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Wednesday, December 07, 2005
298th Post
Listening to: Typecast ~ Clutching

I have resigned myself into being 'one of the guys'. O_o More on that later.

Yesterday, I went to Bilibid. Coco and I made our way to UST really early because our prof told us we should be there by 6, but lo and behold we ended up leaving at 9. While we waited, Mick and JayZ took turns playing the guitar, and we all got slightly wet since it was drizzling. We sat at the back of the bus, us being Coco, JayZ, Joseph, Keith, and me. Plus Mick, Dustin, Ricci and Chester. We did all sorts of weird stuff at the back. n_n;; When we got to Bilibid, we went to the Medium Security compound. The girls were told to line up first, and Joseph and I made a fuss over how I was being sent with the girls instead of him. XD Lol. The overall interaction wasn't as depressing as I thought it would be. There were a TON of performances done by the inmates for us. I mean, as we entered the compound we were greeted by a band. XD Other than the band, they sung, acted, danced, and gave flowers to a lot of people. Lol! I even danced to Pinoy Ako with them. XD There was also a lot of gay stuff going on.. When it was Arjay's turn to perform, one of the gay inmates went up to him, gave him a flower and kissed him on the cheek. LOL! Talk about hatak man. XD It was fun.

We left at 3, but we got stuck in traffic and made it back to UST by 6. We separated ways, and Joseph, Mick, Chester, Ricci, Dustin and I were left together. We went to P.Noval and ate dinner at Lopez canteen before heading home. Joseph and I had a hard time finding a ride even though we went to Morayta to catch and FX. Eventually we were able to get one tho, and so we went home. I was left to think on the way home. I fell asleep, and NEARLY missed my stop at Shell. Dad picked me up, and on the way home from Shell I fell asleep. O_o All I remember was closing my eyes for a moment, then when I opened them we were pulling into the driveway. XD Ghad. The worst part of it all was the fact that I still had TWO SOCIOLOGY PAPERS to pass THE NEXT DAY. Probably the most extreme cramming I have ever done. XD After I finished one paper at around 1am, I made the huge mistake of lying down 'for just a moment'. The next thing I knew dad had pulled open the study room door and he told me that it was already 5:30. OMG. The PC was still on, and people had even messaged me on YM not to fall asleep. LOL, ghad! XD So in 30 minutes, I cram-wrote 2 pages for my last paper and printed it. I then changed, and packed my swimming gear for PE. I went down, told my mom I wasn't eating breakfast, and brushed my teeth. I fixed my school bag, made myself presentable and left the house at 6:30. Daym. XD

But I bet you after this experience of serious 'OMG DIE DIE DIE' cramming, I will still cram. XD This experience of mine however probably doesn't match what Yeli has gone through. XD

Today was... regular. I was able to get Dustin's Typecast CD (which I'm listening to as I type this) as well as Mick's VCD of music vids. Lit and English were the only classes I had today. I fell asleep in English, but Sir Satoqia (sp? O_o) didn't pay much attention to me (like how most of the other profs XD). Sir Tobias was away with the second batch of students going to Bilibid, and Sir Reyes was absent yet again. O_o Coco and I passed the time by drawing ourselves on the whiteboard. We even drew JayZ and Joseph. After 11, we ate at Momo's, then I made my way to the swimming pool to change. I was an hour early (like usual) and decided to change. It was a good thing that I didn't put sunblock on because an hour later I learned that Maam Erese was absent. So I took the FX home.

I played RF at Royale place. Lol. XD I didn't want to play at Dyna because I'd have a harder time getting home if I did. I was able to raise my char's rank to Minor from Doubles. <3 Happy, lol! I wasn't even paying attention to it; when I checked it I was surprised to see that she had been promoted. Another thing I've noticed is that the Vafer Ruders really have something against Astraea. XP I mean, even if they're far away, they actually come after her! Ouranos said it was probably the work of the Whisperwind charm, but I told him that they were probably more interested in smashing me into the ground. XD

I've started on the second chapter of my fic. This is actually the first time I'll continue past the 1st chapter of anything I've written. XD I still have to figure out how I'm going to fit so many people into it tho. ~_~ Oh well, I guess I'll just have to see as I go along.

About what I said at the start of my post; I really have resigned myself into being 'one of the boys'. O_o I dunno, it's proabaly the way how I relate with guys. Include there my interests in games and music. I can't say that it's entirely comfortable though. Again, I think. =/

<3 There's no school tomorrow. <3

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