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Thursday, July 14, 2005
Listening to:Mayonnaise ~ Jopay

I finally have an umbrella.

Quiz in Theo. I had to read what I wrote last Tuesday. Problem was, my paper was really dirty. Imagine streaked out lines, asterixes, and a lot of arrows. XD Luckily for me, it wasn't to be passed, just read. I got a 90. ;) Quiz in PGC. Then recitation in ASN. I don't know why, but I like reciting in those two subjects. Our PGC prof has this sinister air around him. XD He's got this really freaky smile to match it too. But he's pretty fun too. He's got his fun moments. Although he seems to mention rape a lot. Like how our Philo prof likes to mention pregnancy a lot. XP

After ASN, Jumbo, Arjay, Coco and I headed to BK in Dapitan. Ate lunch there, and ended up waiting for JayZ. We had fun messing with camera phones and perspectives. Not to mention pens and french fries. XD After eating, I went to meet up with Hans, who's leaving for the States. From what I read on his Friendster blog, he's leaving because of something that happened to him concerning a girl. =/ He was supposed to go to UST, but I guess he pulled out at the last minute. Aafter catching up a bit, we went out separate ways and Arjay, JayZ, Coco and I hung out at the catwalk. We talked about our profs and the things we noticed about them. Twas fun. But mean. XD

Oh! On the way home, Coco and I rode an FX, and we rode at the back. I sat next to this gay guy, and the first thing I noticed when we opened the back door was the fact that his thong was sticking out of his pants. XDD WALA LANG! Just sharing. XD

I want my own PC. And I want it in my room. With my own files, and an internet connection. Well, my birthday is coming up... XD Nah, dreaming too big Ria. Well, mom said they're thinking of getting me my own pair of custom boots for my bday. @_@ Wow. I design now. XD

One of these days, I'll bring my digicam to school. I'll post pics of 1AS1. XD And I'll post pics of all the food we eat. And our room that may be ACed, but is still falling apart. XD Our UBER vandalized chairs, our chinese AC XD, and all the other wonders about the AB Building.

Remember that dude that asked to borrow money from meh? Scam. Someone hacked his YM account. Hay. Luckily I only sent him 47 pesos. XO

The strong urge I once had to play online games seems to be gone. Hm. That's new. I still would like to play, but the urge isn't as bad as it used to be. I guess this is a part of my withdrawal from playing too much. Since pRO and makuRO are gone from my PC (for now >:D), and pROSE is ALWAYS overpopulated, I can't play at all. This is what you call literally removing the temptation. XD Now I have to work on staying on the PC too much. (And imagine, I want my own PC. XD)

NBSB. I'm sure a lot of you know what this means. NBSB, aka no boyfriend since birth. Technically, I'm applicable. XD But anyway, mom always acuses me of meeting with my 'boyfriend' in secret. O_o Which is really wierd. I'd understand if it was my turtle, but I don't think she was listening when I told her I had a stuffed toy for a boyfriend. I know she means it in a teasing way, but she tells me this everyday when I get home. And that's a bit, uh, more than usual. In the end, I can't help but think that's she's trying to tell me something. XD But seriously, telling her everyday that I don't have a BF and that I'm not meeting him in secret is starting to get annoying. =/ It was her who told me that my personality is too independent. And I think it's true. *ponders* I guess that's why I'm partially scared of commitment. XD

Damn. My modem keeps on dying. And I have to keep on restarting it when I can't re-establish internet connection from the PC. =/ Biyotchy modem. *belat*

Ah, it's 10pm. I'm going to stop risking my internet existence and go off now.

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