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Thursday, December 25, 2003
Gift for you Readers!
Listening to: Mom telling me to eat

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I'm almost somewhere.

Merry Christmas!!! :D

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Merry Christmas people! It's 2:33 am, and I really shouldn't be up anymore, but I'm not sleepy, so thing. :P
Let's travel back in time. n_n;; Last tuesday I went to Galleria with Gela to meet up with Racine and Camilla, and this guy and his friends from their interaction. We ended up getting there late, but Racine was the last to come. n_n;; We ate at Pizza Hut and decided to roam around until the guys got there. They didn't until around 3-4 pm, which was bad because we had been there since around 12. During that span of time we basically went everywhere in Galle. Then, as we were going up the stairs to go to Starbucks, I saw him. 0_o The guy I had (note: had) a crush on at the interaction. He was with two of my other classmates. Damn, it really caught me off guard! There I was, hoping to meet a nice guy, when out of the blue, I meet the guy I gave up on. He wasn't supposed to be there!! n_n;; Seriously though, it pissed me off. What pissed me off more was the fact that sooo many other guys at Galle looked like him. >< Moving on, there was another jerk at Starbucks. We were about to sit down when he cut us off and stood there with this look that said "Excuse me??". What a jerk. Afterwards we walked around and looked for a dress for Camilla. I saw one that looked really cute, but it wasn't a dress for the prom daw. Anyway, we ended up meeting up with the guys at the fountain, and just said hi. 0_o We didn't even go together, which is stupid considering that he invited us in the first place. Then we met up again, and decided to watch a movie. Then they decided that they couldn't decide whether or not to watch a move, which once again was pretty stupid. Racine invited Kojiro and Yahiko to come over to Galle, and they came! It was pretty surprising because we were in a net cafe, and Racine was telling Gela about how "sexy Kojiro's back was!", and woah! There he was towering over her! :D I wonder if he heard what she said. :P The day got alot better when we were with them. It was way less akward, and was fun. We ate at McDo, and they left afterwards. I still remember what Racine said!! And I qoute: "I never thought this day would come! That we would eat at the same table!!" XD It was so funny!! Camilla almost had an asthma attack from laughing. n_n; But it was really cute to see Racine like that! Uy! Afterwards, we left and had to leave Racine. On the way home, we had to stop over at this village with big houses. As in, BIG. We dropped Camilla off, then I was next. It was a fun day. :D
Christmas Eve! Actually, it's already Christmas here. :P I got a portable sewing machine from my auntie! O_o And right now, I'm trying to translate this H doujin.. (Don't ask why. n_n;;)How do I do this?!?! x_x Heeelp!

But overall, this Christmas is way much better than last year's. :P

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Sunday, December 21, 2003
Happy Day!
I bought my prom dress today! Guess how much?? 800 pesos only!! That's like... 14 US dollars!! XD It's actually pretty simple.. I'm going to have a shawl, but my parents and I are debating on how the shawl should look. n_n;; But still, it's one big load off my chest. I don't have to worry about my main dress anymore. Plus, I got it at a really cheap price. Which makes today a happy day. :P

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I'm almost somewhere.

Christmas Break!!!

Yey! Christmas Vacation! Two weeks of having nothing school related to do! :D Now I can try to get my mind off that horrid Trigo exam... I'm sure I failed it.. and I know that I fail Trigo this quarter.. >< I just really don't understand it.

Anyway, a few nights ago I felt like crap. Why? Because I passed up the opportunity to go to a friend's house to go to a Christmas party. Then what happened? I ended up losing my transpo and not going to the party. Right now I'm just telling myself that everything happens for a reason. Gah. On the brighter side, I got these kick-ass platforms from my auntie! :3 They're really comfortable and the design is cute too. :P Plus, I look taller when I wear them. XD Anyway, I went to Greenhills yesterday with my family. I bought the Sims : Making Magic! But something's wrong with the cd... n_n;; Never buy pirated, eh? At least I've installed it. Now I just need a cd that'll run properly.

It's settled. I'm going to the prom. Most likely without a date, but who cares? My mom suggested that I take my cousin (Tristan?!?!) as my prom date, but I reasoned with her, telling her that he'd wear a tux, but have army boots on. n_n;; I'm getting a bit worried about my dress. I haven't been to the seamstress yet; actually, none of us have been to the seamstress yet. Plus, I don't have a design. I'll probably just rip something off the internet and modify it a bit.. n_n;; If all else fails, I'll just guy one. It can't be that bad. :P

I'm worried about my family. My mom just had a checkup, and her blood pressure is really high. She's taking medicine and not doing much around the house now. Dad, on the other hand, always seems to get on my mom's nerves, and just this morning I woke up to hear mom nagging dad again. Like usual, it was about money. My mom does all the budgeting, and my dad just loves to spend. It's not exactly the best combination, especially because we're not exactly rich or anything. My parents don't work for goodness sakes. We're just relying on dad's pension.. That's why I try my best not to spend too much. Because if I do, I might not have anything to fall back on.

