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Wednesday, August 30, 2006
Eating Disorders, oh no!
Listening to: PC Hum

I think I'm becoming a compulsive eater. @___@ I'm always hungry! Like now. And even if I just ate, the moment I smell more good-smelling food, I get hungry again. D: Argh. If I'm going to get fat, this is exactly how it's going to happen. Unless, this is some natural response my body is making to how I've been living my life lately. There really is no way to find out for sure. Which is why I'm worried. X3 I don't want to get fat! D: Well duh Ria, who does. I’m going to have to check how much I weigh later, to see if I really am starting to gain weight. This predicament of mine reminds me of how Ginno complains about how ‘fat he is, even though he isn’t. X3 Now that I’m faced with this, I can’t really blame him for being as bugged about it as he is.

Tope, the Art Director of the Flame, approached me yesterday, and we talked about the future projects that we had coming up. The next Dapitan, the regular publication of the Flame’s literature collection, will be put in my hands. o____o Tope plans on putting me in charge of the design, as well as the layout. Luckily, it’ll make use of photo art instead of illustrations, so I won’t have to draw anything (being the only graphics artist of the Flame). Other than that, Tope sorta divulged the little tid-bit that as current Art Director, he plans on making me the next Art Director. o_o Which is… intimidating. X3 Ok, so I can draw, but I can’t design and layout and stuff. But he reasoned that out of those under him, which would be me and a handful of photographers, I was his best bet. I actually feel kinda bad because I plan on transferring out next year. X3; I feel the same way towards the society, because Marvi, our current president, and Alvin, our Vice President, were bugging me earlier about what position in the society I’d run as next year. They kept on bugging me to run for Vice, the highest position a Junior can run for in his or her society. I honestly don’t know why they want me to take these positions. I’m not exactly responsible. I don’t have leadership skills, either. I’m not that assertive, and I’m not that charismatic. I guess the reason why they’re turning to me is because there’s no one else to turn to. XP

So now it is 3am; I just finished working on my papers, and I still have illustrations to make for the Flame. Bunch of hands I have to draw. I’m hungry. X3;; And my foot is all tingly. D: Later I’ll be finding out my Prelim grade in Filipino (Oh Lordy >_<). Person with the lowest Prelim grade goes first for our graded recitation on Friday. Guess who feels doomed. T_T

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Saturday, August 26, 2006
Papers Galore!
Listening to: Thom Yorke ~ The Eraser

Homework for this weekend:

1) Readings 82-171 for Filipino; Graded Recitation on Monday
2) 2 Reaction papers for Film Viewing last Tuesday; due Monday
3) Paper on Chapter 15 for Asian; due Monday
4) Illustrations for 'Dead Flowers Bloom' for the Flame; due Monday

All given on Friday. 8D Fuun.

I forget what happened this week. o_o;

Oh yeah. No classes last Monday. I think I spent it cramming the last batch of drawings assigned to me by Tope, the Flame's Art Director.

Tuesday we were excused from all our classes except History because the society held a Film Viewing thingie. I used the most of the time for cramming a paper for Filipino, as well as reading Chapter 13 of Asian Drama.

Wednesday was a regular day, I think. I can't remember if anything out of the ordinary happened. o:

Thursday we had PE. Loool. I woke up late so I skipped breakfast. Big mistake. Prof Adri had us play a short game, dividing the Blue team into two, and inserting the five members of the Gold team present into one of the halves. I was assigned to play Forward for the first half, then I played Defense during the second half. I slipped in the mud 6 times, got stuck in the mud once, and fell in the mud once. Then, the mix of being puyat, not eating breakfast and having the painters took its toll. After we were dismissed, I was dizzy and felt like vomiting. Coco tried to help me back to the Grandstand, but I plopped myself onto the ground in the middle of the field and started crying. X3; I started to hyperventilate and panicked. I was honestly really scared. The feeling of being helpless was just so overwhelming. Luckily, Coco ran off and called Prof Adri, and she comforted me as I drank some water. I took a long shower after that, then went to Burger King for lunch. I was generally ok after that. Sleepy though. XD

Fridaaay. No morning classes, because of the AB Sports Fest. So we only had Asian and Computer. :D Met up with Keith after class, because he needed to get his papers since he dropped out last year and is planning on applying at Benilde. I ended up going home at 5, and it took me forever to catch a ride. XP I was able to get one by 5:30, which is a good thing, because right after I got on it started raining hard. XD

Lately teh RF people have been conf-ing on plans for a Bellato-Altrax booth. I hope it pushes through. :3 It'd be tons of fun if it did. Plus, it'll make up for not being able to push through with the HOL-RF Booth as we originally had planned. X3

I forgot to mention in my last post that I broke my retainers. XP One of the wires kinda.. broke. Although my dentist said that eventually it'd do that. I forget what he said about what I should do when that happens though. XP

...ok, back to PTing. I mean, paper making. XD

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Thursday, August 17, 2006
Post-Prelim Hell Week
Listening to: Aqualung ~ Tongue Tied

The week has been pretty hectic.

