblivious to the fact that there are American and Japanese students in his class. He's also Anti-GMA, and every class we have he ends up seeding us with reasons to be against the government. I mean, fine, you're entitled to your opinion, and so are we, but he keeps on pushing it to the point that some get brainwashed into siding with him. Plus mayabang sya, pero di halata. Anyway, he was saying things that were equivalent to "Your course is pretty useless, since it's just a stem of Pol Sci." True, Asian Studies makes use of Political Science. It's an interdisciplinary course which involves Pol Sci, Econ and History, and specializes in application of these three in Asian countries. I really did feel like starting a debate with him (mainly because I was fed up with all of his anti-American hooplah) but I decided not to. Out of my frustration, I ended up sleeping through Philosophy. >_> Luckily when I got home I was feeling better. I drew this to help release my 'frustrations'. Thanks Timmy.

Today was not so crappy, but still boring as hell. (The profs I have this sem so suck compared to the ones I had last sem. T_T) Econ was pretty decent. Actually, its probably the only subject I have now that I look forward to if even just a bit. Coco and I were late because when we reached Philcoa, Dad realized that the car we took was banned, and we had to commute from Philcoa to UST. Luckily, we were able to get an FX. So we ended up late for Econ. For Asian, our prof was absent, so Joseph and I went to Dyna to play RF, only to find out it was down for server maintenance. T_T So we ended up just using the internet. He played Dota. We left at 10, but ended up late for our next Theo class, so Joseph and I just hung out at Colayco until it was time for History. History was ok. Decent. Our prof really looks like Dr. Evil's wife from Austin Powers. XD

After History, we went to eat. JayZ met up with Skye, and we ended up bringing her along. We bought food at the parking lot, then ate in BK. After that, JayZ and Skye left to watch HP, while Coco, Keith and I went off to play RF at The Lounge. I ended up going home at 4:30, and luckily for me, I was able to get a ride before I reached P Noval. XD

Yep, that's it so far. Tomorrow I have PE; time to swim!

Quiz thingie for the day:

Ravishing Ideal Angel

I love the image. XD Fits the name so well.

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Thursday, November 17, 2005
Mood Swings
Listening to: Ghost in the Shell ~ Stand Alone Complex

I'm falling victim to random mood swings. Either I'm going to get the painters soon or I'm going psychotic. XD

Geez, even wearing a Santa Hat while I'm typing this up doesn't cheer me up much. =/ Rawr. Blah blah.. I want to type up something sensible and worth reading, but I'm not in the mood.


OK. I just got grounded for tomorrow. Yay.

Cool video of pROSE. Wish I could make something like that.

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I'm almost somewhere.

Sorry about the last post. Mood swings suck. LOL. XD

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I feel like crying.

Crying over things that I don't post here. I'm frustrated, at the same time confused. Is it I'm already 17 or is it I'm only 17? Part of me can't believe that I'm worrying over this. Although I probably won't admit it, I guess one can say that it's supposed to be natural.

emo emo emo emo emo

Darn faulty body parts. Is it going to be like this forever?

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New Layout

Listening to: My Chemical Romance ~ Ghost of You

Yes. My new layout kicks major arse.

Hmm. Can't wait for Saturday. I'll be going out with my fellow princesses to watch Harry Potter : The Goblet of Fire. <3 I heart my girls, not HP. XD Then I'll be watching the Latern Parade at UP with them, as well as the Oblation Run! LOL! Yeah, can't wait. XD

I did my first deliberate class cut today. Crap. BAD! I cut Philo... to play RF. D: Crap. That's bad. XP Si Jose ang may sala! He influenced me. And Coco didn't help at all. She said she'd take down notes for me. XD So there, I cut my Philo class and went to DynaQuest to play RF. I'm sure the clerks there are starting to recognize my face. It's also really awkward when you're the only girl in a computer shop. XP Guys look at you with an expression that says 'What the hell is a girl doing here?' Most of them are mostly DOTA Bois. Hahaha!

Last Saturday I went to the HERO Channel Launch. :D Twas fun. I got to see my guildmates. :D I was also able to help newbies play RF. XD Fun fun. I even got free lunch for doing so! But it was pretty tiring. ~_~ Going was worth it tho. :)

Nyuuu. So many people have been bothering my lately. XP I haven't been in the best of moods so far this week, and people haven't been leaving me be. @_@ Naiinis ako. XD But other things have been bothering me as well.. ~_~ DAMN SIGNS! *flails wildly at imaginary signs that seem to hang over her head*

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Saturday, November 12, 2005
Listening to: Creed ~ One Last Breath

Friday was crap. I rarely get mad at people, but I guess Friday was an exception. I made the mistake of telling Coco, JayZ and Joseph that I had a dream about Voltaire. It was quite surprising actually; I haven't seen him since the middle of the first sem, then I suddenly have a dream about him. The dream was a bit disturbing to boot. No, not pornographically disturbing, just disturbing in the sense that dreams represent the things that are going on in your sub-consiousness. I put my own meaning to what happened (or what I remember happened) and I don't like what it was telling me. So anyway, I told them that I had a dream about him, but I didn't tell them what went on in the dream, mostly because I only remembered parts of it and the rest was just a blur like most of my dreams are. They didn't make that much of a big deal of it for most of the day, that is until Voltaire showed up in our classroom to advertise the AB Shirts.

