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Tuesday, January 31, 2006
Nagcarlan, Laguna
Listening to: Saves the Day ~ Nightengale

Thanks to Coco for the song. :D

So. Time to talk about the Immersion, yes?

The immersion is definitely something I'm glad I didn't miss. It was quite an experience. I woke up at 3:30 because Dad wanted to get there early, and we were supposed to leave at 4:30, but we ended up leaving at 5:15 because of some complications. After getting lost for a while, we found JAM Transit and boarded the public bus which took us to San Pablo. From there, we took a jeep, and stopped over at the Municipality to get debriefed by the Police Cheif there. From there we took another jeep to get to Brgy. Buhanginan.

I spent the first day basically walking around the Brgy. It was pretty small, and the houses were simple. The house I was staying at was semi-concrete, with two bedrooms, a sala, a kitchen and a bathroom. Just the basics. We then had the Ukay-Ukay project, then data gathering. Later in the evening Coco, Keith, Dustin and I karaoke-ed (each song cost only 1 peso each! XD), until we were later joined by JZ, Mick, Joseph and even Chris. After the meeting that night, we helped wrap prizes for the Solidarity night, and then went to our homes. I took my shower after Coco and Gela, and we slept on the Sala floor.

Second day, I woke up late. XD We were supposed to wake up at 5, but we ended up waking up at 7:30. XP I woke up to the sounds of Saturday morning cartoons. XD I woke Coco up, and we walked around the Brgy. I was told to go all the way to the 'bayan' to take a picture of the sign leading to the brgy, as I was assigned as the Documentary Committee even though I was only one person. XD We (Coco, Dustin, Keith, Mick, Ado and JZ) walked all the way there, and we actually bonded. o: I took the pics, and we walked all the way back again. Had lunch, then found out that the number of people that had been interviewed was lacking. So we walked all the way in the opposite direction from which we came to look for people to interview. Sadly, when we reached the end of the brgy, we hadn't found a single person to interview. XP So we went back, and just as we got back, Joseph was asked to buy ingredients for the spaghetti for the Solidarity Night. Guess who went with him? XD We bought Mayonaise, hotdogs, and bread. We got back, and I helped make mayo sandwiches. We bought too much mayo, so we ended up putting GLOBS of it on each sandwich. Twas fun. And messy. And partially gross. XD While the others were busy tabulating what we had gathered, we cooked the spaghetti and the sauce. The sauce looked like innards. Seriously. XD And the spaghetti looked even worse. Amazingly, it tasted decent enough.

Solidarity night. Started with the presentation of data, then we went on to the games and the dances by the kids. We had to dance too; we danced to Pinoy Big Brother. XD Then bingo for the older people. I was getting pretty tired taking pics, so I stayed at the Karaoke machine for a while, and went back every now and then. Had dinner, then helped clean up. Everything seemed fine until we went to the home where we were staying and took our showers. My two housemates had encounters with a peeping tom while they were in the shower. XP I was the last to shower that night, so they told me about it and I had to wear clothes while I took my shower. XP

Last day of the Immersion. I first woke up at 3am, then I went back to sleep. I woke up again at 5, but I went back to sleep again. XD I finally woke up at 7, to see Coco up already, and Mick sitting on one of the chairs in the sala. We went to the house where Dustin and Keith were staying, and I watched Keith play the mini arcade machine (1 peso for 3 minutes LOL XD) and Dustin and Mick play billiards on the rotating pool table. We karaoke-ed for a while back at the brgy hall, and went walking again. We took pics with Coco's cam and mine as well. Twas fun. :D After lunch, we gathered at the brgy hall and shared our experiences, then at 3 we boarded the jeep and rode all the way back to UST. On the way back, I was able to buy Buko pie. XD We got back at around 6, and I got picked up by dad at nearly 7:30.

Yeah, the immersion was fun. I left out a few things that happened there for good reason though. XD It wasn't that hard, staying in the barangay. For some reason, I felt like I was used to actually roughing it out like that. O_o When we were leaving, I actually felt like staying for a few more days. I dunno. The atmosphere there was really nice. The people were kind and it was far far away from the problems of the city. I mean, I did miss a lot of people while I was there, but I didn't really miss the PC or the internet or my bed or AC or anything. Ok, so I probably missed my bathroom, but other than that, none really. XD

One of the things that I noticed when I got home was the mirrors. Our house is filled with mirrors. Every room has a mirror in it. When I was in Nagcarlan, there was only one mirror in the house, and it was pretty dirty, so I couldn't really see my reflection. I didn't really care how I looked for those 3 days. I guess I miss not having to worry about looking 'pretty' and crap. One of the bad habits I have is always looking at my reflection. X3 I know a lot of people have this habit as well. I always catch myself doing this, and it's become automatic. It bothers me. My life would be a lot easier if I didn't always worry about how I look. I'm sure this is the same for a lot of other people too. Ah, the burden of society's perception of beauty. X3

Tomorrow I have swimming. I heard we're taking up diving. I hope I don't kill myself tomorrow. XD

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1 Reflections

I once heard that the propensity to look at one's own reflection is also a sign of being true to yourself.

Anyway, nice to hear your immersion went well (except for that peeping tom), and you're all safe and sound.

Maybe I'll have hotdog sandwich (with lots of mayo) for merienda later.

By Blogger Lei, at 12:00 PM  

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