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Sunday, April 30, 2006
Skirt Perils!
Listening to: Rachael Yamagata ~ Meet Me By The Water

Went to church today, and offered Mass Wine. The only reason why I was chosen to offer wine was because I was in the skirt I bought yesterday at Kamiseta. Which is probably the reason why I was followed around Ever afterwards by two dudes. ~_~ Well. At least they weren't DOMs. But still, that doesn't change the fact that I was followed around. Heh. I was able to shake 'em by darting into shops tho. I stayed with Sarah at her stall afterwards. XD

We also had lunch with Father Bipin. Father Bipin is this Indian priest we befriended after he blessed our red car. XD He offered to cook me Indian Curry! *love* And he said he'd make it using the real spices and stuff, not just the powder that you buy at the grocery. Aw. :3

After that we went home, and had a BBQ with a few of our uncles and Uncle Teddy and Auntie Anna. I tried to play badminton outside in the dark with Jeth, but that didn't go to well. We didn't get past 3 volleys. XD Watched Sgt. Bilko and Goldmember on TV, and Uncle Teddy gave me a pep-talk on transferring out of UST. Hrrr. He went on about how I should transfer to UP and stuff. XD Oh gosh. I don't think I'd survive there. @_@ But he said that more of my GE subjects would get credited if I went to UP instead of Ateneo. *ponders* Graa. Decisions, decisions. XP

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Saturday, April 29, 2006
Listening to: Myself complaining about the heat

I went to Mega with Cai and Gela to go shopping! :D

I bought myself a green shirt at Folded and Hung (thank you Cai), a skirt at Kamiseta (thank you Gela), and a pair of flip flops from People are People. Be proud of me. XD I knew I wasn't going to be able to ask money from my mum, so I swiped 3k from my savings, and in the end I spent 1.2k for everything I just listed. And those were all on sale. XD But it was ok, nonetheless. I have to start taking my own steps for creating my own style, and I guess this is me starting.

Had lots of fun today. :3 Thanks gals. And Cai's family. XD

Imma turn in early today. Wow. It's only 9pm. XD Oh well. I need the sleep anyway.

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Random Thoughts

Listening to: A Perfect Circle ~ 3 Libra's

Despite the fact that I had a hard time sleeping last night (I slept at 5 in the morning. XP But then again, that's not that surprising, now is it?) I actually woke up feeling more rested than I ever have this whole summer. O_o Which is weird, because I only got about... 6 hours of sleep. I slept at 5, and woke up at 11. I didn't have to drag myself out of bed. Well, I still rolled out of bed, but I wasn't tired as I did so. Groggy, but yeah. Weird, huh? I wasn't even in the best state of mind when I was trying to get to sleep, but when I woke up, I was fine. Oh well. Great for Jazz dance class then. Master Jazzer, here I come! XD

Seriously speaking though, I should start getting more sleep. I freak people out when they wake up at 6am to still see me OL. XP Besides that, it's not exactly healthy. Sometimes I sleep at 5, and I end up waking up at 9 because Mum wants me to do chores around the house. Like how she had me sit on the kitchen floor at 11pm earlier to label stacks and stacks of shoeboxes. XD Well, I think my insomnia is coming back again. Before, I used to stay up because I had someone to stay up with, but even then I was sleepy. But now it's already 2:30am, and I don't feel sleepy at all. Looks like I've totally screwed up my sleeping pattern.

I watched Silent Hill earlier with Gela and Cai at Eastwood. And I was... disappointed. I'll leave it at that so I won't spoil it for others who're to watch it still. But this is coming from someone who hasn't played the game, but has only read about it, so yeah, don't let my opinion of the movie affect yours that much.

Hrr. Thanks Convi for sending me load when I was in dire need. XD And thanks to Maku for getting me a nice anti-Virus program! My PC is finally rid or all those damn worms that managed to get themselves onto my PC. XP

I really really want my own PC. NOW. *whine* XD This PC can't run the programs I want it to run *coughRisingForceOnlinecough*, but it's also starting to scare me because of its unreliability. If anything happens to this PC, Jeth will just format it without a thought. Which would mean I'd lose all my files. And I don't want that to happen.

