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Sunday, May 14, 2006
Mother's Day
Listening to: The Verve ~ Bitter Sweet Symphony

Happy Mum's day to all the Mum's out there! :3

I woke up kinda late today. XD I woke up at 10, and we were supposed to leave the house at 10:30. Luckily for me, I'm pretty much used to rushing, so I was able to get myself ready by then. I rushed downstairs and gave my gift (as well as Ginno's) to my mum before we left for Shangrila. I had tied them together with a ribbon I had, and attached a small card to it. (Being a pack rat is good, if you can remember where you stash everything. XD) I wasn't sure if she already had what we had gotten for her, so I was kinda worried. Again, I was lucky and she didn't have them. X3 And she like them too! So thar.

After that we went to Shangrila. Attended Mass there, then had lunch at Red Crab. Mum bought tickets for MI3, so Mum and I walked around until the movie was to start. I told her I wasn't single anymore, and she took it really well and told me that she was happy for me. :3 Thanks Mum. She was also glad that I was now bisexual instead of lesbian. XDD (GIRLS! 8D) After a while, she went to the comfort room, and I was left ourside, waiting for her. I leaned against a wall while I did. And I kept on getting a lot of looks from people. >_> I made sure that I wasn't doing anything I wasn't supposed to be doing. o_o Shangrila makes me so paranoid. The moment Mum came out, I was all clingy and whiney; "Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuum! DON'T EVER LEAVE ME BY MYSELF! D:" And she laughed and said that she wouldn't. She would later on tho. XP

Anyway. We watched MI3, while Jeth watched The Wild (he had already watched MI3) Twas pretty good. Lotsa action. Yeah. I know I'm a horrible movie critic. XD After the movie, Jeth was complaining about feeling sick, so we went home. The trip home was a complete disaster. Road rage the whole way. Jeth and Dad were just feeding each other's tempers. And Jeth was being completely immature. I swear, if I didn't have any self-control, I would have smacked him to see if that would bring some sense into him. I mean, when we got home, he kicked one of the resident cats because it was sitting on our other car. He even threw rocks at it! I can't believe him. I'm just waiting for the day someone or something will make him grow up. I've given up being civil with him; when he's being an ass, I tell him he's being an ass. XP Hay grabe. o_o; I'd consider him a lost cause, if he wasn't my brother. I guess this is why I hate seeing other people lose their tempers; it reminds me of what I have to put up with at home. =/

The painting of my room is supposed to start tomorrow, but I kinda doubt that it will. I asked my mum about it, and she said that Marcelo hadn't contacted her yet. The Soc Meeting I was supposed to go to was also cancelled; Marvin told me he was stranded in Masbate because of the Typhoon. XP Now Kari is asking me to go with her to SM North to be a 4th wheel. She's the 3rd wheel eh. XD I actually don't know anything about the whole thing; all I know is if I do go, Kari's taking me somewhere and taking me home afterwards. XD Un lang. Ah well. Sounds better than bumming at home, I guess.

Anyway, Happy Mum's Day once again~ :3 I'll just see what happens tomorrow.

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5 Reflections

She was also glad that I was now bisexual instead of lesbian. XDD (GIRLS! 8D)


We still luuuuurve you ;D

It's you, me, & Cai. XD We're going to SM North. Pick you up later darling. ;)

By Blogger Karysa, at 9:17 AM  

I have no idea what to say.

Well, other than the fact that me and my brothers more or less hate my dad. ^_^

By Anonymous Xaizhan, at 5:30 PM  

awww, di mo na ko kkiss nyan, may iba ka nang ikkiss :-<

haha amp XD since your mom knows, sooner or later your whole clan will want to meet him. so tell him to get ready. XD

By Blogger Racine, at 7:03 PM  


By Anonymous ginno, at 8:49 PM  


You should stop trying to rape/exploit me now. XD

By Anonymous Cai, at 9:43 PM  

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