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Sunday, July 24, 2005
Listening to: Avril Lavigne ~ Fall to Pieces

Status: Invisible to Everyone

I'm going through another one of my YM Invisibility episodes. I haven't really been in the mood to talk with anyone lately. Plus, people are busy with either work, school, games, or sickness. I actually should be busy with school as well, but I'm never busy with school until the day before the deadline. I haven't forumed. I haven't even had the decency to blog or anything. So I suppose I'll just go over what happened in the last four days. Friday evening, we had a mini fashion show for Lola, since she was here to have a checkup at the hospital. I wasn't really game, but I did it anyway. I was with the girls anyway. Categories: Gypsy Look, Biker Chick (Leather. And I mean REAL leather. Need I say more?), Out of this World (Rogue) and Formal (GradBall gown). We only did four because the girls took so long in changing. I also managed to finish DLing the whole series of Escaflowne. I got all giddy over Van. :P On Saturday, 1AS1 had to go to UST for a makeup class in Geography. Talk about totally sucky. And it was only an hour long. >=/ Geog would be cool if our prof didn't have a globe up her arse. >_> Then at 3 I went to the dentist, and up till now I can still feel the effects. ~_~ There's only one gap left to close, and my dentist said that there's a huge possibility that I can get my braces off by this year. Ooh. Thank goodness I go to all of my appointments. Today we went to Chili's for lunch, and then went to Rockwell to watch 'The Island'. The movie was great; lotsa action, some drama, and some philosophical stuff as well. I wonder if it will ever come to the point that we actually start cloning people merely for harvesting. That's damn scary. And wrong in my opinion. While walking around, I saw something quite interesting. I saw an older guy, w/ glasses, in a suit, (cute lol) playing DDR. :O Naaliw ako. XD It was, after all, something you don't see everyday. Also I saw a blue Honda Jazz with my name on the license plate. :O 'RIA-222'. Coolness. :P I thought I saw someone in Rockwell, and I actually stopped in my tracks for a moment. But it wasn't him. XP Lalalalala.

I've got some issues with UST now. Like how Gela feels, I'm not taking college as seriously as I should. Or would like to. It's just so... secondary to me. And I have no idea what's the first on my list either. I mean, I just do what I need to do to get by, even though I know I promised myself I'd work harder once I hit college. I guess I need to get more involved, but I don't know where I should do so.

im lonely. i can accept the fact that i have loads of friends, pero iba yung may kasama ka na alam mo na mahalaga sayo. i want to find someone who i can share my being me. people tend to look at me like a kid, but that's because i am happy. and there's nothing wrong with that.

-From Kriz

I completely agree with this. Yeah, I've got some friends at UST. But it's not the same. I still miss what I had in Holy. I don't think I'll EVER find something that can replace what my friends and I had in Holy. I miss Fab5. We were all close, after all. I could be myself. I could speak in straight English all I wanted to or chase people down the corridor or get all pervy on people on Thrusdays. =/ I really thought that the environment would be more mature when I hit college, but I was wrong. I mean, is being able to speak in English so different? Duh! XD It's a freakin asset! :P Inggit ka lang! Geez, if there's anything I hate the most in people, it's being immature, being shallow, and making a big deal of the way I speak.

I also have a feeling that some of our female blockmates make a big deal of the fact that Coco and I hang out with 3 guys, 2 of which are pretty popular with the girls. >_> How dumb. Goodness, I hope I'm wrong there for the majority. I know it's true for one of my blockmates. XP

SONA tomorrow. Hope nothing dangerous happens tomorrow. >_<

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