I want a lot of things really. Like clothes (because I'm in DIRE NEED OF THEM, ask my friends, they agree with me), a new scanner (because the current one bites), speakers (because this PC has NONE. I'm using headphones atm.), a new color for my room (because my room is totally dull) and a lot of other things that would clog up the entry of mine if I listed them.

Tomorrow I'm going out with Cai to Megamall (Oh Lordy.) for this sale thingie. XD She's going to help me buy clothes. My wardrobe is in need of a makeover. Seriously. Hopefully I can get some stuff there.

Ghaaa. I'm back to blogging without much sense again. I jump from topic to topic. XP When I read other blogs, I envy how fluid the transition from topic to topic is. I also envy those bloggers who's entries are so poetic. Well, I don't really envy them, but I sure do wish I could do that myself. When I read entries like those, I can see how blogging is an art in its own way. Being as I blog so much, I'd like to think that when I do blog, I'm creating something that people enjoy reading. Something that sparks curiosity in the reader, making them want to know more of who am based on what I write about my everyday misadventures.

I want to be like that one day... *starry eyed* XD

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Friday, April 28, 2006
Listening to: Computer fan that I mistook for rain

I hate it how I make myself feel even more stupid than I already do. Must I be so lost about everything? For once, I want to be sure about myself. Especially about someone I love and care for, because this cluelessness of mine is affecting them just as much (if not more) as it is me.

And I hate it.

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Saturday, April 22, 2006
Listening to: Aqualung ~ Strange and Beautiful

I love, yet hate this song. *sigh*

Anyway. I had my first day of jazz dance. It was... painful. XD I mean, stretching alone was pretty hard. IT HURT. XD I don't remember the last time I stretched that much. XD And the rest of the things that our instructor had us do weren't that easy either. This is going to be a looong summer. XP

After Jazz class, we walked all the way to Royale Place from the Center for Movement and Music! That's like, FAR! And it was my first time to actually walk along Holy Spirit Drive. XD We bought ice cream, met up with Racine and Camilla, and walked all the way from Royale Place to Burger Machine, which is like, all the way at the gate of Vista Real. Which is also far. XD What is it with us and Burger Machine anyway? Dad picked us up from there, and we bummed at my house, browsing iichan and the pics I have on my PC. Then Kari text, asking if I was going to All My Friends Are Dead's gig in Greenhills. I said I wasn't, because I didn't have transpo. And lo and behold, Kari provided transpo for all of us. Tis amazing. XD

We got there early, (in before sticky! I kept on saying this for some reason. XD) and I was able to take some vanity pics on the pool table. We got fed up with waiting, so we walked from Harmony Bar all the way to Promenade, where we met up with Maku, Travis, Ralph and Francis, and 'ate' dinner. At around 8, we walked back to Harmony Bar with Maku and Travis, and Kari, Racine and I watched AMFAD perform. Twas 100php, but what the hell. XP They were pretty good. :D Twas damn loud tho. After they had finished, we walked back to Promenade, where we waited for Kari's ride, and we went home after that. Fun, but tiring. XP

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006
What I Did for Holy Week and Other Things Besides
Listening to: Portishead ~ Wandering Star

OK so, I didn't update when I said I would, but I'm still updating, right? XD

Anyway. Last Friday we went to Pampanga for the Kalbaryo 2006. We woke up pretty early, and got there via car at around 9. We parked the car outside the Barangay, and walked towards the site. Once we entered the barangay, we were met with this:

I was the first to get blood on my clothes. XP

So we continued walking. It wasn't that hot yet, so it was ok. One thing I noticed is that there were a lot of emo bois in that barangay. XD I mean, there were a lot of people wearing black, given the day of the Holy Week, but these guys were definitely emo. The hair, the glasses, the shirts and the shoes. Definitely emo. Twas surprising to see them there. XD Anyway, we continued walking. Some of the locals were pretty 'friendly'. No, they weren't really friendly in that sense, but they sure did go out of their way to try and get my attention. Graa. Along the way, we met up with what seemed to be another traveler. He introduced himself as the Amabassador of Nigeria. O: He told us to visit his country afterwards. XD I thought it'd be cool, until I found out that Nigeria is in the state of Civil War. So anyway, we stopped at this spot where flagellants were, well, flagellating themselves. We got to see what they used to flagellate themselves up close.


