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Thursday, August 17, 2006
Post-Prelim Hell Week
Listening to: Aqualung ~ Tongue Tied

The week has been pretty hectic.

Monday was our General Assembly for the society. Everything went pretty well; it started a bit late, but after that things went smoothly. I wasn't able to find someone to do an intermission, but this gay guy from the fourth year section went up and sang this song by Mariah Carey. I'm not sure if I'd call it singing, but that's what he at least tried to do. Either way, everyone loved it. So no matter. *shrugs*

Tuesday I found out that my Prelim grade in Math is 90. o: Wow. DAMN. This is the first time I've gotten a line of 9 for Math, ever. Lol. Twas also the day I was totally bugged; literally. When I was putting on my shoes for school, I was horrified to feel something inside one of my shoes. I quickly slipped my foot out, and nudged it, just to see a horribly large cockroach scramble out of it. Dad killed it though. XP Then when I got home, I found out that I had ants in my room. Actually, I had known before, but I thought that they were just stray ants that had come in from the bathroom. I was wrong, though. When I got home, I found a thin stream of them waltzing across my desk. I followed them to where they were going, and saw them disappear into the jewelry box my mom had given me. Bad, bad feeling. I opened one of the doors (the box itself resembles a cabinet), to see that they had made their nest inside my jewelry box. Uuuuuuuuuuurgh. I brought it downstairs and cleaned it out, with the help of my mom. Day wrecker, seriously. Not to mention the fact that I didn't pass the English Prelim Exam. 49/100; wtf? The end essay question was 40 points. I got 5/40. What the hell. To make things worse, I stayed up all night working on our Filipino report, at least my part of it. I did Mick's as well, and ended up not doing a due paper on Chapter 13 for Asian.

Today was pretty mediocre. I'm getting bothered by how much I eat nowadays. I feel like I'm always stuffing my face. But I can't help it. D: I'm always hungry. I'm worried I'm going to suddenly gain weight without even noticing it. XP Anyway. Started taking down notes in NatSci. Fil was ok. Ging broke down during Fil because of some personal problems, and I went out and comforted her. I felt so bad when I saw her crying; I honestly wanted to cry with her. Or at least cry for her or something. I mean, Ging is so nice; not just to me, but to everyone. I just feel special because she always lets me hug her and she doesn't get annoyed or anything when I bug her all the time. X3 I hope everything works out for her. I was lucky in Asian; Chapter 13 was supposedly due today, but Sir Dalangin didn't come to class today, so that's been bumped to Friday. Computer we 'learned' how to use MS Word. Well, honestly, I learned how to do one thing in Word, and that's to switch down to the next page via CTRL+Enter. Then dismissal.

Coco, Mick, Ags and I ate at Burger Machine after class. We got to see April and Chris, our former classmates, before we did. After eating, we started talking about all these gross things, and we just kept on laughing and laughing. Twas fun. I went home after that, and met up with my mom in Ever. I got my roots dyed and my bangs trimmed. So now I've shorter bangs and completely brown hair. I don't know if anyone will notice though. Worked on column backgrounds for the Flame. Took a while, but at least it's done. I made a bet with our Art Director that I'd finish everything by friday, or else I'd have to buy him 100Php RO Load. Now that the column BGs are done, I just need to do 2 drawings for 2 poems he gave me.

I just want to ask; do I seem that out of touch nowadays? =/ Am I so busy that I can't even talk to the people closest to me anymore? I know that with my mom and dad they find this to be the case. Everytime I go upstairs, they shout after me, saying that they'll see me next Christmas. Maybe that's why I blog with such detail sometimes; because I don't talk about it in detail with anyone else. Since I don't talk with anyone much anymore, I post it here so people can read it, even if it's not directly coming from me. I know that usually I complain about always being chased around by people who demand my attention as if they were somewhat important to me (mean), but this is different. I don't think I'm the only experiencing this now, but either way it still bothers me. I'd like to comfort myself by thinking that I'm cool enough to manage my time well enough to make everything work out, but obviously this doesn't seem to be the case. =/

And now, I should sleep. I couldn't sleep earlier. Some people might get mad at me for finding out that I didn't sleep right away.

At least I don't have PE tomorrow. Actually, that's not confirmed, but what the hell.

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2 Reflections

I feel like a hermit these days too. I dunno. Separate paths na tayong lahat e. :) But hey, we're YMing more often these days. That's something. :P

By Anonymous Gretch, at 5:45 PM  

nice spot you got here.

searched rigoroso on blogspot and yours was on top of the list.

By Blogger tiburshock, at 8:41 PM  

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