Monday was our General Assembly for the society. Everything went pretty well; it started a bit late, but after that things went smoothly. I wasn't able to find someone to do an intermission, but this gay guy from the fourth year section went up and sang this song by Mariah Carey. I'm not sure if I'd call it singing, but that's what he at least tried to do. Either way, everyone loved it. So no matter. *shrugs*

Tuesday I found out that my Prelim grade in Math is 90. o: Wow. DAMN. This is the first time I've gotten a line of 9 for Math, ever. Lol. Twas also the day I was totally bugged; literally. When I was putting on my shoes for school, I was horrified to feel something inside one of my shoes. I quickly slipped my foot out, and nudged it, just to see a horribly large cockroach scramble out of it. Dad killed it though. XP Then when I got home, I found out that I had ants in my room. Actually, I had known before, but I thought that they were just stray ants that had come in from the bathroom. I was wrong, though. When I got home, I found a thin stream of them waltzing across my desk. I followed them to where they were going, and saw them disappear into the jewelry box my mom had given me. Bad, bad feeling. I opened one of the doors (the box itself resembles a cabinet), to see that they had made their nest inside my jewelry box. Uuuuuuuuuuurgh. I brought it downstairs and cleaned it out, with the help of my mom. Day wrecker, seriously. Not to mention the fact that I didn't pass the English Prelim Exam. 49/100; wtf? The end essay question was 40 points. I got 5/40. What the hell. To make things worse, I stayed up all night working on our Filipino report, at least my part of it. I did Mick's as well, and ended up not doing a due paper on Chapter 13 for Asian.

Today was pretty mediocre. I'm getting bothered by how much I eat nowadays. I feel like I'm always stuffing my face. But I can't help it. D: I'm always hungry. I'm worried I'm going to suddenly gain weight without even noticing it. XP Anyway. Started taking down notes in NatSci. Fil was ok. Ging broke down during Fil because of some personal problems, and I went out and comforted her. I felt so bad when I saw her crying; I honestly wanted to cry with her. Or at least cry for her or something. I mean, Ging is so nice; not just to me, but to everyone. I just feel special because she always lets me hug her and she doesn't get annoyed or anything when I bug her all the time. X3 I hope everything works out for her. I was lucky in Asian; Chapter 13 was supposedly due today, but Sir Dalangin didn't come to class today, so that's been bumped to Friday. Computer we 'learned' how to use MS Word. Well, honestly, I learned how to do one thing in Word, and that's to switch down to the next page via CTRL+Enter. Then dismissal.

Coco, Mick, Ags and I ate at Burger Machine after class. We got to see April and Chris, our former classmates, before we did. After eating, we started talking about all these gross things, and we just kept on laughing and laughing. Twas fun. I went home after that, and met up with my mom in Ever. I got my roots dyed and my bangs trimmed. So now I've shorter bangs and completely brown hair. I don't know if anyone will notice though. Worked on column backgrounds for the Flame. Took a while, but at least it's done. I made a bet with our Art Director that I'd finish everything by friday, or else I'd have to buy him 100Php RO Load. Now that the column BGs are done, I just need to do 2 drawings for 2 poems he gave me.

I just want to ask; do I seem that out of touch nowadays? =/ Am I so busy that I can't even talk to the people closest to me anymore? I know that with my mom and dad they find this to be the case. Everytime I go upstairs, they shout after me, saying that they'll see me next Christmas. Maybe that's why I blog with such detail sometimes; because I don't talk about it in detail with anyone else. Since I don't talk with anyone much anymore, I post it here so people can read it, even if it's not directly coming from me. I know that usually I complain about always being chased around by people who demand my attention as if they were somewhat important to me (mean), but this is different. I don't think I'm the only experiencing this now, but either way it still bothers me. I'd like to comfort myself by thinking that I'm cool enough to manage my time well enough to make everything work out, but obviously this doesn't seem to be the case. =/

And now, I should sleep. I couldn't sleep earlier. Some people might get mad at me for finding out that I didn't sleep right away.

