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Thursday, May 19, 2005
Listening to: PC Fan

So much for my insomnia going away. It's now 4:30 am and I'm not a bit sleepy. :P

I came home from Gela's house at around 8 last night. We watched Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, 50 First Dates, the 3rd Season of Sex and the City, and part of Priscilla Queen of the Desert [The one where Hugo Weaving is a drag queen! XD] Had our vanity shots, artys shots, and even some short video recordings on Gela's new phone. I slept with my BF [TURTLE <33] and Gela, Gretchen and I got to stargaze a bit. We also played a horror flash game. XDD Ack.

We enjoyed Beauty and the Beast. I cringed at how naive Ariel was. XD And we loved Adam Sandler for what he does for Drew Barrymore in 50 First Dates. Imagine making a girl fall in love with you everyday? Woah. :P And she forgets it the day after? That's something. The end wasn't too idealistic. She was never cured of her condition, but they still made it work.

Anyway. I was able to send myself some of the numerous pictures that Gela has on her PC through my gmail account. Made me look back at the high school life I'll be leaving in less than a month. Pictures are... I dunno. What is it with pictures anyway? :P I have some of the most humiliating pics of myself, and when I look at them.. I laugh. Me with a curly wig on and Hulk hands? I laugh. My bum? I laugh. Trying to look seductive with strawberries? I laugh! I see pics of my friends. I feel good. Happy. Sad. I see pics of people who have been in my life. I wonder what could have happened if things didn't turn out the way they did. I see my classmates. Buhay days. Gabay days. Kagitingan days. Bayanihan days. Pictures of seduction. Pictures with post-it quotes. I have a whole box filled with unsorted pictures. It's the pictures what make my wallet fat!

It's amazing how you can still a moment of your life in a picture, isn't it?

Hm. I feel happy right now. Even if everything isn't ok for me. n_n

I just came off of RO and had another one of my misadventures. XD Which includes, tackling monsters way too strong, running for your life across a map to a portal on the other side, forming a party out of mismatched jobs and levels, and dying. A lot. XD I don't really care what people say about me playing this game. People who make a big deal out of things that shallow suck. :P Honestly, judging me because of something I like to do is so immature. Mom is always like that. And yet when she was my age, she was playing marbles. =P We all need our escapes.

The PC runs incredibly well since my brother formatted it. It's so... clean. Miraculously tho, when I opened my profile for the first time, there was an icon for Rise of Nations : Thrones and Patriots. The fact that he formatted it without me kinda irked me, but I'd be bugging him if he formatted it while I was here. Our helpers also managed to clean the study room. The resolution of the monitor is bigger though. Things are smaller. XD I still have to get used to it. Oooooooh, and speaking of the study room, I'm planning on moving in here. Into the study room. [w00t!] I don't know if it'll really push through though. Mom's planning on converting our balcony here into a bathroom. Half of the balcony, I mean. The other half will be added to the room. As of now, moving into here is still a dream. I might pull it off, one day.

Convi thinks I'm sick. And I'm chatting with Gab right now and he says I'm a safeist. I might be. I might be. Early morning conversations are interesting. Amazingly, it wasn't filled with complete random-ness that they usually are. It was quite a conversation indeed. And yes, my 'big brother' rocks. <3 That's YOU Mike~! XD

It's dawn. The sun is rising.

My oh my, the insomnia is back.

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2 Reflections

i remember what john cage (from ally mcbeal) said: "if you look back at your life and it doesn't bring forth tears in your eyes, consider that life wasted."

i believe that's what memories are for. Ü

By Blogger Lei, at 9:06 AM  

ria..your insomnia might lead to fever you know...take it from me...personally...haha...

By Anonymous john, at 12:49 PM  

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