So first Coco started singing love songs. Tolerable. Then Joseph joined in. Still tolerable. Then Coco started teasing me. Pushing it. At this point I was getting annoyed, but I played it cool and just acted naturally. Then Coco told JayZ that he could tease me because I wouldn't be able to literally fight back. By fight back, I mean poke and tickle, because JayZ is very ticklish. So JayZ gave it a shot and after that, I wanted to punch him. He might as well should have told Voltaire that I liked him. Even Iya noticed it and she didn't have any idea that I liked him. So I tried to play it off by getting back at JayZ. It was after that that I realized that I was angry with all three of them.

Angry not mainly because they made me so obvious towards him, but because I was embarassed on Voltaire's part. I know what it's like to have someone you're with be teased because that person has a crush on you. While some people don't mind being teased so blatantly about it in front of the person, some do. I'm one of those people. Also, I don't know how Voltaire feels about having someone teased over him.

But I was still angry because nilaglag nila ako sa kanya. They pretty much gave me away. Afterwards they were like, "Don't worry, he didn't notice anyway." I don't think he's that dense. Duh. Iya figured it out in 3 seconds. "Ria, do you have a crush on him?" Ado even text me about it. How the hell did he find out?

*sigh* Yeah, so that's what made my Friday total crap.

But some things cheered me up before I went home.

- I played RF with Joseph for 4 hours straight
- I ran after an SM Fairview FX XD
- I rode the jeepney home
- I walked from Red Ribbon to Shell at night by myself

Tomorrow I'm going to the HERO Launch. I hope it won't be jampacked. =/

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Wednesday, November 09, 2005
Second Semester Begins!
Listening to: Brain Powerd ~ Field of Love

First day of school, it turned out that there was no classes. Crap. XD The professors had a meeting until 1pm, and since I still have the same schedule as last sem (just different subjects) that basically meant that I didn't have class. Soooo. I played RF at DynaQuest with Joseph. XD Yeaaaaaaah, RF! Then we went home at 11 because Coco wanted to go home. We ate her lunch in the FX on the way home. XD

Yesterday we got to meet our professors. Some of them, at least. I'm starting to miss Sir Coronasion. XD Hahaha, RAPE! But my Sociology aka Asn Prof looks quite fun. Kinda gayish at times tho, and very Anti-American. n_n;

Anyway, here are my subjects this sem.

7-8 Lit 102
8-9 Eng 101B
9-10 Scl 101
10-11 Phl 2

7-8:30 Eco 101
8:30-10 Asn 201
10-11:30 Thy 2
11:30-1 Hit 101

Then on Wednesdays I have Pe from 1-3. I chose Swimming this sem. Hooo boy. XD

Today was pretty boring. Coco and Joseph went home right after classes, but I had to stay because of my PE. So I ate lunch at Colayco then made my way to DynaQuest to play RF until 1. PE was just orientation, so we got dismissed at 2. So I went back to DynaQuest and played until 4:30. XD Craaap. Then I pried myself off the PC and commute home.

I've been thinking about what Coco said to me earlier. It was something with the words 'Dean's List', 'games', 'studied'. I think you guys get the idea. What makes a gamer want to play games? What makes people do what they want to do? What is it that makes you want something anyway? It's amazing the things we can do for something we need. Even more amazing the things we manage to pull off for something we want.

I got to see my grades. (FINALLY!)

2.25 - ASN 101 - Introduction to Asian Studies
2.5 - CWG - Contemporary World Geography
1.5 - ENG 101A - Communication Skills I
2.25 - LIT 101 - Introduction to Literary Types
2.5 - MATH 10 - College Algebra
1.75 - PE - Folk Dance
2.25 - PGC - Philippine Government and Constitution
2.25 - PHL 1 - Introduction to Philosophy
1.25 - THY 1 - Contextualized Salvation History

1.25 = 95-94
1.5 = 93-92
1.75 = 91-89
2.25 = 86-84
2.5 = 83-82

Disappointed with my Lit grade. >_< I can't believe I passed Philo. O_o Dapat 1 ung Theo ko! XO Average (not including PE) is 2.09.

