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Friday, July 21, 2006
Laid Back
Listening to: Switchfoot ~ The Beautiful Letdown

Yeah. New layout~ <3 It's very <3ful.

Here's an entry I wrote up yesterday: (Ahahah, I'm just looking for an excuse to use block quotes XD)

I miss my purple sign pen. I'm writing in my notebook now; it's English, the lights are out and someone is monotonously droning on in the front.

I woke up at a quarter to six. I had fallen asleep on top of my bed; my socks were on, the aircon was off and the lights were on. Surprisingly, I didn't wake up with any cramps, something that usually comes with falling asleep on your tummy. Instead, I was quite comfy. I actually didn't want to get out of bed. That was until I realized I had PE at seven, and in order to get there in time, I needed to leave at six. I stole a pair of Jeth's shorts, and stuffed what I needed for PE into a duffle bag. I grabbed a white shirt from my closet, changed, and went downstairs for breakfast.

I got to watch the news a bit (CNN plz), and it's really sad to see what's going on between Israel and Lebanon. The land of Jesus Christ's birth is at war... =/ It's sad; really, really sad.

PE with Coco was fun, but muddy. I got mud all over myself; my shoes, my shorts, my shirt; my legs, my arms, and my forehead. And my chest, because of Coco. X3 Learning how to control a soccer ball with your body is messy business. At least I won't have to steal shorts from Jeth anymore, as I finally have my PE uniform. While we were getting our uniforms, I heard one of my teammates talking with her friends. A few seconds after, I felt blood trickling from my ears. She was sooooo conyo. Like way way way way worse than Kari. (Is that even possible?! XD) It was that bad. Coco heard her too, and she looked at me. "I would have killed you by now if you spoke like that. XP" I shrugged and smiled. Then these guys came out from the pool area towards the showers in their towels, and some of the other girls we were with started making cat calls. @_@ I laughed at the ridiculousness of it all, and promtly turned around, my back facing them. Geez. XP

Took a shower and headed for FrioMixx with Ags and Coco for lunch. I learned about some issues that were floating around our block, and I got pretty ticked off. More on that later. I fell asleep and woke upjust before we left. We went to the AB building, and stayed there until classes started.

In FrioMixx, I learned that the issue that was left for dead last semester is still very much alive. I thought it was gone, until a few days ago. So far they've only directly gone after Coco and Jz. I haven't experienced anything targeted at me, but part of me wants to dare them to try. It pisses me off to think that even until now they're still being so immature. Even more so that they're going after my friends. I don't want to go after them without knowing everything, though. I might just make things worse. Then again, they seem like people who only learn things the hard way.

Another thing I learned this week; never ever sleep on the bus. A few days ago, I found out that a male friend of mine was molested on a bus whil he was sleeping. He just woke up to find an old man sitting next to him, the hand of the old man inside the zipper of his pants. o_o;; More reason to be paranoid while commuting...

Hay... so many people in my block are a bunch of plastic faced twats. Arrrrrrgh.

As for today, nothing really happened. The day just zipped by. I finalized my plans for tomorrow with my mum, and I'm going out with Ginno. :3 Can't waaaaait. <3 Somehow, being away from each other makes the anticipation of seeing each other again a lot greater. X3 It's like lovely torture, if you ask me. I guess this is how it really is. :P

I went out to Tita Nora's place at Woodside Homes for dinner. I didn't want to go, actually, but I haven't seen her for a while, and the last time I talked with her she wanted to see me, so I decided to go. Besides that, if I didn't go, I wouldn't get any dinner. X3; It was actually a small gathering, with my uncles there aside from us. We ate dinner, and I bummed around the park with my brother. They didn't have swings tho. XO So I went to the pool and stayed there. I took a few vanity shots before I was joined by my rents and my aunt, and soon everyone else. I went back to the park, and stayed there by my lonesome. Aw, emo. XD I was pretty senti. X3 My sentiness caused me to get stuck in the park as it started to rain. XD I hid under a tree until the rain passed. Soon I was tired and I fell asleep until it was time to go home. X3

I haven't been doing much online. I've been neglecting some of my online duties, such as blogging and foruming and playing. XD *cough* Online duty pala ung playing. XD But yeah, I don't get to do that much anymore. I just have to fix my time so that I can do everything.

I've got to get my rear in gear. X3

{/11:58 PM} - { 3

3 Reflections

hi ria-tot! XD

hahaha, well at least you like 'lovely torture' XD some people are just plain inconvinient when in comes to long distance rel'ship. Well, cheers and good luck! XD

molesting? Natamaan naman ako dun. Natutulog kasi ako sa bus eh :D. I've been riding the bus for a year and I haven't heard that kind of issue in LB. Hmm, maybe I should start one... literally O.O Hahaha, usually stealing happens inside the bus. As in missing CP, wallet... etc. But I'm not a victim yet. Sana ikaw di rin makaranas nun. Have a safe trip home always XD

By Blogger guia_tot, at 11:44 AM  

melikes the blockquotes. XD

and HEY, there are worse conyo people! XDDDD I just happen to be around you more. :P

srsly yun ah. nagugulat ako when I hear girls in Ateneo talking horrid conyo. XD

By Blogger Karysa, at 7:48 AM  

ako i get scared when i hear conyo people in UP. UP, of all places! XD

eh, well, it's torture, but it pays off in the end. :P

By Blogger Racine, at 12:15 PM  

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