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Tuesday, September 27, 2005
Listening to: Incubus ~ Pardon Me

It was on the way home that I realized that I posted my last post on impulse.

Aaaaaah, the emo.

I don't like being emo. So I'll counter my last post with a pic-ful post of what happened to me last week. That is, if I can still remember it. O_o Let's see what I can fish from the dark abyss of this absent-minded mind.

We have kitties. Again. XP They take after their mother and sister; they're noisy! D: But they're so adorable, I can't get mad at them. @_@

Here are pics of the progress of the study room:

One day, I came home to this:

They had taken everything out of the study room, and it clogged the hallway. One could compare it to a clogged artery. XP I even found one of my yearbooks from Japan. O_o 1996-1997! Gasp. But the study room was nice and clean. The AC was moved, and the floor was given a new layer of.. uh.. glossy stuff. I forgot what it's called. XD

And now, instead of a useless balcony, we have a closet and a new bathroom! :D They used the old sliding doors of the balcony for the closet. They're really heavy, so it's really hard to open the closet. And no, that's not me in the reflection. XD

What else happened last week? Meh, I'll just post about what I took pics of.

Dad burned a hole in one of my skirts. XD When he told me he looked pretty guilty. It was funny. XD (Meanie) Until now I haven't fixed it. XP

JayZ gave me his gift for my birthday. It was late, but lookie!

Tis the cuteness. He made his bro in Nueva Ecija draw it for meh. :O What else happened? Oh yeah.

Fare thee well faithful CRV.

We sold the old girl. She was with us for 7 years roughly, but we could no longer take her conking out on us. Unfortunately, as shutterbug-ish as I was for the past few days, I wasn't able to take a pic of her before she was sold. But I took a pic of our new car. XD

Yes, I do love the color. :D We're still debating if we should give her a name. Jeth isn't at all enthusiastic about it because he knows he won't be driving it. Well, I'm not that comfortable about him driving a car; even more so a new car. It was on the same day that we got the new car that I found out that my room had been broken into, and the remaining half of my wooden bunkbed stolen. D: Ok, so it wasn't stolen, but they took my bunkbed and reassembled it in the study room, and the bed there went to my room. For one thing, it made my room look bigger. XD The fact that it's only a foot or so above the floor makes it seem so minimalistic. Plus it's probably a foot shorter than my bunk, and it folds into a sofa. Coolness. I'd post a pic but, my room is my sanctuary! :P

So that ends my pics of last week.

Like I said at the start of my post, I realized that I was an emo kid last night. *hides from her friends who eat emo kids* XP Yeah, we all have our emo moments. So anyway, Mom was talking to me in the car, saying that I was grounded for using the PC late last night. I didn't react because I am so used to getting grounded for that reason already. XP But then she went on saying that she knows I can be more than what I am, if only I had my priorities straight. Which is true. One of the questions that plagued me last week was "Am I happy with the way I live my life?" and one of the reasons why I wasn't was because I'm not living up to what I can do. I'm always doing what I need to do just to get by. I don't strive to excel. So back to my mom, yeah, I understood her there. And after that I felt pretty stupid. O_o Especially because of my last post. XP I mean, while I do have the right to feel bad because my mom doesn't support my game playing, it does also affect my priorities. (Yes, I know a lot of my friends have told me this as well. n_n; )

Ok so... I have to prove that I can play games and kick ass at school at the same time. @_@ Shyet. Watta life. XD

Oh oh oh. Here's something to make you smile.

Steve, Don't Eat It!
No, it's not sick in a rancid sort of way. But I still suggest not associating yourself with food before or while checking this site out. XD Check out the other stuff there too. =p

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2 Reflections


the floor was given a new layer of - VARNISH. XD

aw, CRV. the last time i rode in it was when we went to shang. 'twas a good car...your family likes big cars, no? :o

schoolwork before games LOL! you can do it. XD anyway, sembreak's almost around. :P go ria gooo~ eto ah. don't put your games on your desktop. pag nag-boot na kasi yun PC tapos yun yung una mong makita, nakakatempt. XD o di ba? TIPS! XD good luck. :D

By Blogger Racine, at 7:19 PM  

I'm teh first non-Rigoroso to ride the Xtrail!!!

Bwa ha ha.

LOL babaw ko leh

-CAi, who is way too lazy to log in

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:02 AM  

Look into the Mirror?

I'm almost somewhere.