They use pieces of glass stuck on a block of wood to cut up their backs, then they repeatedly whip themselves to keep the blood flowing from the cuts.

After getting some shots, we continued to the place where the crucifixion would take place. It was bare field, with a small hill with three crosses on it. To the side, there was a platform for the international media to take pictures from. Flagellants would march up to the hill in groups, and there they would finish their penitence.

At this point, I was tired of taking pics of bloody backs. I was also pretty splattered with blood, so we waited for the crucifixion to take place. Jeth tried to get suntanned, and I walked around. There was no shade. At all. Something that would suck at the end of the day. XP I ate ice candies and bought pinipig for kids collecting empty water bottles. We waited for nearly 3 hours in the sun for the crucifixion. We ended up hijacking a random ice cream vendor's trike, because it had an umbrella. In exchange, I helped him sell ice cream. XD SO. I'm so cool. XD

Jeth trying to get dark.

Those spots on the side of the van are blood. XP

Jeth's forensic shot of a blood splatter on my pants. XD

Buying pinipig for teh kiddies.

The Ice Cream trike we hijacked.

Good quality Dirty Ice cream! *thumbs up*

By the time it started, there was A LOT of people there. When we got there at 9, there was barely anyone. At 12, the place was swarming with people. XP I stood on the bike seat, and was able to see the cucifixion from there.

It didn't faze me out that much, since I was pretty far away. (Plus 4chan has kinda desensitized me to these things. @_@) After the first three penitents were crucified, we headed for the exit.


Nearly 60% of the people there had thought the same thing, and before we knew it, we were standing in the middle of a pushing crowd. I cannot describe how horrible it was. Someone actually started shouting out "Wowowee!". Holy heck. It was that bad. It was hot, dusty, and crowded. It was horrible. I walked the 15 minute walk back to the car in a daze. Dad and I held on to each other for support, as he gets panic attacks pretty easily, but in the end it was I holding on to him for support. All I could think of then was how dizzy I felt, how hot it was, and how there was blood splattered all over the street and gates cars that passed by. I felt like I was marching into Hell. o_o

So we finally got to the car. I had sunburn on my shoulders, there was dust in my hair, and all I wanted to do was go home. But we didn't. XD We stopped by at a Pizza Hut on the NLEX and had lunch there. I was able to change into some clean clothes, as well as wash my face. Then we went home. The first thing I did was take a bath. There was blood on my body, and it wasn't mine. It freaked me out. XP I ended up being the first person to actually take a bath in out newest bathroom. XD

So that's what I did for Holy Week.

Tristan came to stay with us for Saturday, and all we did was play the PS2, because I felt sick. XP Dynasty Warriors 5, Samurai Legends, Grandia 3, Suikoden Tactics, Battlefield something.. I forgot. XD OH! And BASARA! LOL! XD It was in Japanese, so we could only guess at what they were saying. But omg the game is just so.. gay. XD Haay. I love making fun of games. XD

Although we did have a lot of fun killing thousands of random soldiers and laughing at cliche cutscenes (Well, I had fun at least.), I couldn't help but dabble in the issue between my parents and Tristan's parents. =/ My parents and Tristan's parents aren't on good terms at the moment. Hell, they don't even want to talk to each other. It's a long story, and I can't put it here, but I can't help but feel like these issues are isolating us from the rest of our family, relatives wise. We don't even have a lot of immediate relatives here in the Philippines, and we're going to fight with them pa? How alienated can you get? =/ Cousins shouldn't get separated because of fights between their parents, but that's what's happening to us, and I find it sad. It's annoying. Stupid pride.

