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Wednesday, May 31, 2006
Cebu Trip
Listening to: Creed ~ One Last Breath

Since I'm lazy to type up my whole trip, I'll just let these pictures speak for me.

Hmm... well, it looks like the Blogger photo uploading thingie isn't working right now so... these pics will have to do for now. I'll try uploading the rest later. =p

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Monday, May 29, 2006
We have now landed...
Listening to:

I'm back from Cebu. And I'm tired. I'll blog tomorrow. Or something. Basta. X3

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Saturday, May 27, 2006
Dance dance~!
Listening to: ~

I danced at Rockwell today. XD And after we were done performing, a woman I didn't know came up to me and said I danced really well. LOL OMG. XD *proud* I might just keep on going with this Jazz thing. It was really fun being very suggestive in front of little children in tutus. =))

Haaay. I'm leaving the house for the airport at around 6. Shutterbug plz! I'll be sure to take lotsa pics. :3 I've space for 1800+ anyway. XDDD

Cebu, here I come~ See y'all in 2 days! :D

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006
Back pains XP
Listening to: Hawthorne Heights ~ Saying Sorry

Arrrgh. My back hurts. My horrible posture is taking it's toll on me. XP Ah ghaaaaaaaad. XP

Mum bought herself a spiffy new phone today. o: And as promised, I got her Nokia 7360. XD So I have a spiffy phone too! Yeeeeeh. I had a hard time saying goodbye to my Nokia 6030 tho. XP Its simplicity makes it lurvable. Besides that, I had some messages that're saved on the phone's memory, so I didn't know how I'd transfer them to my new phone. XP I suppose I should make use of my extra inbox that GLOBE has provided me.

My new phone, with the black piggy, P-chaan~ Mum likes to bully my piggy keychain. XD I'm also thinking of a name for my phone. Tis something I picked up from Ginno. X3

Anyway~ I've cleaned out my room. It's now 90% cleaned out. All I need to do is move the furniture out. And now the guest room is a total mess. XD Filled with my junk, it is. I'll be documenting the revamp of my room, and I'll post them here when I get around to it. XD

Tomorrow I've practice from 1-4:30pm. D: Oh ghaad. Imma deeei. I can feel it. XP Friday is the day I will REALLY dei tho. Lol.

Dancing. Swaying hips from side to side. Coaxing the audience with a curled finger. Stop.

A few things to be seen on Friday.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006
Listening to: Vanessa Mae ~ Art of War

I don't know why I haven't been listening to my Vanessa Mae collection lately. O_o She's kickass.

Despite the hype about The Da Vinci Code, I still haven't gotten to watch the movie. That's because when we were going to watch it in Rockwell, the ticket lady wouldn't sell my mum a ticket for me. XD Which was annoying, because technically I am pretty much 18 already. But I didn't have my UST ID with me, so I really couldn't do much. So while they watched, I ended up walking around Rockwell by my lonesome. I figure I'll be watching TDVC with my girls on a DVD. XD

Monday I moved out of my room. I started packing up my stuff and transferring them to the guest room down the hall. As of now my room is 70% empty. I took down all my posters and wall scrolls, my stuffed toys in the bay window are no longer there (I can actually sit on my bay window thingie now o: ), the bookshelf next to the door is 50% clear, and my vanity mirror is free of all the bottles that used to be there. O_o I'm going to take a picture of it before everything is moved out. Just to take out all the stuff on top of my vanity mirror, it took me... 7 paper bags. XD And it took me several trips to remove all the CDs I had on my book shelf. I guess it's only now that I realize the multitude of junk I actually have in my room. XD Well, when I start moving back in, I can filter out the stuff I really don't need anymore.

Today Mum woke me up at 7 in the morning. XD Graaa. So early. At 10, Dad and I went to SM Fairview to buy a pair of plain jazz pants. The ones I currently own have a white stripe down the side, and I can't wear those on Friday when we perform. So I bought a pair, and Dad and I separated. He went to the grocery, and told me to walk around because he'd only take a short while.

Funny, it seems that as much as I hate walking around malls by myself, it always happens to me. O_o And I can't shop by myself. XP It's hard. XD I need someone with me when I shop! (GIIIIIRLS 8D)

Ahmayghad, iichan.net is back up. <3 It's been down for the longest time, and I had to resort to visiting 4chan again. XP But now iichan is back up and now I have my Male/Male and Het. Romance back. <3 And Happy Sex for the guys. XD LOL!

