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Saturday, June 17, 2006
Fix Plz?
Listening to: Evan and Jaron ~ The Distance

Blaaaargh. It's only 10:20 and I'm sleepy already. =/

Something's wrong with my PC, seriously. It restarts when I start running programs. I have to bring it back to where I bought it from so they can test it and replace the parts that are screwed. XP I am really bummed about it, to be honest. I didn't think that something would go wrong this early.

The first week of 2nd year was uneventful. Just met a handful of new professors. I can already feel myself slipping into the daily grind. XP Bummer. Seriously. College is a bunch of crap atm, save for my friends. (Who are slowly dwindling in number.) Last year we started with 48 students. 30 are left. What a way to start the school year. =/

I finally put up the background I did for the society bulletin board (couldn't have done it without Coco's help. X3), but I couldn't put anything else up because I didn't have what I needed. All I needed was lettering, a description of the course, and pictures of my fellow officers. Come Friday, I still didn't have these, which our President said they'd give. Then our PRO texts, telling me to go to school on Saturday to finish the bulletin board, because she has class then. I told her that I couldn't go, because my 'rents had just left for Baguio, so I had no transpo and I had to watch the house. Which is true. Later she texts that the PROs of the 3rd year blocks would finish the bulletin board, because the bulletin board has to be finished before Monday. I was slightly annoyed, because she hasn't attended a single meeting, she didn't coordinate with me at all until our President bugged her, and I was the one who did the 88" by 33" background of the bulletin board, then she's going to imply that it's my fault that the bulletin board isn't finished yet? But I brush it off and think, well, let's just see what's done by Monday. Then our President texts saying that there's a meeting on Sunday, and that we're to do the video for the General Assembly on Sunday. And how the heck am I supposed to get to G4 at 10:30 in the morning; my 'rents just arrived tonight and it's Father's Day tomorrow. So I told him outright that I couldn't go. Then he replies, saying that my family would understand, that if I was really dedicated to the society, to my work and shiznit, I'd be able to convince my 'rents. At that point I was pretty irked; I know the society is important, but my family is definitely more important. >_< Ok so, he probably wasn't implying that the society is more important than my family, but that's sure how it came out for me.

I've a few new professors.

Ma'am Garcia: NatSci 101
According to the upperclassmen she's a nice prof. All you have to do is recite a lot to do well in her class.

Sir Atalia: Filipino 1
He's cool to listen to. Funny too. If you manage to plagiarize something in his class, and he grades it without finding out, you automatically get a 1 in his class. o: And in all his future classes as well. But if you get caught, you automatically get a 5, and aren't allowed to attend any of his classes, ever. He's been doing that for 8 years, and according to him, no one has gotten that 1 yet. Despite the fact that I find him cool so far, I'm scared out of my mind because I'm pretty sure I'm going to flunk FIL1.

Sir Dalangin: ASN 202
Well. He's kinda old. And boring. But according to my sources, he gives killer quizzes, exams, and oral reports. >_< And when he discusses... he just keeps going, and going, and going. XP

Computer 100
I don't know her name. XP But she's talkative. Really talkative. But it's not annoying or anything. Hopefully Comp 100 will be a breeze.

Sir Maisog: Philosophy 5
Bummed that we don't have Sir Pabs this year. I got a 1.25 by sleeping in his class. XD

Ma'am Ledesma: MATH 102B
She seems nice enough. Still doesn't change the fact that I absolutely hate math. =/

Ok, so it's not just a handful.

I'm le uber bummed. =/

Ags let me borrow her DVD of Battle Royale. I plan on watching it... maybe tomorrow. Just not now.

I've talked with Mick (Mick talked to me, actually), and well, I'm glad that things are ok now. As much as possible, I'd like to be on good terms with everyone, but there are some people who just make it so impossible. It doesn't help that the situation is pretty iffy. It's nice to know I can still be friends with some of them, despite the circumstances.

I've to take a shower.

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