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Thursday, February 08, 2007
Handball! D:
Listening to: Vienna Teng ~ Drought

Do I post like an emo kid? :c

When I woke up this morning, I seriously couldn't get out of bed. *groan* I was just sooo groggy. The day before had been my PE day, and my PE class wasn't exactly friendly . XD Because we missed all our PE classes for January, we were forced to start our 'championship' games among the teams of our class. We were the last game for the day, and I was given the task of goalkeeper. Did I tell you my PE is Handball? So. XD I endured getting miniature volleyballs thrown at me. It was ok at first; since most of my classmates are girls, they don't throw that hard. Or so I thought. XD I've a few bruises now. They exploited my height though, so the team we were playing against was able to score. Finally we were at a tie, and our professor announced that the next goal would determine the winner. Well, one of them threw the ball at me, and I turned to block it. It bounced off the goal post, however, and I ended up getting smacked in the face. x_x;; Actually, my first concern was my glasses, because before I fell to the floor, I saw them fall, and I was scared that they broke. Which would break my heart because I absolutely love my orange glasses. Luckily they didn't, and as they helped me up I kept on laughing with Coco. XD It reminded us of all the misadventures we had in our Football class last sem.

So back to this morning, I tried to wake up at 6, but I ended up getting out of bed at like.. 9? Which was reeeeeeeeeeeaally bad because I was supposed to pick up my recommendation form from Sir Pabs at 7-8am. >_<

We attended a forum on the upcoming elections today from 1-5pm at the TARC, with Benjamin Abalos as guest speaker. Well. I didn't like it that much. XD He spoke mostly of the controversies that surrounded the COMELEC, and instead of sounding like he was speaking to enlighten us, it sounded more like he was speaking to outright defend himself. I don't like Politics in general, but I know I can't avoid it. I would have skipped it (and gone to Shang with Gela and Cai!) but I've to submit a reaction paper on it tomorrow.

Just before the promo ended, I was able to get my hands on a Starbucks planner! <3 (Which is funny, considering that I don't even drink coffee) I was actually really worried that I wouldn't get enough stickers; three days before the end date of the promo, I still had to fill up 5 stickers for the specialty drinks. And I don't drink coffee. So I was pretty close to accepting defeat, until some of my friends pitched in and gave me their receipts and willingly drank coffee for me. XD (Thank you Mike, Mai, Ate Ria, Chase, Dee, Uncle Aldo :D) Now I've been more or less obsessed with filling it up (as what happens with most new planner owners). There are pages for December and January that I wasn't able to use though, so now I'm just filling it up with all sorts of stuff. Drawings and doodles and random thoughts and stickers and stuff. It's the scrapbook maker in me coming out. XD I hope I can stick it out to the end of the year, so when I use it all up I can flip through the pages and laugh my heart out. :p I'll take pictures when it starts to fill itself up.

The Flame has finally come out! And guess what's on the back~

That's right, boys and girls. My artwork. *proud* Haha! Not a lot of people know that I was the one that made it, but that's ok; I've been hearing a lot of comments about it so I still feel really good about it. :D

Aside from that, I bought myself another pair of Chucks. *spoiled*

This is actually the first pair of shoes that I've bought with my own money. Well, mom paid for it, but I'm supposed to pay her back. I don't actively shop anymore (because I don't go out D: ) so I thought hey, why not.

Ginno wants to buy me a pet rabbit. X3 I honestly don't know if I can take care of one, but I'm open to the idea. :D I'm trying to find out more about how rabbits are as pets, so I can decide from there.

Random thought: It's ironic that I'm part of a grammar Nazi LJ community when I'm horrible at spelling. O_o

I'm also thinking of moving over to LJ. So I can comment whore. XD Yay or nay? Nay? Nay? Hr. I love Blogger so much though.

HAH. I FOUND YOU GING! <3 For those of you who don't know, Ging is one of my blockmates who I aaaaaaabsolutely love hugging every morning. :D We just hug until we both run out of energy from hugging. XD Anyway, she read my post that I was stalking people on LJ, and she challenged me to find her. >:3 Of course I was like 'Hah, you challenge me, the girl who once had the patience, determination and sense of having-nothing-better-to-do to find the Friendster account of her crush while only knowing his first name?!' Well Gingy. I found you~ :p

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