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- make my own clothes!
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- bake something
- an underwater camera
- cosplay again
- visit my online friends
- stop being a safeist
- happiness

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Sunday, July 31, 2005
Listening to: Bone Thugs feat. Mariah Carey ~ Breakdown

Thanks to my girls who commented. And to Cy, whoever you are.


I liked Mariah before, when her songs weren't so pop-ish. Reminds me of when I was in Japan, like what listening to BSB and Spice Girls does.

Gah, Tag-Board isn't working. I can't see my tag-board, or any other tag-board. >_<

Anyway. Saturday, Coco and Arjay came over so we could work on out paper for PGC about 'The Republic' by Plato. I ended up sleeping, Arjay using the PC and only Coco actually doing something for her paper. XD Then at 5, Gela swung by and we went to UP to pick up Gretchen and Racine, and we were off to Eastwood. We didn't do much there really. We ate at Fazzoli's, then walked around a bit, then hung out at Coffee Bean where we read magazines. Then at around 10, we went home. Arjay and Coco stayed in the study room with me until Coco's mom came to pick them up. Now, the study room has a faint reminder of Arjay's body spray. XD Hahaha! :P

Today, I was a total bum. We didn't even go to mass or anything. ~_~

I wasn't very productive either. I woke up at 1pm, and I didn't get out of bed until 2. Then I ate at 4. Then went to the PC. I was totally wasted today. At least I got to chat with some people. That made me feel a bit better. But I miss the chat sessions I used to have.

I miss a lot of things.

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I'm almost somewhere.

Friday, July 29, 2005
Fickle Pickle
Listening to: Typecast ~ Phoenix

I've never really thought of myself as fickle before. Until now. And I don't like it. =/

Arrrgh, I'm bored out of my mind. I've been in front of this PC all day, even when I didn't have anything in particular to do on it. So I've been sitting here blog hopping and such. Sometimes just lying down on the sofa behind me, thinking. Just lounging around on YM, keeping myself open for conversation. I don't know how many times I've written about having to get myself a decent social life or how I should pry myself from the PC. n_n; And no matter how many times I do write about it, I never get around to doing what I say I should do. ~_~

Ever since I learned about the so called 'issue' about our group at school, I've had this uneasy feeling in my gut. Maybe I'm just hungry. :O But seriously, it seems that it has grown out of proportion. O_o People who are in no way related to the original cause of it all are now on our backs. Wth? XP It's so hard to be civil when people really start pushing the envelope on your patience. And I really don't have patience for immature people. Geez, just get a life. I'd much rather give a rat's ass about what they do, but it's starting to tick me off. >_> It's starting to affect us. If they don't back off soon, I'm going to... tell them off in straight English. XP

Woah. Friendster Horoscopes are frighteningly... on the mark for me.

The Bottom Line
Some soul searching will turn up all the right answers. What was the question?

In Detail
You're not mean-spirited -- not one tiny little bit. You can, however, be goaded into behavior that's beneath you if someone shows anything less than total respect for a worthy cause -- much less one that's near and dear to your heart. If you've already warned them, or if you know they've heard about your recent dealings with someone that impolite, you won't hesitate to come out with both guns blazing. And well you should...

Freaky. And here's the one from a few days ago that has had me thinking.

Once you make up your mind about someone, it's tough to change it, especially if a long-term dispute is at the heart of that opinion. For now, it might be best for you to let all that go, though, no matter what it was, and try to let the past truly become the past. Of course, it all depends on whether the situation is something you can forgive. If so, give it a try. If not, you might as well be as civil as possible.

On the mark, don't you think? (And for those who know, it is on the mark, isn't it?) There are people on YM that I've stealthed because of unsettled... things. I've been thinking of unstealthing since last month, but I never got around to it. n_n; I'm afraid of dealing with what I'll have to deal with when I unstealth them. And there are still the lingering reasons of why I stealthed them in the first place.

