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Tuesday, September 27, 2005
Listening to: Incubus ~ Pardon Me

It was on the way home that I realized that I posted my last post on impulse.

Aaaaaah, the emo.

I don't like being emo. So I'll counter my last post with a pic-ful post of what happened to me last week. That is, if I can still remember it. O_o Let's see what I can fish from the dark abyss of this absent-minded mind.

We have kitties. Again. XP They take after their mother and sister; they're noisy! D: But they're so adorable, I can't get mad at them. @_@

Here are pics of the progress of the study room:

One day, I came home to this:

They had taken everything out of the study room, and it clogged the hallway. One could compare it to a clogged artery. XP I even found one of my yearbooks from Japan. O_o 1996-1997! Gasp. But the study room was nice and clean. The AC was moved, and the floor was given a new layer of.. uh.. glossy stuff. I forgot what it's called. XD

And now, instead of a useless balcony, we have a closet and a new bathroom! :D They used the old sliding doors of the balcony for the closet. They're really heavy, so it's really hard to open the closet. And no, that's not me in the reflection. XD

What else happened last week? Meh, I'll just post about what I took pics of.

Dad burned a hole in one of my skirts. XD When he told me he looked pretty guilty. It was funny. XD (Meanie) Until now I haven't fixed it. XP

JayZ gave me his gift for my birthday. It was late, but lookie!

Tis the cuteness. He made his bro in Nueva Ecija draw it for meh. :O What else happened? Oh yeah.

Fare thee well faithful CRV.

We sold the old girl. She was with us for 7 years roughly, but we could no longer take her conking out on us. Unfortunately, as shutterbug-ish as I was for the past few days, I wasn't able to take a pic of her before she was sold. But I took a pic of our new car. XD

Yes, I do love the color. :D We're still debating if we should give her a name. Jeth isn't at all enthusiastic about it because he knows he won't be driving it. Well, I'm not that comfortable about him driving a car; even more so a new car. It was on the same day that we got the new car that I found out that my room had been broken into, and the remaining half of my wooden bunkbed stolen. D: Ok, so it wasn't stolen, but they took my bunkbed and reassembled it in the study room, and the bed there went to my room. For one thing, it made my room look bigger. XD The fact that it's only a foot or so above the floor makes it seem so minimalistic. Plus it's probably a foot shorter than my bunk, and it folds into a sofa. Coolness. I'd post a pic but, my room is my sanctuary! :P

So that ends my pics of last week.

Like I said at the start of my post, I realized that I was an emo kid last night. *hides from her friends who eat emo kids* XP Yeah, we all have our emo moments. So anyway, Mom was talking to me in the car, saying that I was grounded for using the PC late last night. I didn't react because I am so used to getting grounded for that reason already. XP But then she went on saying that she knows I can be more than what I am, if only I had my priorities straight. Which is true. One of the questions that plagued me last week was "Am I happy with the way I live my life?" and one of the reasons why I wasn't was because I'm not living up to what I can do. I'm always doing what I need to do just to get by. I don't strive to excel. So back to my mom, yeah, I understood her there. And after that I felt pretty stupid. O_o Especially because of my last post. XP I mean, while I do have the right to feel bad because my mom doesn't support my game playing, it does also affect my priorities. (Yes, I know a lot of my friends have told me this as well. n_n; )

Ok so... I have to prove that I can play games and kick ass at school at the same time. @_@ Shyet. Watta life. XD

Oh oh oh. Here's something to make you smile.

Steve, Don't Eat It!
No, it's not sick in a rancid sort of way. But I still suggest not associating yourself with food before or while checking this site out. XD Check out the other stuff there too. =p

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I'm almost somewhere.

Monday, September 26, 2005
Listening to: Zone of the Enders ~ Kiss me Sunlight - Heart of Light

One day I'll break out. I'll scream and shout and cry my heart out. I won't just stand there whilst you scold me for ridiculous things. I'll push my opinion and my wants. I'll stop crying while I hide in my room. I'll stop acting like it's ok, because it's not. I'll tell you how hurt I am. And I'll tell you that the things you do to me hurt. I'll tell you all the things that I kept from you because I didn't want to add to your stress. I'll stop pretending that I'm strong when I'm anything but strong. One day you'll know who I am. One day you'll accept me for it.

