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Sunday, March 13, 2005
Listening to: Yellowcard ~ Ocean Avenue

I found some of my brother's Lucban pics.

Me, Mom, and Uncle Roger
Church Side
Church Front
Pro TeenStar
RAWR! <3
Atlas Moth

Phew. I've been swamped with photographs. There are photos all over my desk!

Ack ack ack. So many things to blog about. I don't know where to start. XD

New desktop. <3
Yes, it's Ariel. Wahahaha. Disney Princesses anyone? :P When Gela and I got bored during practice, we compared ourselves to our respective Diseny Princesses, based on looks and on personality.

Gela - Jasmine
Kari - Belle
Cai - Mulan
Racine - Aurora
Gretchen - Cinderella
Me - Ariel

'twas fun. XD Before I didn't really think I was much like Ariel, but after I thought about it, I found similarities. I collect a lot of things, I have a curious personality, I like to defy my parents[sorta]. King Triton is even sorta like dad. XD Heck, I even have a fork in my hair brush drawer. O_o But that's been in there since... forever.

Anyway. What else. We went to mass yesterday, so we went straight to a mall. We had to pick up Lola's ring, a heart shaped diamond worth 60k at SM North. Mom and I got to do some shoppiiiiing. <3 I now have a skirt that makes me look decent. [that's one thing off my wish list] I was also able to get some shirts for the summer. After my short spree, we had to look for shoes I could use during grad. So we looked all over the mall. I wanted the simplest, and hopefully the least expensive one we could find. The rest of our time there was spent just looking for the right one, and luckily I was able to get a pair right before we left and went home. On the way home, I finished 'Wild Justice'. Lesson learned: NEVER EVER read in the car. 'tis death. And the headache that follows stays even after the car has stopped and you're in your room craddling your head. n_n; Cooked dinner, then did all sorts of chores for my mom.

I'm getting more and more active on Deviant Art again, and I found this photo.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

McHungry - Not Loving It

Sad how things really are..

Man, I'm just jumping around from topic to topic.

Oh, here's a pic of the finished backdrop for the gym. Stolen from Jackie~

Ok... I've run out of things to blog about. No, wait. Shit. I'm graduating this Saturday. Hasn't sunk in, like always. I can invite 5 people. 2 my parents, 1 for Jeth. I bet the other two will be for Auntie Tina and Uncle Vic. But that's still to be seen. After Grad, I'll be in the province.. again. Then I come back on Sunday, just in time for the Grad Ball on Monday. I saw a drawing of Coco's gown/dress, and it looks puuuuuuuuuurdy. :P Gela hasn't decided on hers. Me, I'll be wearing a vintage dress. It's black; tube with the skirt right above the knees. And it's got a cute flower on the left side. :P How I found it was actually and accident. Mom was supposed to give it away, but I saw it and voila. That was that. And I'll have my hair in ringlets. ;;) Hahaha! Geez. I hope a lot of people go.

Thinking again... who will give me hugs everyday after I graduate? Ja and Yeli will be gone. :(

I'm still worried like hell over my status in Ateneo. It's exactly like what Mrs. Benitez said it would be. It's like being held over a cliff by your little toe. >_< I have no idea where I'm going to go. I can go to Ateneo, I can go to DLSU, I can even go to UST. I have no idea where I'm going to fall. Some have already received a letter from Fr. Que confirming that he has already received their appeal letters. Obviously, I don't have one of my own.. I'm so frustrated and scared right now. I want so badly to get into Ateneo. I want to prove to my parents that I'm not as incompetent as I seem to be. Some say that my chances of getting in are big, some say that they're slim. I want to get into Ateneo. I want to believe that no matter what, God has a plan for me. I want to trust in Him that I'll be fine no matter where I go, but... I can't. I'm trying to, but it's just so damn hard. God, please hear me. Please listen to me.

Here's a demented quiz to cheer me up.
I'm Joshua Abraham Norton, the first and only Emperor of the United States of America!
Which Historical Lunatic Are You?
From the fecund loins of Rum and Monkey.

{/10:34 PM} - { 2

2 Reflections

when all is said and done, it's really up to Him what happens next. you have my prayers, nay-chan. *hug*

thanks for the DA comment. good to see to you active there again. Ü

hey, you guys did a great work on the backdrop. ganda!

after grad? it's a whole new world, ariel (ups, i think that's for jasmine), but worry not with the hugs - i'm sure you'll still get lots of it. *big hug*

congratulations!! all the best on saturday and on your grad ball. Ü

By Blogger Lei, at 10:14 AM  

waaaaaaah! pretty ariel fan art! <3 where'd you get it? baka may jasmine na ganyan! =D

By Blogger Gelabo, at 5:14 PM  

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