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Tuesday, December 20, 2005
I Survived my Hectic Weekend!
Listening to: Saosin ~ Bury your Head

Ok, so on the 16th (which was last Thursday) I watched the AB Faculty Show until 11:30 or so. Did something that felt good, yet selfish. =/ The Faculty Show was ok, I suppose. It was to start at 9, but it started at 10. ~_~ So when I left it wasn't finished yet. Well, I got to see my queer English professor in a dress with the slit up to his crotch. o_o I think that's enough for one year. XP

I rode an FX with Coco and Cep to UP, and jumped off at Philcoa. Rode a jeepney to the Oblation, and ran towards the music building. Like Racine said, WE MISSED MAJOR SHRINKAGE! By 10 minutes too. Deym.

I hung out with Racine, Gela, Gretchen, Maku, and watched Cai in the lantern parade. Most of the time we spent hanging out on one of the curbs, just talking about the things that were going on in our lives. Especially the ones about guys. XD We actually missed the Lantern Parade because we were in the wrong area, but we had fun on the curb anyway.

Afterwards, we went to Jollibee to eat dinner. We got to see the fireworks before we left tho. We just talked even more when we got there, then we transferred to Dunkin Donuts where we had even more Vanity Sessions, then we finally took a taxi home.

Friday, I went to Greenbelt with my parents after class. We ate at Soul Food, and it was yum. We got to see the fireworks too. :D Then we walked around, and even got to see Heart and Jericho. O_o I forgot to bring my camera tho. Afterwards, we went... bar hopping. O_o We ended up in this one Sports Bar, and everyone had something alcoholic besides myself. Funny thing is, I fell asleep on the way home, and when we got home, I was so tired that I forgot to change after I washed my face. O_o When I woke up, I was still wearing my roman sandals. XD Funny how I got totally wasted while bar hopping with my family and without drinking a drop of alcohol.

Saturday, I went to the SHS Fair. I met up with Kari, Gela and Gretchen in the MMA, where we played Heart Attack and had Vanity Sessions. :D We met up with Cai at Tepai's booth, then we went to eat. After eating, Kari went off to prepare for the Spotlight, and I left to go to Coco's house. I had to walk all the way in the drizzling rain. *drama* Lol. XD I went to Coco's house to work on one of our Sociology papers. I met up with Coco, Joseph, and eventually JZ and Ado as well. Most of the time we spent arguing over how we were to start it, so I made an outline and did the intro before I left to go back for the Spotlight. When I got back, I saw Carlo, John and Eloi. Thanks for the gift Carlo. :D I missed Racine and Maku tho. =/ I then went to the Gym with Gela and Cai, and we met up with Berbi, Convi, Conx and... some other A guys who I don't know. XD The Spotlight was good tho. :D Afterwards, we went to the Poduim where we proceeded to play more Heart Attack, screaming while doing so. Then we were ushered out by a parent, then resumed playing Heart Attack outside the gate with the A Guys.

Sunday, I went to church with my family and Auntie Chona at UP. After that I went to SHS for the last day of the fair. Before I went in tho, I had to drop by Coco's house to pick up the paper. XP I went back, and then met up with Cai, Gela and Kari, and we ate lunch. We hung out at Tepai's booth after that. I planned on getting a Henna Tatoo on my hand with one of those Indian designs, but there were so many people that I decided not to instead. We went off again, wandering and finally ending up at the MMA while waiting for the Band Aid to start. Aladin's voice is very <3. We then went to the Podium to wait for the line to move, and there we just laughed and laughed and laughed. I saw Ja. LOVEEEEEEEER! I miss your hugs. T_T Then, Band Aid. Congrats to Dalandan Soda for getting 2nd place, as well as Freefall for getting 3rd. :D We left after Dalandan Soda performed, and ate dinner. More laughing. More adventures concerning .5 of a Chicken McNugget and 5 pesos. We went back, and just missed SpongeCola, but we watched Sugarfree perform. After that, we left and went to the Poduim for MORE Heart Attack, and yes, more screaming while playing as well. We left at 10 while Hale was performing (mean!), and I fell asleep on the way home. Got home. Totally wasted again.

Today, I woke up late. XD Actually, I woke up at 5:30, and I was still... in my fair clothes. o_o Mom came in my room and used my SHS jacket to cover me up. X3 She even hugged me. Aww. Wala lang. XD Then I mumbled something about being picked up by Coco at around 8, then went back to sleep. When I woke up, it was... 7:30! @_@ So I ran around the house; I took a shower, changed, brushed my teeth, fixed my bag and skipped breakfast. XP Ironically enough, the one class I went to school for didn't push through. ~_~ So we went to SM San Lazaro with Coco, JZ, Dgae and Ado, where I got to do some Christmas Shopping! :D Coco, Dgae and Ado went back to UST after lunch tho, so it was just JZ and I left to do some shopping. While in National Bookstore, I was hit with a sneezing attack (which I've now concluded to be one of my allergies..) I was able to get my family gifts, but the total went up to roughly P700. =_= Ooouch, my walleeet. I still have to by my friends gifts. D: D: D: D: Demmet. Went back to UST after, then had a heart to heart talk with JZ and Coco concerning something that was bothering JZ. We went home at 4, because I had to be home by 5. @_@ Luckily for me, I was able to make it in the nick of time. Got home and changed. I was pretty cranky too. We went to my Tita's house to celebrate my cousin's birthday. Ate dinner. Actually, I only had a bowl of soup and a piece of shrimp. XP Anyway, we just bummed around watching Animal Planet, then went home. I didn't think that the Fashion Show that my mom had planned would push through, but IT DID. So I had to prance around the house in:

1. An orange bathingsuit, complete with wrap-around, hat and bag
2. A golden gown
3. My Rogue costume
4. My black gradball gown

It was ok I guess, but at one point Therese pulled up my skirt when I was wearing my gradball gown (and the hemline of that gown is above my knees XP) and I got all cranky after that. XP Luckily, I was able to keep my cool, and mom said that she'd fund my next cosplay adventure for being a good sport. (Bleach, here I come! XD)

Tomorrow is UST's Paskuhan. FREE FOOD! XD And... potentially awkward moments. I'll just hope for the best.

Of course, after Paskuhan is... CHRISTMAS BREAK! <3

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