One day.

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I'm almost somewhere.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Listening to:

I need to blog soon or I'm going to go crazy. D:

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I'm almost somewhere.

Monday, September 19, 2005
Debut-izing and Immaterial Things
Listening to: -

Friday was boring without Coco. I was able to PWN our Literature recitation about the Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe though. >:D Yar. Philo was just plain weird, and I had to wait in the rain for my dad to pick me up. D:

Saturday, I went to Greenhills for my dental appointment. It was also the day of Ate Sunny's Debut. If you remember in my last post, I didn't have anything to wear. Saturday, I still didn't have anything to wear. XD So while waiting for my dental appointment, my mom and I scowered Greenhills for an outfit, and in the end we were able to put together a gypsy like look. :D I'm amoized at our cramming abilities. XD We even saw this porn star at Greenhills. D: It was a guy, G Estrada? I forgot his last name. XD

Anyway, here's a pic of teh finished product. We bought the sandals, the wrap, the shirt and the bandana in one day, all over Greenhills. Amoizing. XD Gela picked me up, and from there we went to pick up Cai. When we got there, Convi was already walking around. We met up with Kari, and we sat down while Berbi, Di, Racine and Gab arrived. :D Kari and Convi gave meh a gift. :D Thankies!

After the eating and the programming, we danced! XD DISCO BEBEH~! Twas fun. :D I made a lot of noise. XD Very jingle-y. Carlos was pretty fun to be with too. It was during this time that I think we took the most pics, though I'm not completely sure. Check out BananaColada for the pics that I uploaded there. :P Gela took us home, and I got home at about... 1:45am or so. Luckily I had my house keys. I had to be really discreet about walking in the hall tho. Noisy coins. XD

Today was a tootally lazy sunday. XD I just finished my Philo paper about the existence of Immaterial Things. Damn. It was totally mind boggling. XD Ah well. I hope Sir Reyes makes some sense out of the gibberish I put there. :))

And now I sleep because I got caught by mum at the PC past 8:30pm (which means I can't use the PC when I get home later) and because I have to sleep. :D I'll post more pics some other time.

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Thursday, September 15, 2005
Listening to: Maaya Sakamoto & Steve Conte ~ Garden of Everything


Dammit, I'm SO DAMN PISSED. I'm pissed, annoyed, and distressed.

First, there's Jayz. He used to hang out with us. Now he doesn't, because he claims na binabakla sya ni Arjay. Which is total shit. Ok, so Arjay does have gay tendencies, but Jayz is the first person who should know that he isn't gay. Arjay was Jayz's first friend when he got to UST, since they're both from Nueva Ecija. But now Jayz's spreading rumors that Arjay is gay. I'm so unbelievably pissed about it. I'm appalled at how fast people can change for the worse. What makes it even worse is the fact that people are believing it without any proof whatsoever. My friends told him to get a GF so he could prove that he isn't gay, but I told him that getting a GF solely for that reason would be wrong. Besides that, he doesn't have to prove anything to anyone. Ignore them. But once they hit below the belt, it'll be time to confront them.

How horribly immature. I just can't stand it, geez. Part of me can't wait for next year because I know that some of them will disappear by then. Then I wouldn't have to put up with so much stupidity and immaturity.

Maybe I'm being too full of myself..

Then there's Coco's physical breakdown earlier. Well, I'm not ranting about that, but it left me drained and rattled. We left UST late and Coco got herself a fever right before we left. Then we walked in the rain from Dapitan to Espana to Morayta, where we rode a bus. Then Coco got sick on the bus and started to vomit, and I became really worried. The rain grew stronger and the traffic seemed to get worse. We jumped off at Shell Commonwealth where Dad picked us up and from there we took Coco home. ~_~ I hope she gets better.

School was sucky. I'm still traumatized by the spider scare a few days ago. (Yes, I'm terrified of spiders.) A huge spider came into the class and I was scared out of my mind, to the point that I was teary eyed. It reminded me of when I got stuck in my room because of the spider the size of my palm. Anyway, Coco had called me to her to point out the spider, and when I was on my way to her, it suddenly appeared on the floor and started crawling REALLY FAST toward me, and whilst I was screaming my heart out, I hit my hand on the edge of the Prof's table, and now I have a nice purple bruise.

