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Friday, July 08, 2005
Listening to: Avril Lavigne ~ Fall to Pieces

Things to Note:
- I hate Tuesdays because my PE totally sucks. XD
- I still love the rain, but I seriously need an umbrella.
- I need a waterproof jacket. XDDD
- Masarap ang C2.
- I look like a drug addict on my ID card. XDDDD
- UST has a large supply of fresh dead bodies, aka cadavers. (I SAW A LOT! @_@)

Thanks to the people who share their umbrellas with me all the time. Thanks to Jumbo and to Coco especially. And to Jz and Rj for showing us the places in Dapitan. And to Coco, Jumbo, Jz and Rj for all the laughtrips. =P

Ok, serious post time now. (Damn, I'm hungry. >_< I still don't have a stable appetite.)

Anyway. Last night I cried. Because... Mom restricted me from playing RO. Ever again. She even had it uninstalled. I know it probably seems really shallow to a lot of people. But for me, I mean... I've devoted a lot of my time into this game. Maybe a bit too much, but not as much as I used to, I promise. I don't even go past 9pm because I have a PC Curfew! Dad doesn't care what I do. He just follows what my mom says. And mom says that she just doesn't like the game. And Jeth doesn't like it either because one of his batchmates supposedly committed suicide over it (WTF?). Like I'd be that stupid.

What's so wrong with it? Why don't you look for 5 year old boys trash talking in Gunbound? Or 7 year olds killing each other in Counterstrike or massacring people in GTA? O_o Hell, I don't even know how to play those games. @_@ Plus, I really doubt RO would make me think of bringing a gun to school and killing everyone in sight.

I just don't understand why my mom restricts me so much? The more she restricts me the more I want to break the rules. When I compare it to the way she treats my brother.. it's really unfair. She handles me with an iron fist, while she handles him with a velvet glove. He's so SPOILED! And I hate it so much because it's so unfair! He's 20 but he acts like he's 13. >_< But mom spoils him and so he acts like he's never going to grow up. So I took his place in terms of chores and expectations. Although I know they still can't believe I took up Asian Studies instead of Nursing. Pfffft. BITE ME. You won't catch me in pure white. I won't do the pureness justice.

I just want to get mad at them, but I CAN'T. I never seem to be able to stay angry. Why the hell is that anyway? O_o It's like one moment I'm seething then the next thing I know I'm reasoning with myself not to be like that. Gaaah. I want to screeeeeeeeeam so loud but I don't. I want to argue but I keep my mouth shut. I want to fight but I remain docile. I just want to stay angry, even if just for a while. I want them to know that I DO get angry. I want them to know that I DO cry. They just don't know it because I lock myself in my room, and by the time I come out the feeling is locked away somewhere. One day I swear it's just going to explode and I'll become all PSYCHOTIC. I'LL BE THE PSYCHOTIC EVER HUNGRY BOLEMIC ANOREXIC ASIAN STUDIES AMERICAN GIRL. @_@ THEN I'LL START RUNNING ABOUT SWEARING IN STRAIGHT ENGLISH KILLING PEOPLE WITH MY OUTDATED ATLAS!!


Ewan ko. Naguguluhan ako. (More like nababaliw.) Everyone seems busy, so BLEH! Sorry blog. You carry the whole weight of my vague-ness.

Thanks to Carlo for chatting with me. And for making me feel better. Even if just for a while.

Give me wings.

{/12:57 AM} - { 4

4 Reflections

That's too bad about your mom's ban on RO.

As for the cadavers...wicked awesome! I wanna see, I wanna see, I wanna seeeeeeeeeee~!!! ^_^

By Anonymous Ginell, at 12:05 AM  

oh, hon... *huuuuuug*

on the RO-banning>> sigh. it sucks when your parent's final word doesn't exactly mesh with what you want, more when it's definitely NOT what you want. but we can't do much about it, and, well, making a scene about it will only make matters worse. it's sad ~_~

on your PE>> yeah, well, the bloomers don't make it any better, eh? XD ne'chan called them differently, but I can't remember what she called them right now XD

on teh cadavers>> they usually have really sad stories, you know. :( when somebody dies, the family takes care of the body and sees to it that it has a proper burial, etc. which only means that the cadavers had no family to take care of them, or they didn't care. most of them came from asylums and no one ever came forward for them/visited them. it's only rarely that a family decides to donate a body for research, because that would be in accordance to the will, or something like that. :(

of course, this is only one way that the bodies reached UST. you can try asking. XD


Love you dear. You'll get through this. *hugs again*

By Blogger Karysa, at 6:19 AM  

cadavers. for the med students. gad that's freaky. but i feel sad for them. :(

*hug* i'll take you to the sunkent garden in UP sometime. you go to the middle. you scream/yell/shriek. then i treat you to dinner. therapy. :)

By Blogger Racine, at 10:58 AM  

you know how some things are SO obvious to others but invisible to you? talk to your rents mehn. tell them how you feel. in a calm, respectful way, of course. do they even know how RO works? ya know.

i'll try to be online more often. :D


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:14 AM  

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