I had the sudden urge to start baking. O_o I think this was after I confessed to my family that I loved the smell of fresh bread, add to that the fact that I had a really yummy experience with my Mum in French Baker not to far back. I was also out stalking people on LJ, when I read an entry about how the poster baked an Almond Yogurt Cake. XD Now do you feel the urge to bake?! LOL! XD

Tomorrow I think we're going out to buy my Mum a new phone. o: That means I get her current phone. o:! Well, if that pushes through... yay. XD

It's confirmed! We're going to Cebu this Saturday! :D I have to be packed by Thrusday. :3 I'm excited! I'm planning on meeting a guildmate of mine there. Hahaha! That'd be cool if we really did meet up. :3 Mum started working on out Last Will and Testament tho. I accidentally found it next to the PC, and read through it a bit. It was kinda of unsettling, even if I know that it has to be done. I hope that everything goes well when we go to Cebu and come back.

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Sunday, May 21, 2006
Listening to: -

I've been pretty busy for the last few days, and I'm not really used to that. XD I'm starting to feel the effects of sleeping late, waking up early and always going out. XP

We visited Racine, who's currently stuck at home because she's sick. And now Gela and I feel like we're getting sick too, even if it isn't the same sickness that Racine has right now. XD

Graaa, I'm still going out with my family tomorrow because it's Sunday. Hrrrr. And they aren't even home yet. XD They went to this dinner party thing. Lol. XD


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Friday, May 19, 2006
Useless Thoughts
Listening to: Rain

I'm so tired right now. I woke up at 6 in the morning so that Dad, Mum and I could go to Diamond Hotel to get our military IDs renewed. It only took us a few minutes because we had all our papers in order. My civilian ID now expires in 2009, when I turn 21. For a while I just sat in one of the chairs there, just fiddling with my ID in my hands. I thought for a while how a lot of people would kill for the card I had in my hands. The ID granted me access to a lot of services that are strictly for military personnel and those whom they sponsor. As a child, I am one of those sponsored by my father. The thought bothered me. =/

After that, I had Jazz at 1. After a short warm up, we went straight to dancing the whole routine. It was tiring, no doubt. But I've pretty much memorized the whole thing already. :D Which is good. On the final run, I didn't make any mistakes. *proud* Lol. XD After Jazz, I went straight home and got ready to go out.

Kari and Gela picked me up, and we made our way to Katipunan to pick up Ryan at McDo. We then went to Shang, where we met up with Berbi, Losman, Enzo, and eventually Conx. We didn't end up staking or watching a movie tho. We were too indecisive for that. We ate at TokyoTokyo, and went to Ice Monster afterwards and stayed there for the rest of the night. We went home at around 9, and Gela, Kari and I hung out at Royale for a while. It started to rain (right on cue), and we decided to go home. Luckily, we beat the rain to my house, so I didn't get soaked while I broke into my own house.

Thanks Gela, Kari. :) We should have a sleepover with the whole gang before school starts. I miss you all. =/

Anyway.. not my usual descriptive post. I'm so tired right now; all I want to do now is take a shower and bury myself under my bed sheet. Sleeping these bad feelings off isn't always going to work. I know that sooner or later I'm going to have to face the things that I run away from when I sleep.

I need a lot of things right now. Like a hug. And some tissue. >_<

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Thursday, May 18, 2006
Half Bum, Half Master Jazzer
Listening to: Switchfoot ~ The Beautiful Letdown

Amp yan. XD Pero whatever. It's not going to change the way things are now. ;)

Yeeh, more vagueness. :D

Anyway. Jazz was tiriiiiiiing. Shet. We've gone through the whole song already. Everything's choreographed now. But I still have quite a lot to memorize. XP Loool, our dance has a lot of... suggestive moves. LOL. HAHAHA. XD Hoghad. Anyway. There's a lot of pressure at the moment; the presentation is going to be next week already. Thursday is our last practice, being from 1-4:30pm. x_x Hopefully I'll have it perfected by then. If not, I'm totally screwed. XP

After I got home, all I did was re-watch The Vision of Escaflowne on my PC. XD Aah, I seriously will not stop loving that series. X3 I've decided to look for an official DVD of it once I get my PC. >:3 Speaking of PC, the painting of my room was delayed. ~_~ I'm uber bummed. The rebirth of my room has to start with a new paint job. I'm hoping it'll start by the time school starts. @_@

I've become quite addicted to water. O_o Drinking it, I mean. XD I was supposed to drink strictly water for 2 weeks (which ended last week). Well, I didn't follow it to the dot, but after that I stopped drinking anything else other than water when I'm at home. Sometimes I drink up to 4 glasses in one sitting. @_@ Freaky. XD Well, at least it's healthy. Lol. XD

Well, it looks like the plans for going to Cebu are going to push through. :D Finally, I'll be able to go somewhere 'summery' this summer. XD Hopefully I won't get too much sun tho. XP I'm still recovering from my trip to Pampanga.