Gotta work harder. >_<

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Sunday, November 06, 2005
Tagaytay, Getting Sick, Cosplay Plans, etc.
Listening to: Maaya Sakamoto ~ Fate

The view from Taal Vista Hotel. This is also my current wallpaper. =p
The view from Taal Vista Hotel

The Family at one of the many viewpoint restoraunts.

The VERY LONG hallway leading to our room.

Jeth and my Mom, with Taal Volcano in the distance.

Well, the Tagaytay trip was actually quite uneventful. We left pretty early, and had breakfast at McDonalds at the South Super Highway. It had been just renovated, so there were some festivities going on. We saw Ronald Grimace! Lol! Up to this day I still wonder what exactly Grimace is supposed to be. XD When we got to Tagaytay, it was raining. D: Plus it was chilly, windy and foggy. So our tour going to the crater was cancelled. =/ We ate lunch at one of the many viewpoint/restaurants, where the waiter took our picture with us blocking the view of Taal. XD Afterwards we just drove around; we almost got stuck in the fog. It got so foggy it was hard to drive! O_o But luckily it cleared up a bit, and we were able to drive again. Then it started to rain really hard. For some reason, I was the only person who brought a jacket too. XD *smirks* Anyway. We went off in search of a place called 'Sonya's Garden'. It was this botanical garden where they do exclusive spa treatment and feed you organic stuff only. We found it, but it was totally soaked in the rain. So we went back to the hotel. We eventually found ourselves at the Casino across the hotel. O_o Obviously I wasn't able to get in, but Jeth got in even tho he's below 21. Well, he's turning 21 next January, so whatever. Mom and I went back to the hotel, where I bummed around watching Mythbusters on Discovery Channel. Dad won 3000 pesos at cards (Jeth won 80 at the slot machines XD) and he treated us to dinner at the hotel. The next day, we took lotsa pics of Taal, then we left for home.

Last Saturday I was supposed to go to the ROSE Bash, but I wasn't able to because my dad got sick. I was totally bummed, which caused me to not blog in the first place. XP

Then on Monday I woke up feeling like crap. O_o Well, at first I didn't feel so bad. Then I started to feel cold. I went down to eat breakfast, then I had a hard time going down the stairs. I had a hard time walking. >_< By the time I got downstairs I felt horrible. All I ate was a slice of papaya and some crackers, then I went upstairs and laid on my mom's bed. I plopped onto the bed and I started crying! XP I dunno, I just felt so bad that I started crying. After taking my temperature (37.8 C) mom concluded that I had a fever. We didn't even know the regular body temperature, so we just reached this conclusion because I felt physically hot. So I stayed in bed all day, watching TV, dealing with:

-A sore back
-mild headache
-hot flashes when I closed my eyes
-cold feet and general shivers

I took a Biogesic, and I started to get better. By Tuesday the fever was generally gone, but I was still weak because I didn't eat anything all of Monday, plus my stomach was giving me a hard time. By Thursday I pretty much cured already, tho my parents didn't want to take any chances. They actually thought I had gotten Avian Flu or something, but I reasoned I hadn't had any contact with a bird since.. ever. XP Friday I was a-ok. =p

Friday I was supposed to go to Kari's house, but my parents didn't want me out of their sight. So we went to Robinson's Place. We bought a scar remover for Dad, though I highly doubt that it works. XP Sayang, 3k pa naman un. D: I could have met up with Carlo there, but I text him a bit too late for him to make it before we left. I actually bought a Candy Mag (zomg. O_o) but stupid enough I confused the issues and accidentally got the October issue instead of the November issue. D: Then a perfume clerk mistook me for a 20-something year old. O_o So I left with my mom in tow to let her have her fun at the shoe stores. n_n; Later that night I went to my Aunt Nora's place for a little dinner. Jeth and I didn't have much to do with the older people, so we had our fun playing Hot Shots Golf on his PSP. I really do suck at golf. XD

What else is there? We christened our Toyota Vios as the 'Meep Mobile' (I did at least) because the horn sounds like the Road Runner's. I can even copy it pretty well. XD My mom isn't that happy with it tho, so she plans on having it changed at Toyota. She claims it isn't 'intimidating' enough. XD

I DLed myself the Legend of Mana OST. <3

I'm getting my braces off sometime at the start of next year.

Also, I plan on cosplaying again. :D :D :D :D :D Sana sana sana SANA it pushes through.

That's all for now, I suppose. Oh yeah. Today is the last day of Sem Break. *sigh* I must say it was quite long, and boring at some parts, but I still don't want to go to school that much. XD

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Saturday, November 05, 2005
To-Do List
Listening to: Electric Fan

Things to be blogged:
1. Tagaytay Trip
2. Getting sick
3. Cosplay plans

When they shall be blogged:
Tomorrow/Later O_o

Sorry for the disappearing act everyone. I'm back to blogging tomorrow. Or when I wake up later.

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