On Sunday we went to Greenhills for Mass and I ended up buying this uber spiffy Harley Davidson hat. XD Mum was up to buy me clothes, but I didn't know what I wanted to get. It was then that I concluded that I don't have a set style for myself. It's a good and a bad thing in a way.

On Monday... I signed up for Jazz Dance classes. zOmgwtfbbq LOL! XD HOLY CRAP. Thinking about it makes me laugh. XDDDD They're every Thursday and Friday, from 1-2:30pm, at this place in Don Antonio, along Holy Spirit Drive. Lololololol, good luck to me. XD I also cleaned out my room. o: I got rid of a lot of clutter, and I finally admitted to myself that I'm a horrible pack rat. But it was pretty funny coming across all of these old papers, notes, letters, Chastity Covenants, and other stuff while sifting through my things. XD Now my desk is finally clutter free! :D

On Tuesday... I forced Gela to sign up for Jazz Dance with me. HAHAHAHAHAH. XD Now I have someone to look stupid with. XDD For some reason I had dressed up, even if we were just going to Don Antonio, so Gela text 'round, asking if anyone was up for a last minute gimmick of some sort. We ended up crashing Spyk's (Racine's brother) birthday dinner. XD We went to Starbucks in Tomas Morato while we waited for Racine's family, and after we went to Starbucks, we went to the Burger Machine across the street and hung out there. Why? Because we can. XD We then made our way to Heaven and Eggs, where we got free food. Gela and I are such freeloaders. We know. XD

Today, I planned on just bumming in the house. Mum and Dad left at around lunch time to go to Ortigas, and they ditched me here, leaving me with no transpo to meet up with Gela and Racine in UP. That didn't matter tho, as at around 4 I received a text from Gela, telling me that they were already on their way to my house. XD I was like, "WHAT XD". So they crashed and I stole 500php from Mum so we could order McDo and the delivery guy kept on giving me this weird look even if my Dad was there pruning a bush so I went inside and argued with my parents on whether or not we should tip him or not. XD *breathes* They stayed until 7, and all we did was look at the pics I had on my PC. So yeah. We also tried to think up with a pet for Gela's TNT thingie. We came up with a pet that ate garbage and who's poo smelled good. LOL. XD We imagined it as a pink, ice cream shape mound that smelled of strawberries. HAHAHA. XD It still didn't change the fact that ADMU would still be covered in crap. Even if it did smell good, it was still crap. XD

Harr. I've been reading a manga of Legend of Mana. My love for LoM has been greatly awakened once more. X3 But I only have up to the third volume. D: I have to find the rest of it. It's just so <3ful! It makes me want to connect my PS somewhere so I can play it again. X3

I think we're going to Subic next Sunday. Mum wants me to get a two piece. Great. XP

SO. Nice long post. XD Congrats on actually reading the whole thing. :D It doesn't count if you just skipped to the bottom tho. XD I think this'll do for now. I'll update tomorrow. I hope. Lol. XD

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Sunday, April 16, 2006
Quick Update
Listening to: BoA - Duvet (Acoustic)

I'll make my post about my bloody Holy Week experience tomorrow, complete with pictures. So... come back, kay? I'll be hiding the pics behind links; they're pretty bloody. XP

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006
Holy Week Plans
Listening to: Yellowcard ~ Way Away

Hah. Yellowcard. Love it. XD

Anyway. Since our trip to Puerto Galera went up in smoke.. we've got new plans for the Holy Week. Tomorrow we'll be going to the 7 churches, doing the Way of the Cross. Then on Thursday, we're going to Pampanga, in San Perdo Catud(I love you Wikipedia. XD). (All these 'P' places, Pagsanjan and now Pampanga. XD) We're going to watch the flagellation and crucifixion rituals. o_o Well, it's not my usual cup of tea, but I'm still up for it. At least what we're doing is actually connected to Holy Week, I guess. I know I have a lot of stuff to be sorry for. X3; I wonder what misadventure awaits me there. XD After that, I think we're just going to bum around the house.

One of these days I'm going to either Boracay or Puerto Galera. >:3 Once I'm legal. Har. XD I seriously need to get around more.

