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Monday, October 17, 2005
Sem Break!
Listening to: I've got earphones on, but I'm not listening to anything. O_o

Well. It's 3am and I'm still up. O_o Bleh, what blogging does to me. n_n;;

Finals ended last thursday. As of now, I'm on Sem Break. <3

To those who commented:
RayRay: Thank you. :P School sched is different here from there obviously. While school there starts in September, school starts in June here. :P
Lei: Thanks too! :P I actually think they saw me sleeping, they just didn't do anything about it. o_O Yeah, I'll be catching the interview OL as well. n_n; I'll post if it's uploaded already.
Mezzy: I heard your PC shop is set up already! :D Congratz on that. :P My haircut reminds you of the EB? :O My hair was way longer then. =p
Haree: Magpakalbo ako?! G.I Jane naman ako nun. XD
Blitz: Thanks Blitz. XD I'm freeeee! :D :D :D
Karitots: I've yet to show it to you in person. ;))
Tina: Sem break na! But I won't see you after! T_T
Mike: I said I got a haircut, didn't I? XD Btw, Happy Birthday again! :D
Knives: Haha! Thanks Knives. :P
Maku: *WHACK* PWNd pa rin ako nung nasa taxi tayo.. =))

Wow. Dami. O_o XD

Let me see what I've been doing since my last post.

My Finals weren't that brutal. English was extremely easy, as always. Geog was pretty hard. 20 items identification, essay, then map test. For some reason, Poland came out on the test, even though we never took up Poland. O_o Literature was difficult as expected, but since I studied for it, it wasn't too hard. Math was.. uuh. XD PGC was annoyingly easier than we all expected, and Philo was a killer. X_x Sadly, we all studied PGC instead of Philo, so when Philo came up we were all screwed over. XP Gaaaaah, 9 essay questions about Philosophical Theories! D: All I can do now is hope on my answers on the bonus questions. XP Lastly, Into to Asian was just fine. :P

So that was Monday till Thursday. On Friday I went with my family to SM Fairview. Mom needed some clothes for a wedding we were to attend on Sunday. We ended up buying clothes for me instead. O_o We bought a Peridot green spaghetti dress at a fancy boutique, but since it was on sale it only cost 500php. XD (I've noticed that all my formal dresses always cost very little.. like my Prom dress and my Grad Ball dress as well. n_n; But oh well. Save moolah!) We also bought the cutest pair of shoes ever! (Now when do you hear me say that? O_o) They were strappy, roman sandal style shoes, colored green and orange, with a small pink rose on it. o: Ok, so I suck at describing shoes. XD But don't worry, I'll post a pic of it later on. XD We also got a new mouse for the PC. :D Later that day, I went out with my gals to Eastwood. :D We were supposed to watch Corpse Bride, but it wasn't showing at Eastwood anymore, so we just ate and hung out instead. We ate at Fazzoli's; one pepperoni pizza and a fettucini carbonara. :D I <3 pasta and pizzas. And pies. :D We made so much noise there, but it was fun. We enjoy laughing like French men. XD Rolling on Laughing Floor! XD Hahaha! We also saw a lot of DotA Bois. After eating, we went to Power Station to burn some cash. Then we got some neo prints! So far, they're the best looking we've had taken there. I'm just waiting for Gela to scan them. We walked around a bit, and ended up in McCafe like usual. Lotsa pics as usual. Go to BananaColada if you want to see them. =p (STALKERS! XD) I even made a small story out of the pics I posted. Hahaha! Halatang wala akong magawa. XD We actually went home quite early. I got home at around 10:30 to 11pm. O_o Then I stayed up all night until... 3am, playing RO. XD How typical of me. =p But I got into a small fight with one of my guildmates because I went with someone. =/ It was quite irritating actually. >_< Eeeeeeeeerrgh. That's why sometimes even though I care a lot for them I invi them. n_n;

Saturday we went to Greenhills. I went with Mom to help her find clothes for Sunday. We bought dresses in Sari-Sari store. Yes, dresses. Mom got a little excited and I guess she kinda splurged. O_o Well, at least I can wear the other dress she bought. XD Not a total waste. We were also able to buy her shoes. :D Bad thing is, when we got home we found out that the dress she had bought for Sunday had a defect in it. >_< But anyway, we kidnapped Christine on the way home, and after I cooked rice, we started working on mom's Madonna Bras. =)) You see, we're hosting our family's reunion this Christmas. And mom, being wacky as she is, wants to host a fashion show. Another one. XD But this time it's more prepared for, since there's still more than a month until December. Sooooo. Mom plans on making some of my uncles wear Madonna Bras! So I spent most of the early evening pasting gold.. plastic (O_o) onto cones. Then the rest of the night I spent chatting and vending and playing a bit. I slept at 4am. D: Does anyone see a pattern here?

Today... was Wedding Day! :D I'm not close to the bride though, even if she is my cousin. n_n; My flowery shoes and green dress made me think of myself as a Vine Goddess. Ang feeling no? XD But seriously, that's what I kept telling myself.

Here are the Vine Shoes!

Shoes are cute, my feet and shins are not! D:

Moving on, we went straight to the New World Renaissance Hotel. We were early, so we ordered some drinks while waiting. Jeth and I had shakes while Mom and Dad had coffee. Dad ended up spending 500php+. O_o So after a while the Bride and Groom came, and we went to the Main Ball room. I saw Carlene, and she told me how she was surprised that I knew JC. =p Everything started with a prayer, which was led by Bo Sanchez. I saw him before we all entered, and I knew it was him! XD The program was very simple, but where that was simple, the decor made up for. It was really beautiful. White drapes hung gracefully from the ceiling, and a subdued light illuminated the large room. Colorful flower arrangements accented each table, and a large japanese fan arose from the middle of each arrangement. It was really nice. After the prayer, there were some picture taking, then it was time to eat! The food was really good, though the way in getting food was very tedious. You had to go back and forth many times to get your food. And I ended up being the delivery girl. n_n; There wasn't a large selection, but it was certainly enough. Very yummy. XD There was singing, and speeches, and then the reception was over. O_o We took home some flowers, and we were able to take home one of the Japanese fans! XD Then I took a shower, went online, and now it's 4am and I'm still up. o_o

I should sleep. @_@

Oh yeah. I'm getting better at taking Vanity Pics. XD

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