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Monday, February 27, 2006
So... What Now?
Listening to: Switchfoot ~ The Beautiful Letdown

Yesterday evening classes for all levels got canceled, so I got to sleep late (5am?) and wake up late (12pm?).

Yesterday, I was really scared. I was on the PC, working on my Literature paper, regularly updating the homepage of the Inquirer to update myself on what was going on in our country, and all these rumors were flying about on YM. (They still are up to now actually.) At first, I really didn't care; I was too busy with my paper to really notice. It was only when they suspended classes for today that I realized that the situation was serious. A lot of people that I know want a new government to ascend to power; Gloria should be scrapped. I on the other hand beg to differ. Sure, I'm not crazy about her, but who's going to replace her? If PGMA gets booted, Noli De Castro will become the rightful President; and what does he know about running a country? He's a newcaster afterall.

As I looked over my Y!M list last night, I was disturbed. No one seemed to take it as seriously as I did. (Those who did had logged off already.) I admit that I was glad that classes were suspended, but there's more to the situation than getting classes suspended. I was uneasy; I felt like I'd hear explosions at any moment. @_@ Ok, so it may sound a bit exaggerated, but that's really how I felt. And I thought that, if anything really bad did happen to the country, that we'd be asked to leave. LEAVE. Like how the Embassy would try to get us to leave to keep its citizens safe. And I thought of all my friends, and all the people I knew, and I thought of how easily the situation could get out of hand and how any one of them could get hurt or involved, and I felt myself go cold. I was just staring at the screen just thinking about it. It scared me so much, and what's worse is the fact that I can't do anything about it. >_< I'm just lucky that there were some people who kept me company and helped me feel better. :)

I don't know why people seem to think of this as a joke; though the thought of a new government may seem promising, it's not easy. At all. It's not like we're not going to get affected. All of the rallies and coup attempts causes the economy to falter. And people are always complaining about the rising prices; these things contribute greatly to it! Civil unrest political instablitity will follow. And our country will become generally unsafe for a while. Tourists will no longer come to the country; they'll fear for their safety.. We all have to look at the whole picture.

It's back to school for all of us tomorrow. I hope nothing happens. =/

It's things like this that keep me worried. And to think, I was there just this Saturday. >_<


Visit if you're looking for Japanese, Anime, or Game music. :D

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Sunday, February 26, 2006
Listening to: Hawthorne Heights ~ Saying Sorry

Well. If you've been watching the news lately, you'd know that the Philippines is currently in complete and utter chaos. It all started on Friday, the day before the anniversary of EDSA People Power.

Now it's all chaotic.


I'm scared. >_<

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006
Esse Quam Videri
Listening to:

To be rather than to seem.

Yes, I do realize that I should be off the PC by now, but what the hell. I'm here, so I'll blog.

A few posts ago I mentioned that I was selected to run for Assistant PRO for our society. Well, today we (the candidates) were told that we were to campaign prior the voting (which was also today). I obviously wasn't anywhere near prepared, and I couldn't even remember the platform I had typed up on my form. So everything that I said in front of the other AS blocks was actually a bunch of crap, though I did manage to remember some of the things that I had typed. Ironically, I think my chances of actually winning are pretty big. O_o I think it was the fact that I spoke in straight english, complete with accent. Well, if I win, then I win I suppose. I have no experience whatsoever, but if I win, I'll have to do my best.

Everyone's been down lately, and I can't help but feel like it's rubbing off on me. I don't have anything specific to be down about, but the vibes I'm getting from others makes me think of things to be down about. XP

To be honest, I haven't been feeling well at all this week. Last week I was complaining of cough and a sore throat, then on Monday I could feel myself harboring a fever. Today wasn't that bad, but I did get the chills. I really don't want to deal with anything right now.

I just want to sleep...


and sleep.

Then maybe when I wake up I'll feel better.