Then there's the thing with my mum. You know, the number one reason why I was so excited about my 17th birthday was because I thought my mum would loosen her grip on me, even if just a little bit. But we all know I was wrong and here I am, having to sleep at 8:30. (which I am now breaking because it's 10pm as I type this.) I just don't understand why she has to be so strict with me. She doesn't like the fact that I enjoy playing video games. She deosn't like how I dress. She doesn't like the things I watch. Sometimes I wonder if my life is supposed to make her happy instead of me. Yes, I know it's dumb. Why can't she just... accept me? She likes Jeth because he's academically inclined, and because he's responsible, but she doesn't like how he's stubborn and immature. With me, she likes how I'm open-minded and mature, but she doesn't like how I'm not so academically inclined. Why doesn't she treat us the same way? She doesn't like how Uncle Vic (my mum's brother) is spoiled by our lola, but mum is doing the exact same thing with Jeth. The irony.

($#*%&)(#@. Here I go again comparing myself with Jeth. In being more strict with me.. she's not teaching me to obey, rather I'm teaching myself how to disobey... without getting caught.

I'm tired of feeling like shit. :(

Make a Wish
-Crap, this site was freakishly accurate for me. O_o I hope the wish comes true.

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I'm almost somewhere.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005
Listening to: Draft Punk ~ Aerodynamic

"I don't care if you're in college, you get off that PC at 8:30!"

So much for trying to reason with my mom. God. I haven't even been able to update my blog decently.

Lately I've been the rudest student. I've been sleeping in numerous classes. I slept TWICE in Asian! And got caught both times. Damn. Seriously though, I've been sleeping early really. Last night I slept at 9. Today I guess I'm going to sleep at 8:30. Tch.

Where are wings when you need them?

Ah screw it. I know even though I'm frustrated right now I'll get over it anyway. And even though I'm frustrated I know it's for the better. But seriously, I hate the feeling of restriction, especially when I feel that I'm old enough to stay up past 8:20 for crying out loud.

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I'm almost somewhere.

Monday, September 12, 2005
MTV and Society Night prt 2
Listening to: Switchfoot ~ Dare you to Move

Saturday, we had classes in the morning. We had a make up class in Geography. Then at 7pm, Dad and I left to pick up Coco.

We got there at about 7:30, I think. The place was decent enough. The ambience inside was quite nice. First there was a program for the Mr. and Ms. Asian Studies thingie. They danced, then there was a question and answer portion, where the questions were totally off topic. :P After that we ate dinner, and then just hanged out until they announced the winners. Overall, it really wasn't worth P450. =/ We tried to make the most of it tho. I was able to talk to some of the seniors, Kuya Light and Kuya Ryan. Kuya Ryan was cute too. @_@ Then people started smoking and getting drunk.. Not much fun after that. I started falling asleep and stuff. XD Dan picked us up, and we went to Seattle's Best where I slept a bit more. Then we went home. o:

Pics tomorrow. Must sleep. XD


Coco and I.

Moi, Coco, Arjay, Jumbo, Chris.

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I'm almost somewhere.

MTV and Society Night prt 1

Listening to: Noisy as Hall Computer Fan

*WARNING: This shall be a very pic-full post. XD*

Anyway. Remember how I said using the PC was a big hassle? Here's why:

Compare that to my last pic of the Study Room. O_o

Then to get to the PC, I have to climb over this:

And sit here. XD

But I suggested that we move the PC out of the Study Room, since all the dust was making it very inaccessable, I'm sitting in the middle of the hallway:

Yeh, so anyway, on to my post about Friday and Saturday and Sunday.

I had an uber eventful weekend.

