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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Listening to: The Postal Service ~ The District Sleeps Alone Tonight

And I'm home, yet no one knows.

Whenever you ride in a car with Maku driving, you should brace yourself. As an avid fan of Initial D (the anime and racing game), Maku is one of those guys who likes to rev up his engine while driving his car, resulting in sudden bursts of speed. The car creaks as it lurches forward and leans from side to side. We sped down Katipunan. It was like one of those scenes in those stereotypical teen flicks, where they swerve through traffic at speeds they shouldn't be driving at. The first few times I rode with Maku, I silently held onto the chair for dear life. This time, however, I just leaned back as the wind whirred through the half open window of the back seat, my hair whipping against my face as we blurred down the road towards UP. I don't know what it is about driving fast that seems to make all your worries go away. I guess it's like driving away from it all, or driving fast enough so that we somehow leave them behind. Or maybe it's just the wind rushing through the windows, combing through our hair, brushing against our skin, that somehow comforts us. Ironically, it's this comfort that usually ends up in some sort of tragic accident.

February is proving to be one of those tiring months. Nothing eventful has really been happening, though. I guess it's just a mixture of the daily grind getting to me again and my personal dissatisfaction. Everyday is just like every other day, and sometimes school can be one of the loneliest places. Home should be the place where I get to do the things I enjoy and get some rest, but more often than not, I cram homework and fall asleep without actually getting any decent rest in the end. Mum wants to kick me out of the house because I'm such a log. I've to be more independent. I've to start driving (for real) and doing things like exercising. I'm still so young, but my life seems so mediocre. Can mediocrity be tiring? I don't get to do anything anymore.

I got the results from the x-ray I had a few weeks back. I've Spondylosis, a back condition. It's not that serious, but I frequently experience back pains, and I'm restricted from activities that put direct strain on my back. Spondylosis is something you get when you're old though. I'm only 18. This has somehow shattered the false idea of my health that I've had for the longest time. I rarely get sick, and I'm fairly athletic (or used to be, at least) so I always thought that I must be healthy. Recent trips to the doctor have shed light on the truths of my health, and I'm not as healthy as I thought I was.

Valentine's day, like last year, seemed like any other day, except for the sudden abundance of flower vendors. I really didn't expect anything to happen, since it'd be nearly impossible. One of the cashiers at Wendy's gave me a heart balloon though, even though my purchase wasn't enough to get one for free. I don't know where that balloon is now. I didn't mind all the girls walking around with bouquets in hand, but I guess I could say that I was a bit jealous. Haha! Insert shallowness here plz. Honestly, though I don't need flowers, it would have felt nice to receive one. I got a card from Ryan the day after Valentine's though. It was just a small card, but it came with pictures of signs with our names on them. I plan on writing him back one of these days.

I went out with Gela today. I don't know what possessed me, but I dressed up. We met up with Racine, and went to Eastwood to watch Music and Lyrics with Convi. Ate at McDo, then went to the cinemas to buy tickets. The screening we were hoping to catch was sold out though, so as soon as Maku came, we decided to go to the UP fair instead. We ate at Pancake house before going though, because Maku was starving. Walked to Maku's car, and sped down Katipunan to UP. Bummed around while listening to Brownman Revival. Joked multiple times about getting stabbed for no reason (mainly because I know nothing about UP). Then moved back to the car while Maku and Racine slept. I lied down at the back seat while Convi and Gela were outside. Nearly was eaten by mosquitoes. Convi kept on trying to steal my boots, and in turn I kicked him and got his jacket dirty. Eventually, Gela's ride came and we went home. Though not that much happened, it was ok.

Tomorrow, I've no idea what the family plans. I've to go to Pasig though, to attend the baptism of a close friend's son (Jab, to be exact). I don't know how I'm going to get there yet. Or what I should wear, or anything. I hope all goes well though. I promised that I'd go waaay back, and I wouldn't want to break that promise now.

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upuan ulit kita eh! >:D

By Anonymous convi, at 5:16 PM  


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