This is one thing I noticed about myself. I have a tendency to hide. Like my Invisibility episodes. And when I don't answer texts on my phone. (Although most of the time it's just me misplacing my phone somewhere and totally forgetting about it. XP) I'm like a turtle. Lol! Safeist safeist.

I just found the friendster account of our Philippine Government and Constitution Prof. XD Wahahaha. He doesn't seem like the person who'd make one, even though he seems pretty cool in my opinion. Funneh. XD I've been checking Friendster quite frequently lately, mostly for the horoscope. Sometimes I just click around and I find myself at the same page I find myself at on other days. Yeah..

Mom and Dad left for Hawaii today. It's been 10 hours since their departure (3pm), so they've got about... 8 more hours to go. Wonderful. XP I DO pray that they make it safely. I only realized how much I'd miss them when I text them that I loved them before they boarded the plane and I felt like crying. XP How sappy Ria. I wonder what crazy things I'll do while they're gone? I wonder if I even have the guts to do anything crazy while they're gone. XD

Crap, I'm hungry.

I feel so fickle. And that makes me feel so bad. >_<

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I'm almost somewhere.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005
Kinda Up, Kinda Down
Listening to: Mayonnaise ~ Jopay

-I'm off my Invisibiilty episode. For most people, at least. :P
-I've updated my Wish List.
-My new Blogger pic has been getting some attention lately. XD
-I'm still thinking about what I've been thinking about lately.. and that is a secret. :P Still bothers me tho.. XD

Yesterday was the SONA. I didn't watch it tho. XD That's because I woke up late, and my aunt decided to kidnap me for badminton. In the end we just went to McDo in Ever. Lol! After eating in McDo with my three younger cousins, we actually went walking through Commonwealth with all the Anti-Gloria people. XP Twas kinda scary, but pretty cool as well. First time to actually be in a rally. (Even if I'd rather GMA stay.) XD

Raaaaaaaawr immaturity in college. XD I really don't know the whole story, but from what I can see now, it's totally shallow. Tis cool to realize that you're above all of that. n_n

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I'm almost somewhere.

Sunday, July 24, 2005
Listening to: Avril Lavigne ~ Fall to Pieces

Status: Invisible to Everyone

I'm going through another one of my YM Invisibility episodes. I haven't really been in the mood to talk with anyone lately. Plus, people are busy with either work, school, games, or sickness. I actually should be busy with school as well, but I'm never busy with school until the day before the deadline. I haven't forumed. I haven't even had the decency to blog or anything. So I suppose I'll just go over what happened in the last four days. Friday evening, we had a mini fashion show for Lola, since she was here to have a checkup at the hospital. I wasn't really game, but I did it anyway. I was with the girls anyway. Categories: Gypsy Look, Biker Chick (Leather. And I mean REAL leather. Need I say more?), Out of this World (Rogue) and Formal (GradBall gown). We only did four because the girls took so long in changing. I also managed to finish DLing the whole series of Escaflowne. I got all giddy over Van. :P On Saturday, 1AS1 had to go to UST for a makeup class in Geography. Talk about totally sucky. And it was only an hour long. >=/ Geog would be cool if our prof didn't have a globe up her arse. >_> Then at 3 I went to the dentist, and up till now I can still feel the effects. ~_~ There's only one gap left to close, and my dentist said that there's a huge possibility that I can get my braces off by this year. Ooh. Thank goodness I go to all of my appointments. Today we went to Chili's for lunch, and then went to Rockwell to watch 'The Island'. The movie was great; lotsa action, some drama, and some philosophical stuff as well. I wonder if it will ever come to the point that we actually start cloning people merely for harvesting. That's damn scary. And wrong in my opinion. While walking around, I saw something quite interesting. I saw an older guy, w/ glasses, in a suit, (cute lol) playing DDR. :O Naaliw ako. XD It was, after all, something you don't see everyday. Also I saw a blue Honda Jazz with my name on the license plate. :O 'RIA-222'. Coolness. :P I thought I saw someone in Rockwell, and I actually stopped in my tracks for a moment. But it wasn't him. XP Lalalalala.