Friday after school, I went to the Fort with my HOL-mates (Mike, Leng, Allen and Ed) to the MTV Building there to be interviewed for Massive TV about pROSE. The fact that my parents actually let me go was quite baffling, especially since I had class on Saturday the next morning. But I got to go, and it was quite fun. :D I met up with them at the Pacific Star building in Makati at around 8, where we took two cars going to the Fort. I rode with Mike and Leng, while Allen and Ed rode together. My parents, along with my brother, went to Manila Penninsula. When we got to the Fort, we first met up with (GM o:) Tristan, then we ate dinner at Zong, this Chinese restaurant. I didn't eat much because it was at that moment that I realized I didn't like Chinese food as much as I thought I did. O_o But the iced tea was really good, and I ended up drinking about five glasses because it was bottomless. XD We just hung out there for a while, then we got one of the unsuspecting waitresses to take our picture using Ed's cam:

From left to right, that'd be Leng, Me, Mike, Allen then Ed. First we walked it off a bit, then we stood in the parking lot for a while. At one point I remember skipping around the parking lot with Allen, going "Lalalalalala~!" O_o XD It was really weird, but fun all the same. We went back to the MTV Building after that, where we just hung out (again XD) until it was our turn for taping. There was a huge red couch there that looked just like the Thinking Chair in Blue's Clues. XD And I wanted to steal it! XD Call me shallow, but I really liked that couch. Then Mike started talking business with (GM o:) Phage, and I decided to walk around. Actually, more like poke around. Hahaha! Gawd. I just walked around without asking if I could, sticking my head into rooms and checking what was there. XD Mike called me back though, and I ended up sitting on teh couch with Phage. :D We sang Numa Numa and "Oh! You touch my tralala~!" =)) She's so kulit and cute. XD And we think alike too. :O

Then it was time for the taping. So they sat us down with all the lights and two cameras, checking if everything was ok. The interview itself was pretty short, but I guess it's because tuloy tuloy siya. Luckily they didn't ask much about pROSE, since I haven't played since.. forever. XD Well, not forever, but still. They asked more about HOL and it's members. We talked about the history of HOL, the application process, our principles and how a guild is important in game. It went quite smoothly really. Mike did most of the talking though. Next was me, then Ed then Allen. Allen was so nervous. XD The interviewer asked me if I was really wearing feather earrings or if I had a really funky hair dye job done. XD Gawd, those earrings get me into trouble. XD Soon enough, the interview ended and we hung around again. We got to meet Nikki Laurel, even though I have no idea who she is, though I DO know she has something to do with MTV. XD We ended at about 12 or so. O_o I don't really remember.

We left the MTV Studio and walked around in search of an Ice Monster. When we couldn't find one, we hopped into the car and drove around in search of one. XD Phage treated the five of us to Ice Monster. :D Wheee~ So we sat and talked a bit. Then it was time to go. Phage took a taxi, and Allen and Ed jumped into Ed's car. I rode with Mike and Leng back to the Pacific Star Building. We actually arrived before my parents did. O_o XD Then my parents arrived, and I got a goodie bag from Mike. :D Dad was tipsy, and called Mike Joseph, after my blockmate. O_o LOL! That was really weird. XD Then we drove around a bit. My parents were still with their friends from Japan, and we visited their condo in Rockwell. O_o It was huge! Gosh. Then after that, we went home. We got home at 2, and once I hit the bed I didn't get up anymore. XD

Gah, it's late. O_o 1am na. D: I'll continue this tomorrow. :D I mean, later. XD

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I'm almost somewhere.

Thursday, September 08, 2005
Sleepy 2
Listening to: Papa Roach ~ Scars

Today I had a major sneezing fit. O_o I kept on sneezing. Either it was one of my random allergies, or someone was seriously talking about me. :O

Anyway, I had to ride with Coco to school today because we had no car. D: Why? Because Jeth crashed the Lancer last night. >_< I don't know the details, but all I know is he crashed into a taxi and the car was totalled. T_T At least he was safe. I ended up not getting decent sleep last night because I had to wait for Dad downstairs, and I ended up sleeping on the couch while watching Dokyu about 3rd Avenue.