I need to start working on my wish liist. Graaaaaaaaaaar. X3;

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Short update

Listening to: Goo Goo Dolls ~ Black Balloon

I'm starting to really like my new hair cut. I guess it took me a while to get used to it. =p Even if it's short now, I can still manage to tie it up. XD Although most of it falls down as bangs. Ah well. I'm used to that, even when my hair was long.

I haven't been posting much. Last weekend I went to Glorietta and met up with HOL. Twas fun. :D The last time I saw them was what... last year? X3; Except for Chino. I saw him pretty recently. But anyway. My 'rents are starting to get more comfortable with the fact that I'm part of HOL. I mean, they let me meet up with them without as much resistance as before. The next time I'm to see them is probably going to be in September, during the LU! Live event. Unless something else comes up and we meet up again before that. XD

I'm familiarizing myself with PS again. I'm trying to learn how to do Vector art. X3; If I'm to be good at something, I guess PS is one where I've already got a start.

Gela and I are STILL looking for a class to take up. =/ Any suggestions?

Graa. I hide on YM. X3;

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Listening to:

...I didn't know multiple posting was this fun. LOL. XD

Posted the pics of my new haircut on my LJ. Dunno if I should post them here. Dunno if I should permanently move to LJ. XP

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Listening to:

Holy hell. There are only >2k people on Chaos, and it's x3 Exp to boot. Got to plaaay. X3;

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New Look?

Listening to: My Chemical Romance ~ Ghost of You

Another new thing to add besides the removal of my braces; the fact that I just got my hair cut reeeaaally short, and had it dyed brown. I might have it dyed black again, since I think the brown ended up too light. But we'll see about that.

Cai dragged Gela and I to this salon on Mindanao Ave, the Collage (I think!), where we had our hair cut and were made up for a photoshoot for a catalogue. And since that counts as being a photographer's model, I can cross out that wish on my list. Although I won't, since I still want to model for people out there. XD Hahaha, I wish. But anyway, We were there for nearly the whole day. I mean, I actually woke up early (or at least attempted to) so that we could go there early. And I just got home around an hour and a half ago. XD But even if it was tiring and boring from time to time, I still had fun. Twas quite an experience to boot. XD

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Sunday, April 02, 2006
Goodbye Braces!
Listening to: India Arie ~ Video

Yesterday was a good day. <3

I got my braces removed, ate at Mexicali, and hung out with my girls. Ah. Summer's looking up, my friends. :D

Anyway. I'm kind of sick right now. XD So my 'rents are making me drink lots and lots of Gatorade. Lol. But that's ok, I guess. I don't hydrate myself that effectively. XD

Mm. I'm planning on stealing my dad's phone (Nokia 7360). The phone used to be my mum's, but dad liked it a lot and bought it from her. This is actually the first time I've wanted a spiffy phone. XD And yes, teh phone is spiffy. I mean, the phone is actually girly. Well, girly-ish. Look at it! X3 I'm planning on how I'm going to steal it. *schemes* XD But in truth, my current phone (Nokia 6030) is still working for me.

Gela and I are planning on taking up a summer class for fun. Well, I'm being forced to find something to take up. XD And if I don't find something to take up, mum's going to make me into the house maid. @_@ Oh crap. No plz. So yeah, I have to find something. XD Personally, I want to take up something exciting/new/not so usual, if I'm with Gela. If I'm to take up a class by myself, I'd probably settle for something like painting. X3; Not that there's anything wrong with painting.

Mum calls me half-baked. It annoys me, but it's true. I'm not really.. 'specialized' in any sort of skill or anything. According to her, if I joined in a beauty contest or something, I wouldn't have a single skill that I could show off in my benefit. Which sounds stupid actually; why the hell would I join a beauty contest?! XD But on a serious note; I feel lame now. Ok, that wasn't that serious, I was just getting back on topic. But still. I do feel lame. Like I wouldn't be much compared to others because of my skills. Before my mum talke-- scolded me about not taking up a class this summer, I was pretty content with myself. Now, I'm not sure anymore. =/

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