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Sunday, March 27, 2005
I'm Back
Listening to: Yellowcard ~ Only One

Dang, it's been forever since I last blogged.

Well, I'm officially a HS Grad. W00t. n_n;

Arrrrrrrrgh. The search for a new layout that suits my fancy annoys me. D: Because I can't find one that I like, and I end up wanting to make my own when I know I don't know how. And then I find a layout that I like, but I don't want to have to insert the blogger tags manually, blah blah blah. *continues to yell at herself mentally for another 5 minutes* Ah screw it. I'll find one sooner or later. Or make one that's horrible but makes me happy.

I want to scream! Pull out a gun and bring it point blank against someone's head and look at them with a look that doesn't show if your're going to pull the trigger in spite or pull back laughing your head off. @_@ Which... I did already.

I spent the Holy Week in the province. It. Was. Boring. Mainly because I was sick. I mean, all I did was sleep and eat. O_o There were times when all I would do was lie down because my head hurt so much. ._. Then Tristan and Jeth had to be idiots and stepped on my back. T_T Then I couldn't even lie down in peace. We watched movies to pass the time. White Noise, Finding Nemo, Ice Age... We started Cabin Fever, but it started to get disgusting so we didn't finish it. I wanted to watch Saw. XD But everyone else didn't want to watch with me. :( I got to ride a bike again, after so long. I messed around with Tristan's bike around the garage, then I started biking outside. It was there that I found to my horror that Tristan's bike doesn't have brakes. XD Good thing I was wearing my sandals then. It was with Christine's bike tho that I got hurt. Hers still has training wheels on it, and as I was biking up the path, one of the training wheels got caught on a curb and I almost went flying. Imagine that, a flying Ria. n_n; Luckily I didn't go flying, instead I scraped my knee on the right pedal. >_> But oh well. That's the kind of kid I am. Always getting scraps and scratches and such. And burns. *looks at the burn on her arm* n_n; Burns are nasty tho. Yech. Peeling off your own skin isn't exactly... comforting to look at.

Anyway. Ball is tomorrow. I can't honestly say that I'm ready. n_n; I don't even have any accessories. But what the hell. I'm probably going to look for something at Ever tomorrow. XD Yes, go crammers. I hope the Ball will be fun. Last night to hang out with the gals in formal wear. ;;) Edsa Shang~ Euphoria! I don't know if Miggy is still going. O_o He told me that he might go as part of the crew for a band that would perform, but I don't know if that's going to push thru. As for me, I'm going stag, as always. Stag is different for the opposite sexes. O_o But I'm not going to get into that again. The girls and I will be staying the night at Shangri-la tomorrow night! I'm excited. <3 Haha, I want to parade around Eastwood or some coffeeshop in my gown, like Gela suggested. And act like everything is perfectly normal when it isn't, because life isn't normal and I'm damn happy that mine is norwhere near normal.

Did you know that MERV HQ still lives?!?! O_o Yeah. It does. LMAO. But it's covered in ads now. The last guestbook sign was January 1 of last year tho. XD It's even got Gretchen's uber long intro to the ROW. XD

Once while we were in the car, my dad said that there are only two types of wars; Religious and Political. So my brother wondered out loud what it would be like if the whole world was Christian. O_o A lot of stuff would be gone, that's for sure. Or what if the whole world was Communist. XD Nice. How... fun. [Yech XD] The world would be crappy if everything was the same. Thus, Diversity! :D

I'm rambling now. At least, in my mind I am. =_=

I feel... awkward. @_@

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