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Friday, January 27, 2006
Immersion Time
Listening to: Eagle Eye Cherry ~ Save Tonight (Acoustic)

Ah crap. I'm leaving at 4:30am for JAM Transit tomorrow, and here I am, just about to blog about a whole week that has already passed by. XP I'll just talk about the highlights of this week.

Tuesday, only two of my profs showed up for class. Sir Toby appeared to debrief us on our upcomming Immersion, and left shortly after. Then History. I scored 92 on my History Exam. :D Had our block picture taking, and after History class I left and met up with Maku. He took me to Almers, and we had Sisig! Twas spicy, but good all the same. Ralph caught up with us, and after we ate (Maku had four servings of rice), we made our way to SM San Lazaro. We walked. XD For the hell of it. :)) Plus, we were really full and needed to walk it off. Luckily it wasn't raining that hard, so we were able to make it. We walked around, and I watched them play Initial D. At 3, Maku bought me a Gonuts Donuts donut for a bet I lost (lol!), and we took a taxi back to UST. After that, I went home.

Wednesday, it rained nearly all day. We had major fun checking the Philo exams of our 'sister' section, 1AS2. (If you didn't know, there's a section rivalry thingie going on between the two first year AS blocks.) I don't have anything agains them but GHAD. Their essays were HORRIBLE! XD We were actually passing their papers around, laughing at what they had written down. Yes, I know we're evil. XD I went to SM San Lazaro again after class with Coco, Joseph, and JayZ. Coco and Joseph went off to buy things for the Immersion, while JayZ and I, since we had PE later that day, went to McDo for lunch. For some reason, we ordered the exact same thing for lunch; Cheeseburger meal with large fries and a regular coke, and a McFlurry. The only difference was that my McFlurry was Oreo, while his was Cappuccino. Coco and Joseph met up with us after we ate, and we took the Jeep back to UST. I was actually considering cutting my swimming class, but JayZ convinced me to just get it over with. Much to my suprise, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. As it was raining, I was expecting the water to be uber cold. D: But it wasn't. It was actually probably one of the warmest swimming classes I've ever had. XD After swimming, I took the backdoor near the Grandstand to take a shower. After I got out, I found out that they had locked the backdoor. D: So I had to walk all the way around the Gym to get to the locker with my things in it. XD It must have been quite a sight, seeing me partially wet with disheveled hair. But I really could care less. I got my stuff, fixed my hair, and left. I commute home. Weird thing happened to me on the FX. As of now, there's a blood drive that's going on in the AB Building Lobby, and I really wanted to donate blood. But since I'm under 18, I needed parental consent to do so. So I had the form filled out in my file case, and I didn't really notice that it was facing outwards. The man sitting across me in the FX commented on it. XD He asked if it was hard to donate blood, and I said that it would be my first time, that was if it pushed through. We started talking (actually, he just kept on asking me questions XD) about tuition fees and education. He told me about his 3 kids and how they were honor students and stuff, since they got discounts on the tuition. Twas funky. XD Afterwards went to Ever to buy my supplies for the Immersion. I finally got around to replacing my sad excuse for an umbrella after it gave me a painful cut on my thumb. X3 Now I have a nice banana umbrella. XD I went home, had dinner, and ate my last Almond Joy. Sad. X3 Besides the need for parental consent, to donate blood, I needed to be at least 110 lbs. When I asked about it, I knew I was around 100 lbs or so, and I kept on wondering on the way home how the heck I'd gain 10 lbs in one night. XD Much to my dismay, when I checked the weighing scale, I only weighed 96 lbs! D: 14 lbs in one night!? XDD zOmg. So yeah, I pretty much scrapped the hope of donating blood.