At least I don't have PE tomorrow. Actually, that's not confirmed, but what the hell.

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Saturday, August 12, 2006
Listening to: Silverstein ~ Smile in your Sleep

Argh. Bad mood bad mood bad mood. I hate simmering in my own frustrations.

"May nahanap ka na ba para mag intermisson for GA?"
"Wala eh. Ayaw nila. Last minute kasi eh."
"Pilitin mo naman."

Seriously, the society is pushing all my buttons right now. From making me run around the campus for some forms while I'm sick to making me find someone to do an intermission for our GA on Monday. I mean, you could have asked me to do these things earlier; it'd makes things less stressful for me. Why ask me to find someone to do an intermisson only on Friday when the GA is on Monday? Finding someone capable of pulling it off is hard enough; I've to convince them to boot. Why tell me at 1 in the morning that we have a meeting later at 9am? I can't make everything work. It's not like I can magically change my plans just like that. It's not like I would, either.

I feel like today was such a waste of 24 hours. Wake up at nine, watch morning cartoons, eat, go out, get bored, go home. Well, I got to see my guildmates. But everything other than that was just total crap.

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Thursday, August 10, 2006
Wub! <3
Listening to: Ivy ~ Edge of the Ocean

I feel so loved today.

As of today, Ginno and I have been together for 3 months. :) It's pretty hard to imagine that we've been together for that long, already. It seems to have gone by so fast. X3 *hearts sprout in the air surrounding Ria* LOL. Losery, but that's seriously how I feel now. I'm just really happy. :) Thanks to all who remembered. :3 To many more. <3

Today is also my mum's nth 26th Birthday. XD I was supposed to buy her a gift yesterday, but I was lame and only realized that I didn't have any money to buy anything after we had arrived at SM San Lazaro. And that was after we ate there, too. The irony of it all is the fact that Mick, who had gone with me then, was the one who had checked his wallet before we left to check if he had money, not me. Siiiiigh. Soooo lame. On the way back to UST, that was all I could say; "LAME!" "Ang losery ko talaga. :-<" XD I had to go back today, after our Math exam. Speaking of the Math exam, it wasn't that hard. I got a decent 88%. X3 Anyway, I went back to SM San Lazaro with Coco (thanks dear X3). Nearly got run over by a truck while crossing Lacson Ave. o_o; After much searching, I bought my mum a pair of customized Superman logo slippers. XD And I bought all this fancy wrapping stuff from Papemelroti. Went home afterwards.

For mum's birthday, we went to TGIF/Friday's. We originally went to Grilla, near Ever, but they had really bad service, so we decided to go to Timog instead. I gave my gift before we left, and mum LOVED IT. Oh yez. XD I still have my touch. Anyway, dinner at Friday's went well. Food was yum. :3 On the way home, mom talked about how she always likes the presents I give her. I'm uber original, according to her. Well. XD

Why else do I feel looooved?

Well, I kinda uncovered the plan my friends had of throwing a surprise party for me. X3 THANK YOU GUYS! <3 And here I was, being all emo about not having a special 18th birthday. X3 I'm leaving it to them though, so that one way or another it's still a surprise. It seriously made my day. I love you guys so much.

And Tina! X3 Thanks Tina. *hugs* I MISS YOU. 3:

*snips off useless parts of her post*

Tomorrow *looks at her watch* --today is my last day of exams. Nat Sci and computer, here I come. >:3

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Monday, August 07, 2006
The Dream Hunters
Listening to: Panic! At the Disco ~ I Write Sins, Not Tragedies

Entry meant for yesterday:

I'm sick. It's driving me mad. I've been officially sick since... Saturday. Ever since my date with Ginno. o: The moment I got in the car, I started feeling crappier and crappier. By the time we had gotten home, I felt horrible. o_o; So when Racine and Maku came over to work on my PC, I was pretty much incapacitated.

I had a nice time with Ginno last Saturday, despite the fact that Shangrila loses majorly for not having anywhere to sit. Ginno gave me his copy of Neil Gaiman's The Dreamhunters. <3 It's absolutely lovely. I traded the first jacket he let me borrow for a new one. XD It'll be a lot more effective at keeping me warm. At least, that's what Ginno said. So we walked around a bit; ate, then walked around s'more. Looking for places to sit. XD Ended up in Mocha Blends. Iced Chocolate is creamy. Like, holyshitheartattack creamy. We just sat down with each other, and I found it really nice. :) Yes, I'm a sap. =p

When I got home, I was on the opposite side of the spectrum, though. I had a major headache, and a stuffy nose. I fell asleep while Racine and Maku were here. D: Racine and I made de-caffeinated coffee and tried to see if Maku would notice that it wasn't caffeinated. Yeh, placebo. XD He did, in the end, though. Lol.

