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Monday, September 12, 2005
MTV and Society Night prt 1
Listening to: Noisy as Hall Computer Fan

*WARNING: This shall be a very pic-full post. XD*

Anyway. Remember how I said using the PC was a big hassle? Here's why:

Compare that to my last pic of the Study Room. O_o

Then to get to the PC, I have to climb over this:

And sit here. XD

But I suggested that we move the PC out of the Study Room, since all the dust was making it very inaccessable, I'm sitting in the middle of the hallway:

Yeh, so anyway, on to my post about Friday and Saturday and Sunday.

I had an uber eventful weekend.

Friday after school, I went to the Fort with my HOL-mates (Mike, Leng, Allen and Ed) to the MTV Building there to be interviewed for Massive TV about pROSE. The fact that my parents actually let me go was quite baffling, especially since I had class on Saturday the next morning. But I got to go, and it was quite fun. :D I met up with them at the Pacific Star building in Makati at around 8, where we took two cars going to the Fort. I rode with Mike and Leng, while Allen and Ed rode together. My parents, along with my brother, went to Manila Penninsula. When we got to the Fort, we first met up with (GM o:) Tristan, then we ate dinner at Zong, this Chinese restaurant. I didn't eat much because it was at that moment that I realized I didn't like Chinese food as much as I thought I did. O_o But the iced tea was really good, and I ended up drinking about five glasses because it was bottomless. XD We just hung out there for a while, then we got one of the unsuspecting waitresses to take our picture using Ed's cam:

From left to right, that'd be Leng, Me, Mike, Allen then Ed. First we walked it off a bit, then we stood in the parking lot for a while. At one point I remember skipping around the parking lot with Allen, going "Lalalalalala~!" O_o XD It was really weird, but fun all the same. We went back to the MTV Building after that, where we just hung out (again XD) until it was our turn for taping. There was a huge red couch there that looked just like the Thinking Chair in Blue's Clues. XD And I wanted to steal it! XD Call me shallow, but I really liked that couch. Then Mike started talking business with (GM o:) Phage, and I decided to walk around. Actually, more like poke around. Hahaha! Gawd. I just walked around without asking if I could, sticking my head into rooms and checking what was there. XD Mike called me back though, and I ended up sitting on teh couch with Phage. :D We sang Numa Numa and "Oh! You touch my tralala~!" =)) She's so kulit and cute. XD And we think alike too. :O

Then it was time for the taping. So they sat us down with all the lights and two cameras, checking if everything was ok. The interview itself was pretty short, but I guess it's because tuloy tuloy siya. Luckily they didn't ask much about pROSE, since I haven't played since.. forever. XD Well, not forever, but still. They asked more about HOL and it's members. We talked about the history of HOL, the application process, our principles and how a guild is important in game. It went quite smoothly really. Mike did most of the talking though. Next was me, then Ed then Allen. Allen was so nervous. XD The interviewer asked me if I was really wearing feather earrings or if I had a really funky hair dye job done. XD Gawd, those earrings get me into trouble. XD Soon enough, the interview ended and we hung around again. We got to meet Nikki Laurel, even though I have no idea who she is, though I DO know she has something to do with MTV. XD We ended at about 12 or so. O_o I don't really remember.

We left the MTV Studio and walked around in search of an Ice Monster. When we couldn't find one, we hopped into the car and drove around in search of one. XD Phage treated the five of us to Ice Monster. :D Wheee~ So we sat and talked a bit. Then it was time to go. Phage took a taxi, and Allen and Ed jumped into Ed's car. I rode with Mike and Leng back to the Pacific Star Building. We actually arrived before my parents did. O_o XD Then my parents arrived, and I got a goodie bag from Mike. :D Dad was tipsy, and called Mike Joseph, after my blockmate. O_o LOL! That was really weird. XD Then we drove around a bit. My parents were still with their friends from Japan, and we visited their condo in Rockwell. O_o It was huge! Gosh. Then after that, we went home. We got home at 2, and once I hit the bed I didn't get up anymore. XD

Gah, it's late. O_o 1am na. D: I'll continue this tomorrow. :D I mean, later. XD

{/12:04 AM} - { 2

2 Reflections

Oh my ghulay!

I hope to catch Massive's interview with you and the HOL members. I say MTV got the best resource persons to talk about the gaming life.

cheers to you HOL people!

By Blogger Lei, at 10:19 AM  

Thanks Lei! :3

By Blogger Ria, at 12:40 PM  

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