I've got some issues with UST now. Like how Gela feels, I'm not taking college as seriously as I should. Or would like to. It's just so... secondary to me. And I have no idea what's the first on my list either. I mean, I just do what I need to do to get by, even though I know I promised myself I'd work harder once I hit college. I guess I need to get more involved, but I don't know where I should do so.

im lonely. i can accept the fact that i have loads of friends, pero iba yung may kasama ka na alam mo na mahalaga sayo. i want to find someone who i can share my being me. people tend to look at me like a kid, but that's because i am happy. and there's nothing wrong with that.

-From Kriz

I completely agree with this. Yeah, I've got some friends at UST. But it's not the same. I still miss what I had in Holy. I don't think I'll EVER find something that can replace what my friends and I had in Holy. I miss Fab5. We were all close, after all. I could be myself. I could speak in straight English all I wanted to or chase people down the corridor or get all pervy on people on Thrusdays. =/ I really thought that the environment would be more mature when I hit college, but I was wrong. I mean, is being able to speak in English so different? Duh! XD It's a freakin asset! :P Inggit ka lang! Geez, if there's anything I hate the most in people, it's being immature, being shallow, and making a big deal of the way I speak.

I also have a feeling that some of our female blockmates make a big deal of the fact that Coco and I hang out with 3 guys, 2 of which are pretty popular with the girls. >_> How dumb. Goodness, I hope I'm wrong there for the majority. I know it's true for one of my blockmates. XP

SONA tomorrow. Hope nothing dangerous happens tomorrow. >_<

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I'm almost somewhere.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005
Listening to: E Fan

I haven't been in the mood for blogging lately. Nor have I been in the mood to play. When I get home, I'm not in the mood for anything. I think it's by pure instinct that I go to the PC after I change and clean up.

Woo hoo. I'm in a blog rut. I'm in a rut, period.

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I'm almost somewhere.

Thursday, July 14, 2005
Listening to:Mayonnaise ~ Jopay

I finally have an umbrella.

Quiz in Theo. I had to read what I wrote last Tuesday. Problem was, my paper was really dirty. Imagine streaked out lines, asterixes, and a lot of arrows. XD Luckily for me, it wasn't to be passed, just read. I got a 90. ;) Quiz in PGC. Then recitation in ASN. I don't know why, but I like reciting in those two subjects. Our PGC prof has this sinister air around him. XD He's got this really freaky smile to match it too. But he's pretty fun too. He's got his fun moments. Although he seems to mention rape a lot. Like how our Philo prof likes to mention pregnancy a lot. XP

After ASN, Jumbo, Arjay, Coco and I headed to BK in Dapitan. Ate lunch there, and ended up waiting for JayZ. We had fun messing with camera phones and perspectives. Not to mention pens and french fries. XD After eating, I went to meet up with Hans, who's leaving for the States. From what I read on his Friendster blog, he's leaving because of something that happened to him concerning a girl. =/ He was supposed to go to UST, but I guess he pulled out at the last minute. Aafter catching up a bit, we went out separate ways and Arjay, JayZ, Coco and I hung out at the catwalk. We talked about our profs and the things we noticed about them. Twas fun. But mean. XD

Oh! On the way home, Coco and I rode an FX, and we rode at the back. I sat next to this gay guy, and the first thing I noticed when we opened the back door was the fact that his thong was sticking out of his pants. XDD WALA LANG! Just sharing. XD

I want my own PC. And I want it in my room. With my own files, and an internet connection. Well, my birthday is coming up... XD Nah, dreaming too big Ria. Well, mom said they're thinking of getting me my own pair of custom boots for my bday. @_@ Wow. I design now. XD

One of these days, I'll bring my digicam to school. I'll post pics of 1AS1. XD And I'll post pics of all the food we eat. And our room that may be ACed, but is still falling apart. XD Our UBER vandalized chairs, our chinese AC XD, and all the other wonders about the AB Building.

