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Friday, April 29, 2005
A Broken Sonnet
Listening to: Broken Sonnet ~ Hale

Have you ever heard a song... that makes your heart stop? That just gives you that weird feeling in your gut; and makes you weak? I found a song that does that to me. XP And it's weird, because I used to see it ALL the time in Yeli's stat, but I never really took the time to hear it. Until now. And crap. I just let it play over and over again. [This is what I do when I like a song; ginagasgas ko sa Winamp. XD] And everytime, I get this weird feeling. Everytime.

Oh God. Someone save me.

Since my last post, I've been up and down again. It's like my head is in the clouds, but my feet are on the ground. Elated, but depressed? Is that possible? O_o I have no idea, but that's the best way I can describe how I feel right now. I am truly confused beyond comprehension. The past few days have been filled with surprises, especially yesterday. I did things I didn't think I could do. I did things I wonder if I should have done. I found out things that left me a bit speechless. No, more than a bit. It left me speechless. I always wondered about it, but I never thought it could be true, but lo and behold? Woah. Just. Woah. Surprise, Ria!

Things have been happening in-game. That's why I've been staying up so late. Until what... 5 am? I don't plan on doing that tonight tho. No, not tonight. A proposal, a realization, a revalation, a confession. Who would have thought this could all happen through a game? That you become connected to people through pixels and internet connections? That in some way, these people would become like your family? That they'd trust you enough to share their deepest secrets, their worst problems, their heart's desires? You meet people in the weirdest ways.

I wonder if... I'm asking for trouble with what I'm doing? Of course, only 3 people know what I'm talking about. Maybe 4 if I think I know what happened tonight while I wasn't in-game. And only 1 reads this blog. I know one of my closest friends doesn't want me to. [I know you don't want me to, even though you didn't say a word about your opinion. =P] I understand him. But he said he would let me make my own decision. Thanks.

I just don't know how I manage to get myself into these things. And I wonder if, even after all I've been through, have I learned anything? Have I changed in any way? I think I'm still a scared little girl.


Post a Secret
This, has got to be, one of the most moving websites I have ever seen. Some are funny, some are smart, some are moving. One day, I'll see my own postcard there.

{/11:13 PM} - { 5

5 Reflections

sometimes listening to a song can ease one's spirit. can clear one's thoughts can give you a better outloook on something else.

and sometimes, it just makes everything sound a lot more like crap.

listening to songs,

i guess everyone has a song that'd set their senses numb, but still send them extatic after hearing it.

but then again, never listen to sappy music when you're sepressed. *a few spare change =]

By Blogger Tuna Caserole, at 4:52 AM  

that's why people wrote songs in the first place: so they could let out their feelings, and hopefully, find someone who understands. =D

kwento me later. love you. *kiss*

i saw that blog on eL's LJ, and i clicked it. i wanna send a postcard too. =p

By Blogger Racine, at 8:03 AM  

there's a song once that grabbed me from within, and for the longest time held me captive...Ü

i'm a bit intrigued with the update on your in-game life. sounds complicated, but whatever's happening, i hope you're okay.

By Blogger Lei, at 9:37 PM  

wow, that's a nice site... let's do that sometime... (yung comment that says a group of friends shared their deepest secrets with each other.)


By Blogger Rheader, at 5:05 PM  

"Have you ever heard a song... that makes your heart stop? That just gives you that weird feeling in your gut; and makes you weak?"

-> Definitely! It's like I turn into mush whenever I hear it. And then when I have a copy, I listen to it over and over and over and over again too!!! Gasgas! Haha! =D

By Anonymous ginell, at 11:46 PM  

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