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Monday, June 27, 2005
Ragnafest 2005
Listening to: Hale ~ Wishing

Day One

The first day of the Ragnafest was pretty fun. I got there kinda late though. I arrived at around 3pm, because there was a fire at Greenhills were my dentist is. Plus the traffic getting to the WTC.

Like I said, I got there at 3, and I met up with Carlo who led me through the process of registering. I didn't realize how many people there were until I got inside. O_O It was crowded! And 90% of the people there were guys! @_@ Luckily I had Carlo with me, lol. I got to see my entry, but I didn't get to see Mike's. So Carlo and I walked a bit. There were a lot of booths: RO, pROSE, RF Online, Hyper Relay... There was also Wall Climbing, Guild Booths, and Poring Sumo Wrestling (where you dress up as either a huge Angeling or Archangeling and Sumo Wrestle XD). I saw one of my classmates from UST there too. XD While hanging around the RO Booth, I spotted Hoseah, and then I saw Jabael, Lain, and Bluearrow. Hoseah let me steal one of his pROSE Installers. :D I then found Mike and Rezaele at the pROSE booth playing the demo. I split up with Carlo and went with them to pick Leng up at one of the guild booths, where she was sleeping. I also saw Yernerolf at the RO Booth, helping out the so called 'newbies'. (They were all after the Louyang CD! XD) We hung out for a while, and I talked with Blue a bit. And I also met Rackz. Though I didn't know who he was at first. XD Blue's mom came and asked us about the guild. She called me the muse of the group since I was the only girl there. XP We got along quite well, I guess you could say. She graduated from UST and I guess we found a similarity there. I did not hear the end of the teasing. XP Mike and Jabael hugged and pat me while they teased me. It was pretty weird. XD

Then Carlo called, and I went to meet up with him before he left. He gave me his Deviruchi Cap! @_@ He told me he'd get another one the next day. (Thanks again! <3) I went back to my guild, and we watched some of the entries for the movie making contest. One was about a guy who used girl characters to scam guys. XP The next one was about a gy getting hacked, then getting even. XD Twas really funny. Everyone could relate to it, I suppose. After that they ALL LEFT! XP They had been there since that morning, so they were tired. (They tried to be part of the first 50 registrants, but at 7:30am there were already over 200 people, and it was to open at 9! There was even a mom who camped out from 2AM! Woah. XD) Blue got to stay for a while longer, so we went back to his parents. And he bought me ice creame. XD Damn, I feel like a freeloader. =)) After that, he had to leave. So, I walked around by myself and took pics. I tried pROSE, and so far it looks promising. After that, I left. I later learned that another of my guildmates, Blitz, was there, but he had no way of contacting us. Tsk tsk. XP

Day Two

Today people tried to get me to cosplay. XD But I didn't. =P Mom decided to tag along, and she said if she got bored there we'd have to leave. O_o I was like, wtf? So I told her that wasn't fair. XP And I told her to go somewhere else so she wouldn't get bored. XD

I got there at around 2pm, and again I met up with Carlo, who this time gave me an RPC 2005 pin, because he had around 5 already. Lol! I saw Jumbo (again. Haha!). So we went in and watched one of the rounds for the finals. The players were really good! All the kills I saw were from Asura Strikes. And they really finished each other off. After that, we walked around a bit and we saw some cosplayers. Damn, there were a lot of cross dressers. And yes, there was a guy dancer there. XD We went to the RO Booth and met up with Rolf and Kira. After talking for a while, we went to eat since I hadn't eaten lunch yet. So I bought an overpriced hotdog (p50?!) and watched KJWAN perform. Io called Carlo, and I got to talk to him for like... 5 seconds. XD Then I took pics of Carlo wearing the Devi Cap. After a while of hanging out where we were yesterday, Mike came. We went off to get autographs of GMs, and we met up with Blue again. We went back to the RO Booth, and got Carlo autographs of the GMs. Sera came, and I got to meet GM Phage iRL. Ironically, I've never seen her in-game. =P After that, we watched the cosplay. There were a lot of cosplayers! O_o That included an Orc Hero, 4 High Priestesses (2 of them were guys O_o), a whisper, and many others. We were mean; we laughed at some of the other cosplayers. XD Esp. the Assassin Cross who yelled "Hentai no Jutsu!" Then we went off to eat because Mike and Sera were hungry. The food was over priced tho, so they decided to eat at a McDo. I dragged Carlo with me, and Blue stayed behind. Well, we ended up in a restaurant and Carlo and I didn't know what to do. XD LOL! So Mike, Sera and Mike's brother (at least I think it was his brother XD) ordered food. Blue text and told me he had left while we were there. And then Carlo had to leave as well. He slipped me a 100! XP To pay for the food he ordered, supposedly. I stole a piece of Mike's pizza. But I didn't finish it because I wasn't too hungry. We mostly talked about the guild and games that were comming out. Afterwards, Mike paid, and I asked him if I should pay for what I ate. And I showed him the 100 that Carlo slipped me. XD But he didn't take it. XP He only made Sera pay, because he works. XD So now I owe Carlo 100. :O

We went back to the WTC, and I saw JM from GZ. I don't know if he really remembers me from Gamer's Zaibatsu, but I mentioned Maku and lol, wala lang. XD (Madaya kasi si Maku. =)) ) We went back in, and watched Kamikazee perform. I walked around by myself for a bit, and took some pics. I also bought posters from ROSE, RO, and RO Online. They were only P15 each, so I figured why not. =P Kamikazee was fun. At one point the lead singer put on a ShadowMaiden's Panty over his pants. XD Fun talaga. After it was announced that Chaos had the most attendees and would thus get x2 exp for a week, we moved to our usual spot to watch the final round of the RPC. It was RAD from Chaos VS Hatred from Lydia. After the first round, my mom called and I had to go. I tried to reason since the announcement of the art contest winner would be after that, but to no avail.

She started ranting about how irresponsible it was to stay out late on a Sunday. She went on about how she doesn't hear anything positive about games and such. She then continued about how she'd make me quit. Which of course pissed me off. XP I dunno, but the more my parents try to control me, the more I want to rebel. Gaming is what I do for fun, so leave me be. I'm not going to kill myself over it. Tsss.

I stayed silent on the way home. We bought McDo, because Jeth hadn't eaten dinner. Mom got mad when I didn't want to order anything. I shouldn't starve myself over it she said, so I told her I ate at 7 at the convention. Liar. XP In truth, I was just being stubborn. Which I now regret because I'm hungry. Luckily I didn't argue on the way home; Mike told me that they didn't announce the winners of the Art Contest afterall. O_o And he also told me that Hatred from Lydia won the RPC, and therefore had grabbed the 1mil peso prize.

All in all, the Ragnafest was mucho fun, even if it cleaned out my Globe load. XD MANY thanks to my brother who actually let me use his camera for 2 days without his supervision! Ish a gosh darn miracle. :O And thanks to Carlo for the bodyguard services. XD And for teh freebies! :3

Carlo and teh Devi Hat
My Art Contest Entry
Spoils from the Ragnafest

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1 Reflections

madaya talaga si maku. :P

of course JM's there, he works for LUG XD it prolly would've been easier to tell him about me, dontcha think? :P a bunch of AC/GZ people were there too. too bad we couldn't come. XD

hay, ewan. it's like with my relatives. the more they tell me to stop seeing maku, the more i wanna stay with him. same with you - it's what makes us happy, and it's not a bad thing, so why stop us? che ewan. ganyan talaga. :P

By Blogger Racine, at 7:20 PM  

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