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Wednesday, June 15, 2005
First Day of Uni
Listening to: Gavin DeGraw ~ I Don't Want To Be

First day of Uni life! Yeah. :P

I woke up at around 5 o clock in the morning. Changed, ate breakfast, brushed my teeth, got my pic taken, and ran for the door. XD We picked Coco up at Select, and we were off to UST.

On the way there, we complained about our uniforms. Me about my shoes and my collar, her about the pleats on her skirt. We also talked about the weapons we had brought, just in case. XD Dad dropped us off in front of the parking lot, and we walked with the flood of fellow UST students. XD We reached the AB building, and when we got there, we realized we didn't have our Registration Forms to get inside the building. O_O Dad had mine (he took it to the VA) and Coco didn't bring hers. So we waited outside the building for about... 10 minutes? XDD We were also looking for Ags, who was also our classmate. Finally, after explaining to the guard our predicament, he let us in. We went off to find the CR, and soon went to our room, room 105. When I saw the door, I commented that it reminded me of a Isolation Cell door, because there was a small rectangular window on it. XDDD We went in, to be greeted by nearly 90% of the class' gaze. O_o Lol! We sat at the front, since those were the only seats still unoccupied. Soon after, Ags appeared. :P

Our English Prof was late, so the whole class took the time to talk with each other. Coco, Ags and I just talked between ourselves tho, so we didn't get to meet a lot of new people. Our English Prof finally arrived 30 minutes late, and had us write a paragraph about ourselves, so she could get to know us. XP Bleh. She then left. Then these two gay guys entered the room and they started bitching right in the middle of our classroom! XD One was selling stuff and the other was accusing her(haha XD) of being a totally vain bizotch. They started yelling and swearing at each other, it was really funny. But it was obvious that it was a sort of skit. It turned out that they were from the Theater Org of the AB College, and they were recruiting. June 24, I think. Then they left, and were soon replaced by our Literature 101 Prof. Her attitude reminds me of Mrs. Benitez and Ms. Toli combined. XD And she talks like I do! With the 'Oki doki', 'Alrighty', 'Duh!' and all. XD Wla lang. Aliw. Amazingly, she asked Coco and I if we were twins. @_@ Hahaha! Dad said that it couldn't be, I was much more fair than Coco is. XD So anyway, she was kinda scary, but more of the cool but strict kind of way. She gave us an assignment (which I should be doing now, but it's uber long! D: ) before she left, and was then replaced by our CWG Prof, aka Geology Prof. She made me sleepy. XDD She talked aboutt he importance of Geology and such, and I, being the irresponsible person I am, didn't listen too much. XD Soon enough, it was our last subject; Philosophy. Our Philosophy Prof was a middle aged man who seemed to talk about pregnancies a lot that it made me uneasy. O_o (Damn middle aged stalkers. Making me paranoid. >_<) He started asking simple questions that made you think for some reason.

"Do you think?"
"Do you have a dog?"
"Does your dog think?"
"Are you a dog?"
"Does your dog know it's a dog?"
"What is the difference of you and your dog, since you both think?"

It was pretty weird. XD Then he started on the importance of Philosophy, which I found quite interesting. Then 11am came, and it was time for us to go. I met Chris' friend, Jonathan, I think. (Aka Jumbo daw? O_o) I think I also saw one of the guys who talked to Coco and I when we were enrolling. I also got to see Ruby, Shane, Coy, and Rexa. Then Coco and I went off to find a CR. We went all the way from the AB Building to the Grand Stand. O_o I nearly died in my shoes on the long walk, and I thoroughly cursed them. XP I also almost tripped on my shoes 3 or 4 times. XDDD Gah. Kakahiya. ;)) Oh well. Not like any of the people know me there anyway. XD After that, Dad came back from VA and we went home.

Now my feet really hurt. Evil shoes. XDD

Survey bout HS

1. Section mo nung 4th yr?
- IV-Bayanihan

2. Adviser?
- Ms. Alberto a.k.a. Mami Remy

3. Anong club mo nung 4th yr?
- Newsletter Club. Proud Assistant News Ed who joined Racine in being bad.

4. Anong pinaka-ayaw mong subject?
- None really. *thinks*

5. Eh pinakaayaw na teacher?
- Like above, none really. Though our teachers can get freaky and scary like hell, I think we all can get like that.

6. Anong student # mo?
- 1990285. =P

7. Class #?
- 41.

8. Pinakahuling ginawa mong katarantaduhan?
- Got caught sleeping in Physics. Lmao.

9. Eh magbisyo sa CR?
- I've had my vain moments. Is that a crime? ;;)

10. Naghihilamos ka ba sa cr?
- Sometimes.

11. Anong paborito mong off limits area?
- The corridor beside the offices. Haha. I always pass there even if we're not allowed to. XD

12. Nung 4th yr ka, maganda ba ung grad song nyo?
- But of course!

13. May nakaaway ka na rin ba?
- Nah. Oh wait, yeah. During the fair.

14. sino?
- A friend of my cousin, Christine. WATER GUN FIGHT!! XD

15. Nagvandal ka na ba? ano ung ginawa mo?
- On our lunch table. "Do Not Vandalize" XD

16. Ilang taon kang nag-aral ng HS?
- 4 years.

17. Sa canteen ka ba naglulunch or sa classroom?
- Canteen. At the table right behind the Shawarma and the Footlong stands.

18. Ano ang madalas mong bilhin sa canteen?
- Cookies, Shawarma, Footlong, juice... Haha, practically anything.

19. How's the prom?
- 'Twas fun.

20. Name of a freshman you and your classmates....know of?
- Uh. I skip this.

21. What do you do after school?
- Make a ruckus in the classroom/clean if I'm a cleaner/go to the MMA and make a ruckus there

22. Ever cried in front of the class?
- Yeah. Retreat.

23. Do you bring your cellphone to school?
- Nearly everyday. XD

24. Do you log in to Friendster when you're inside the computer lab?
- Nope. Checked out the HOL Forums and my blog. =P

25. Ang mga experiment papers mo ba eh binebenta mo o pinapahiram sa classmate?
- Groupmates. =P

26. Sino palaging nagdadala ng food sa class?
- From what I know... Caj always has food. XD

27. Ano-ano nman ang dinadala nila?
- Poptarts, Cheetos... lots of goodies.

28. Ever caught by your teacher eating?
- Nope. ;;)

29. Kanino ka humihiram ng notes?
- Racine. :D

30. Message mo sa high school mo?
- I don't know yet how much I'll miss it. <--- I miss you so!! T_T

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