Remember that dude that asked to borrow money from meh? Scam. Someone hacked his YM account. Hay. Luckily I only sent him 47 pesos. XO

The strong urge I once had to play online games seems to be gone. Hm. That's new. I still would like to play, but the urge isn't as bad as it used to be. I guess this is a part of my withdrawal from playing too much. Since pRO and makuRO are gone from my PC (for now >:D), and pROSE is ALWAYS overpopulated, I can't play at all. This is what you call literally removing the temptation. XD Now I have to work on staying on the PC too much. (And imagine, I want my own PC. XD)

NBSB. I'm sure a lot of you know what this means. NBSB, aka no boyfriend since birth. Technically, I'm applicable. XD But anyway, mom always acuses me of meeting with my 'boyfriend' in secret. O_o Which is really wierd. I'd understand if it was my turtle, but I don't think she was listening when I told her I had a stuffed toy for a boyfriend. I know she means it in a teasing way, but she tells me this everyday when I get home. And that's a bit, uh, more than usual. In the end, I can't help but think that's she's trying to tell me something. XD But seriously, telling her everyday that I don't have a BF and that I'm not meeting him in secret is starting to get annoying. =/ It was her who told me that my personality is too independent. And I think it's true. *ponders* I guess that's why I'm partially scared of commitment. XD

Damn. My modem keeps on dying. And I have to keep on restarting it when I can't re-establish internet connection from the PC. =/ Biyotchy modem. *belat*

Ah, it's 10pm. I'm going to stop risking my internet existence and go off now.

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I'm almost somewhere.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005
Listening to: Avril Lavigne ~ Fall to Pieces

Why are people so much taller than me? XP
Why don't I have an umbrella yet?
Why do I put up with my killer atlas?
Why does everyone bully me? XD (It's because you're small. XP)

Ah questions. :P

I want a new layout.

The urge to play is starting to die down. Which is good. In a sense.

School is fine I suppose. The lights died while we were having a quiz in CWG, and we had to use our phones to light our papers. XP Actually, I don't know why we even went to school today; the only class we really had was CWG. Our English prof was absent, then our Lit period was taken for an orientation for Guidance. Then CWG. Then our Philo prof was absent. *shrugs* There was a General Assembly for the Society of Asian Studies, but I skipped it. XD

I'm feeling a bit scatterbrained right now. I had an entry already in mind earlier, but when I started typing I forgot it all. I don't know what to write. :P And I feel mellow. Senti mellow. Whatever.

Ah, what now? I've been watching Tsubasa : Reservoir Chronicle lately. I'd rather read the manga, but since the anime is free, best put up with that, right? :P Poor college girl. n_n;

I don't know what to write about now. n_n; So I'll go off to bed.

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I'm almost somewhere.

Sunday, July 10, 2005
Takas Mode
Listening to: Avril Lavigne ~ Fall to Pieces

Cool and freaky at the same time. XP

Maybe I should get my own PC. Bleh, dream on Ria. XD Folk Dance. I don't even have the shoes for my PE yet! ARGH. XD Cadavers.. I didn't think of that when I first saw them. The fact that I glanced upon a room full of dead bodies kinda spazzed me out. XP But yeah, now that you mention it.. =/ C2 Raks. XD *hugs*

I miss shouting in the field at Holy. =/ Wheee, therapy. XD

I'll try. I'm not really good at making them see things the way I do though.


Today we went to Grace and Nong's (remember the wedding I went to last December?) house for the blessing of their new house. Had to rush because we all woke up late. >_< After the blessing, we went to Glorietta. Their house was near the South Super Highway, so Glorietta wasn't too far off. Mom and I walked around, and we bought ourselves skirts. XD Then we ate at Outback Grill (dunno if that's really the name XD) because we saved a LOT of money on our electricity bill because of our newly installed ceiling fans. :P Lychee drinks rock. XD That food there was great. Then we went home. :P Nothing really extraordinary.

