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Saturday, October 21, 2006
This Place
Listening to: Ivy ~ Edge of the Ocean

400th post.
As of October 10, 2006, it's been 5 months. :)

It's been one week into the sem break, and the last time I posted was on October 2; where the hell have I been?

I found a little hole called Rising Force Online, and I've been living there for the past week. I should really get some rest. But I'll get back to that later.

I started on a post during my finals week, but I never got around to posting it. But like a faithful (*cough*) blogger that I am, I wrote the entry in a notebook, so I have it now. I'll post it because it covers some of the things I wasn't able to post about sooner.

Finally, I get to write in my blog. I've just been either insanely busy ore annoyingly depressed to write. Now it's finals week, so it's all going to be over soon enough.

I've missed a lot of things. The past weeks have just been hell. Schoolwork just piled up and it was just insane. It's a miracle that I survived it all, really. Just last week I finished 8 hours of swimming, as well as my soccer finals. Add to that papers, projects and reports. In-game matters and personal things as well. Blargh. I'm glad it's almost over. Sembreak plzktnx.

Milenyo blew through two weeks ago, surprising everone with how strong it was. We lost power like everyone else, but got it back after a few hours. I passed the time reading the copy of Neil Gaiman and Yoshitaka Amano's The Sandman: The Dream Hunters that Ginno gave me. :) Many of my friends were stuck without power for a few days until they got it back. We were really lucky, now that I think about it. We were able to get electricity, internet, and cable back on the same day. Lots of billboards fell in those few hours, littering EDSA aside from destroying some buildings and killing one man. Many trees fell. Ironic, really; when faced with typhoons, we usually rejoice since we only expect rain that'll spell no school for students such as myself. Now, they're coordinating emergency drills, and taking down billboards.

Saturday, I went out with Ginno. We almost didn't get to meet up, but luckily everything worked out and we got to spend the evening together. :3 We went to Shang, and I took Ginno window shopping with me. 8D I only bought a shirt though.

Sunday, I went to LU! Live. Ginno would have gone with me, if he knew I was going. I fell asleep on him the night before though, so I wasn't able to tell him. LU Live was fun. :) I got to meet a lot of the people I play RF with. HOL invaded the place. XD We were so many, it was surprising! I got to meet a lot of the forumers too, as well as my friends from the cafe I used to play at. I also got to see Maku, as well as Carlo. At one point I was helping at one of LU's booths (Maku forced me too D: ) and then the people there started fighting. LOL. XD Then when I left, people stopped going too. :)) I waited until NEST, which took forever. It was worth it though, as the fight was intense and Bellato won. :D

This saturday I went out with Ginno and his mom to watch a play. @_@ I was so nervous. X3 We watched 'The Boor and The Proposal' at Greenbelt 1. The play was ok, but it was pretty short for something that cost 550php per head. @_@ We walked around, ate at Haiku, then bummed at Starbucks. I feel really bad because I was still recovering from my hell week and I was spacing out from time to time. Gah.

Sometimes I think I'd blog better if I had some sort of recording device in my brain. I mean, I think up of pretty good stuff when I'm not in front of the PC, like when I'm washing the dishes, or when I'm on an FX going home. Then when I get to the PC, my trail of thought goes *poof*. I seem to be better at narrating things than describing them. I guess that's why I post more about what happens to me during the day rather than posting about what I feel.

Whenever I do get mad, I post it on my LJ. Go figure. Lately though, people have been testing my patience. I'd rather not get mad, really; it's so tiring, and most of the time you don't accomplish anything from getting mad. This is only most of the time, though. Still, some people manage to push the right buttons to make even me lose my cool. Last night I lost it while playing RF, after some jerk started throwing insults at some of my guildmates. It's just so frustrating, knowing that you can't do anything to them. I cried really hard. I was so angry, but I couldn't do anything. I know that I should have just ignored him. I made the mistake of not doing so though. I've more patience when people throw mindless insults at me. My patience is a lot shorter when it's directed at people I care for. Last night's outburst still has me tired until now, but the things that person said has turned into a motivation of some sort to prove the arse wrong.

Another thing; I hate it when people judge me for the things that make me happy. I am as open minded as I can be when it comes to other people's happiness, because I know that my sources of happiness aren't the same as most people's. Accidentally offending someone is something I'm familiar with; I have a tendency to talk before thinking, but these are most of the time a slip of the tongue. Yet people like to tell me outright that I'm like this or like that. It's my happiness, why tmake such a big deal out of it? It's not like what I do or what I like or who I like affects you or anyone else in any negative way. Why can't people be more considerate?


...I should really start getting some rest soon.

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3 Reflections

You need a hug. I hug you. *huuuuug* And a girls' night out. LET'S GO SKATING~

By Blogger Gelabo, at 11:25 PM  

Have a restful break.

Just a thought: The october issue of Reader's Digest ran an article, "Why online games are so addicting". You might find it interesting.

Rest and recharge... ^^

By Blogger Lei, at 3:14 PM  

Come rest with me, hun. X)

By Anonymous Ginno, at 9:26 PM  

Look into the Mirror?

I'm almost somewhere.