Tomorrow I'm waking up at 6. I told myself I was going to sleep at 10, but we all know that didn't happen. XD I'm going to go with my Dad to get my ID renewed. It's supposed to expire in 2008, but the lady my Dad talked with when he and Jeth went there said that I could have it renewed so that it'd expire in 2010, when I turn 21. Besides that, I think I look fat in my current ID. XD Damn 2004 haircut. XD After that I go to Jazz, then I go out with my girls to Mega to go ice skating or to Shang or where ever we're going to. XD Yah. Sounds like fun~

Ok ok, I should go now. It's 11. XD Crap. I still have to eat. And take a shower. Hrrrr. So much for sleeping at 10. XP

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006
More Shopping~
Listening to: Tyler Hilton & Bethany Joy Lenz ~ Whent the Stars Go Blue

I went to Greenhills with my Mum and Dad today. After sooooo loooong, I finally have Jazz shoes. Ano ba yan Ria. XD After that, we went shopping~! :D Originally it was supposed to be only for my cousin who's coming with her mum from the states next month, but since I'm trying to cycle out my old clothes from my closet, I convinced my mum to buy stuff for me as well. XD In the end I was able to get two shirts, a bag, and teh Jazz shoes. But the Jazz shoes aren't really counted. XD

Soooo. Yeah. That's all I did today. XD

Oh oh oh oh.

I <3 eating at Mexicali.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006
Today = Not my day
Listening to: Lost Prophets ~ Lucky You

I'm desperately looking for a new layout. Blogskins.com isn't really helping much; Most the the skins there aren't in my taste. I really should get around to making my own layout.

I didn't do much today. I just stayed home with mum. She had me cook dinner; Sinigang. It wasn't that hard. Mum talked about going to Cebu right before school starts. They had planned it for next week, 23-27th, I think, but I burst that bubble of thought when I told them I still had Jazz then. Although Mum didn't say anything, I was sure that she was frustrated with me. Now they're trying to see if they can schedule it next next week.

Last night I found out that RJ, one of my close friends at UST, isn't going to continue studying here. When Coco text me with the news, I didn't know how to react. I text RJ, and I ended up being the one being comforted. XP Apparently, his parents don't want him to continue studying here because it's expensive. Which I can't blame them for, because it is pretty much true. Coco plans on going to Nueva Ecija to visit RJ before school starts. I told her to keep me updated, so if ever I might come along as well.

I'm pretty crushed at the moment. Iilan na nga lang friends ko sa UST, mababawasan pa sila. Tina, Jumbo, Keith, now RJ? I also know for a fact that I lost some blockmates from last sem, I just don't know who exactly. Another thing I know for sure is that we were shuffled with with the other ASN section, which we aren't really in good terms with. (Yay for section rivalry~) So there's a possibility that what's left of the Chillax Brigade won't be together anymore. As of now, the number one thing I'm afraid of is being isolated in a different section from my friends, Coco most especially. She's probably the sole reason why I'm still partially sane, being because I get along with her the best. She's also my conscience when it comes to studying. XP I honestly don't know how I'd survive if I wasn't with them. I know I sound uber whiney right now, but to be honest, I don't really like UST that much. I mean, yeah, it's a very nice college and all, but it's not me. There are only a few reasons why I'm still studying at UST, and it seems that slowly, these reasons are being crossed out. ~_~

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SM North

Listening to: Armor for Sleep ~ Walking at Night, Alone

Kari kidnapped me and we went to SM North with Cai and Ate Sunny. Yeah. XD I was uber hyper. Cai and Kari are my witnesses. I think it was the Tuna I had for lunch. :-? Anyway, we ate at McDo. 15pcs Chicken McNuggets for the win~ XD I think I accidentally ate 6 pcs instead of the 5 as we had agreed upon. But no one remembered how many pcs they had eaten, so that wasn't really much of a problem. We walked around more, me harassing them 80% of the time. XD We went home after meeting Ate Sunny at the Food Court, and we bought McFlurries before we went home.

It wasn't that eventful, but it was fun nonetheless. Sure beats bumming at home. I DIDN'T SPEND ANYTHING TODAY! XDD

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Sunday, May 14, 2006
Mother's Day
Listening to: The Verve ~ Bitter Sweet Symphony

Happy Mum's day to all the Mum's out there! :3

I woke up kinda late today. XD I woke up at 10, and we were supposed to leave the house at 10:30. Luckily for me, I'm pretty much used to rushing, so I was able to get myself ready by then. I rushed downstairs and gave my gift (as well as Ginno's) to my mum before we left for Shangrila. I had tied them together with a ribbon I had, and attached a small card to it. (Being a pack rat is good, if you can remember where you stash everything. XD) I wasn't sure if she already had what we had gotten for her, so I was kinda worried. Again, I was lucky and she didn't have them. X3 And she like them too! So thar.

