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Saturday, December 24, 2005
Christmas Eve
Listening to: Sugarfree ~ Makita Kang Muli

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


The Christmas Tree

The Spoils

The Christmas Card

What a cute Christmas card. XD It's Santa playing a game on a console! XD

Anyway, before I start, I just want to say a few things about my blog.

I know my blog is vague at times. Yes, I make it vague. I don't ever completely explain anything on this blog of mine. So whatever conclusions you come to by reading this, they're probably wrong. :P

Continuing.. Hi to all the people who posted on my tagboard. XD

I did go to the FGD with Chino yesterday. I left the house at 2, and got stuck in traffic, and arrived at 3:40. D: After he met my dad and brother, we went to G4 where we watched 'The Family Stone' to pass the time, and stayed after the movie to watch the beginning of the movie which we missed (the movie started at 3:30). Luckily I still had my free tickets I got from the KOMIKON, so we didn't have to pay. >:D We talked while we waited for the movie to start again, and tried to counter Timmy's kulit-ness in his text. XD By the time we had reached the part where we started, it was already 6:30. @_@!! We were late! XD So we went out and tried to catch a taxi, but that took us forever. D: We finally got to LU at around 7. On the way up, we saw Leng and JM. When we got there, we got free pizza and Coke. XD Then there was the FGD, with testing the game and reactions and opinions. Twas fun. :D Afterwards, we each got a 1k Php gift card for Ayala Malls. Coolness. I also approached one of our fellow FGD-ers, and it turned out he was Dan's (Coco's BF) brother! :O Small world. Went down, then again, caught a taxi, and met up with my dad and brother at the Intercon Hotel. :D Overall, it was quite fun. :P I'm glad I went. But the going home part is a different story. >_<

Today, we had our cousins over. I cooked weiners. O_o It was weird. XD I also spent most of the afternoon sitting on top of my uncle's car hood. Wahaha. After my uncle and his family left, I bummed at home. I started to feel a bit crestfallen at this point. I think it's true what my mom said; that we get depressed during this time of the year because we expect too much of Christmas. We think everything will be bright and happy, that we'll recieve a lot of kick-ass gifts; that we'll have someone special to spend Christmas with, may they be family, or someone close to our hearts. We expect everything to be perfect, then we get disappointed when we realize everything is actually pretty far from that which we envisioned. Even I did this. I felt lonely. I still do actually. I've been thinking a lot, especially since I had that talk with Pao and Allen about feeling lonely.

"Everyone wants to feel special."

Of course I can relate with that statement; I think everyone can. In our conversation, this was the line that got stuck in my mind. Given my current situation, I think it's natural; Mick is really determined to court me, though I haven't given him permission to do so. He just fell so hard so fast, I'm still coming to terms with it. So I told him to think it over; to find out if his feelings weren't the child of the spur of the moment. To be honest, I don't know if his feelings for me are real; real in a sense that it's not just some sort of infatuation. Even if he says he loves me, he has to get me to love him back.. (that's the hardest part) What hurts is, I don't know if that's going to happen.

This is turning into something I'd post on my LJ. =_=

Anyway, we went to Easy Street at around 9, and had a few drinks. As usual, I didn't have anything alcoholic; I had a Shirley Temple. :P After that, we went home, and opened presents. Here's what I got:

-3k Php from Mom
-Photo album from Jeth
-Mark's and Spencer kikay kit from Ate Lassie
-500 Php, 2 shirts, chocolate, and a Macy's watch from Auntie Chona
-boxer shorts from Gela XD
-Turtle stuffed toy and wristband from Kari *hearts*
-Pen and stake in one from Coco
-Frog organizer from JZ *heart*
-Box of daily advice cards from Carlo
-Picture frame from Sarah
-a The Used shirt, The Used CD, and a letter from Mick

Teh spoils of war. XD

Well, it's 2:18am on Christmas Day now. I still have to get up later at 8am for Mass. So I shall sleep now.

Again, Merry Christmas everyone. :)

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2 Reflections

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Ria, with all the wishes of peace, good health, prosperous life, and love. :D

By Blogger Lei, at 8:08 PM  

merry christmas! I know I'm late so I'll say Happy Hannakah and Happy New Year too!

By Blogger sasfdasfdljkfksdjkfjsd, at 3:00 PM  

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