Today, I got to Petron late, and Coco and I were worried because we had already pretty much exhausted our allowed number of tardies for our Economics class, our first class every Tuesday and Thursday. We got stuck in traffic, and there was flood water everywhere because of the rain. Luckily, she didn't come to class again. In fact, our first three profs didn't show up at all for class. We made use of the time by practicing our presentation for the community, which I only found out about today. XD Amazingly, we were able to get nearly everyone to practice dancing to "Pinoy Ako" by Orange and Lemons. Dustin was probably the most hyper during the practice. XD He's got this very bully-ish aura around him if you don't know him that well, and it was funny seeing him dance with gusto. XD After the practice, Mick, JayZ and Dustin hijacked the boombox and started playing Silverstein. I started feeling all emo, lol! XD Then a representative of the Asian Studies Society appeared, and told us that we needed to elect a candidate for Assistant Treasurer, Assistant Secretary and Assistant PRO for the Society. To make a long story short, I was elected for Assistant PRO. XP Now Coco keeps on calling me "Hot Fantasy". LOL! XD Though I was elected by my block, I still have to 'run' against the person elected from 1AS2. Apparently, the Society will campaign and vote. Weird. XD After that, Joseph and I went to DynaQuest to plaaaaay. <3 I played RF, while he got high on DOTA. Sadly for me, the server kept on crashing, and we left in time to make it for our History class, and it was a good thing too! Though History was our last class of the day, she was the only prof that showed up! Ironically, nearly 80% of the class had already gone home, and only 10 of us were there for her lecture. XP I laughed when I saw Ralph's reaction when he entered the classroom and saw only 10 of us seated. XD Maku text in the middle of class, and after History I went to SM San Lazaro yet again to meet up with him. It was raining really hard when I left; perfect opportunity to use my Banana Umbrella. XD So I got to SM San Lazaro, and Maku paid for my lunch for my troubles. XD YEAH. FREE FOOD. XD I even ate a Mongo Pao. Or something like that at Chow King. Twas yummy. o: I was scared that I was going to get stranded there, because everytime I looked outside, the sky was dark and extremely ominous with rain pelting down in torrents. D: Luckily by the time I left, the rain had died down, and I had an easy time getting back to UST. I went home, and started packing as soon as I got home. I managed to fit everything into two bags, though they are kinda heavy. =/

So yeah, that's pretty much just part of what happened to me this week. XD I forgot to mention that I had crap arse sleep for the first three days of the week, as I was still reeling from the lack of sleep from last week.

So anywhoo.

Boys will be boys.
The above is something I got from Coco's blog. (I dunno if she wants me spreading her about, so I won't link her just yet. XD) Actually, everything seems to be going pretty swell for me in the boys department. Of course, when I say this, that means that I don't really have a boy to cause any trouble or anything. XD Joke. Anyway. Like in Coco's post, my post about boys will be about JayZ. I dunno. He's so confusing! You see, there's a girl from Med that he had 'something' with recently, and it didn't end well at all. To put it simply, he said that he never wanted to see her again and blah blah blah. Coco and I, knowing what happened, understood why. The thing is, he goes back on what he says so often it's annoying. Like one moment he hates her guts, the next he misses her, the next he's with her. O_o Tis wacky I tell you. Coco and I have pretty much given up trying to understand him. Like earlier, I was surprised upon entering the classroom to see JayZ and her hugging. O_o Just yesterday he had said that he didn't want to see her in SM or anything. Okaaay. The thing that bothers me the most is... I've had a lot of weird moments with JayZ. Like there are times when I'm leaning against the wall, then he'll come up to me and lean in close. Or when I'm sitting down, he'll sit beside me and hold me by the chin and make me look at him. Or other times he'll come up behind me and hug me around the waist. While I do admit that it feels nice (I'm a touchy feely person. Malambing ako. X3), emotionally it doesn't mean anything to me, and since he does it so often, I just lift an eyebrow. Of course, sometimes this just leads to him gazing into my eyes, and we end up staring at each other. It's after this that I punch him in the stomach. *rolls eyes* It was just today when I was on my way home that I really thought about what he was doing, and I got really annoyed. XP He's got Skye, why does he need to do that with me? (Not that I'm jealous or anything. I detest the idea that he might be using me as a 'panakip-butas'. I would honestly rather die.) I don't want anyone doing things like that with me unless they really mean it. He may see what he does as a joke between friends, and I used to as well, but not anymore. (COCO! I know you're going to read this, and I know that you'll completely understand what I mean! XP) He's a good friend, but I don't like his antics when it comes to girls. >_>

Tomorrow *looks at the time* today, rather, I'm leaving for Nagcarlan, Laguna. I'll be gone for three days, and I'll return on Sunday. Until then, I hope this really long post will suffice. XD

I'll be sure to return with a long blog entry, and a bunch of photos. ;)

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1 Reflections

hay nako girl... d ko ren maintindihan... he's so confusing... he also does to me the things he does to you.. and honestly, mejo nabbwct ako... una... alam mo naman kng baket... **think hard at the catwalk**... at pngalawa, nasa baba un.

i actually got to talk to him at the immersion... and sa totoo lang, he told me na... "aaminin ko, na gs2 ko parin na may mngyari.." weird tlaga...... at days ago, i asked him if he loved her or pitied her, he said neither... but he said that he was "physically attracted...".... wtf? so ibig sabihin, since malambing din cya ke ****, ganun din cya satin?? i don't know... but i dont think panakit butas tayo...

cguro maiintindihan ko kng mahal pa nya.... pero hndi daw e... how can you be hung up with someone na wala lang talaga sau??? i dont know... i know jz's not stupid.. he's actually wise (for me).... so i dont really understand why he's like this... and it bothers me whenever i see him confused... kasi pati ako... well not only me but you too... ay naaapektuhan...

but, this is just my opinion.... ><

By Anonymous coco, at 9:36 PM  

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