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Sunday, February 19, 2006
Brokeback Mountain
Listening to: Switchfoot ~ Gone

On Saturday, I went with my family to SM Fairview where mum treated me to one of her sudden shopping spree makeovers; she bought me 1.2k pesos worth of clothes from Artworks! <3 Then again, thinking of the prices, that's only around... 3 articles of clothing? X3 But what the hell. She bought me a mini skirt, and amazingly, I let her. My legs! D: Gela text asking if my house was crash-able for Brokeback Mountain watching, and we agreed to meet up at 4pm. Things happened, and they (They being Gela, Cai, and Racine) ended up getting to the house at around 6-7, so I told them that they might as well sleep over, which they did. XD Yay for last minute sleep overs and gimmicks.

We did watch Brokeback Mountain, and it was really a nice movie. At first, we were just waiting for the sex, (mostly because we couldn't understand what they were saying; damn accents. XP) but by the later parts of the movie, you start to understand everything, even if there's barely any script. Well, the understanding part is different for each person. I guess as someone who's openly into Yaoi and such, I was able to get a glimpse of the whole meaning. Thinking about that makes me feel sorry for those close-minded people. n_n; But anyway. I liked the movie, and if you think you're open-minded enough, I suggest you watch it. =p

We slept at around 2 in the morning. Cai slept earlier than we did, and took over the top bunk here in the study room. So Racine, Gela and I slept on the bottom bunk. XD I would have slept with Cai on the top bunk, but I reasoned that she'd probably feel violated when she woke up. XD We got up at around... 7-8 in the morning. XD Yay for 5 hours of sleep. Ate breakfast, and at one point I fell asleep again. XD Gela took them all home, and I was left by my lonesome in the house. The flowers from Racine and Maku FINALLY arrived today. XD Ghad, they're BIG!

First reaction: fkajshdfkjs flowers! O_o

And the reaction of my parents when they saw it was pretty funny:

'Rents: RIA!
Me: What?
Me: Yeah. Of course I did!
'Rents: They're HUGE!
Me: I know. XD I brought them inside. They're heavy. XP
'Rents: Look at it! It's so big!
Me: I know it's big already! XD
'Rents: *blink blink* Huge!

Hahaha, lol! Surprise? :P Thanks again. >:D<

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006
Listening to: Yellowcard ~ Gifts and Curses

These blog quizzes and memes are totally... infectious. XD Ah, but who cares; it's fun finding out the results. :D Yeah, I know I'm a quiz whore. And I do believe that Blog Things and other blog quiz sites are evil. Lol~

Johari Window
Nohari Window
(Lol, these windows are taking over LJ! XD)

Speaking of quizzes, we had a test in History today. It was supposed to be a long test about the reports that I slept through. Oh shit. XD But lo and behold! We struck it lucky when Ms. Dumawal changed the long test into a one question essay. o: Wow. XD As for the rest of the day, well, it was like any other Tuesday or Thursday; uneventful. And I was expecting something to happen too, considering it was Valentine's today and all. The only thing that was different was the fact that UST was suddenly surrounded by people selling bouquets and stuff. (They were overpriced too. *coughcough*) Dan was supposed to surprise Coco by coming to UST today, but he slipped and accidentally text her instead of me saying that he had just arrived. Lol. So much for the surprise. Ah well. At least Coco was happy. :D

Two of my profs didn't arrive for class, so I spent my Theology class time sitting outside, along the corridor, with a few of my blockmates. I don't know why, but we got around to talking about sex. O_o And yeah, I did pull the "What, sex is completely natural! Sex! Sex sex sex sex sex!" quote. Just not that loud. XD I was studying for History then, and I'll be damned if while I was answering the History test, 'sex' popped into my mind.

