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- find out what I want in life
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- be a Dean's List-er
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- make my own blog layout
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- travel more
- improve my drawing skills
- go to a Flea market
- a Tarot Card Deck
- fashion sense
- femme outfits
- witty t-shirts
- vintage clothes and accessories
- make my own clothes!
- go on a shopping spree
- contribute to WWF
- a DSLR
- bake something
- an underwater camera
- cosplay again
- visit my online friends
- stop being a safeist
- happiness

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Monday, April 25, 2005
I am a Lazy Arse. XD
Listening to: Yellowcard ~ Only One

Because I have been so dang lazy in updating my blog, I will post a long post... tomorrow. Well, today. Later, actually. XD I'm not going to be doing anything today, so I'll post when I wake up. :P For now, here's my Googlism which I stole from my darling Guia. Lol, *ish poked by Guia* XDD You're innocent? If you're innocent, I'm going to become a nun! XDDD

You know, I actually kinda envy you right now. O_o I mean, you've gotten a lot of things done already. And your wishlist is crossed out! XP I complain that I'm bored. A LOT. But seriously, I could be doing a lot more productive stuff.. like drawing the two Kiribans I owe.. or finishing my piece for the RO art contest.. or practicing playing my guitar. D: Getting off the computer is actually the first step for doing other things for people like us, who are horribly addicted to the internet. O_o I'm glad you're getting down to cutting down on your softness. XDD *huggles you* I know you can do it. :D But remember, I'LL STILL LOVE YOU NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS OR HOW YOU LOOK! <3333333

Yay. I need to sleep. So here's the Googlism list so I can hit the hay.
Btw, some of them don't make any sense. The others make complete sense. XDD


Googlism for: ria

-ria is back
-ria is de afgelopen week begonnen met een nieuw
-ria is 1/2 mile on left
-ria is the premier provider of advanced research
-ria is a business unit
-ria is joining in the un
-ria is then placed in the house libraries when the regulation or legislation is presented to parliament
-ria is a policy tool which assesses the impact
-ria is the only trade group in north america organized specifically to serve the robotics industry
-ria is in the backgound
-ria is
-ria is a natural extension
-ria is a research center of the university at buffalo
-ria is a national leader in the study of alcohol and substance abuse prevention
-ria is to provide guidance and share information with related industry association to ensure the highest possible level of service
-ria is looking through a magazine making a shopping list
-ria is cleaning up after breakfast to jazz on the radio and dances with russell and adam
-ria is a typical hotel bar
-ria is necessary
-ria is a decision tool
-ria is a nasd broker dealer they will have their own rules and guidelines
-ria is violating the law when they give advice on securities? your
-ria is a great example
-ria is a great example how companies can use webex and save money and improve communications in every department
-ria is a brand
-ria is a very temperamental girl
-ria is still an important shipping area
-ria is a
-ria is entering its second year as co
-ria is so important in policy decision
-ria is at annex b
-ria is a short
-ria is a very robust method
-ria is currently in progress at argonne
-ria is envisioned to be able to deliver 100 kw beams to 2 or more targets simultaneously
-ria is also handling other artists' contracts including peggy melati's
-ria is taken from a monorail which lartigue built at ria and which i've modelled a couple of times in the past
-ria is a classy act and is destined for megastardom
-ria is ofa good for hips and elbows
-ria is a policy tool which assesses the impact in terms of costs
-ria is getting very seductive [Yes, I am, aren't I? XDD]
-ria is a large resort hotel on the coast of sabah in borneo
-ria is gevestigd in het tweede kantoorgebouw aan de linkerkant
-ria is one of 13 channels in measat broadcast's astro favorites bouquet
-ria is a natural
-ria is in the same neighbourhood with the commonwealth games village
-ria is a document produced by a government department or agency
-ria is hiermee de medische fout bevestigd
-ria is leading the effort to bring these advanced techniques to the medical -community in the denver metropolitan area
-ria is een onafhankelijke inspectie die rechtstreeks onder de staatssecretaris van cultuur ressorteert en als formele taak heeft 'het toezien op de naleving
-ria is content until her world all comes crashing down with the discovery of danny's affair with a woman only 8 years older than their
-ria is one of the key tools for that
-ria is an agreement between a dapa holder and medical activity members of a tricare region
-ria is determined to provide our members with the highest quality of financial services
-ria is going to run a hedge fund and trade commodity futures
-ria is the first course of two at the complex
-ria is anchored at different sites in the cell
-ria is a devotion to wealth
-ria is a person or entity that has registered as an investment adviser under either federal or state law
-ria is no less her child because she dint give her birth infact she has had more time with ria than anand
-ria is a truly lovely golden
-ria is a mixed breed beagle/blue heeler
-ria is ziek
-ria is the customer
-ria is eindelijk eens voor de camera's gaan staan en heeft zich een hele dag laten kieken
-ria is prepared when a regulation is introduced or reviewed
-ria is signed by the accountable minister and placed in the house libraries when the regulation/ legislation is presented to parliament
-ria is een mooie
-ria is interested in organizations that go beyond charity and work with their clients to help them regain the self
-ria is the premier provider of technology and information to tax professionals in accounting firms and
-ria is protecting the health of people
-ria is a concept seen as essential to continued scientific research into the basic questions about the origin of the elements and how stars explode
-ria is er in belangrijke mate verantwoordelijk voor geweest dat schizofrenie weer op de ggz
-ria is to be operationally ready in the event of mobilization
-ria is a member of the marwell art society
-ria is a membership
-ria is rather exotic looking
-ria is basically a headstrong loner
-ria is a new york
-ria is the task of the governement but also the interest in ria is at the parliamentary level

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1 Reflections

yeah, I guess before you do something productive, you should get out of the net. That way, you switch back to reality

Reaction to YOUR Googlism:

"ria is a decision tool"
--> like you said at your last post.

"ria is a natural"
--> You go girl! ^_^

"ria is rather exotic looking"
--> Rawr... Haha, like the old days ^_^

By Blogger guia_tot, at 1:11 PM  

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