Sunday was blah. I didn't do anything. Actually, I don't remember what I did on Sunday. Well, I tried to study for my exam on Monday, but I couldn't do that because I couldn't concentrate. I ended up sleeping through most of the day, save for the part where I had to help Ags formulate some sort of community development project for our NSTP assignment. By the time it was time for me to really sleep, I had a hard time. So I pulled out The Dreamhunters, and read it. It made me think of a lot of things. One thing that I really thought about were my dreams. Mainly because I don't remember any of my dreams anymore. I envy those who remember their dreams so well. X3 It's like having access to an entirely new plane of existence. Tapping into your sub-consciousness. I feel like I'm missing out on a lot. And I know I am. =/

Today we had our exam in Asian. We went to school early so Coco could pay her tuition fee and get her exam permit. The exam itself wasn't that hard. It was pretty short, actually, but I'm thankful that it was. Throughout the whooole day, I felt like utter crap. I had a headache, a slight fever, a stuffy nose, and frequent sneeze fests. After the exam, I had to run some errands for the society, so I went around from the OSA to the Dean's Office, to the Ed Tech Center. After that was done, I went home. Got on an FX, and made my way home.

Once I got home, I felt really relieved. I guess that's the effect of knowing you can let loose. I bummed around on the internet for a while, then went down for dinner. I ate while listening to my brother and my mom talk about myths regarding the size of a guy's penis. Like, do steriods really make your penis shrink? Is it true that skinny guys have bigger penises? Is shoe size really a factor in the size of a guy's penis? Etc etc etc. I was happily watching Xiaolin Showdown, so I wasn't really listening much. When I finally noticed what they were talking about, I commented, saying, "I love our over-the-dinner-table topics. XD" Mom was also talking about an officemate she once had while she was still in the States. They were on the topic of casual sex, so she told my brother how this officemate of hers would tell her about her dates and what they did and stuff. O_o Mom started complaining about how this officemate of hers wasn't even pretty or anything. (LOL MEAN) They my brother butts in, complaining about this ugly skinny guy he knows who gets laid a lot, even though he's butt ugly and stuff. I listened to this while I ate my fruit yogurt. Mom tried to get me to eat a banana, our staple after dinner fruit, and I said "Mom, I am not eating that after what I just heard over the dinner table tonight." She laughed, and let me go.

When I got to my PC, Gela asked me what I had planned for my upcoming birthday, and I told her that I didn't have any plans. ._. At that moment I felt pretty lame. X3 I mean, I want my birthday to be special, being the 18th and all. I don't have to have a debut to consider it special. Actually, I don't want a debut. X3; No one at home wants me to have a debut. It doesn't have to be over the top; I just want it to be memorable.

Today, I woke up at lunch time. At least now my headache is gone. I just have a stuffy nose, and sometimes the part behind my jaw (right under my ears) hurts. O_o I hope I don't get the mumps or anything. X3

I spent most of the day watching TV downstairs with mom. She fed me lunch, because I looked pretty harassed, being still partly sick and all. Yay for Goto. After that, I went to my room and forum-ized. Did some photoshop as well. :P

You can check it out here. :D

I still have to study for History.. I also have my English exam tomorrow, but I'm not really going to study for that.. XD

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Sunday, August 06, 2006
Listening to:

I'm down for the count.

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Friday, August 04, 2006
Listening to: MIDI of Balloon Kid (Gameboy Game)

I don't know why I have this midi on my PC, but it's cute nonetheless. :3

Coco says that when people throw rocks at you, you should throw bread. Bread the size of McDo. XD I've been pretty irritated with a lot of people lately, but I haven't been showing it much. Well, that was until yesterday. LOL. Coco actually said that I was a total bizotch at that time. XD I couldn't help it, really. I wasn't in the mood to put up with his bullshit, so I shot him down before he could do anything. It's a long, stupid story. Which I'll probably tell you all when I can laugh about how ridiculous this all is. At the moment, I'm still pretty peeved.

I mean, what is their problem anyway? What exactly did we do to earn the pleasure of you trying to sabotage our reports? Pffft. Then you turn around and act like we're all buddies? I'm not going to pretend that we're friends. We aren't.

I'll just continue this some other time..

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