Valentine's? Hm. Well, it is pretty overhyped. Damn Hallmark and their marketing strategies. A lot of people could take my celebration of SAD instead of Valentine's day as bitterness, insecurity, or jealousy, (ew) but even if I say that I just don't want to let only the couples have fun on the 14th of February, it's still basically the same. I mean, celebrating SAD is the same as celebrating Valentine's day, it's just that you celebrate opposite things in the same manner. ...Ok, I don't think I'm making much sense. XD Valentine's day is such a perfect day to make people feel insecure about themselves. It promotes couples and love and hearts and ANGELS all that other shiznit. And what if you don't have someone special? It makes you wonder why you're single. And that leads to a lot more other crappy questions and thoughts. X3 I myself have asked myself this question before, as I have been single since forever. (Techincally single; Turtle! <3) Then I come to my senses and remember that it was my choice to remain single. It's fun and lonely at the same time. Pretty confusing. X3 If Love is just a game, I'm not sure I want to play. (Even if I'm an avid gamer. XD Yeah, it was corny; please gag me with a spoon.)

I almost went on a date today, and I was supposed to get flowers from Racine and Maku, but those two didn't materialize today. Sad. X3

Anyway, I have to go cram another English paper of mine. XD

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Monday, February 13, 2006
2000 hits~
Listening to: Switchfoot ~ Learning to Breathe

w00t! 2000 hits! :D

I never did get around to posting those pictures of the Immersion. Now I'm too lazy to recount each and every one of them. X3 (I've nearly 400+ files on the Immersion! XD Ahmayghad!)

My mum walked in on me while I was using the PC past my PC curfew, and for once, she didn't scold me. o: Though I did kinda lie to her about why I was still on the PC. I told her I was editing our report for Theo, but in reality I was waiting for Coco to send me her notes in History for me to print. I can imagine how bad it'd be if upgraded this PC, or got a PC of my own. I'd be up late more often than I am now, I'd put off even more responsibilities of mine, and I'd leave it on all the time. X3 I really have to start managing my time.

Oh shoot, I just remembered that I have to make my platform, as I'm running for Asian Studies Society Assistant PRO. @_@ Ah ghad. They said that this wouldn't happen anymore..! X3 Honestly speaking, I'm thinking twice about this whole Assistant PRO thing. D: I guess you could say that I'm not really aware of what I'm getting myself into. (Which is actually quite typical of me, if you've known me long enough.) Then again, it's a good way for me to get active in my college. As of now, I'm ORG-less. I'm part of GAP (Grand Alliance for Progress, a political party in AB), though I'm not that active, as I'm just a newbie. Gah. I'm afraid that if I DO actually get myself into the position of Assistant PRO, I'll just end up being a lacky for the upperclass men. XP Gah, I don't want to run anymore. My friends are just making fun of me. >_<

After class, I met up with my girls (Cai, Racine, Kari and Gela) to plan Cai's debut, which is this coming March 5. X3 Yeah. We can so plan a debut in a bit over 2 weeks. XD And Cai plans on making me one of the hosts! o:! Oh gosh. I'm scared I might end up getting myself excommunicated from Cai's social life by her family. XD

*stretch* Yeah, I'm tired. X3 And I'm hungry. I'm always tired and hungry. XD I'm such a loser. Lol. XD Tomorrow's Valentine's Day. o: (Singles' Awareness Day for me.) I wonder how chaotic it'll be at school. Haha! XD I guess I'll have to see that tomorrow.

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006
Listening to: -

I don't know why I didn't notice it before. As much as I hate to say it.. my life is so mediocre.

I only noticed it after chatting with Carlo. He asked, "What's up with you?" and I replied with my never-dying "Nothing much." to which he replied "Hmm... that's the... *insert infinity sign here*th time you've said that. *laughs*"

That seemed to light a realization light bulb in my head. Everytime someone asks me what's been going on in my life, I always reply with "Nothing much." I have a long list of wishes there on the right portion of my blog, but I don't actively try and make them happen. Every now and then I complain that my life is boring. Uneventful. Blah.