Today was ok. I fell asleep in PGC though. ~_~ My seatmates told me that Sir Coronacion saw me, but didn't pay attention to me. XD Yes, lucky! Then Intro to Asian wasn't as boring as usual. :o

My parents are actually letting me go tomorrow to Makati for the Massive TV thingie. :O :O :O :O :O Omg! I'm so surprised they actually let me! O_o Cool. XD So I'm going to meet up with Mike, Allen and Sylv at Starbucks at around 6:30pm to 7:30pm. Should I be excited or scared? XP

Using the PC is really a big hassle now. I have to climb to get to the PC, because it's enclosed by bookcases now. XD I also had to climb the metal bars oustide in the garage because one of the planks of wood was keeping me from closing one of the windows. Imagine me climbing that. XD I'll post pictures tomorrow. :D

For now, I sleep. <3

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I'm almost somewhere.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005
Listening to: Gavin deGraw ~ I Don't Want to Be

First of all, I want to say Congratulations to Lei! XD I'm so happy for you. :D Make sure to post maaaaaaaany pics of when you tie the knot. XD

On to more personal matters: I'm really lacking sleep. XP I felt totally bummed at school today. I fell alseep in Theology and in Asian, and PE didn't help much either. XP Baah, Paso steps my arse. So tonight I'm sleeping earlier than usual. Sleep = <3

Lots of political whatnot going on. But it's so annoying to post about. >_> I'd hate to get myself all worked up over something so normally annoying as politics. Especially right before I sleep. =p

Horoscopes are are scary. Especially the ones on Friendster. XP Well, not really scary, but weird how you can connect them to what you're feeling at that moment. I can't help but wonder if unconsciously I make a connection when there really isn't one. And I can't help but get worried that I'll let what it says actually influence my actions.

Must sleep now. XP

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I'm almost somewhere.

Monday, September 05, 2005
Listening to: Typecast ~ Scars of a Falling Heart

First of all, here's the pic of the boots I got from Mum and Dad:

Well, a lot happened today. For nearly the whole day I was being greeted by people, most of them I didn't even know, thanks to Coco. She text all these peoplet o greet me, and so did Dan. I got more or less 30 anonymous greetings through text. XD And two people called me on my phone. :P So again, thanks to all who greeted me. :D

I got to school a bit late, but our English prof was late as usual, so I wasn't marked late or anything. Carlo called me while I was on my way to school. :P Coco, Arjay, Jayz and Jumbo gave me a card and this uber cute frog door decoration. It makes froggy sounds too! <3 After class, Coco, Jayz, Joseph, Jumbo and I went to SM San Lazaro where I treated them to Yellow Cab Pizza. We finished an 18" pizza. O_o But I only had one slice. XD Arjay wasn't able to go with us because he had PE. I felt guilty because he started texting Coco telling her that he'd skip his practical test in PE just to go to us. @_@ In the end di sya natuloy. After eating, we watched Sky High to kill the time. It was an ok movie, I suppose. Just to kill time. XP Mike called during the movie, and he greeted me. :D After that he told me something about Massive TV that I don't know if I should be excited or scared about. XD After the movie I saw Maku playing ID. We went back to UST; Jayz went home, Coco and Arjay went to the Library for Math while Joseph, Jumbo and I went to UST Gamesite to play DotA. :O Gasp. Yes, I know the basics of DotA now. XD I actually killed Jumbo twice. O_O Wheeee. XD We ended playing at around 6 or so. Arjay and Jumbo went home, and that left Coco, Joseph and I to find an FX going to Fairview. We ended up walking all the way to Morayta, and nearly into Quiapo. XD But we got an FX. >:D After a long ride, I finally got home.

On the way home Dad blabbered that the girls were there to 'surprise' me. XD Well, it wasn't a surprise anymore since Dad blabbered it to me. But besides that Christine kinda told me that they'd be at the house when I got home. So when I opened the door I was greeted by people jumping out of corners and a camera flashing. Luckily for me, Dad was in front of me and I knew that they were going to do that. XD We ate Shakey's Pizza (more pizza! D: ) and chicken, with Jeth's homemade cheesecake for dessert. :D Twas yummy. The girls gave me some jewelry, of which I liked the bracelet the most, while Jeth gave me this really funky picture frame. Wow. I'm so proud of him, he's actually learning. XD I went upstairs to change and wash my face, when someone came and left me something. After that, Mom staged this hilarious puppet-like show. I can't explain it, but it didn't go according to how she planned it and we were all laughing our bums off. XD After that, the girls went home and here I am.

Horoscope of the day for Virgo:

The Bottom Line
Watch out for impulse buying. Now is not the time to forget your cautious nature.

In Detail
Endings aren't bad things, although we have been trained to think of them that way. When something ends, it also means that there's now room in your life for something to begin. At this time, connections with others are definitely beginning to change, but this is a good thing in the long run. Whatever you do, don't hand out ultimatums, which will only lead to ultimately unproductive showdowns. Ride out this current cosmic unrest.