After that we went to Shangrila. Attended Mass there, then had lunch at Red Crab. Mum bought tickets for MI3, so Mum and I walked around until the movie was to start. I told her I wasn't single anymore, and she took it really well and told me that she was happy for me. :3 Thanks Mum. She was also glad that I was now bisexual instead of lesbian. XDD (GIRLS! 8D) After a while, she went to the comfort room, and I was left ourside, waiting for her. I leaned against a wall while I did. And I kept on getting a lot of looks from people. >_> I made sure that I wasn't doing anything I wasn't supposed to be doing. o_o Shangrila makes me so paranoid. The moment Mum came out, I was all clingy and whiney; "Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuum! DON'T EVER LEAVE ME BY MYSELF! D:" And she laughed and said that she wouldn't. She would later on tho. XP

Anyway. We watched MI3, while Jeth watched The Wild (he had already watched MI3) Twas pretty good. Lotsa action. Yeah. I know I'm a horrible movie critic. XD After the movie, Jeth was complaining about feeling sick, so we went home. The trip home was a complete disaster. Road rage the whole way. Jeth and Dad were just feeding each other's tempers. And Jeth was being completely immature. I swear, if I didn't have any self-control, I would have smacked him to see if that would bring some sense into him. I mean, when we got home, he kicked one of the resident cats because it was sitting on our other car. He even threw rocks at it! I can't believe him. I'm just waiting for the day someone or something will make him grow up. I've given up being civil with him; when he's being an ass, I tell him he's being an ass. XP Hay grabe. o_o; I'd consider him a lost cause, if he wasn't my brother. I guess this is why I hate seeing other people lose their tempers; it reminds me of what I have to put up with at home. =/

The painting of my room is supposed to start tomorrow, but I kinda doubt that it will. I asked my mum about it, and she said that Marcelo hadn't contacted her yet. The Soc Meeting I was supposed to go to was also cancelled; Marvin told me he was stranded in Masbate because of the Typhoon. XP Now Kari is asking me to go with her to SM North to be a 4th wheel. She's the 3rd wheel eh. XD I actually don't know anything about the whole thing; all I know is if I do go, Kari's taking me somewhere and taking me home afterwards. XD Un lang. Ah well. Sounds better than bumming at home, I guess.

Anyway, Happy Mum's Day once again~ :3 I'll just see what happens tomorrow.

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Saturday, May 13, 2006
Signal number... what was it again?
Listening to: PC Grinding O_o

Despite the fact that it was windy and rainy all day today, I still went out to Glorietta and had my share of fun thar. <3 I shall not elaborate. This post will remain purposely vague. XD

The PC is currently making grinding sounds. That can't be good. XP

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Friday, May 12, 2006
Rainy Days
Listening to: Michelle Branch ~ Drop in the Ocean

Jazz had me feeling a bit better; it got my blood running, and the exercise made me feel better as well. Our original choreography had to be changed because the music was scrapped. The beat is extremely fast (for me at least), and it's pretty hard to keep up with everyone else. Even so, I can say that I've improved a lot from when I first started. =p

When I got home, the adrenaline rush was gone, so I was in a slump once more. I watched TV and used the PC for a while.

At around 6, I went outside.

It was still raining, but not that hard, and the lightning was gone. Tiger was there too, but she was scared stiff of my umbrella. So~ I just walked about the coldesac in front of our house. I could imagine our neighbors looking out their windows at me, thinking I was out of my mind to let myself get wet in the rain. Well, I can't really blame them if ever, as rain in this country usually spells either colds, floods, or humidity. Which I myself have had the pleasure of experiencing. But even so, I still love the rain. I let myself get wet a bit. I closed the umbrella at one point, and all I could hear was the rain falling. Twas lovely. I remember when I was still in Japan, I used to walk to and from school in the rain. Snow, even. Lol, 4th, 5th grade? I miss that. The smell fo fresh rain is quite refreshing, and it made me feel better, even if it made me reminisce a bit more than I wanted.

I had Tuna and crackers for dinner. I washed the dishes, and went up. I found out that one of my favorite pairs of pants was missing. I actually got quite worked up just looking for it. XD But seriously, I looked everywhere, and I couldn't find it. I even raided my brother's closet, to no avail. o_o; It makes me wonder where the hell they actually went. Great, now the outfit I had set for tomorrow is no more. XD Hrrrrr.

