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Thursday, June 08, 2006
Layout Blues
Listening to: Duncan Sheik ~ Barely Breathing

I've been hunting for a new layout for quite a while now, and until now I haven't found anything that I feel suits me. I really really have to learn how to do my own layouts, seriously.

Anyway. A while back I got to reading my past entries. As in, archives. I miss how unbridled I was in blogging back then. O_o I blogged whatever came to mind, and exactly how I felt about it. Now a days, I have to post in cryptic posts. Or post them in LJ. Or not post them at all. Which pretty much defeats the purpose of having a public blog. While I do understand that not all things are meant to be seen by everyone (that's why LJ exists. XD), I just find it sad that I have to limit myself in terms of expressing myself because I know alot of people read my blog. And I don't have control over who exactly reads my blog. Technically, if someone doesn't like what I post here, all they have to do is not come here any longer. But that's not exactly what I'm trying to get at here.. I doubt I post things that are blatantly insulting to a lot of people anyway. O_o And if I was to insult someone, I'd rather do it in their face. =p So anyway. Got a little sidetracked there. I guess my style in writing has changed ever since I started filtering out what I posted here. I'm not sure if my posts have become more meaningful since then, but oh well. At least they seem a bit more structured now. But is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Yesterday I went out with my friends to Eastwood. Well, in truth, it wasn't just my girlfriends (8D), but we also had our gheyfriends there too. XD So all in all, it was Gela, Cai, Racine, Kari, Gretchen (GRETCHEN *love* XD), Maku, Gab, Convi, Berbi, Ryan, Losman, Niko (amirite? O_o) and Conx. And myself. So. We were more like a mob really. XD ("I thought this was an all-girls thing? XD") We ate at the never-dying Fazoli's, and watched Take the Lead. Dancing is leik... uber sexy. XD It's amazing how passionate people can be about things, may it be dance, art, music, taking the trash out or whatever. To be honest, it makes me jealous. X3 Another thing I found out; mini-skirts really aren't me. I know they're supposed to make 'things' easier, but it just makes things harder for me. Grarg. XD

Today mum said I had to wake up early because Marcelo was going to give me my mirror and install my desk lights, but lo and behold... he's not here. XD So much for moving into my room by Wednesday. I still need my bed. Graaa, I might just go with a metal frame bed, even if it doesn't have a headboard, then I'll just place all my knickknacks on a side table or something. I just want to move into my room already. XD I actually got around to cleaning up the studyroom. I fixed the bed here for the first time since I started sleeping here. XD Geez. I took out the trash as well, same goes for the bathroom, and restocked it while I was at it. Finally, Jeth and I can stop stealing toilet paper from each other. XD

Now that I've gotten to thinking about the things this house needs, I realize how much work has to be done around here. O_o Apparently the bathroom here leaks into the garage. The light in the other bathroom has been dead for nearly 4 months now. The fridge needs to be cleaned out. The dirty kitchen needs to be.. uh, cleaned. XD The whole house is being invaded by ants. >_< The former Playstation room is just a pile of junk. XP Why didn't we fix these during the summer? @_@ Seriously speaking, we have to get rid of some of the junk here. There's just no more space for it all anymore. =/ But knowing us.. we'll just find new places to stash it all. XD

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1 Reflections

I thought this was an all-girls thing? XD

All-girls nga. XDDD

mini-skirts really aren't me. I know they're supposed to make 'things' easier

Easy access. :D

By Blogger Gelabo, at 7:15 PM  

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