Sometimes when I look at the really long entries on my blog, I wonder if I was trying to make up for my lack of productivity by recording every single thing that happened to me that day. Instead of posting insights or reflections, I tell the whole internet about what I did that day. It was last week that I finally started to wonder if anyone actually read about what I did the whole day. Who would be interested in knowing that I woke up early for the nth time in my existence? They seem like such.. small things. =/ That's probably the main reason why I didn't go into detail about how my Immersion went. Quality over quantity, so to speak.

It's confusing. When I tell people about my past, about how I lived in Japan for ten years, how I'm an American citizen even if I was born in Okinawa, of how I've travelled to so many places, of how I've been here or how I've done this, my life doesn't seem mediocre at all. But then I tell myself that these were things that had happened in the past. And while these experiences will stay with me forever (or for as long as my brain can keep hold of them) past is past. Present is different from past.

If anything, I'm disappointed with myself. I mean. I know that I'm very capable of making my life the way I want it to be. But I don't. I let myself be just enough to get by. I don't strive to be more. I'm surrounded by such colorful people, with vibrant personalities and innumerable shades and hues for lives, and though I know that I too have a effervescent personality, I live my life in a pastel color. Not that I'm saying that taking it easy is a bad thing. It's just that I do want to be more. I'm happy with my life, no doubt. I have a demented but complete and loving family, and the greatest (and just as demented) friends in the world. I live in a house that's paid for, I'm able to eat at least three meals a day, and I'm studying. And yes, I do have a handful of people that I could say that I love. I'm thankful for all of these, and I know that I should make the most of these gifts to live my life to the fullest. And I will; because I can.

Such a refreshing post, don't you think? :)

I don't want wings to fly away anymore. I want wings to fly.

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I'm almost somewhere.

Monday, February 06, 2006
Listening to: Screaming Infidelities ~ Dashboard Confessional

Oh gosh. The last week was so uneventful. I slept through all my classes. D: Then all I did over the weekend was play RO. XD It was so boring, it's... totally tragic.

Today was pretty boring as well. It was the first day of our 'AB Week', so we got to go to school in our Asian shirts. I was able to get my AB shirt as well. Now all I need to get is the jacket that I ordered. *rubs chin* Anyway. There was a parade, but Coco, Joseph, Mick and I skipped it by hiding in the library. We talked a bit, the four of us. Part of our talk was about my hair, and the rest was about how we felt about JayZ and his problems. I was a bit surprised when Coco told me he was hesitant to talk to me. Then again, I can't blame him as I already told him to his face that I was annoyed with what he was doing. Sigh. We messed around with my cam a bit, then Coco and Joseph went home. I went off to P.Noval to play. I met Dom and July on the way there, and I ended up spending some time with them before I got to the shop. It was actually the first time I ever talked with Dom and July directly. Most of the time Coco was with me, and she did most of the talking. It went pretty well, even if we didn't really know each other, and even if they were smoking. (Yeah, I don't really like being around people who smoke.) At one point Dom poked me on my side (we were sitting on a bench in front of a small canteen) and I immediately sat up straight from resting my elbows on my thighs. I was really not expecting that. XD And it caught me so off guard. After and hour or so, I left, and met up with Keith at the shop, where we played for 3 hours. After that, I trudged all the way back to UST, through UST, and across Espana to get on an FX and get home. I suddenly remembered on the way home that I had skipped lunch, so once I got down near ever, I went straight to McDo Commonwealth and had a really late lunch/really early dinner. Which you could call Linner, or maybe Dunch.

The moment I got home, I could feel how drained I was. I fell onto my bed, and didn't want to move for the longest time. Obviously tho, I eventually did.

Gosh. I'm so board. I'm actually updating my Friendster profile. D:

Ok, here's something totally random: My wisdom tooth is coming out. o: Doesn't hurt like Racine's does tho.

The lack of eventfulness is getting me down. D:

I'll post the pics of the immersion on my next entry. I still have to sift through 400+ images and movies and select which ones to post. XD

Till then. I hope something happens to brighten up my week. D:

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