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Monday, August 29, 2005
Listening to: Mest ~ I Melt With You

Oh my. It's been a while. :P Sorry for the hiatus. And the vagueness. XD

Anyway, last week, I hit the jackpot! <3 It was really my day. I actually don't remember what day it was , but it was the Araw ng Wika, and there was a small program held in the lobby of the AB Building. Ah, it was Thursday. XD Before our Asian class, Voltaire (Voltaire! XD) came in and asked if he could borrow us for the opening of the program. XD Which we watched. The Chorale sang, then there was a small fan decorating contest, then there was FREE PANSIT! :D :D :D Yeh. I got to see him alot. <3 Happy day for me. XD AY! Then there was a time before that when I went with Rj to the Student Council office to talk with Kuya Ernie, then he passed by us in the hallway. Though Rj said hi to him and I hadn't yet, he made kalabit me and said hi to meeeeh. <3 Yes, kinikilig ako. XD

Ok, on to less kilig stories. Using the PC has been a hassle lately. If I'm to use the PC before 5pm, I have to wear a mask. D: And here's why!

They literally tore down the wall going to the balcony, and started closing the balcony up for the bathroom that'll be there. We decided to make the study room the second guest room, since we always have guests here. XP So, I decided not to move in to the study room. Instead, I'm going to concentrate on decorating my room. :D Anyway, since they demolished the wall, the whole study room is covered in dust. And when they're working, the dust really circulates in the air, and I have to wear a mask. XP

If the study room used to be messy before, it's even worse now. D: And the heat is horrible because:

I don't need to explain that. XD And the PC area is really cramped. ~_~

Saturday was Gela's Mom's Birthday! :D The theme was Luau, so I went in Luau attire. XD Gela, Cai, Racine, Kari and I were assigned to give leis to the arriving guests. Thus, the Luau Girls were born! XD And so was BananaColada! Of couse, this was after we had our Banana Coladas. Which are basically like Pina Coladas, except they're made with bananas. XD I had two, Racine and Cai 1 each, while Kari and Gela shared 1. Kari had extra sips tho. XD After drinking (yeah, they were alcoholic XD), we fizzed out. Well, I did. XD I rested on the couch, then eventually fell asleep. :)) While I was sleeping, they made the Multiply account. (We made it for stalkers. XDDD LOL!) At 11, we went home. First was Kari, then Cai, then me then Racine. The ride home was uber quiet, since we were all bummed out. :P Twas uber fun tho. XD

Sunday, we went to UP Church. We ate at the Pancake House next to St. Peter's for brunch. Then Jeth went to Laguna. Then, Mom, Dad and I went to Shangri-la. I had bonding time with Mom about guys. :o Wala lang. While she was telling me about her experiences, we both realized that we were more alike than we thought. O_o

Today, we went to Ever, then we went to SM Fairview. I WENT TO NETOPIA IN EVER. XD But I wore baggy pants, slippers and a sleeved shirt. XD And he wasn't there either. *phew* XD We ate at French Baker for lunch, then I went with Mom to Ace Hardware to pick out the toilet and other bathroom stuff for the bathroom. :P I made the horrible mistake of wearing slippers. Now my feet hurt. XD

As for games, I went back to RO. Lol. 5x kasi. XD But I'm making sure it doesn't interfere with my studies. (Weh.) Haha! But from 72, I was able to get my huntress to 82. :o

Luckily, I know a lot of people who are willing to help me get to 99. XD In legit ways, of course. :P Haaaaaaay. I'm being bugged by a friend of mine who quit HOL to join Dire Wolves. =/ I doubt I'll leave HOL, but the fact that he's trying to get me to leave kinda leaves me torn. >_< Gah.

Anyway, I still have to cram my Lit paper about My Last Duchess by Robert Browning. XD Raaaaawr! Some things never change. :P

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hey, long time no see! Sounds like you're staying busy, keep the dust off that PC now, that sounds like it would be bad for a computer.

By Blogger sasfdasfdljkfksdjkfjsd, at 7:40 AM  

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