...I smell pizza. Great, I'm hungry now. XD

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Listening to: Ceiling fan

15 minutes before Jazz class.. I obviously don't have anything better to do. I'm suck a geek. XD

When I woke up twas raining.. I didn't think that the rain would last until the morning. I actually wasn't sure if it was raining or not, so I turned off my AC just to make sure. And well, it was. I stayed in bed for another 2 hours after that. I seriously just wanted it to keep on raining, and I just wanted to stay in bed all day. Which kind of told me that I was kind of... off.

My 15 minutes are up. Let's see how the rest of the day goes, shall we?

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Thursday, May 11, 2006
Seeminly Decent Post
Listening to: Rei Fu ~ Life is Like a Boat

Mood swing. O_o

I'm hungry. XP

Blah. Decent post plz. After what seemed to be forever, it's finally started to rain. I missed the rain. :P I can't go out tho because there's lightning, and because it's almost midnight. XD

I should start exercising more often. Just a thought I thought of during Jazz. I'm not as flexible as I used to be. XP And I get tired pretty easily. It's hard to believe I used to love gymnastics. And that once I knew how to tap dance. XDD Yes kiddies, once upon a time, I used to tap dance. I don't anymore tho, lol. What a waste. =/ Either way, when school comes around, I won't have time to really exercise. Which is sad. I'll just have to make the most of walking around UST and working around the house. XP

Another delivery of shoes arrived, so mum had me stick stickers on them. Nothing really special about that, but I just felt like telling the whold world that other than washing the dishes, ironing clothes, and mopping floors, I stick stickers on ladies' footwear. XD

Last week, Mum bought herself a Nokia 7360. So now both mum and dad have spiffy phones. XD But earlier today Mum's phone hung on her, and she couldn't open the case to remove the battery. So she was all bitchy about how unreliable the phone was turning out to be, and thought out loud about giving the phone to me. I know I was pretty crazy about it before, but now I know I can survive without it. XD So I don't really care if she does. Still, it wouldn't hurt to have a spiffy phone for once. :P I just have to get her something nice for Mother's Day. XD

I took photos of my room, so I can compare how it looks now to how it'll look after the paint job. I'd post them here, but I'm not sure if I should. My sanctuary, exposed! XD Besides that, there are all these weird things in my room I'm not sure I should show to the whole world. I completely forgot to clean my room before I took the pics, so there are all these weird, random things on my desk. Like a sock (a clean one XD), and a busted lightbulb. My vanity mirror isn't any better. XD

Hrrr. There's not much more to say. I'm not really in the mood to blog anyway, despite the attitude I seem to have in my previous paragraphs. O_o I've been thinking of a few things lately, and Racine's post about her course has gotten me thinking about what to do about my college dilemma. The fact that I read Nana's Everyday Life again doesn't help with my mood swing either.

Anyway. Tis 12 and I've Jazz tomorrow, so I'll be off. Maybe I can sleep this feeling off. XP

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006
Shopping = <3
Listening to: Coldplay ~ Clocks

To those who commented: Hrrr. XD

What did I do todaaaaay?

Well. Mum woke me up early, so I only ended up getting about... 5 hours of sleep. XP But ah well, I'm kinda used to that now. I went down, had breakfast, and did some chores. Ironed some clothes, washed the dishes, cleaned the table, then mopped the second floor. At around 11 we went off to SM Fairview in search of my jazz shoes. Mum and I spent a while roaming around the Department store looking for the store that was supposed to have it. We found it, eventually, but they didn't have any stock. D: Which majorly sucked. So we got the number of the Greenhills branch from the saleslady, and for the first time in nearly 6 years, I used a public phone. XD Well, no one was answering, so we went back to the saleslady and she said that the branch we were calling was being renovated, sooo. No jazz shoes for me. XP

By this time I was reaaally hungry, and since my mum was tired of eating at Super Bowl (finally) we ate at French Baker! <3 Yum. Freshly baked bread is lovely. Muffins are yummy too. XD Lol, I want to bake tuloy. XD After that, mum and I went shopping. What can I say; I was inspired! I actually convinced my mum to buy me a striped jacket that reminds me of candy, and peach colored skirt. :3 After that I walked around with my mum, helping her find another summer dress for my aunt. Turns out that my mum had taken the first dress she bought for herself. So I just followed her around, being brutally honest about the dresses she asked my opinion on. XD Fun fun. :3

When I got home, which was at around 4, I went straight to my room and... well... fell asleep. XD Yeah, shopping is tiring. After that, well, I just did the usual; bummed OL, cleaned my room, ate dinner, washed the dishes, ect ect ect. Jeth wanted me to taste the wine he had cultured in our cabinet for his Chemistry subject, and got uber pissed off when I refused to drink it. XD Haaay. I didn't really care that he got angry, lol. What's new naman, di ba?

