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Sunday, May 07, 2006
Tired... again!?
Listening to: Vertical Horizon ~ Best I Ever Had

Ok so.. I'm still in the clothes I wore to go to Greenhills. XP I'll explain later.

Anyway. Yesterday I went to UST for the Society meeting. I went to SM North Edsa with my family before I went to UST tho, because my mum had to buy a summer dress for an aunt who's coming from the US sometime in June. We had lunch at Super Bowl. I commented that everytime I heard the words 'Super Bowl', the first thing that came to mind was American football. XD After lunch, dad drove me to UST. The meeting was to start at 1:00, and I had arrived 30 minutes early.

I met up with the VP (Internal or External, I'm not sure) Alvin, and we sat at Tinoco park for a while as we waited for the other officers to arrive. It was kind of weird actually. He has this freaky glare that he kept giving me everytime he looked at me. XD It was so stalker-ish, I swear! We talked until it was 1. It was awkwaaaard. Finally the President, Marvin, arrived. Then Kuya Ernie and Jackie came... and yeah eventually 8/10 of us were there. *lazy* XD Talked about the General Assembly, as well as the Aquaintance party that we were to hold for the incoming freshies. We talked about those two events until 3:30pm. Then the meeting ended. Yay. XD Sometimes I really wonder if I need to be at those meetings, because not much is assigned to me, as I am the lowest ranking officer in our society. XD But I know it's my duty as an officer, blah blah. XD Don't worry, I'm not wimping out. =p I gave my opinions on lots of things, as well as ideas. I also pretty much serve as the representative of the freshies, being the closest to a freshie out of all of them. XD Our next meeting will be next Monday, at Glorietta. We have to make a video for the General Assembly. XP

At 3:30pm, I walked with Alvin and Jackie to Espana. I split up with them, and walked to Maku's shop, where I met up with Racine and Maku. :3 We listened Rex Navarette recordings on Maku's PC, because his internet was down. After buying water and ice cream at MiniStop, Maku, Racine and I went again to Espana. Racine and I rode an FX going to Fairview, while Maku went to Greenhills to meet up with Ralph and Francis and some other Gamer Zaibatsu people most likely. Kekekekeke. XD On our way to Ever, Cai called, telling us that she was already at Royale. o: I told her to text Gela, but she told me that she was still at Eastwood with her 'rents. Sooooooo. Racine and I willed for the FX Driver to drive faster. Lol! XD After a while, we were finally at Royale! :3

We met up with Cai in front of FIC. Tis where we usually meet up when we're meeting up at Royale. If not FIC, Mocha/Mochi Blends. So anyway. The three of us stayed there as we waited for Gela. Cai and Racine suggested I read about the Information Design course at Ateneo, after I told them about my predicament. After a while, we actually considered playing DOTA at Pipeline. XD But when we finally got serious about it, Gela came. Gela was lucky enough to win 1.2k at Shopwise, so she said that she'd treat us out to dinnar! :D So we went to Di'Marks. Tis where I spilled the beans. XD After eating there, we went to Crepes and Cakes and Gela and Racine had a crepe. Twas damn good too. O_o We thought of words that could act as themes for the art portfolio Cai was to do. We came up with all these weird words. XD I'd have to ask Cai for the whole list. And I mispelled 'leprechaun' on it too. =))

At 8:30, I had dad pick us up at Royale. We had to run over to Shell first tho to take Racine to where she could get a ride home. Stupid bois on pickup trucks. XP Anyway, we got home, and messed around on MyHeritage.com. XD

According to MyHeritage.com, Kari and Cai look like...


That's what we did until 10. I took a shower while Cai and Gela had fun with MyHeritage.com. XD At 10, we went down to watch Pinoy Big Brother. Officially, I'm no longer a PBB virgin. XD Oh, the teen drama! Well, at least it was entertaining. I got around to thinking how it would be if we got stuck inside a house like Kuya's. Gela said we'd just be laughing the whole time. XD And I'd get all these violations for over sleeping. :)) After PBB was over, we went up. Cai went to sleep, and Gela and I had fun chatting. =p Cai had taken up most of the space on the bottom bunk, and I hadn't changed the beddings on the upper bunk, so I looked for the futon. I couldn't find it tho, so what Gela and I did was get 3 comforters and layer them one on top of the other. XD Gela decided to turn in, and I did so too at around 1am.

I remember waking up at 5am, but I was so groggy the only thing I remember was the fact that it was 5am. XD I woke up again at around 8, and Cai and Gela were up already. =p Cai went to take a shower, and Gela and I bummed on the floor. Mum was bugging us to eat, but we were all groggy. So my mom came in with my guitar and starting strumming it like a maniac whilst 'singing' at the top of her lungs 'WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP'! HAHAHAHAHA! Oh God. I swear I didn't think she would actually do that. She sat on my back after I tried to cover my head with a pillow. XD She stopped after I complained that she was crushing me. Gela and Cai left at around 10:30, and I got ready to go to Greenhills.

We heard mass at Greenhills, then we ate at Italianni's afterwards for lunch. I was still full from having breakfast, so all I had was a chocolate cake. Oh yum. <3 After that, mum and I walked around. She went around with me and bought me clothes! :D Well, two shirts, but she still bought me clothes. XD She tried to get me to buy a mini skirt. XP But I said no. XD *mean* Mum was really ready to buy me a lot of stuff. I wanted to get some shirts, a skirt, and a bag. We actually went all over the tiangge area, to no avail! So in the end I only got 2 shirts because we were totally pooped out. John saw me there too. XD

So we went home. And I haven't changed since we got home. I don't know why actually. I'm just too tired to even change. *lazy* I even skipped dish washing duties today. But I did clean up the study room after Typoons Cai and Gela wrecked havoc.

Okaaaaaaaaay. My arm hurts now. XD And I'm getting the chills. @_@ Body failure alert, lol. XP

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4 Reflections


Damn it, I wish I was there. *cry cry* XD

By Blogger Karysa, at 4:10 AM  

Then you don't wanna know WHO ELSE you look like, Kari. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA =))=))

By Blogger Gelabo, at 4:46 PM  

There's one waaaaaaaaaaay worse than that one. XD

By Blogger Ria, at 4:49 PM  

thumbs up to ria for looking like jimi hendrix. :)

By Blogger MadMane, at 9:27 PM  

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