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Saturday, February 12, 2005
To be Later Updated
Listening to: Yellowcard - Way Away

Just a quick update while I'm waiting for my ride to get here.

Saturday classes are... boring. And pretty much useless. We didn't have a lesson at all today, we all just bummed around the classroom until recess. The only good thing about going to school today was the fact that I was able to plan with my friends for our gimmick thingie today. Plus I got to listen to all the songs that I uploaded last night. Aaaah, Yellowcard. <3 Call me an emofag if you want, but I honestly couldn't care less. n_n Cai and Racine both agree that I listen to my music with the volume pumped way too high. XD But I like my music loud. Haha. :P And sometimes it's nice to just drown out everything else with music. After recess we had the celebration for Educator's Day. Wasn't much really. I started asking people why we had actually gone to school today.

Plans have changed and instead of going out for dinner with my family, I'm going to a concert with my brother and some friends. Yeah, I'm going to Overdose at LSGH with my brother. My parents decided what Overdose was better for my brother than the snogging thingie that Close-Up is holding tonight. :P

I thought of something while I was in the shower... but I forgot it already. o_O Oh, I just remembered something. We might not go to London anymore. =/ Damn, I really wanted to go. >_< Why go to Hong Kong when we have our own Greenhills? XD Either place though, I'm sure it'll be interesting. :D

Life. Parang buhay.

XD Hahaha, who remembers this famous sigh quote? :P Yeah yeah. But life is just that, right? It's life. I can honestly say that after I turned 16, things suddenly changed. O_o Well, not suddenly, but it still surprised me. Good things, bad things. Shit happens. Miracles happen. Life happens! Haha. :P But with each and every passing moment, you just got to keep on going. Of course, learn along the way. Or else be dubbed an idiot. XD Sometimes we just have to learn things the hard way. Been there, but obviously there are so many ways to learn it the hard way as I and others keep on experiencing. XD But what can we do? That's life. :P

Just open your arms and blow a kiss into the wind. I do that a lot. It's fun. Imagine how many people you've kissed already. XD

Dang, this isn't a quick update anymore. XD SAD (aka Single's Awareness Day) is just around the corner! Time to share chocolate with the gaaaaaaals. <3 Or just scrub off off of each other like what we have been doing for the past few days. n_n;; Oh, I have to give chocolates to Ms. O for accepting my late papers. XD I wonder if she'll remember. Besides SAD, the 14th is also known to others as SMV, or the Samahan ng Malamig ang Valentine's. SAD is obviously a whole lot better. XD I was talking with Mike a few nights ago, and we started talking about my post on the guild forums about SAD. I was surprised that so many people would reply, and so fast too. :P (Ow, I just hit my hand on the end of the sewing table. >_<) For me it's just a regular day. But an excuse to eat a buttload of chocolate. XD For others it's a day to give flowers and chocolates and make people feel special and loved. It's not that I'm against it, oh no. It's just... why just on the 14th? Shouldn't you do that everyday? XD Hahaha, think about that. No, you may not hit me for making you stop for a moment. :D

Oh man. If I don't stop this'll become a full blown entry, and I haven't even left the house for the concert! XD

[I edit this now because Cai said I got a lot of people mixed up. XD]

It's 2:42 in the morning now. I've just gotten home from Overdose. Congratz to the PCO peeps for making Overdose successful! :D It was great.

I told my parents about the concert at around lunch, and I was so surprised when they told me to go, but along with my brother. After guitar lessons, we hitched a ride with Miggy and got to LSGH at around 5:30 or so. Wil was MIA, so both Cai and I were alone (besides my brother Jeth), as Miggy was busy with preperations for the concert. We lined up, and were soon found by Carlo. The line was uuuuuuuuber long. I saw Bean, JR, Chris, Andrew(the nameless guy during our fair), and some batchmates. We got in, and watched the concert. Saw Jerome, Miguel, Ruigi, JP, David (who promtly called me Patricia. Gah, he still remembers!), Kevin, Marc and Enzo. w00t! Go PCO! :D Miggy passed by every now and then, but most of the time I was with Cai, Jeth, and Carlo. We also met up with Io and his kinakapatid, Jela. We found a chair with the two front legs missing, and Carlo liked messing around with it. Haha! When we went to the front he even brought it along. :P After Fishcake played, we went out of the gym to eat. I saw one of Matt's friends there, and I think he saw me too. Io left at around that time. We ate ham and cheese pizzas because there was nothing else to eat. And drank Coke! Haha. I forced Jeth to eat the pieces I couldn't eat, and drink Cai and my Cokes. So he can get fatter. XD We went back up, and I saw Alexis. KJWAN was just about to play. First it was KJWAN, then Mayonnaise, then Bamboo! Haha. :P It was fun, but for some reason I'm not really into totally rocking out at concerts. We were standing on a platform (Cai, Kevin, Chesca(Kevin's GF), Miggy, Miguel and I) and started joking around about pushing each other off. At one point I almost fell. n_n;; Then the concert ended and the lights went on. I helped stack chairs along with Cai. I saw Ms. Alfie, and she also called me Patricia. n_n; Walked around LSGH for a while, as Miggy and the other PCOs had some things to fix before they could go home. Jeth scared the crap out of Miggy by hiding behind a door. XD Saw Carlo just before he left at the lobby. Then we finally were on our way home. We took Cai home first, then us. So I was outside of the house with Miggy, and Jeth had gone in. We talked for a while. It's been a while since we actually talked, so it took a while. We talked about a lot of stuff. But it was getting late and I knew he hadn't slept since the night before. So I told him to go home and rest. I thanked him, and went in.

So that was Overdose. It was fun. :P

There's something on my mind now. I have to get it off of my chest. I'll admit it, there are a lot of times when I'm not the brightest of the barkada. Or of the class, or of the family. A lot. And I even laugh at these moments of stupidity. Most of the time. But that doesn't mean that I'm stupid. I'm not. I know a lot of things that people think I'd be oblivious to. I know a lot of secrets, I know a lot of people's problems, I know a lot of things that are hidden from me. I have a brain! Plus, I have a knack for finding these things out. n_n; I know it's not supposed to make me feel like this. It's supposed to make me feel the opposite. Well, as far as I know it's supposed to make me feel the opposite. But still. RARARARARARAR. >_<

{/3:26 PM} - { 3

3 Reflections

yellowcard isn't emofag-ish! :o

i like them. =p

By Blogger Racine, at 11:37 PM  

ako mas masaya ako kahapon. hehehehehe. XDDDDDD


ay, if you like yellowcard, look for firewater and only one. cool yan. XD


don't worry, i don't keep stuff from you. the important stuff, anyway. =p you're hardly stupid. people are stupid for thinking you're stupid. XD

By Blogger Racine, at 4:43 PM  

Can't ever feel smart without having ever felt stupid. XD

By Blogger Rheader, at 7:24 PM  

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