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Sunday, July 03, 2005
Catching Up
Listening to: Parokya ni Edgar ~ Sayang

Someone told me to listen to this song and tell him if he's like this. Now I'm smiling because the song is catchy. XD

Happy Birthday to Racine! :D :D :D You're now 17. XD

Anyway. I haven't been able to update lately. D:

Ok, let's do a brief rundown of what happened this week.

Pretty normal day. But lo and behold, I came home, and my bunk bed was gone! :O *GASP* Well, the top half of it was gone. But still. My bunk bed has been in my room since... ever since we moved here six years ago. O_o And now it's gone! Dang. Well, they installed a ceiling fan, and it's pretty useful. The light sucks tho. And now I have a lot of bare wall. XD

Jeth drove Coco and I to school. I NEVER WANT TO RIDE WITH HIM AGAIN. He is a CRAZY driver, and when I say crazy, not the kind that's fun in a dangerous way; more like road rage. >_< And he was rude to Coco as well. Bleh. That jerk.

At least later that afternoon we got to listen to Parokya ni Edgar perform. XD They were promoting Rexona, so the sound of "First Day Funk" happily floated about the campus.

Celebrated Racine's birthday! :D Took a jeep with Racine and Maku from McDo Ever to UP, then UP to Katipunan. We went to McDo Katips where we met up with Cai, where we waited for Gela. We talked about a lot of stuff there. And ate as well. XD And there were a lot of Miriam girls there. (no duh XD) Being from Holy, it was like walking in hostile territory (and for reasons other than that, lol.). XD Saw a lot of people there too. We saw Simone, who looked kinda aloof. I saw Yumi, one of my neighbors. I even got to see Guilty! Lol. I told him I'd be at ADMU for a while, and I guess he fit it into his sched to see me. Woohoo! One more guildmate down. XD Haha, the first thing I did when I saw him was to make fun of him for choosing such a hard course. XD Mean. Meh, just talked for a while, then he left. Then Gela arrived, and it was back to UP for the Freshteeeg Concert. We took the overpass, and we met Miggy there. :O Surprise! XP

When we got there, we met up with Gretchen, and saw that the line was UBER LONG. @_@ It went around the whole building! Gah. So we stood in line for what seemed like.. forever. Well, at around an hour and a half later, we decided to eat at Katipunan instead. Cai stayed with her blockmates, and we went off to Katips. I had my handy dandy pepper spray as we walked. XD Ate at Kamirori, and Gretch had the weirdest laughing trip ever. XD She couldn't even touch my iced tea before laughing.

We then went to Seattle's Best. Gretch bought food so we could stay... and I fell asleep. LOL. I sleep everywhere. XD At least I wasn't the only one who fell asleep, as Maku did as well. Then at around 11:30, Racine's dad picked us up and it was home for us.

Dad and I went to Dusit to visit my cousin from the states. I took her around Glorietta and all we did was SHOP. Well, she shopped. I had no money. XD We also got to watch SpongeCola there; Elida and Creamsilk had this major makeover thingie going on, and SpongeCola performed. Twas cool.

We went to Powerplant today and watched War of the Worlds! Twas.. freaky. But cool. *nods*

I went window shopping with my mom, and I couldn't help but feel the pressure of 'what's in'. O_o All the girls in skirts and flip flops got to me. O_o And I started wondering why I'd never wear clothes like that. I think the main reason would be because I don't want to follow what's in. O_o Mom thinks I dress very ordinarily, and I told her that I dress extraordinarily now because what's extraordinary to her is ordinary to everyone else since everyone wears it. Confused yet? XD But anyway. Even though I say I don't want to follow the trend, I think I just don't believe I can pull it off. XP What a weird reason. But seriously, I wonder why my style is the way it is. After all, you can tell a person's personality by what they wear, at least most of the time you can.

Maybe I'll try something different one of these days.

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