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Monday, October 24, 2005
Vampire Mode : ON
Listening to: Dido ~ Life for Rent

I will change my layout when I don't feel like total crap, lol. XP

Ok so.. I'm sick. It's official. n_n; Sneezing, stuffy nose, weird feeling in the ears, dry cough, sore throat.. Crappy. It's probably because I've been pulling Vampire Modes for a week now. I've been sleeping at like... 3am then waking up at 10. Technically it's the same number of hours spent sleeping but. =/ I hope I get better soon. Lol.

Oh yeah, just so you guys know... I'm not going to Singapore anymore. n_n; My parents are soo indecisive. Something happened with the booking of the flights and the reservation of rooms, so they decided against going. They're planning on going to Tagaytay instead. Let's see if that pushes through. XD

Let's see.

Friday I went to a pre Wedding party. It was... boring. XD There was no one my age in sight. So I ate. And uh.. messed around with my camera. And played Jeth's PSP again. I FOUND ROTO'S SWORD. Yay. I've been looking for that sword ever since I was 5 years old. XD Theeeeeeen, in an attempt to get some moolah for a new video card, Mom tried to bribe my by offering to pay me 50 pesos for each song I sang on the Karaoke. Blackmaaaaail! D: I managed to sing one song though. Jeth sang three, but all his scores were below 50. o_o His lowest score was a 12. O_O I didn't know MagicSing could be so brutal. XD Then I spent the rest of the night trying to get through to my aunt's autistic son. He's 23, yet he's so naive and innocent. When he talks, I can only catch a few words that are recognizable. Everything else is gibberish. =/ I wonder what his world is like.

Saturday I went to the KOMIKON! :D I planned to wake up at 8, which I did because of my handy dandy alarm clock. But I went back to sleep. XD Then I woke up at 9 because Mike called. I ended up leaving the house at around 11 because Jeth went to the Gym. I got to the Bahay ng Alumni, then I made my way to the RF Booth, where I met up with Mike, Joshness, Ryan, and Leng. I found out that Allen wasn't going to go, and that they were still looking for Chino. So I looked around a bit, and I saw a group of guys. I went up to them and asked if they were from the RF Boards, and lo and behold, they were! :D Funny enough, Chino was among them. So was Xadie! XD After a while Mike and Joshness left. I registered for the RF trial play thingie (because as we all know RF doesn't run on my PC T_T) and while waiting I hung out with the RF Boards people. I met with a looooooot of people. :D At around 12 Leng, Ryan, Xadie and I left to buy lunch at Philcoa. We went to Jollibee, where we left Ryan, and the rest of us took a jeep back to UP. We got off at the Oblation, and walked back to the Bahay ng Alumni. When we got back I met Kim Chua, one of the candidates for the ROSE It Girl contest. :P I also found out that someone stole Chino's camera. D: After that I got to try RF. <3 Bitin, uber. But it was still fun. I got a poster afterwards. :D After that I walked around a bit, then messed around with the RF Boards people. Took some pics as well. :P At 4 Cai arrived, and we walked around. Mike made it back right before I left. Overall the KOMIKON was kinda boring. =/ But it was worth it since I got to meet the RF Boarders. :D Plus I was debriefed on the RF Community by GM Garamond.

After the KOMIKON, I went home, took a shower, and put on my costume. Cai did as well. We picked up Racine at McDo, and made our way to Gela's house. So, onto the costumes. Gela was a Musketeer. Just one. XD Racine was a Hippie, Cai was a psychotic, zombified strawberry, and I was a plumber. COMPLETE WITH WRENCH THANK YOU. XD Lol. It was funny. We didn't do much most of the time, we just messed around. We ate, then we played Minesweeper! XD We're such dorks; we scream and get all excited over Minesweeper. And it was on Beginner mode too! (Now I remember the peom I made about the Smiley Face in Minesweeper. Aaah, the boredom. XD) We watched MTV Massive, tried playing THE HOUSE. We didn't get passed the first room because we were too scared. =)) Then karir mode of the Sims 2. We made a family, and we made chars of ourselves. I made one that really looked like me. Gash. XD Had a midnight snack of instant noodles, water, and banana bread. XD Then Gela and I fell asleep at 3am. Racine slept at around 5. O_o Cai didn't sleep at all daw. @_@ She slept at around 6, then got picked up at around 7. I didn't wake up until 10. XD

So after that I went home. Dad picked me up in our new Toyota Vios. We weren't supposed to buy a new car so soon, but now that the EVAT is coming, my parents decided to but it now to avoid the +tax. So I went home, took a shower, changed, and we went to Shangri-la. But before we went to Shang, we went to UP Church to see if we could get the car blessed. We didn't find a priest tho. So we went on our way to Shang. At Shang, I bought a gift for Dad because it's his birthday...today. o_o We ate at Le Couer, and Jeth was spouting all this crap about eating and stuff, so I pretended to sneeze and I said, "Stop it Jeth! I'm allergic to bullshit!" XD LOL! Pwnd. But then he retaliated by scratching his nose and saying, "If that's the case, then I'm allergic to bizotches!" Fun fun. XD Then I went to Blue Skies where I watched this guy play WoW. Twas nice. :O I then bought blank CDs. As I was leaving Techno Hub, I was surveyed about it. It took a while, but it was ok I guess. :O I even got a free gift afterwards. :D Haha!

Oooooh. I should sleep now.


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