My parents are leaving for Hawaii for two weeks at the end of this month. :O Wow. 2 weeks. XD Nah, I doubt I'll do anything crazy while they're gone like have a rave party at the house or go out on dates or something. O_o But as usual, Jeth and I will be getting the talk of the wills and testaments, the medical records and where mom stashes cash. I pray they'll have a safe trip.

Yesterday someone asked to borrow a large sum of money from me. >_< And it wasn't like someone I talk with everyday or someone who's very close to me. I didn't though, because quite honestly I'm totally broke. It was really awkward tho.. You want to trust that person because they claim it's for something very important, but you know you can't just trust anyone. *sigh* I sent him all of my load tho. Gah.

I also forgot to post about the terrorist attack in London. >_< Although I'm not very updated about it, it worries me a lot. I have a cousin there, and she's newly wed too. (Remember Lassie and Mel?) She's a nurse in Central London, so I hope she's doing ok. Dad thinks he saw her on BBC News running around helping victims. Could be, since the hospital she works at is also in Central London. I hope Cal is ok too. @_@ Damned terrorists. >_<

And the latest talk of the country: Politics. Geez, I don't want to talk about politics on my blog. >_< I just wish that everyone would stop being assholes and really just REALLY do something for the country. I hope when I say that I'm not being to idealistic. T_T

Ah, must sleep now. Coco says there's going to be a rally tomorrow. ~_~ That means I have to leave even earlier, and that means I have to wake up even earlier! Gah.. Plus, my PC curfew was an hour and a half ago. XD

On a happier note, advanced Happy Birthday to Jack, aka Jackie Loz~ :D

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I'm almost somewhere.

The Skirt Escapade

Listening to: Typecast ~ Phoenix

Everyone has the potential to be psychotic. It's just the probability and the how prone a person is to becoming psychotic that changes. You'll be in a ward, I'll be on the run. ;)

I suppose. But that still sucks. XD

Tee hee. XD Random bouts of insanity. ("\(*o*)/")

I don't want them to get mad, so I'll lay off for now. XP I don't want them totally banning me from the PC. XD


Man, I just DLed the first episode of Tsubasa : Reservoir Chronicle and it doesn't work on my winamp or windows media player. XP I can hear the sounds but I don't see anything. XD So I watch the visualizer. It's pretty hypnotizing. But the other ones look like they could cause a seizure. O_o

Yesterday I went out with my girls to Eastwood. After going to my classes, I met up with Gela at McDo Katipunan. A milestone for Ria! : I wore a skirt. A skirt that's above my knees. XD Yes, the world is coming to an end. But I wasn't the only one as Gela was also in a dress. :P Still, I felt veeeeeeery... bare. XD Exposed. Lol! Ah well, there's a first for everything. We ate in McDo while waiting for Racine and Maku. While we were ordering, a part of the ceiling fell! O_o We didn't get to see it fall since we were ordering our food, but we got to see it when we went to sit down. It literally collapsed! Tubes, cement, lights; all of it. I also got to see another person at McDo. Face paint? Pfft. XD After McDo, Gela and I went to NBS so I could look for an atlas, and when we couldn't find one, we literally bummed around inside. :P After a while of waiting, we met up with Racine and Maku and we took a taxi to Eastwood. Taxis are ebil. XD

We went to Seattle's Best, then to PowerStation. Walked abit, then went in to catch the trailers. Rawr, so many movies to look forward to. XD We watched Fantastic Four. It was ok, I suppose. It seemed short for me though. Gela thinks the Human Torch is HOT. XD Yeah well, he's got a cute personality but it's not my type. ;) After that, I think we ate. I don't really remember. XD But we ate at Kenny Roger's, and the food there is pretty good. XD We stayed there for like.. over an hour after we finished eating. XD We just talked and talked. Then we left and went to Coffee Bean where Gela and Racine drank uber milky hot chocolate and Maku and I got honey sticks. Honey sticks. <3 Got some doughnuts, and went home. I was supposed to go OL, but once I saw my bed BLAG I was out. :P

When I woke up I had the sniffles. Which I still have until now. XP

Hmm, what else? Ah, I'm getting over my psychotic rant in my previous post. Fine. No RO for now. But I'll install it as soon as I get the chance. XD And I'll be playing ROSE. >:D

This is the number one thing my Mom hates about me; I always find a way to get around her.

