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Friday, June 30, 2006
Listening to: Third Eye Blind ~ Faster

I started the day by waking up late. XP I was supposed to leave the house with Coco at 6, but I woke up at 6. How typically me. Luckily for me, I had fixed all my stuff the night before, and so all I had to do was jump out of my pajammy-jams, wash my face, brush my teeth, grab my stuff and go. XD

Soccer was tiring. As much as I hate to admit it, I'm obviously not that physically active anymore. Our Prof, Prof. Adri, had us mess around for our first meeting, so that we could get the feel of the ball and stuff. When I first saw her, I swore she was a guy. @_@ I even argued with Coco about it. XD "No Coco, our Prof is a guy! @_@" After running halfway across the field, nearly slipping in the mud and bouncing the ball on my knee and my head, we were dismissed after a short talk. I hit the showers, and went straight to the mass that was being held for the Freshies. I made it in time for the Oathtaking of the Society and Org officers. We took our oath at the back though, since we all got there late. XP

Ate at FrioMixx, went to the Library for a while to work on our Math assignment (which I did horribly on anyway ~_~). Then class. Philo, counted the number of times Sir Maisog said 'oke'. The end count reached 200+. We seriously have nothing better to do. XD Then Math, English, History.

Coco and I went to the carpark to wait for her mum. We decided to wait inside Ice Monster, and I ended up spending that last of all my money on a Cookies and Cream Ice. XD It's really cozy in the Ice Monster at UST. I'd like my room to be somewhat like how it is there. X3

Mom and Dad are back from the province. I forgot to mention that they left on monday for Bicol to attend a wedding. They're back now, but now our maids are leaving. D: oooo. It's back to dishwashing for me, I guess. XP Lsjfoaignlfk. XD AND TUB SCRUBBING! D: Ghad no. Tomorrow my dad is going to pick up my aunt and two of my cousins from the airport, and they'll be staying here until the 4th. Auntie Susan was a neighbor of ours when we were in Japan. :D Actually, she wasn't a neighbor, but the base wasn't that big, so her house was walking distance. And she's bringing two of my cousins, Louie and Dillon. Louie is 20 something, and is in the US Military. He's tall, dark, formerly married and most likely pretty buff. XD INTIMIDATING, YES? And Dillon, well, I'm not sure how old Dillon is now. O_o He's probably...12? *shrug* I expect them to be bugging Jeth more than they'll be bugging me. XD Which is a good thing, since I'm bringing Ginno to the house on Saturday. XD

When I got home, I wasn't really in a good mood. One of the professors of the first year Asian Studies people really ticked me off. >_< Earlier I said there was a mass. After the mass, it was announced that classes for the freshmen would resume at 11:30 for a lunch break. This particular professor of the freshies had a class with them at 10-11:30. He disregarded the announcement and started his class at 10, and all the freshmen who arrived late got a 60 in their recitation grade. The thing that reaaaaaaally ticked me off was the fact that he told them that if they tried to tell anyone about what had happened, tried to make 'sumbong', he'd personally lower their grade, even flunk them. I mean, wtf man? I can understand terror profs that are just really strict, but that is just abuse of power. People like that shouldn't be professors ANYWHERE.

Besides that, my sched is really starting to get to me. I'm really starting to feel overwhelmed. I guess it's because last year I had a lot of free time, since classes started in the morning and ended at lunch time. But now that my classes are in the afternoon, it feels as if all my free time has gone flying off somewhere. Time management, anyone? Fricken hell, I'm going to get through this evil year. >:3

I talked with Ginno once I got home, and my BV-ness showed. XP He put up with me for a while and in the end made me feel better. X3 Sometimes I get overwhelmed with how spontaneous my life seems to get. I dunno, it's like you plan something, then something else pops up, and screws up your whole sched, then you have to find a way to get the two things to jive with each other. As much as possible, I hate having to bump off things I've already had planned. I can endure being busy, I just really hate it when things start to overlap. Even if the things I've to do come one after the other, I'm ok with it as long as they've got their own designated time, and the time is enough for the occasion. I'm just so used to things magically working out for me that when things start to get all jumbled up, I get really irritated. (Who wouldn't?) I suppose I should get myself used to the reality that things don't always work out the way we want them to. (We just have to make the most of what does end up working out.)

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Ah ghad. I'ts 2:30. And I'm hungry. XP Time to sleep..

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