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Tuesday, April 05, 2005
Summer Blues
Listening to: Finch ~ Letters to you

It's been a while since I posted. Gah, I'm hungry.

The Pope passed away while I was typing my last entry. That's kinda freaky. He was a good man, or at least I'd like to believe that he was. May he rest in peace.

Yesterday I reserved a slot in UST. Everything went ok; I had to pay 5k because I didn't bring my original Report card tho. The last day of my enrolment is April 18. Then you know what happened? When I got home, I FINALLY got my acknowledgement letter from Ateneo. March 17 was the date on the letter. Frick. BUT. They won't be making any decisions on appeals until AFTER APRIL 18. Ok. If these schools aren't in cahoots, then UST is just being a biyatch. D: DAMN! I mean, come ON! You don't HAVE to make the AGONY of waiting for my results in Ateneo any WORSE by making it possible that I lose my slot in UST. I've already sent a letter to the OAA of Ateneo [e-mail this time, taking no chances with snail mail.], and it's been forwarded. If things don't work out... I'm totally screwed.

Today I went to SM North with my parents. And, you guessed it, I walked around the mall by myself. It's not fun being followed by a group of HS bois. >_< But eventually things would turn out well. I chanced upon Spyk, or he chanced upon me, whichever. Anyway, I met Spyk, Racine's brother. Soon, Carl, Cai's brother. I wasn't able to meet up with her though, because I got lost and I couldn't find where to meet here. I did a little shopping with my mom after she checked out Moisannite(sp?) rings for my Lola. Bought a shirt at Artworks, which I'm going to wear tomorrow when I go out with my friends to UP, then Katips. I also bought myself my first stuffed toy turtle. <3 After that, we went home.

Anyway, we got home, and I got the laundry in. We officially adopted cats AGAIN. A mother and her kitten. After that, mom told me to water the roses with fish blood. Then, just as I finish watering the last rose, someone calls my name. I turn around, and there's Matt, standing outside our front gate. Thank God I was wearing decent house clothes. But seriously, the situation was hilarious, now that I think about it. There I was; sleeveless green shirt, short shorts, and sandals, with a tupperware of fish blood and guts in my hand. Honestly, I couldn't have looked anymore unglamourous. Ok, so moving on. I mumbled 'Oh my God.' and told him to wait for a moment. Went in, told my mom, then went up to change. Made sure to wash my hands very well too, lol. He gave me some things, then we went out to the front porch, since he was going somewhere afterwards. Have you watched 'Love Actually'? I have. I watched it with my friends when I slept over at Gela's a long time ago. Anyway, Matt did the placards thing from the movie. With a discman instead of a radio. After that he left. Almost left me with the discman, lol.

Shoot, I forgot to take my meds. >_<

Soooooooo. Here I am. Jab told me he'd be ok. He promised he wouldn't get drunk tonight like he did the two nights before. And Mike seemed a bit... off. Well, that's what I noticed. I think I made him remember something from his past, but I'm not sure. =/

Guys... I've been harsh. But you've got to understand. I don't want to hurt anyone, but I need my space. I'll always care, but as a friend.

I have classes today, and it's 4am already. Great.

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2 Reflections

fish blood to water the roses? hmmm, this info might come in handy. my roses kept dying on me (or maybe i simply have no gift with plants whatsoever).

hey, the "love actually" placard thing was cool. i'll be using a modified version of it when i ask my future-wife to marry me, someday. Ü

By Blogger Lei, at 4:43 PM  

Well, our roses aren't exactly the best. XD But try it anyway, see if it works. :P

XD If you do try it, tell me how it goes! <3

By Blogger Ria, at 8:01 PM  

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