They're going to start painting my room on Monday! *dances* Sooo, before Monday, I have to move all of my stuff out of my room so they can paint. I'm probably going to live in the study room for that time. As if I didn't already live here. XD I still haven't decided on what color (Apple Green most likely). After they paint my room, they can start on my desk. And once that's done, I CAN GET MY OWN PC! Oh Lordy, finally. XD

Things are definitely looking up. :3

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Listening to: ~

Words are not enough to explain how I feel at the moment. :3 The title is a lame attempt.

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Monday, May 08, 2006
Listening to: John Mayer ~ No Such Thing

While I sit here in my Pentagon shirt waiting for my hair to dry, I shall blog.

I didn't do much today. I remember waking up at around 8, but I went back to sleep and woke up again at 11:30. I woke up to the noise of workers wrecking and nailing stuff. In my mind I was all "Evil neighbors, being rich enough to have their house renovated (considering their house is a lot newer than ours is) and having it renovated SO EARLY IN THE MORNING!" Yes, I know, 11:30am is so early in the morning. XD I went straight to the PC after I got out of bed. I was planning on starting up my BitTorrent download of Emma: A Victorian Romance, then going downstairs, but much to my surprise the torrent was already fully DLed, and I was only seeding it. Sooo. Instead of going downstairs for brunch (practically lunch) I watched episodes 3-12 of Emma. XD I finished the whole series by 4, and by then I was dizzy from hunger. So I staggered downstairs, and ate really really late lunch at 4:30 while watching Discovery Channel. Twas about robots and Star Wars. Twas cool. XD I ended up eating too much. Lol! I had 4 helpings of rice for crying out loud. When I put my plate in the dirty kitchen, I found out that we were the ones having something renovated. XD Some of Marcelo's dudes were at the back door, making shelves. After that I just bummed OL, trying to tinker with my LJ layout to no avail.

My mom being in this slipper supplying business has its benifits. Mum just gave me a pair of cute flip flops with multicolored beads. XD I'm glad she's finally doing what she enjoys doing. And she's making moolah out of it too. Fun and profitable; what else can you ask for? =p


I'm blog hopping again. Lol. Tis a harsh mistress, this curiosity of mine. She's got quite a hold on me. XD It's not just this regular kind of curiosity. It's not necessarily irregular either but. XD I find it weird how I like to read the blogs of people I don't know. I actually think I've done an entry about this, but oh well, I guess I'll just write about it again. XD You see that bar at the top? And the button that says "Next Blog>>"? I click on that button a lot. And I read random people's blogs. I do this more often with Livejournal tho. I click on a friend, then click on a friend of theirs with an interesting name, or I read the posts of my friend's friends. Then I go to the LJ of a person who has interesting posts. And I read. I do this quite often, actually. O_o When I have nothing better to do. But I never comment. I just read. Do I sound like a stalker yet? XD I don't really know why I do this. Well, lemme see if I can answer that. Usually reading those posts keeps me from thinking that I'm alone in what I go through. I'm not alone, I know that. I have my girls, my family, and... you. Haha. :3 Anyway. It's comforting to know that somewhere else someone is living, really living, not like how you see it on TV or how you read it in books. Or how you may see it on PBB. XD It keeps my feet on the ground in a lot of ways. One way or another, you realize that you're surrounded by real people, living real lives, with real opinions and real ways of expressing themselves. And I find it comforting. Interesting as well. =p

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Sunday, May 07, 2006
Tired... again!?
Listening to: Vertical Horizon ~ Best I Ever Had

Ok so.. I'm still in the clothes I wore to go to Greenhills. XP I'll explain later.

Anyway. Yesterday I went to UST for the Society meeting. I went to SM North Edsa with my family before I went to UST tho, because my mum had to buy a summer dress for an aunt who's coming from the US sometime in June. We had lunch at Super Bowl. I commented that everytime I heard the words 'Super Bowl', the first thing that came to mind was American football. XD After lunch, dad drove me to UST. The meeting was to start at 1:00, and I had arrived 30 minutes early.

