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Sunday, September 04, 2005
Here's to Another Year
Listening to: Typecast ~ Another Minute till Ten

Let's see...

Friday, Volaire gave me cotton candy. XD Well, he gave me a piece of the cotton candy he was eating. XD Anyway. *ahem* While waiting for Coco to finish her PE, I went to SM San Lazaro with Maku, and he showed me around. I was supposed to just go to his shop, but he said he needed to meet up with someone and so I went with him. It's actually quite nice, it's just that it can't be said for most of the people there. O_o Anyway, Racine would have come, but she wouldn't have made it by the time I went back to UST to go home with Coco. He played ID, and eventually the dude he was waiting for came. Then I needed to get back to UST in a jiffy, so we took a taxi. Maku started laughing at me, and implied something about the guy we were with, and I started laughing too. XD zomg, lol! I was so pwned at that moment. XP Yet another older guy. This time he breaks the record with the age of 29! @_@ So I went back to UST and hitched a ride with Dan, Coco's bf. ;;) We made a lot of stop overs, and I ended up getting home at around 5 or 6. I also finished reading the book that I borrowed from Tina, entitled Veronika Decides to Die. And it was really nice too. *strikes that off her Wish List* It was about being 'crazy' and being different. Quite fitting, don't you think?

Mom and Dad gave me their present bit early: a pair of beige suede boots, 2 inches below the knee, topped with fur. :O *strikes that off her Wish List* (Will post pic next time, the feature isn't working atm.) And I felt bad afterwards, because even though I knew I liked them a lot, I wasn't as enthusiastic as I should have been. I guess it was brought about partially by the conversation I had with Carlo, about wanting things. (Though I don't blame Carlo at all for the feeling I felt then.) I came to a lot of realizations about wanting things. There are times when you know you want things, numerous things, but when given the chance to get one, nothing comes to mind. It's like we're content with just wanting these things instead of actually aquiring them. Then of course there are the things we want but we can't have, and most of the time these aren't physically tangible, nor can they be bought with money. I wonder about that, because I'm like that. I wonder why I'm content with just wanting something instead of having it. Maybe because I'm too lazy to work for it, or maybe it's because I don't want to risk... something. Haha, labo. =/

Anyway. I ended up sleeping on the couch with the PC still on, with YM still connected. D: So if you IMed me late on Friday night, I was asleep. XP

On Saturday I took Kari and Racine to Shangrila to watch the Eiga Sai. I planned it at the last minute, so only they were able to come. I should have planned it earlier. =_= Anyway, we picked up Racine then we picked Kari up (because lumampas na kami sa Sandigan Bayan when Kari text me her address. XD). We met up with Maku at Shangrila, and we got our tickets to the Eiga Sai. We ended up watching a movie called Haunted School, and it was funnier than it was scary. XD Lolness! It was ok. It was free anyway. XD After that we went to the food court to eat, and we ate at Kamirori. Horoscopes are rawrful. XP I bought a Swirly Bits from Jollibee, and it reminded me of that sick picture of the tarantula in the milkshake thingie. X_X But I still ate it. XD After that we walked around, mainly messing around in the shops we went into. We actually ditched Maku in People are People at one point, but we went back and he didn't seem to notice we had left. XD We met up with Dad at Powerbooks, and we went home.

Today I woke up late. Like always. :D We went to Rockwell, where we watched The Dukes of Hazzard. Twas fun! Lotsa action, car stunts and hillbilly fun. :D Moonshiiiiiiiiiine. After the movie, I just walked around with Mom. We ate at Dencio's, and I ate all the Creamy Clam Soup. :o We walked around even more after that, and we ended up at the ground floor, listening to the small classical band that plays there. After that, we went home.

Yet another year of existence. Not bad. I can honestly say that quite a lot has happened in the past year. Read my archives if you want to know part of it, lol. I pray that I'll learn from it. :) So, here's to another year in the life. I wonder what's in-store for me, now that I'm one year short of legal age. Hmm. More mis-adventures no doubt. Ah well. Bring it on. XD

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