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Friday, September 15, 2006
Are you In, or are you Out?
Listening to: Coheed and Cambria ~ A Favor House Atlantic

*points to above pics*

My pair of Chucks. :D

Oh oh oh.

Four Months. :) Belated Happy Monthsary, love. :)

Ok, now back to my post.

w00t, 9k+ hits! :D Thanks readers/stalkers.

*refers to post she wrote earlier*

Argh. I haven't been able to blog since... FOREVER. D: I'm actually supposed to be cramming for a paper, but oh well. Right now I'm writing in the dark; our classroom (building) lost power, yet for some strange reason our one aircon (theother is currently a hole in the wall) is still on. O_O


Last Saturday was the 'surprise' party my friends had planned for me. It was so much fun. <3 The dress they had gotten me was gorgeous, and it fit me perfectly. Although.. it was a bit tight around the chest. XD XD XD Nearly all my friends were there, my relatives whom I care for were there, even HOL (representative XD) was there. (Thanks Jeff. :3) Ginno was there. :) Everyone got to meet him, and things went smoothly. Thanks for making it my night, everyone. I love you guys. <3 <3 <3 I'll be posting pics when I get them. Mom talked to the photographer for me, and she's giving us a CD of the digital copies of our pics. :3 I watched the video that was taken at the time, and I just hope that they had as much fun as I did. :)

Theeeen.. Hell Week. =_=;; On Monday Marvi had me redo the bulletin board which I had assigned Iya to do. I was pretty annoyed because I had repeatedly told Iya to deal with it and it turned out half-baked. So he had me remake it. And he wanted it up by Tuesday. The last time I worked on the bulletin board, they took it down. >_< So stress. Then Caitlyn came up to me and handed me a pile of fliers, and told me to post them in all the classrooms and bulletin boards. The fact that I had a very, very long English paper due the next day didn't help at all. I ended up crying while waiting for Coco. *sigh* Fred and Coco comforted me, and helped me with the stuff the society had dumped on me. I ended up staying up all night working on the English paper.

Tuesday I went to school early to continue working on my paper. ~_~ Though I had stayed up all night, I hadn't finished it. I cut Philo class working on that paper. XP

Wednesday, I cried again. >_< Marvi text me, and I just broke down and started crying. Luckily our prof had left already. I was literally sobbing. I was so stressed. Then Marvi and Alwin came in to talk about the Society Night, and Marvi noticed me.

"Oh Ria, bat ka umiiyak?"

I replied.


The society has just been giving me trouble. I know it's partially my fault for letting it happen all the time. I don't complain, and I never say no. I'm a freakin' doormat. >_< Ew. Soo. I decided to resign as Assistant PRO. I'm giving my resignation letter on Monday. Ironically, right after our Society Night, which is on Saturday. Everyone wants me to quit already. For once, I think I should stop trying.

Thursday, we had PE. The first hour was dedicated to an Assistant Coach of UST who committed suicide. =/ Coco and I were late though, so we stayed in the field while the rest of the class was already at the chapel. We didn't play, but we had a passing exercise instead. I had to talk with Prof Adri after class. If I'm late one more time, she'll flunk me. >_< It's so hard for me to get up in the morning now a days. I simply just can't do it. So I'm always late. Arrgh. I practiced a bit of goal shooting after class with April and Aryanne, and I tripped over April and gave myself three bruises on the side of my leg. I named them Larry, Curly and Moe. :)) They're ugleh purply spottish bruises. XP Worked on the bulletin board after eating lunch. We didn't have History, so Coco, Ags, Mick and I hung out at Colayco until our ride came. It's spiffy and stuff now. They're making a fountain thar. I wonder how it'll look when it's finished.

Today, I was supposed to start on making up for my swimming classes, but I didn't wake up early enough and got to school too late for PE. Ate breakfast at McDo, and crammed my Asian paper while watching TunOrg practice for EntABlado. Got lucky in NatSci, as the scheduled quiz didn't push through. Typed my Asian paper during Filipino. Doodled during Asian, and did decently on my computer quiz. Went home right after dismissal. X3

Tomorrow I might go out with Ginno. I hope I do get to see him. I also have a hospital appointment, and the Society night. Hrrr. I hope we just stay home on Sunday. X3

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5 Reflections


By Blogger Gelabo, at 9:34 PM  




By Anonymous Ginno, at 9:39 PM  


okei tama na. XD

cute shoesieees. :P and we're glad you enjoyed your birthday party. :D

hope school's treating you better.

By Blogger Racine, at 10:53 PM  

Yes, darling! Don't let anyone step on you any longer!

By Anonymous gretch, at 11:21 AM  

"Oh Ria, bat ka umiiyak?"

I replied.


I quite like this. XD And your Chucks are lovely.


By Blogger Karysa, at 8:28 PM  

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