I met up with the VP (Internal or External, I'm not sure) Alvin, and we sat at Tinoco park for a while as we waited for the other officers to arrive. It was kind of weird actually. He has this freaky glare that he kept giving me everytime he looked at me. XD It was so stalker-ish, I swear! We talked until it was 1. It was awkwaaaard. Finally the President, Marvin, arrived. Then Kuya Ernie and Jackie came... and yeah eventually 8/10 of us were there. *lazy* XD Talked about the General Assembly, as well as the Aquaintance party that we were to hold for the incoming freshies. We talked about those two events until 3:30pm. Then the meeting ended. Yay. XD Sometimes I really wonder if I need to be at those meetings, because not much is assigned to me, as I am the lowest ranking officer in our society. XD But I know it's my duty as an officer, blah blah. XD Don't worry, I'm not wimping out. =p I gave my opinions on lots of things, as well as ideas. I also pretty much serve as the representative of the freshies, being the closest to a freshie out of all of them. XD Our next meeting will be next Monday, at Glorietta. We have to make a video for the General Assembly. XP

At 3:30pm, I walked with Alvin and Jackie to Espana. I split up with them, and walked to Maku's shop, where I met up with Racine and Maku. :3 We listened Rex Navarette recordings on Maku's PC, because his internet was down. After buying water and ice cream at MiniStop, Maku, Racine and I went again to Espana. Racine and I rode an FX going to Fairview, while Maku went to Greenhills to meet up with Ralph and Francis and some other Gamer Zaibatsu people most likely. Kekekekeke. XD On our way to Ever, Cai called, telling us that she was already at Royale. o: I told her to text Gela, but she told me that she was still at Eastwood with her 'rents. Sooooooo. Racine and I willed for the FX Driver to drive faster. Lol! XD After a while, we were finally at Royale! :3

We met up with Cai in front of FIC. Tis where we usually meet up when we're meeting up at Royale. If not FIC, Mocha/Mochi Blends. So anyway. The three of us stayed there as we waited for Gela. Cai and Racine suggested I read about the Information Design course at Ateneo, after I told them about my predicament. After a while, we actually considered playing DOTA at Pipeline. XD But when we finally got serious about it, Gela came. Gela was lucky enough to win 1.2k at Shopwise, so she said that she'd treat us out to dinnar! :D So we went to Di'Marks. Tis where I spilled the beans. XD After eating there, we went to Crepes and Cakes and Gela and Racine had a crepe. Twas damn good too. O_o We thought of words that could act as themes for the art portfolio Cai was to do. We came up with all these weird words. XD I'd have to ask Cai for the whole list. And I mispelled 'leprechaun' on it too. =))

At 8:30, I had dad pick us up at Royale. We had to run over to Shell first tho to take Racine to where she could get a ride home. Stupid bois on pickup trucks. XP Anyway, we got home, and messed around on MyHeritage.com. XD

According to MyHeritage.com, Kari and Cai look like...


That's what we did until 10. I took a shower while Cai and Gela had fun with MyHeritage.com. XD At 10, we went down to watch Pinoy Big Brother. Officially, I'm no longer a PBB virgin. XD Oh, the teen drama! Well, at least it was entertaining. I got around to thinking how it would be if we got stuck inside a house like Kuya's. Gela said we'd just be laughing the whole time. XD And I'd get all these violations for over sleeping. :)) After PBB was over, we went up. Cai went to sleep, and Gela and I had fun chatting. =p Cai had taken up most of the space on the bottom bunk, and I hadn't changed the beddings on the upper bunk, so I looked for the futon. I couldn't find it tho, so what Gela and I did was get 3 comforters and layer them one on top of the other. XD Gela decided to turn in, and I did so too at around 1am.

I remember waking up at 5am, but I was so groggy the only thing I remember was the fact that it was 5am. XD I woke up again at around 8, and Cai and Gela were up already. =p Cai went to take a shower, and Gela and I bummed on the floor. Mum was bugging us to eat, but we were all groggy. So my mom came in with my guitar and starting strumming it like a maniac whilst 'singing' at the top of her lungs 'WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP'! HAHAHAHAHA! Oh God. I swear I didn't think she would actually do that. She sat on my back after I tried to cover my head with a pillow. XD She stopped after I complained that she was crushing me. Gela and Cai left at around 10:30, and I got ready to go to Greenhills.

We heard mass at Greenhills, then we ate at Italianni's afterwards for lunch. I was still full from having breakfast, so all I had was a chocolate cake. Oh yum. <3 After that, mum and I walked around. She went around with me and bought me clothes! :D Well, two shirts, but she still bought me clothes. XD She tried to get me to buy a mini skirt. XP But I said no. XD *mean* Mum was really ready to buy me a lot of stuff. I wanted to get some shirts, a skirt, and a bag. We actually went all over the tiangge area, to no avail! So in the end I only got 2 shirts because we were totally pooped out. John saw me there too. XD

So we went home. And I haven't changed since we got home. I don't know why actually. I'm just too tired to even change. *lazy* I even skipped dish washing duties today. But I did clean up the study room after Typoons Cai and Gela wrecked havoc.