*looks at her computer clock* Wow, only four more days 'till Christmas. n_n My aunties (My mom's sisters) will be spending Christmas with us this year. They're coming here tomorrow with my grandma from the province. I wonder what will happen this Christmas. I can expect the unexpected because my mom's sisters are crazy! They all have these trademark laughs. 0_o I hope it'll be more fun than last year.. *looks back*

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Monday, December 15, 2003
Is life really like that?
Went to an anime convention last Saturday. Over all it was ok.. I ended up either getting pulled around or being left behind.. n_n;; I got this drawing there, but unfortunately it's missing right now, so yeah.. We got the idea to cosplay, but I don't know if we'll really end up pulling it off. Rivermaya was there. I'm going to buy one of their CDs on of these days. Anyway, when they started playing, (we were sitting on the floor) everyone just suddenly got up and left to watch. n_n;; I really felt like crap at that moment. And they were playing that song.. "Umaaraw Umuulan" (LT: Basically a song on trying not to be sad and how life is "sadyang ganyan") I couldn't exactly go and watch too; I didn't want to leave their things just there. Especially because they bought this stuffed toy that cost 500 pesos. So when they came back, I just left. I really just couldn't take it.

We saw Imelda Marcos that day. She was inside this Japanese candy store. They wouldn't let anyone else in. She had like, 7 bodyguards? Ugh. Frick her. She should be rotting in jail, that old hag.

Afterwards we went to Camilla's house. Ordered pizza and watched Weiss: Gluhen. It was more like a violent soap opera where the person you vow to protect dies, you get used by the bad guy, and the old man you end up killing is actually your grandfather. And that was only the first four episodes. So yeah. Then I went home.

Anyway... I got thinking again. And guess what I started thinking about! Guys. Ugh. It's the file in my brain that reads: "Don't Open". But stupid little me; I obviously don't know how to read. I got to thinking about it because of out junior prom.. which is only one month from now. crap. Well, my friends all have dates, so they said I should have a date too, because they'd be busy with their dates. And I wouldn't be busy at all. But unlike them, I don't know a whole class of boys or have a kuya or even have a partner from our interaction. I don't even have a guy text mate. Tuh! The last guy who text messaged me text me for only half a day and never text back. So yeah. My social life with the opposite sex is very happy. Actually, I'm having second thoughts on going to the prom. I mean, I'd only end up being 'the pretty little wallflower' like my mom says. That's what happens to all the occasions I go to. Besides, if I don't go, I won't have to buy a dress. I could just give my invitation to a classmate (who's bringing two dates) and she could just pay me back.

The whole prom seems like such a hassle now.

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Monday, December 08, 2003
New Layout!
I've got a new layout! :P It took me a while to finish this up... n_n;; My first layout ever! :D I'm so proud of myself. Now I just have to figure out what the heck happened to my tag-board. 0_o

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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

I had my retreat with my class last November 26-29. We sneaked our phones and food into our room though, and we had codenames for both. We called our phones "Panty" and the food "Utang" (LT: loan? I'm not really sure) It was funny hearing my room mates casually going : "Ria, can I borrow your panty?" or "Ria, there's a name on your panty!" (meaning I just got a text message) It was so bad and yet so hilarious! XD The place was wonderful too. It had a nice abiance surrounding it, and it wasn't that noisy (except for the roosters outside our rooms and our own noise.) The food was good too. They fed us 6 times a day for krissakes! And after our snacks, they let us have a siesta/nap. Suuuper fattening activities. Lol.

Our proctors, Brother Paulo and Brother Bernard, were wonderfully gay. n_n And when I say gay, I mean it both ways, even tho they're both straight. :D It was so much fun listening to them and watching them. But Brother Bernard's life story is so sad. n_n;; Most of my classmates cried. Yeah...

The Retreat turned out waaaay better than I expected, and I feel really lucky.


After the retreat, I went to Lillia's house to work on a project, then I went to Gela's house.


I went to the J&J Cheering Competition last Saturday with Gela and co. after sleeping over at her house. We got to play the Sims : Making Magic. I've got to buy that CD and install it without Jeth.. :P I fell asleep too much.. n_n;; I practically beat the purpose of the sleepover. Lol.

Anyway, we got at the Ultra Colesseum the next morning a bit later than expected, but it didn't start until an hour or so later... ugh, talk about Filipino Time.. As we were going in, we were given this kick-ass cute-ass halos. :3 We got the best seats because our school was right above the judges so we got the best view. Then it started..and then we saw Miriam College's cheer. I got scared. Honestly in my opinion, it was good. But then they copied some of our stuff, (I heard they even used our school cheer during the elims) and I couldn't help but jeer. Hah. At the end of their showy performance, we found out that they didn't have saftey marshals for their wild moves(like throwing cheerleaders all over the place), and it was a big downer for them and a big upper for us. :D (I'm bias. So sue me.) Then we performed. And I screamed, yelled and cheered at the top of my lungs while snapping pictures for our newsletter. And I absolutely loved it. :P I was just shoving it in MC's face. Or at least I saw it like that. Lol. In the end, SSA (School of Saint Anthony), last year's Champions got first place again. It hurt a bit, but they were really good. Plus, they weren't copy-cats. (I can't think of a better term. n_n;;) We got First Runner Up and MC got Second Runner Up. Afterwards, we sat on this legde-like thing that was on the corner of Ultra. Because of our halos, everyone passing by knew we were SHSians. (I heard another school wanted to steal our halos. 0_o) It was so cool sitting there because all the other students of the schools that joined congradulated us. Even those in the buses passing by made a 'C' with their hands. n_n;; St. Mary's even chanted "Holy! Holy!" as their bus passed by. Miriam on the other hand closed their curtains. n_n;;; I'm really glad we went.

Afterwards, we ate at Kamameshi House. We started telling those wierd brain-teaser like things and even the staff ended up listening in. 'Twas kick-ass I tell you. n_n

Then I went home, and slept like a rock.

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