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I'm almost somewhere.

Friday, July 08, 2005
Listening to: Avril Lavigne ~ Fall to Pieces

Things to Note:
- I hate Tuesdays because my PE totally sucks. XD
- I still love the rain, but I seriously need an umbrella.
- I need a waterproof jacket. XDDD
- Masarap ang C2.
- I look like a drug addict on my ID card. XDDDD
- UST has a large supply of fresh dead bodies, aka cadavers. (I SAW A LOT! @_@)

Thanks to the people who share their umbrellas with me all the time. Thanks to Jumbo and to Coco especially. And to Jz and Rj for showing us the places in Dapitan. And to Coco, Jumbo, Jz and Rj for all the laughtrips. =P

Ok, serious post time now. (Damn, I'm hungry. >_< I still don't have a stable appetite.)

Anyway. Last night I cried. Because... Mom restricted me from playing RO. Ever again. She even had it uninstalled. I know it probably seems really shallow to a lot of people. But for me, I mean... I've devoted a lot of my time into this game. Maybe a bit too much, but not as much as I used to, I promise. I don't even go past 9pm because I have a PC Curfew! Dad doesn't care what I do. He just follows what my mom says. And mom says that she just doesn't like the game. And Jeth doesn't like it either because one of his batchmates supposedly committed suicide over it (WTF?). Like I'd be that stupid.

What's so wrong with it? Why don't you look for 5 year old boys trash talking in Gunbound? Or 7 year olds killing each other in Counterstrike or massacring people in GTA? O_o Hell, I don't even know how to play those games. @_@ Plus, I really doubt RO would make me think of bringing a gun to school and killing everyone in sight.

I just don't understand why my mom restricts me so much? The more she restricts me the more I want to break the rules. When I compare it to the way she treats my brother.. it's really unfair. She handles me with an iron fist, while she handles him with a velvet glove. He's so SPOILED! And I hate it so much because it's so unfair! He's 20 but he acts like he's 13. >_< But mom spoils him and so he acts like he's never going to grow up. So I took his place in terms of chores and expectations. Although I know they still can't believe I took up Asian Studies instead of Nursing. Pfffft. BITE ME. You won't catch me in pure white. I won't do the pureness justice.

I just want to get mad at them, but I CAN'T. I never seem to be able to stay angry. Why the hell is that anyway? O_o It's like one moment I'm seething then the next thing I know I'm reasoning with myself not to be like that. Gaaah. I want to screeeeeeeeeam so loud but I don't. I want to argue but I keep my mouth shut. I want to fight but I remain docile. I just want to stay angry, even if just for a while. I want them to know that I DO get angry. I want them to know that I DO cry. They just don't know it because I lock myself in my room, and by the time I come out the feeling is locked away somewhere. One day I swear it's just going to explode and I'll become all PSYCHOTIC. I'LL BE THE PSYCHOTIC EVER HUNGRY BOLEMIC ANOREXIC ASIAN STUDIES AMERICAN GIRL. @_@ THEN I'LL START RUNNING ABOUT SWEARING IN STRAIGHT ENGLISH KILLING PEOPLE WITH MY OUTDATED ATLAS!!


Ewan ko. Naguguluhan ako. (More like nababaliw.) Everyone seems busy, so BLEH! Sorry blog. You carry the whole weight of my vague-ness.

Thanks to Carlo for chatting with me. And for making me feel better. Even if just for a while.