Okaaaaaaaaay. My arm hurts now. XD And I'm getting the chills. @_@ Body failure alert, lol. XP

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Friday, May 05, 2006
Tiiiiiired cont'd
Listening to: Goo Goo Dolls ~ Black Balloon

Jazz went well today. I wasn't as crappy as I was yesterday. XD Our instructor called to say that she'd be a bit late, so the instructor for Hip Hop dance led us through our warm ups. We then found out that our instructor was his fiancee. XD Anyway. We didn't end up doing bridges. But we did start on our choreography. Our song is this... pop, tagalog song about love. We had to be light and pa-cute and stuff. o: I was all, "Light? I'm not light! XD" *thinks this while leaping and twirling* LOL. XD

Got home, bummed. Had some interesting converstations. My younger cousin Christine talks like me now. XD

Christine: wat else anime do u watch?
Solstice: Right now I'm downloading Emma
Christine: :|
Christine: =))
Christine: =))
Christine: =))
Christine: =))
Solstice: You're mean. :-?
Christine: LOL
Solstice: Remind me to tickle you when I see you. :P
Christine: =))
Christine: yeah ryt, if u can catch me
Christine: =))
Solstice: You'll see~!!
Solstice: I have my ways :P
Solstice: >:)
Christine: i have ways too.
Christine: :->
Solstice: But my ways are cooler.
Solstice: (Korean Audible LOL)[???]???????????????????????????????
Christine: no they aren't
Solstice: (Audible)Muhahahaha!
Christine: =))
Christine: geez, that was weird
Christine: i'm laughing sooooooooo hard ryt now...!!!!
Christine: =))
Solstice: Somehow I'm not surprised. :-?
Christine: i'm not surprised ur not surprised
Solstice: Since when did you start talking like me? XD
Christine: since the day i met u!
Solstice: Oh yeah, another Ria in the makiiing. XD
Christine: that wud be me "the younger cousin"
Solstice: Yeah huh.
Solstice: Stick with me, and you'll go a looong way. XD
Christine: oh sure, and where wud dat be?
Solstice: Well, somewhere far from here.
Solstice: Basta far.
Christine: ayt
Christine: =))
Christine: stick with me and u'll never make it out of this village
Christine: coz i can't drive
Solstice: That's why you have to stick with me.
Christine: can u drive?
Solstice: Well. Kinda.
Solstice: Better than you at least.
Solstice: :P
Christine: haha very funny
Solstice: ;;)

Another Ria in the making. Lol. XD What would it be like if I had a twin? What would it be like if I had a guy twin? Now that's something to think about. XD

Tomorrow I'm off to UST for a Society meeting. Blargog. (Thank you Jiro. XD) I don't really want to go, but I have to. I think I'll be hunted down by our President if I don't. Which would be freaky, given he's a senior and I'm a dinky sophomore. Oh Lord, I'm a Sophomore now. XD So anyway. After that I think my girls are sleeping over. Hopefully it'll push through. I miss them. XP

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Thursday, May 04, 2006
Listening to: Third Eye Blind ~ Anything

After Jazz Dance class, I was sooo tiiired. @_@ Tired tired tired, in more ways than one. The physical exhaustion was most likely the result of trying to do the splits during Jazz Dance. XDDD ZOMG, RIA DOING THE SPLITS LOL! She had us lie down, with our legs up against a wall. And I quote:

"Ok girls, now spread your legs!"

OH GOD THE PAIN! XDDD HAHAHAHA! I didn't know whether to laugh or to cry! XD I know, weird, but hey, that's how I am. So yeah, I'm surprised I can still move after that little excersize. Tomorrow I think we'll be doing bridges and stuff. Actually, I think we're going to start on the choreography for the mandatory presentation at the end of the program. I may be the oldest thar, but I'm probably going to be teh worst. XD Oh well, expect the worst, but hope for the best.

I'm DLing Emma: A Victorian Romance at the moment. XD I just finished DLing the WHOLE series of Ashiteru ze Baby. That's 4Gb of vid. XD Holy heck, I've got 60+ Episodes of BLEACH on my PC, and that alone takes up 11GBs! @_@ Not to mention the whole series of .hack//DUSK, as well as Escaflowne, each taking up 2GBs respectively. Plus 3GBs of Full Moon wo Sagashte, and 5GBs of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle. Aaaaaaaaaand 2GBs of random videos. XD Once I get a PC, I won't worry about space anymore~ Or maybe I'll get a DVD burner and burn all these to DVDs.

So anywaay. *wiggles her toes for no apparent reason*

That's all I have to say. XD

I miss my long hair. X3

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006
Never Forget
Listening to: All American Rejects ~ Dirty Little Secret

Lei: It's a curse and a blessing, isn't it? :P

Today was a good wonderful day. :) That's all I need to say.

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