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- cosplay again
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Sunday, November 06, 2005
Tagaytay, Getting Sick, Cosplay Plans, etc.
Listening to: Maaya Sakamoto ~ Fate

The view from Taal Vista Hotel. This is also my current wallpaper. =p
The view from Taal Vista Hotel

The Family at one of the many viewpoint restoraunts.

The VERY LONG hallway leading to our room.

Jeth and my Mom, with Taal Volcano in the distance.

Well, the Tagaytay trip was actually quite uneventful. We left pretty early, and had breakfast at McDonalds at the South Super Highway. It had been just renovated, so there were some festivities going on. We saw Ronald Grimace! Lol! Up to this day I still wonder what exactly Grimace is supposed to be. XD When we got to Tagaytay, it was raining. D: Plus it was chilly, windy and foggy. So our tour going to the crater was cancelled. =/ We ate lunch at one of the many viewpoint/restaurants, where the waiter took our picture with us blocking the view of Taal. XD Afterwards we just drove around; we almost got stuck in the fog. It got so foggy it was hard to drive! O_o But luckily it cleared up a bit, and we were able to drive again. Then it started to rain really hard. For some reason, I was the only person who brought a jacket too. XD *smirks* Anyway. We went off in search of a place called 'Sonya's Garden'. It was this botanical garden where they do exclusive spa treatment and feed you organic stuff only. We found it, but it was totally soaked in the rain. So we went back to the hotel. We eventually found ourselves at the Casino across the hotel. O_o Obviously I wasn't able to get in, but Jeth got in even tho he's below 21. Well, he's turning 21 next January, so whatever. Mom and I went back to the hotel, where I bummed around watching Mythbusters on Discovery Channel. Dad won 3000 pesos at cards (Jeth won 80 at the slot machines XD) and he treated us to dinner at the hotel. The next day, we took lotsa pics of Taal, then we left for home.

Last Saturday I was supposed to go to the ROSE Bash, but I wasn't able to because my dad got sick. I was totally bummed, which caused me to not blog in the first place. XP

Then on Monday I woke up feeling like crap. O_o Well, at first I didn't feel so bad. Then I started to feel cold. I went down to eat breakfast, then I had a hard time going down the stairs. I had a hard time walking. >_< By the time I got downstairs I felt horrible. All I ate was a slice of papaya and some crackers, then I went upstairs and laid on my mom's bed. I plopped onto the bed and I started crying! XP I dunno, I just felt so bad that I started crying. After taking my temperature (37.8 C) mom concluded that I had a fever. We didn't even know the regular body temperature, so we just reached this conclusion because I felt physically hot. So I stayed in bed all day, watching TV, dealing with:

-A sore back
-mild headache
-hot flashes when I closed my eyes
-cold feet and general shivers

I took a Biogesic, and I started to get better. By Tuesday the fever was generally gone, but I was still weak because I didn't eat anything all of Monday, plus my stomach was giving me a hard time. By Thursday I pretty much cured already, tho my parents didn't want to take any chances. They actually thought I had gotten Avian Flu or something, but I reasoned I hadn't had any contact with a bird since.. ever. XP Friday I was a-ok. =p

Friday I was supposed to go to Kari's house, but my parents didn't want me out of their sight. So we went to Robinson's Place. We bought a scar remover for Dad, though I highly doubt that it works. XP Sayang, 3k pa naman un. D: I could have met up with Carlo there, but I text him a bit too late for him to make it before we left. I actually bought a Candy Mag (zomg. O_o) but stupid enough I confused the issues and accidentally got the October issue instead of the November issue. D: Then a perfume clerk mistook me for a 20-something year old. O_o So I left with my mom in tow to let her have her fun at the shoe stores. n_n; Later that night I went to my Aunt Nora's place for a little dinner. Jeth and I didn't have much to do with the older people, so we had our fun playing Hot Shots Golf on his PSP. I really do suck at golf. XD

What else is there? We christened our Toyota Vios as the 'Meep Mobile' (I did at least) because the horn sounds like the Road Runner's. I can even copy it pretty well. XD My mom isn't that happy with it tho, so she plans on having it changed at Toyota. She claims it isn't 'intimidating' enough. XD

I DLed myself the Legend of Mana OST. <3

I'm getting my braces off sometime at the start of next year.

Also, I plan on cosplaying again. :D :D :D :D :D Sana sana sana SANA it pushes through.

That's all for now, I suppose. Oh yeah. Today is the last day of Sem Break. *sigh* I must say it was quite long, and boring at some parts, but I still don't want to go to school that much. XD

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