I don't like moodswings. But I like Mango Cream Pie. XD

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Sunday, September 04, 2005
Here's to Another Year
Listening to: Typecast ~ Another Minute till Ten

Let's see...

Friday, Volaire gave me cotton candy. XD Well, he gave me a piece of the cotton candy he was eating. XD Anyway. *ahem* While waiting for Coco to finish her PE, I went to SM San Lazaro with Maku, and he showed me around. I was supposed to just go to his shop, but he said he needed to meet up with someone and so I went with him. It's actually quite nice, it's just that it can't be said for most of the people there. O_o Anyway, Racine would have come, but she wouldn't have made it by the time I went back to UST to go home with Coco. He played ID, and eventually the dude he was waiting for came. Then I needed to get back to UST in a jiffy, so we took a taxi. Maku started laughing at me, and implied something about the guy we were with, and I started laughing too. XD zomg, lol! I was so pwned at that moment. XP Yet another older guy. This time he breaks the record with the age of 29! @_@ So I went back to UST and hitched a ride with Dan, Coco's bf. ;;) We made a lot of stop overs, and I ended up getting home at around 5 or 6. I also finished reading the book that I borrowed from Tina, entitled Veronika Decides to Die. And it was really nice too. *strikes that off her Wish List* It was about being 'crazy' and being different. Quite fitting, don't you think?

Mom and Dad gave me their present bit early: a pair of beige suede boots, 2 inches below the knee, topped with fur. :O *strikes that off her Wish List* (Will post pic next time, the feature isn't working atm.) And I felt bad afterwards, because even though I knew I liked them a lot, I wasn't as enthusiastic as I should have been. I guess it was brought about partially by the conversation I had with Carlo, about wanting things. (Though I don't blame Carlo at all for the feeling I felt then.) I came to a lot of realizations about wanting things. There are times when you know you want things, numerous things, but when given the chance to get one, nothing comes to mind. It's like we're content with just wanting these things instead of actually aquiring them. Then of course there are the things we want but we can't have, and most of the time these aren't physically tangible, nor can they be bought with money. I wonder about that, because I'm like that. I wonder why I'm content with just wanting something instead of having it. Maybe because I'm too lazy to work for it, or maybe it's because I don't want to risk... something. Haha, labo. =/

Anyway. I ended up sleeping on the couch with the PC still on, with YM still connected. D: So if you IMed me late on Friday night, I was asleep. XP

On Saturday I took Kari and Racine to Shangrila to watch the Eiga Sai. I planned it at the last minute, so only they were able to come. I should have planned it earlier. =_= Anyway, we picked up Racine then we picked Kari up (because lumampas na kami sa Sandigan Bayan when Kari text me her address. XD). We met up with Maku at Shangrila, and we got our tickets to the Eiga Sai. We ended up watching a movie called Haunted School, and it was funnier than it was scary. XD Lolness! It was ok. It was free anyway. XD After that we went to the food court to eat, and we ate at Kamirori. Horoscopes are rawrful. XP I bought a Swirly Bits from Jollibee, and it reminded me of that sick picture of the tarantula in the milkshake thingie. X_X But I still ate it. XD After that we walked around, mainly messing around in the shops we went into. We actually ditched Maku in People are People at one point, but we went back and he didn't seem to notice we had left. XD We met up with Dad at Powerbooks, and we went home.

Today I woke up late. Like always. :D We went to Rockwell, where we watched The Dukes of Hazzard. Twas fun! Lotsa action, car stunts and hillbilly fun. :D Moonshiiiiiiiiiine. After the movie, I just walked around with Mom. We ate at Dencio's, and I ate all the Creamy Clam Soup. :o We walked around even more after that, and we ended up at the ground floor, listening to the small classical band that plays there. After that, we went home.

Yet another year of existence. Not bad. I can honestly say that quite a lot has happened in the past year. Read my archives if you want to know part of it, lol. I pray that I'll learn from it. :) So, here's to another year in the life. I wonder what's in-store for me, now that I'm one year short of legal age. Hmm. More mis-adventures no doubt. Ah well. Bring it on. XD

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