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Tuesday, September 19, 2006
Allergy Attack!
Listening to: Dashboard Confessionals ~ Screaming Infidelities

Ok so.. I kinda disappeared after Saturday. Here’s what happened, so I don’t have to explain to everyone. X3
I went to the hospital. I was supposed to go out with Ginno, but I got stuck at the hospital longer than expected, so that didn’t push through. The doctor gave me antibiotics for an infection I have, and me, being half stupid, didn’t ask about the name which sounded suspiciously like Amoxicillin, which I’m allergic to. The last time I took Amoxicillin, my feet got swollen. XP I got to Coco Cobana at around… 6 or so. I was the first officer to get there. It started pretty late because the sound system was crappy. Anyway, program, then ate. I took the antibiotic at around 8:30pm-9pm after eating. Went through the rest of the night without a hitch, although I had emotional pangs.

My hands start to itch.

My feet start to feel irritated.

I get home confirm my feet and hands are swollen. I have a hard time taking a shower and brushing my hair because my feet are so swollen. Walking is a hassle and my hands are killing me. Amazingly enough, I manage to chat with Ginno for a while before going to sleep. X3 Another stupid decision of mine; I decide to sleep without telling my parents the reaction I have. I figure that the same thing is going to happen, which is nothing serious. So I leave a note on the door instead. Stupid stupid stupid.
Mom knocks on my door to wake me up for breakfast. She reads the note and bursts in.

The clinic is closed so we decide to wait the day out. My parents decided to drown me in water. I end up sleeping throughout most of the day.
I cram my Asian paper. My feet are still swollen and itchy, but I go on cramming anyway.

I skip breakfast as we decide to go to the clinic instead of waiting for Tuesday after I complain that the rashes are getting worse. They start moving up from my hands onto my arms. We bring Coco along, since we don’t think it’ll take that long.

We get to the clinic, and they refer me to a pediatrician in Manila Doctor’s Hospital.

We’re still at the hospital, and the doctor hasn’t arrived yet. >_< Coco and I decide to go to school instead. We get to the clinic, and they decide to inject me with Antamine, an anti-allergy shot. Dad sends Coco to school via taxi, and I’m forced to stay at the clinic.

I start crying. X3; I’m frustrated with the fact that I’m sick, and that the doctors are all late, and that I’m getting worse. It doesn't help that the doctor keeps on saying that I might die because one of the more serious allergic reactions is the constriction of the airways. The doctor attending to me at the clinic starts to worry that I can’t breathe, but I tell her that I’m just frustrated that this antibiotic allergy thing happened again.

I get the shot. I eat a bit, then I’m knocked out by the drowsiness side effect. The redness in my arms, hands and feet subside, and dad takes me home.


I take the new antibiotic assigned to me, Cephalexyn.

I eat dinner, and Dad gives me a pill of Iterax.

I take the new antibiotic again. I take it every eight hours.

I sleep through the rest of the day.
I take my third pill of Cephalexyn.

Mom tells me to get out of bed to eat breakfast downstairs. I get to the stairs, but once at the top, I lose my breath. My parents decided to bring me to the clinic again after I eat. They take me back to my room and I eat there.

We leave the house.

We get to the clinic. Once I get there, Dr. De La Rosa attends to me. They give me an IV with Dextrose to help me flush out the Amoxicillin in my body.

I eat lunch, and afterwards we go to Manila Doctor’s Hospital. The doctor I’m referred to wants me to be admitted into the hospital. >_< I don’t want to, so I make try to will myself to get better. O_o

At the clinic, they remove the IV. The two doctors at the clinic aren’t talking with each other, as one suggests I go home instead, while the other insists that I be admitted. ~_~;; The hospitals are full with dengue patients, so fearing the chance of getting dengue, we insist on going home.

I start to feel a lot better.

Much against the other doctor’s will, we go home.

And now.. I’m here. :3 Doing a lot better than this morning. I’m glad to be ok. Graa. Getting sick is such a hassle. >_< AND IT SUCKS. Asflaksjdflkaj. I’m just glad nothing serious happened.

{/9:59 PM} - { 3

3 Reflections

So am I. :) I'm glad you're feeling better, hun. I really am.

...you've no idea how worried I was. X3

By Anonymous Ginno, at 10:11 PM  

Aww... hope you get better soon. =]

By Blogger Tuna Caserole, at 12:40 PM  

*sigh of relief*

Thank goodness...

I started breathing easily again after reading the last three paragraphs.

By Blogger Lei, at 6:46 PM  

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