Give me wings.

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I'm almost somewhere.

Sunday, July 03, 2005
Catching Up
Listening to: Parokya ni Edgar ~ Sayang

Someone told me to listen to this song and tell him if he's like this. Now I'm smiling because the song is catchy. XD

Happy Birthday to Racine! :D :D :D You're now 17. XD

Anyway. I haven't been able to update lately. D:

Ok, let's do a brief rundown of what happened this week.

Pretty normal day. But lo and behold, I came home, and my bunk bed was gone! :O *GASP* Well, the top half of it was gone. But still. My bunk bed has been in my room since... ever since we moved here six years ago. O_o And now it's gone! Dang. Well, they installed a ceiling fan, and it's pretty useful. The light sucks tho. And now I have a lot of bare wall. XD

Jeth drove Coco and I to school. I NEVER WANT TO RIDE WITH HIM AGAIN. He is a CRAZY driver, and when I say crazy, not the kind that's fun in a dangerous way; more like road rage. >_< And he was rude to Coco as well. Bleh. That jerk.

At least later that afternoon we got to listen to Parokya ni Edgar perform. XD They were promoting Rexona, so the sound of "First Day Funk" happily floated about the campus.

Celebrated Racine's birthday! :D Took a jeep with Racine and Maku from McDo Ever to UP, then UP to Katipunan. We went to McDo Katips where we met up with Cai, where we waited for Gela. We talked about a lot of stuff there. And ate as well. XD And there were a lot of Miriam girls there. (no duh XD) Being from Holy, it was like walking in hostile territory (and for reasons other than that, lol.). XD Saw a lot of people there too. We saw Simone, who looked kinda aloof. I saw Yumi, one of my neighbors. I even got to see Guilty! Lol. I told him I'd be at ADMU for a while, and I guess he fit it into his sched to see me. Woohoo! One more guildmate down. XD Haha, the first thing I did when I saw him was to make fun of him for choosing such a hard course. XD Mean. Meh, just talked for a while, then he left. Then Gela arrived, and it was back to UP for the Freshteeeg Concert. We took the overpass, and we met Miggy there. :O Surprise! XP

When we got there, we met up with Gretchen, and saw that the line was UBER LONG. @_@ It went around the whole building! Gah. So we stood in line for what seemed like.. forever. Well, at around an hour and a half later, we decided to eat at Katipunan instead. Cai stayed with her blockmates, and we went off to Katips. I had my handy dandy pepper spray as we walked. XD Ate at Kamirori, and Gretch had the weirdest laughing trip ever. XD She couldn't even touch my iced tea before laughing.

We then went to Seattle's Best. Gretch bought food so we could stay... and I fell asleep. LOL. I sleep everywhere. XD At least I wasn't the only one who fell asleep, as Maku did as well. Then at around 11:30, Racine's dad picked us up and it was home for us.

Dad and I went to Dusit to visit my cousin from the states. I took her around Glorietta and all we did was SHOP. Well, she shopped. I had no money. XD We also got to watch SpongeCola there; Elida and Creamsilk had this major makeover thingie going on, and SpongeCola performed. Twas cool.

We went to Powerplant today and watched War of the Worlds! Twas.. freaky. But cool. *nods*

I went window shopping with my mom, and I couldn't help but feel the pressure of 'what's in'. O_o All the girls in skirts and flip flops got to me. O_o And I started wondering why I'd never wear clothes like that. I think the main reason would be because I don't want to follow what's in. O_o Mom thinks I dress very ordinarily, and I told her that I dress extraordinarily now because what's extraordinary to her is ordinary to everyone else since everyone wears it. Confused yet? XD But anyway. Even though I say I don't want to follow the trend, I think I just don't believe I can pull it off. XP What a weird reason. But seriously, I wonder why my style is the way it is. After all, you can tell a person's personality by what they wear, at least most of the time you can.

Maybe I'll try something different one of these days.

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